Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 243

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 243 234: Taking Down Hearts Iv

(A/N) I could have split this into 2-3 chapters but this is the rest of the fight. I normally don't do super duper long chapters like this so enjoy it while if lasts! Do note I did take a lot of this from the show, so it took a while to write. Second battle with Fu will start next!


Moments began to pass as an eerie silence prevailed around the ceased fighting. All the fighters currently laid their eyes on the massive cylindrical crater created by Nao's and Goku's combination ki blast in shock.

They also saw Hearts encased in ice, becoming a full blown ice sculpture. The Universe Seed also started to shine bright red at irregular patterns, and it did not stop. Little did they know it actually started to shrink.

The more the giant blue crystal shrunk the faster the ice began to peel off Hearts's body. It didn't take long for a grin to appear on Hearts's face while still encased in the ice. He could feel his body regain control of its movements.

White light cracked as more cracks spread around. Just as the ice cracked fully, large cracking sounds echoed around. CRACK! CRACK!

In another moment all the ice shattered around Hearts, revealing several light cuts on his body and plenty of blood flowing from them. Yet Hearts paid that no mind and calmly stood back up, dusting off his body as if nothing had happened.

A small cube then formed in his right hand. He thrust it with his palm, aiming directly at Goku and Nao. The two dodged out of the way and saw it wasn't aiming for them, but actually the giant crystal several meters behind them, which was still shrinking.

It did not stop blinking red and the cube slowly encompassed it. The cube compressed the blue crystal even more and the Universe Seed now shrunk at a very past pace.

In the original, Hearts had shrunk the Universe Seed like this to give its almost-completed power to Kamioren, thus allowing Kamioren to become a giant. Yet as those two were dead, Hearts still decided to shrink it.

The main reason was that it did not stop blinking red all this while. It had been completed! With a grin, Hearts gestured his fist and closed it. With one final push, everyone became blinded by red light blasting in every direction.

After the red light subsided, they now saw Hearts fly upward. He flew quickly, and arrived to now what appeared to be a small sphere no more than a few inches wide in diameter of which continuously glowed with white, blue and purple light. This confused everyone but Nao knew what it was.

The completed Universe Seed! Even Nao could feel an extremely dense energy within that small sphere. It felt so unreal.

After Hearts arrived next to it he willed the sphere into his hand after he reached his right arm downward. He then moved his hand underneath the sphere, allowing it to float over his palm.

Seeing this, Vegeta was the first to react as the six lined up by each other. Zamasu and Lagss also flew backward but kept their distance from Hearts. Grins appeared on their faces while confusion spread amongst the others.

"What in the hell is that?", Vegeta couldn't help but curse.

"Look at this!", Hearts simply replied, extending his right hand out before him. "This is its completed form. At long last the Universe Seed has condensed into this amount of power!", Hearts yelled out in excitement.

"Isn't it beautiful!?", Hearts asked with another grin on his face.

Hearing Hearts ask that in excitement, everyone's face serious.

"You're crazy!", Vegeta yelled out once more.

Yet Hearts ignored him completely, causing his anger to skyrocket. However, Trunks was able to hold him back. Hearts continued to speak.

"C.u.mber. Kamin. Oren. Your deaths will never be in vain."

As Hearts said that, the sphere started to glow a pure white light, and started to sparkle as if it were a miniature star. Hearts raised his hand extending his palm all the way up. His whole body suddenly became enveloped by a white glow.

This caused q massive wind burst to strike out, blasting the six fighters away. Nao managed to regain his footing really quickly though, only to see cubes of varying sizes size Hearts up and covered his body.

Zamasu stood ground and grinned once more before he spoke out.

"Hearts, finally your wish is going to be granted. Your time to slay the gods has come!"

Hearing this, a smile bloomed on Lagss's face before she too spoke out in happiness.

'Master Hearts I know you can do it! As long as you still need my services I will help you accomplish your goal!"

After the two spoke out, more and more cubes encompassed Hearts's body fully hiding it away. It not only did that but increased in size. An evil smirk appeared on Zamasu's face seeing the cubes become a whole.

"I've been waiting so long for this too!", Zamasu yelled out.

After he said that, a crazed laughter echoed from inside the expanding cubes. As for everyone else, they were blasted into the ground, and slowly stood back up amidst the ongoing wind gusts. Besides Nao the rest became agape seeing the cubes fit into one slit after another, each finding their own place to slide right in.

