Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 242

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 242 233: Taking Down Hearts Iii

(A/N) This is the first part with the battle vs Hearts. It was becoming quite long already so the finale will be next chapter and Super Hearts will debut then!

Until then enjoy the first part of the fight!

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Hearts slowly lifted his hand up in the air, and it was soon encompassed by a yellow glow. His whole body was wrapped by a thin layer of a purple-black aura. He yelled out, thrusting his hand forward and aimed at Goku.

"Oh no you don't!", Nao yelled out. His eyes became golden and suddenly burst forth with a pure golden aura, different from his Super Saiyan aura.

Nao also reached out and tried to counter the gravity wave Hearts just launched at Goku by firing his own. Yet that proved useless as Hearts gravity wave overpowered his own, creating a light ripple in space and blasted Nao several meters away.

It travelled fast and struck Goku hard, causing him to scream out.

"Ahhhhh!", Goku screamed, flying diagonally downward. His body soon collided with several buildings creating a large dirt trail. Space then distorted over his body causing gravity to increase several times over.

As for Nao he became disgruntled feeling his own space power disturbed.

"Damn these...gravity powers! I can't get up!", Goku yelled out as he struggled to stand.

"KuhLooks like Heart is quite proficient himself...Could his affinity be deeper than mine?", Nao wondered.

As for Goku, it took him several moments to stand up after releasing more of his power. As for Nao he stood still and started to observe Hearts. Goku flew back toward Hearts, only to be struck by another gravity wave, resulting in the same situation.

Meanwhile, a multitude of ki blasts fired off from the other two parties. After a good moment passed the core of the Universe Seed suddenly blinked a bright red a few times. Hearts smiled seeing this.

"Perfect timing...", Hearts uttered to himself.

After he said that, he threw the fur coat he was wearing off, letting it fall all the way to the ground. This revealed his packed muscles on his pure white skin. Two yellow white shoulder pads and two white arm guards could now be seen. A large X scar went across his chest, much like Luffy's.

Hearts yelled out, letting out a big burst of purple-black burst forth.

"Haaaah!", Hearts let out a yell. After letting out one more giant yell, his purple-black aura converged and formed a very large thin pillar around his body, shooting up into the sky. The force caused by this burst of aura caused a big shockwave to blast those close by several meters away.

Nao felt it but managed to withstand his ground. As he did, the Universe Seed started to descend even more. The aura soon vanished around Hearts, leaving him standing on the giant blue crystal with his right leg shifted upward. His white-pale yellow yellow short hair shot straight up, curving slightly backward at their tips. A smile bloomed on his face, appearing very arrogant.

A momentary paused occurred, ceasing the ongoing battles. Hearts then knelt down and placed his hand on the crystal.

"It won't be much longer until the Universe Seed is complete. You all will see, it will be completed by my hands!"

After Hearts said that, the heavy gravity vanished around Goku, allowing him to stand up. He then stood sideways, gripping his fists and entered a defensive stance. Nao also shifted his right leg back, also entering a defensive stance of his own. He opted not to use his Ki weapon ad he wanted to fight Hearts with his own space powers.

Another moment passed as Hearts stood back up. He opened and closed his right palm a couple of times. Goku took this time to fly back upward, joining Nao's side and a serious look appeared on his face.

Hearts spared no more time and immediately rushed at Goku. Nao rushed in as well and the three entered a very fast paced close quarters combat. Goku and Nao rapidly threw punches aiming for Hearts's head while Hearts threw his own. Collision after collision struck causing bursts of air to boom around them.

Those bursts of air were strong enough to ignite and destroy the surrounding buildings if the three approached them. While it did seem very desolate around the city, there were its citizens screaming around in terror, hiding away in the various houses praying they wouldn't get destroyed.

Every so often Nao would bend space around his fist, striking at irregular patterns in hopes to catch Hearts off-guard but he was able to keep up and would actually catch a hold of his fist each time he did so.

Feeling Hearts's onslaught, Goku became more and more angry. He yelled out, causing a burst of air strong enough to blast away Hearts. Goku withdrew his chest and lowered his stance. Nao stopped next to him and spoke.

'So you're going to turn Blue, Goku?"

"Yeah.", Goku simply replied. He then proceeded to let out a large yell. "Haaaaaaaah!"

After yelling out, Goku calmed down and closed his eyes. A moment passed before his his turned blue, following his eyebrows and hair. His yellow aura was replaced by a sparkly clear blue aura. His aura also converged into a large pillar, blasting Hearts further back. He even put up his guard.