This caused the formation of cubes to become a construct, and it rapidly grew at a quick pace to over several tens of meters long. After the last cube found its position they became whole, and formed the very same Universe Seed sphere, but much bigger. It soon appeared encased by a large singular orange-yellow cube.

The six managed to fly back up, watching all of this happen with serious looks in their eyes. They also saw several green, solid, large spheres around the giant cube.

'What exactly is that?", Goku asked.

No one answered him. Vegeta responded by raising his arms, forming a large ki sphere in them. He threw it at the Universe Seed but Zamasu appeared in front if it, cutting Vegeta's blast away.

"Zamasu!", Vegeta yelled out. As he did, Nao and the others joined in firing more ki blasts at Zamasu, but he managed to slice every single one of them. Trunks clicked his tongue in anger and yelled at Zamasu.

"I thought you wanted to kill every single mortal, Zamasu! So why the hell are you protecting one like Hearts!?"

"Hearts will slay Lord Zeno. With him gone no one will be able to stop my Zero Mortal Plan!"

Hearing Zamasu reply with that, Trunks started to gnash his teeth in anger.

"Hammer of Judgement!", Zamasu suddenly declared his signature technique. A bright four crossed halo appeared behind him, causing several red ki pointed ki blasts to rain down at the six fighters.

Vegeta, Trunks, 17 and Piccolo managed to step forward, deflecting many with their bodies. Piccolo yelled out to Goku and Nao.

"Goku, Nao you two go stop Hearts! We'll handle things here!"

"You think I'd let you do that?", Zamasu said.

After injuring everyone with his Hammer of Judgement, Nao tried to fly away but he was the first one to get kicked by Zamasu, feeling a heavy impact strike his chest. Zamasu then gripped onto Nao's arm, preventing him from moving.

"And what exactly is a Supreme Kai like yourself doing here in the first place? Don't you know gods shouldn't mettle in mortal affairs!", Zamasu exclaimed.

"All mortals should just go and die! It's fifth like you who even dare try to share understanding with them!", Zamasu yelled out once more. He then struck out aiming for Nao's chest with his spare fist.

Yet Zamasu felt a cold shiver run down his spine feeling his fist get caught with a firm grasp by Nao's hand. A very serious look appeared in his eyes.

"And what's that got to do with me? It's my own choice of what I want to do! Neither you nor Hearts will stop that!", Nao declared at him.

Before Zamasu could react, he saw anger in Nao's eyes. With both hands occupied Nao proceeded to strike his head against Zamasu, causing a loud bang to echo. BANG!

"Ahhh!", Zamasu couldn't help clutch his head as blood sprayed forth, flying back several meters. Goku managed to part ways with the other four and flew up towards Nao, grabbing onto his shoulder.

"Ya okay, Nao?"

"Yes, thanks for that, Goku. Don't let Zamasu's words get to you."

"Right. So do we gotta wait till this thing breaks free or somethin'?", Goku couldn't help but ask, looking at the Universe Seed.

"Looks like it.", Nao simply answered him.

Seeing himself ignored, Zamasu shook free of his pain and began launching more ki blasts at everyone. Lagss stood on stand by protecting Hearts. Yet this didn't last long as the clouds around them began to shine brightly with a vast whiteness.

This caused everyone to look up and Nao smiled. They could see a figure descend at a fast pace. This was none other than Jiren from Universe 11!

The moment he arrived he kicked away Zamasu who tried to get a hold of Goku during this time and was sent flying.

"You're...", Zamasu uttered with shock in his eyes.

"Jiren!", Goku exclaimed. Yet Jiren remained silent.

Another moment passed as confused appeared in Trunks's eyes. "What is going on here?", he questioned.

"Universe 11's Supreme Kai must of sent him.", Piccolo joined in saying that.

Seeing Jiren, Zamasu's shock turned into a smirk.

"Resistance is futile, Universe 11."

As Zamasu said that, he extended his arm out diagonally, allowing his purple ki to encompass his hand. More red ki wrapped around the outer parts of it, becoming a ki sword. This was his God Slicer!

Zamasu crouched as he rushed at Jiren. Jiren responded by blasting several red ki spheres at Zamasu. Zamasu rapidly danced his God Slicer around, tearing through each one that came at him.

Zamasu prepared to lunch another Hammer of Judgement, but suddenly time seemed to frack around him, as cracks in space appeared and turned blue and teal. Light emerged and another figure popped out of nowhere. Time then resumed and Zamasu saw Hit arrive.

Another shocked look appeared in his eyes as he let out an audible gasp. That's right, much like the original, both Jiren and Hit came to assist! Except Nao was also here to join in the fun!

Hit had both of his hands in his pocket, acting calm but serious when he arrived.

"You are...", Zamasu tried to speak to Hit. Yet Hit calmly floated toward Zamasu. Taking his right hand out of his pocket, he quickly formed a fist and slapped Zamasu's face, striking him directly. He washed pushed back toward the cube.

Wiping the blood off his face, anger appeared in eyes.

"You hooligan! How dare you strike a God!?"

"Hit!", Goku yelled out seeing Hit arrived. Jiren also nodded acknowledging his arrival. Hit then spoke out, ignoring Zamasu's retort.

"The Supreme Kai of my Universe hired me to kill these guys, so here I am."

"That so? Glad to hear ya comin'!", Goku spoke with relief.

Nao also nodded seeing the two arrive and smiled. Goku spoke out once more and yelled, "Let's go!".

After he yelled that, all four rushed at Zamasu, but all of a sudden a fierce rainbow colored blast blew them backwards, knocking them off their feet. This went the same for the others. Nao acted quickly and steadied himself.

The others were soon able to stabilize their footing. Piccolo was the first to respond.

"Looks like it's Ki is rising."

"Hurry! I can't wait to see it already!", Zamasu suddenly yelled in excitement.

"I've got a bad feeling in my stomach about this.",,Vegeta said with a stern look.

"Something is coming. Be careful everyone!", Nao decided to speak out at this time.

The giant Universe Seed began to shine a bright white light and before long, purple cracks appeared on the yellow-orange cube. All of a sudden, the cube shattered, disappearing into nothingness.

What was left was Hearts. The first thing to note was his whole body was shrouded in yellow aura. Even his pants became yellow, as well as his skin. He was glowing constantly.

Hearts bent forward, gasping his fists together. Before long six bluish purple crystalline spikes curved outward from his back. The green spheres around him shrunk and snugged in between the spikes, forming a circle

Hearts took this time and looked at Zamasu with a smile. Zamasu responded with a grin. However Hearts suddenly raised his hand and it glowed.

Zamasu felt his body react against him and was pulled toward Hearts. Zamasu then felt his arms and legs spread out against his will, locking them into place. He quivered in fright, unable to speak.

"You've done a good job so far, Zamasu. I appreciate that immortal power of yours. I'm sorry, but...I wish to destroy every single god in existence!"

Clenching his fist, Hearts began to laugh crazily.


Craze appeared in his eyes as cubes approached Zamasu. Zamasu tried to struggle but he couldn't move. He started to scream but the cubes overtook his body. His eyes were the last to be seen before he vanished inside the rainbow cube.

Hearts clenched his fist again and the cube began to shrink. All everyone could hear was Zamasu's shrieking before the cube shrunk and vanished into specks of light, killing Zamasu into oblivion.

Everyone had stunned looks appear across their faces. Nao too was surprised seeing an immortal deity killed off so quickly like that.

"He's...gone?", Trunks couldn't help but utter with a shiver.

Seeing Zamasu vanish into the depths of hell and beyond, Hearts faced off against the other fighters.

"Behold my power, Universe 7!", Hearts declared.

As he did he pushed out his arms, and a purple blast suddenly spread out below them. This purple blast immediately decimated all destroyed buildings, leaving behind nothing but a huge ground of dirt expanding on for miles.

"What!!?", Goku exclaimed in shock.

Yet Hearts ignored him and continued to speak with an air of confidence.

"I am the ultimate...God Slayer!", Hearts declared, letting his words ring inside their heads.

After he said that, everyone lined up, ready to fight another round. Yet Hearts actually spoke out once more.

"Now then...feel my power!"

With that said, the green small spheres around his back began to glow, before they fired off in random directions, leaving behind a pale green light trail. They passed by everyone without being hit. They soon formed a ring around the six.

Seeing this, Nao began to smile.

"Looks like we can have another clash of elements, Hearts.", Nao suddenly spoke out with a smile.

Hearing Nao say that, Hearts squinted his eyes and located Nao.

"Right, there was you. Another god, was it? I guess you're next on the list to die! Hahahahaha!", Hearts yelled with a crazed laughter again.