Seeing Goku transform into Blue very his very eyes excited Nao greatly. Goku dispersed his aura, letting his serious face remain. Hearts's eyes also became serious.

Nao then spoke out, attracting Hearts's attention.

"Seeing you do this Goku I too must follow suit. Can't fall behind since I'm known to be the first Saiyan to do this."

"I heard rumors from Lord Beerus, but let me witness your strength first hand, Nao.", Goku said as a smile.

Hearing Goku respond like that, Nao nodded. Nao proceeded to let his Ki run freely,. As a result of becoming the Legendary Super Saiyan, the moment his Ki reached throughout his whole body, Goku, Vegeta and even Trunks felt something off and felt an imposing air release from him.

Vegeta stopped throwing Ki blasts, only to have his eyes turned wide. He then cursed out in anger.

"This can't be!", Vegeta yelled out in anger, feeling the aura of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Thankfully their opponents also stopped, watching the ongoing scene as well.

Nao braced himself, letting out a large yell of his own. His golden aura vanished, and was replaced by his Saiyan aura. Even Hearts sucked in a cold breath as Nao's aura changed from yellow to blue.

"Haaaah!', Nao continued to yell out. His aura also converged, and burst forth in all directions instead of forming a large pillar of blue, causing everyone to shield their eyes.

After the burst of light vanish, everyone became stunned. The three Saiyans beside Nao also started to feel their bloodline get stimulated. As for Nao his hair was now dancing wildly.

Slick blue hair at medium length shooting up, curving halfway up. His tail also roamed freely and was ocean blue in color. Densely packed muscles stick to his black bodysuit underneath his purple posh kai Robe. Overall his aura was much denser. Green lightning crackled and danced around his whole body.

Feeling such an imposing air from Nao, Vegeta also sucked in a deep breath.

"Impossible...How can you be the Legendary Super Saiyan!? Those stories were nothing but legends!", Vegeta couldn't help but yell out, causing Trunks to look at him in confusion.

"The Legendary Super Saiyan? Is that why I'm feeling this restrictive?"

"Yeah...I thought this was only a fairy tale...", Vegeta nodded, confirming Trunks words.

Hearing the two say that, Nao smiled. He turned around and stared at Vegeta, causing shock to appear in his eyes once more.

"Y-Your eyes!"

After Vegeta said that, it caused the others to look at Nao's eyes. His pupils were no longer there. It was pure blue, much like Broly's berserk state when they became pure green. Nao too had control over this state, despite not exercising it much. He officially gained control of it when he became an Ancient Saiyan back on King Kai's planet.

Nao only smiled as a calm voice reached Vegeta's ears.

"What's wrong, Vegeta? Too scared to know such a thing is possible to achieve despite thinking it was a mere myth?"

"Y-You!", Vegeta couldn't help but utter, as anger appeared in his eyes.

"Father, don't get him get to you! We got our hands full right now!", Trunks said as Zamasu decided to initiate combat again.

"Tch, I can't believe this but it's true. We need to end this.", Vegeta said, finally deciding to ignore Nao and joined Trunks once again.

Piccolo and 17 also admired Nao's look and they too resumed their fight with Lagss.

Seeing Nao done transforming Goku smiled.

"So ya really can turn Blue, Nao. What was Vegeta goin' on about just now? Also are ya alright like that?"

"Sure am. Just ignore Vegeta, Goku. We need to take down Hearts."

"Right!", Goku yelled, acknowledging him.

Entering two battle stances of their own, Hearts smiled at Nao and Goku.

Goku and Nao yelled out before they rushed at Hearts. Before long the three exchanged elbow blows, fist blows and even knee blows. They then entered another flurry of punches, creating more blasts of air.

After a couple of moments, the three started to use Vanish, disappearing and reappearing at various points within the large city around them, destroying more buildings along the way.

At one point they halted and only used Vanish, only for Hearts to grab onto Goku's arm. Just qs Hearts was about to speak to him with a Grin, Nao reappeared and kicked Hearts away, causing Hearts grunt while some blood sprayed from his mouth.

Yet Hearts reacted quickly enough and spun around. He latched onto Goku's arm, constricting it. He spun Goku around and launched him into a capsule building below, destroying it. Nao launched out another punch but Hearts shifted back several feet. Goku launched several yellow ki blasts causing Nao to yell out.

"Goku, don't!", Nao tried to yell out at him, but it was too late.

The several yellow ki blasts soon arrived in front of Hearts, only to suddenly come to a halt and form into yellow balls of light, encompassing Hearts as a whole. Goku lifted his arm up in the air to try and gain control of them but they wouldn't respond.