Nao started to raise his spatial ki and his eyes became a mix of blue and gold. Golden aura burst forth from him.

"Everyone stay close to me if you don't want to get hit!", Nao yelled out.

Hearing Nao yell that out, everyone didn't hesitate and closed in, forming a tight circle. Golden aura began to wrap all around them, forming a protective barrier of sorts, only filled with spatial energy. Nothing would be able to get in or out.

Seeing this, Hearts lifted his right arm up after the green spheres circled the group. Another grin appeared on his face, and he proceeded to snap his fingers.

"Let the show begin!"

After Hearts announced that, the green spheres began to rotate around the tightly nit group. They then began aiming at them in erratic patterns. A few instinctively dodged but the moment the spheres struck the barrier, they just disappeared into nothingness.

.Nao had his arms raised and locked in place as more golden energy poured out from him. Seeing this, Hearts raised his eyebrows.

"You're in the way. I'll make it so they'll hit!", Hearts yelled.

He then raised his hand letting it glow yellow. The spheres responded to his energy and sloely but surely one would break through Nao's spatial barrier. Vegeta was the first to react and tried to slap it away, but it immediately exploded on contact. BOOM! BOOM!

Several moments soon passed as the spheres would either get swallowed up or exploded near the group

Nao started to sweat but they persevered. Hearts decided to join in once all spheres were gone.

Hearts flew and immediately arrived next to everyone. Everyone began throwing punches and kicks but Hearts was to fast, and was able to knock down them to the ground all but Nao.

Nao saw Hearts arrive in front of him and managed to throw a punch of his own. This created a huge blast of air blasting Nao away. The others started to get up from the piles of dirt and saw Hearts retreat several steps. A grin appeared on his face.

"This is the best!", Hearts yelled out in excitement.

Goku then took the lead and tried to approach Hearts, but Hearts halted his body with his own space power. He simply pushed Goku back causing Goku to scream. Goku braced himself as his feet kept pushing backwards creating a trail of dust clouds along the way.

Hit and Jiren did the same at the same time, only to get the same result. Seeing everyone standing but Nao, Hearts spread out his fingers while his hand was still locked in place.

"Gravity Finale!", Hearts yelled out.

Many rainbow cubes appeared beneath them, hitting them constant as they flew upward. The dark clouds above blasted away as the cubes made space and converged into a much larger yellow-orange cube hundreds of meters long.

Even Nao felt his spatial energy shut itself down, causing him to be blasted away.

"KuhNao!", Goku yelled, catching his body as it was flung at him. Even Goku struggled standing up trying to do that.

The massive cube didn't stop falling and struck the six. Nao used all of his strength to grab a hold of it, and before long a giant crater appeared beneath them as they got pushed downward.

Nao could feel his insides getting shaken, but he was able to withstand his ground despite the others who fell onto their fronts.

Hearts didn't stop there and showed off more of his power, using the same energy waves to turn everything all around him into a desolate area. It ended with a huge atomic bomb-like explosion shooting up into the sky. It cracked the earth beneath it.

Everyone struggled to get up for a bit, but they managed to. Goku still had Nao in his arms, and saw him cough out some blood.

"Nao!", Goku said with worry.

"I'm fine...Hearts is truly powerful alright. I think his spatial energy overpowers mine.", Nao said while tasting some iron in his mouth.

Hearing that, Piccolo tossed away his weighted white garb and spoke.

"You're definitely right. This power will destroy the entire Universe! We can't run!"

"I won't let that happen!", Jiren chimed in with a serious look.

"I was paid to finish this. This is my job!", Hit also said.

The two flew towards Hearts and initiated combat with him.

Meanwhile, Goku let go of Nao seeing that he was alright. Nao then saw Goku fly over to Vegeta, and a smile appeared on his face. 'So it's finally time. I really didn't want to use the ape transformation here. I could use Kaioken too but it's effects are quite deadly after using it when I got the rest of the trial to do...', , Nao thought. "It don't think Time will work either since Hearts is able to read what we can all do, that's why Hit hasn't been using his Time Skip. It's a shame, but all I can do is use Blue at the moment...", Nao finished his thoughts.

He then saw Goku arrive next to Vegeta and spoke out to him.


"What is it?"

"We need to combine our powers!"

Hearing Goku say that, Vegeta raised his eyebrow in surprise. Reluctance then showed as he spoke out.

"Are you talking about fusion!?"

"I don't know when but I can't use Ultra Instinct anymore right now. Nao is also doin' all he can help. We must do it, Vegeta! Just like that time!"

"Tch.", Vegeta clicked his tongue, turning his head away but didn't deny him.

Nao then saw the two fly away a bit and evenly spaced them out. The two then proceeded to initiate the fusion dance.

"They're intending to fuse!? Everyone, let's go buy them some time!", Piccolo yelled out.

They proceeded do so and Nao joined in, firing different element ki blasts at Hearts, trying to slow him down.

Goku and Vegeta were then left alone, and spoke out one after another.

"Fus...ion-Ha!", the two both said, performance the fusion dance.

The moment their fingers touched each other, a bright yellow glow blasted its way in all directions. Hearts managed to shake everyone off, and looked on. The glow died down, reveling a single entity.

What replaced the two was none other than Gogeta!

"You're interesting alright. What is your name?"

"Goku and Vegeta. We're Gogeta!"

"HahahahaHAHAHAHAHA! So you think you can beat the ultimate God Slayer like that!?', Hearts said with another crazed laughter.

A grin appeared on Gogeta's face.

"Lets have some fun, Hearts!"

Gogeta then flew up into the air slowly after saying that.

Hearing that, Hearts smiled.

"Attack me!"

Yelling that out, Gogeta responded by turning Blue. Sparkly blue aura burst forth and he yelled out, causibg the ground to quake. He lifted himself further up in the air after transforming, matching Hearts.

Without saying anything more, Gogeta struck out with his fist, and met his. A huge wind blast blew everyone away while a smile appeared on Nao's face.

"Can't have you stealing the main spotlight. Don't forget about me!", Nao yelled in excitement.

Powering up his own sparkly blue aura burst forth, and rushed at Hearts. He joined Gogeta's side and entered a three-way rapid fire combat.

Knocking Hearts away a bit, he felt blood spur from his mouth. Wiping off his smear, he became serious. Hearts yelled out allowing his own golden aura to burst forth. Rainbow cubes began to appear and twirl fast around both his hands. It soon became never-ending and the two could no longer see his fists.

Hearts then crouched, and rushed at them. Punching out, both Gogeta and Nao dodged. Hearts struck out again and Gogeta ducked his head. Nao saw Hearts's cube form a cylinder, traveling all the way into the ground and knocked up some dust.

Hearts then punch out both of his hands, only to be grabbed by both Gogeta and Nao. The two looked briefly at each other and nodded, before looking back at Hearts. They then yelled out simultaneously.

""Haaaah!", Gogeta and Nao yelled out.

As they did, the twirling cubes around Hearts's fists receded back into his body, causing him to spin out of control. He screamed out.

But he wasted no time firing off blue-purple ki blasts, only to be swatted away by the two. The two didn't see Hearts stop firing his ki blasts, so Gogeta flew in on the left. Nao took the right and dodged everything.

They then arrived in front of Hearts. Gogeta and Nao proceeded to smack both of his cheeks with their left and right fist respectively. Hearts's face became disgruntled as he flew back, spurting more blood.

Hearts recovered quickly, only for Gogeta to knee him in the gut, causing Hearts to keel over.

"Kuhhh!", Hearts groaned, staggering a bit.

Yet he soon recovered from that as well. Separating a bit, he entered another fighting stance as did Gogeta and Nao. An eerie silence then spread around them for a moment.

Hearts then spoke out to Gogeta and Nao.

"You really are an annoyance, you shitty god. You as well, you've become really powerful powerful. Why not fight for human freedom? Join me, and we'll take down this bastard first before killing Zeno!", Hearts said, only to have his finger point at Nao.

"I don't know what you're talkin' about. I'm already free. No way in hell we'd let you kill the guy who saved our butts once already!""

"Hahaha! You are never free. You just haven't noticed!"

After Hearts said that, he flew upward. He then raised his fist, and a dense golden aura formed around it. Gravity flew down below, preventing everyone else from moving.

"I cannot move!", Trunks yelled.

"Damn. We can't assist with this any longer!", Jiren complained..

Hearts then did an arm pump, bringing his arm closer to his body.

Meanwhile, in the far reaches of the atmosphere and into space, a molten red meteor soon came crashing down, expanding for thousands of miles long. That's right, Hearts suddenly brought down a freaking meteor!