Hearts punched one of the balls of ki next to him, blasting one directly at Goku. It created a big explosion and dust flew up into the air. Nao raised his arms allowing golden energy into his fists yet Hearts's energy prevailed and began to rapidly punch the air around him.

"Oraoraoraoraora!", Hearts yelled out, punching the air around the balls of light.

All of the balls of light rapidly pushed forth, aiming right at Goku and Nao. Nao was able to use his own space energy to deflect most of them but a few managed to squeeze by, still hitting the two and created large explosions. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

As for the remainder,, Goku flew forward and slapped away any that tried to hit him. Nao proceeded to do the same. Nao arrived first in front of Hearts, and punched out right at Hearts's chest. Hearts took it head on with a block, and was pushed back several meters in the air.

The three began to enter close combat flying around the city once again. Exchanging blow for blow, Hearts suddenly extended his right arm, blasting another gravity wave at the two. Goku was blown back several meters toward a tall tower. He reached out his left hand, clinging into the tower and created an indented trail. He stopped himself, and hung onto the tower.

As for Nao he was blasted toward Goku as well, and Goku stretched out his hand, allowing Nao to halt his body. He now stood next to Goku in the air while looking at Hearts who also came to a halt. Hearts smiled seeing the two.

"You two aren't using your full power, aren't you?"

"Neither are you.", Goku simply replied while Nao stated silent. Nao was surprised seeing Hearts keep up with them evenly. Then again it took a combination attack from Gogeta, Hit, and Jiren to fully finish him off.

Seeing things up to this point, he could tell everything was still lining up to the way it should be. He sighed deeply in his heart and took this moment to catch his breath. He really enjoyed the feeling of the Legendary Super Saiyan ki running through his body right now.

Goku proceeded to smile before Hearts threw his right hand, allowing a large purple-black ki blast to fire off at close range. Nao dodged to the right while the blast destroyed the building Goku was clinging onto. Goku proceeded to hop on leftover broken pieces of it until he regained his footing.

Hearts shot out another gravity blast while Goku continued to dodge. All of a sudden a few rainbow cubes appeared, aiming at both Goku and Nao. The two started to dance around them while the cubes tried to hit the two.

Goku then let loose a string of energy while Nao released more spatial blasts, shattering some along the way, but more kept appearing. Goku then flew around the city attracting the cubes' attention while Nao engaged Hearts on a one on one fight.

In a mere couple of moments Goku was able to clear the rest of the cubes and rejoined Nao's side. Hearts started to fire off more purple-black ki blasts. One eventually became large enough allowing Goku to grab a hold of it, and sent it back flying at Hearts.

Hearts took his own ki blast with a block, and another explosion boomed around them. BOOM! BOOM!

Seeing Hearts on the defensive, Nao and Goku threw more punches, striking against his body. Goku managed to get underneath Hearts, kicking his back and sent him upward. Nao threw a hard punch right into Hearts's gut. He got some wind knocked out of him and more blood sprayed from his mouth.

As Hearts began to fly downward, Goku and Nao flew upward. Goku entered his signature pose, allowing a large blue ki blast to gather in both of his palms as he brought them to his right side.


Nao did something similar, allowing ice energy to form in his palms after they joined together horizontally. He took the pose of Vegeta's final flash. Goku could feel the temperature around the two to rapidly drop but he ignored that and continued to form his Kamehameha wave.

After the two finished forming their Ki, they both yelled out.

"HAAAAAAAAH!", Goku yelled, launching his Kamehameha wave.

"Take this!", Nao also yelled out, letting his ice beam loose.

Before long Nao controlled his ice beam and let it dance around Goku's Kamehameha wave, becoming a mixture of blue and white ki.

Seeing this massive energy striking downward, Hearts turned his body around and shot more Ki blasts if his own, but it proved no use. The two completely overpowered his, causing him to shriek out. He took the two blasts head on and was blasted all the way into the ground.

Hearts kept struggling as the two beams kept pushing him back and back, creating a huge cylindrical hole miles long. Hearts's face became disgruntled, but he soon gave in, letting the two blasts blow up in front of him. BOOM! BOOM!

Hearts felt his insides become rattled while the outside his body became frozen in ice. It didn't take long before his whole body became an ice sculpture as a giant crater appeared beneath him.

Seeing this attack land successfully, Goku and Nao arrived next to each other and started to take breaths of relief. Yet their moment of reprieve ended up short...

After the large dust clouds settled, the ice surrounding Hearts's body soon began to crack open...