The meteor soon flared up as it burned into the atmosphere, falling at a rapid pace. The ground fiercely shook. Everyone became shocked while the meteor turned golden, arriving behind Hearts. All but Gogeta and Nao who had serious looks.

With his hand still raised, he yelled out.

"This is the ultimate attack to eliminate everything!"

After yelling that, Hearts simply vanished and reappeared behind the meteor.

"I told you nothing will stop me! Everything is for true freedom! Go disappear!"

Saying that, he flicked his arm forward, gesturing the meteor to move downward, and it slowly started to move.

Gogeta and Nao faced this upfront. Gogeta's tested the waters launching a large yellow ki blast. It hit the meteor, only to be absorbed, causing blue lightning to dance all around it. But it was able to stop moving.

Seeing this, Hearts spoke out once more.

"Hoh? I told you already, this cannot be stopped. Thus is the end for you all!", Hearts yelled out, flickering his arm once more.

The meteor began to move again. Gogeta and Nao yelled out, letting their aura surge forth. Gogeta entered his Kamehameha stance.

As for Nao, he crouched down, allowing golden energy to form in one hand while black energy appeared in the other. If he was going to use his Time energy, now would be it!

.Seeing these two prepare to launch their attacks, Piccolo yelled out.

"If this can't be stopped then I'm going to help them!", Piccolo shouted.

"Piccolo!", Trunks called his name as he saw Piccolo fly up. Jiren and Hit did the same, following by 17. Trunks decided to join in.


"Kamehameha!", Gogeta yelled out, firing off an intense blue spiral energy at the meteor.

"It ends here!", Nao shouted, allowing his spatial and time energies to form a helix, joining Goku's Kamehameha wave.

Seeing the energies hit the meteor, Hearts smiled and continued to ramble on how great he was. Before long Hit appeared between Gogeta and Nao, as did Jiren.

"Hit...Jiren!", Gogeta said as the two saw them raise one of their hands each.

"Alright, let's do this!", Gogeta yelled in acknowledgement. Nao nodded in response.

Everyone then yelled out in sync. Jiren' fired off his red energy as did Hit with his purple. Nao joined his with the others, forming a five-colored beam of red, blue, purple, hold and black. It was both dominating and fierce.

.Hearts felt his blood pump feeling how fierce this attack was.

Instead of it turning into a crystalline white blast, it became a rainbow. Sparkes fired off as it struck the meteor. It was soon halted and became frozen in place thanks to Nao's Time.

With their combined efforts, the meteor began to crack at a fast pace.

"What!?", Hearts couldn't help but utter in shock.

More and more cracks spread before rainbow light seeped from its insides. It began to crack apart, emitting large booming sounds. BOOM! BOOM!

As Hearts was also behind the meteor, he was next in the beam's path. He took the attack heed on and started to shriek in pain.

The meteor soon crumbled away, letting Piccolo, Trunks and 17 blast away the rest of its rock.

Hearts didn't care any longer as he saw Nao and Gogeta rush at him with fists ready to strike.

""Hearts!"", The two yelled out.

"Are you to able to fight endlessly! This is the best?", Hearts responded.

He then rushed at the two. Striking out his fist, he collided against Nao's face while Nao his Hearts. Gogeta also hit Hearts face with his own fist. Parts of Hearts's visor shattered.

Hearts tried to throw another but Nao and Gogeta dodged. The two then aimed right at the Universe Seed in Heart's cheat. As it was visible, their fists came into direct contact with it.

And it shattered like glass, completely falling apart. As a result, their two energies burst through Hearts chest into his back and beyond.

"Ahhhhhh!", Hearts yelled out in pain.

The spikes on his back also vanished. He was soon enveloped by a rainbow light as began to shoot from his body. Gogeta and Nao saw Hearts's body start to turn transparent into specks of light.

A solemn look appeared in Hearts eyes as he spoke his final words.

"Every god can destroy an entire Universe on a whim depending on their mood. I merely wanted to save you all from this injustice...But despite reaching your limits, you two have shined! That is why I like humans!"

After he finished saying that, Hearts closed his eyes and smiled, waiting for the inevitable. He soon vanished into nothingness and the specks of lights disappeared.

The clouds began to disperse, allowing warm rays of the sun to peer into the ground below.

And just like that, Hearts had been killed and the first of five battles of Nao's trial by fire is now over!