Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 244

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 244 235: Return

(A/N) Another quick note from Author here. You guys have been wondering if any more characters would be added into the harem before the first world ends. Mostly pertaining to Caulifla, Kale and Vados. After coming to a decision, I've decided they will be added to the harem! Stay tuned for how they do! Hope you guys enjoy this chap and don't forget to drop a power stone!


The dust had settled. Hearts was killed in battle and Lagss was nowhere to be found. During the midst of battle he told her that her services were no longer required.

As she wasn't a god herself she let her go, despite her fervent denial to leave. She ended up leaving in anger, tossing her Dragon Ball at Hearts. Speaking of which Nao was on the ground. He spotted two Dragon Balls and collected them.

He then spotted the last one where Zamasu vanished into oblivion, and picked it up. During this time Gogeta split apart, becoming Goku and Vegeta again. Weary looks appeared in their eyes as everyone gathered around them.

"Is it finally over?", Trunks asked with worry.

"Yeah. I no longer sense Hearts's ki. He was such a monster.", Piccolo chimed in.

"Ya bet that right. But what is Nao doin'?", Goku asked, letting out a sigh.

"Is he...collecting Dragon Balls!?", Vegeta questioned as he saw Nao picking the last three up.

"Seems like it. Let's wait. Looks like he's coming over.", 17 said, suggesting the team.

After another moment passed Nao was able to secure the last three Dragon Balls, storing them away in his pocket dimension, which surprised the group once again, as they saw them vanish into a black hole of sorts.

He now had all seven Dragon Balls!

Nao obtained the first two from Fu after he tossed Alter Toppo and Ribrianne at him back on planet Earth. He was able to get the third and fourth by killing C.u.mber and the Tuffle twins. The last three came from Zamasu, Lagss and Hearts.

Even though he knew where Fu was now, he still needed the Dragon ;Balls to open the path. His spatial powers or Time Ring wasn't enough!

Nao smiled after knowing he had all seven now, and he proceeded to join the the Z Fighters. He waved his hand and greeted them.

"Yo, everyone. Glad to see you guys are still in one piece."

"Hehe, right back at ya, Lord Supreme Kai.", Goku said with a laugh.

Hearing this still caused the others to remember that Nao was q Supreme Kai. Yet all they saw was Goku walk up to Nao, who had his left fist raised in the air. Goku lifted his right and the two did a fist pump.

The others finally let out a sigh of relief as the suns rays lit up a beautiful orange sunset.

"Come on Goku, how many times do I need to say to stop calling me like that. Haha!", Nao replied back with laugh of his own.

Seeing this, Vegeta raised his eyebrow in doubt.

"Since when have you two been all buddy-buddy? It disgusts me. I still can't believe a Saiyan managed to even become a Supreme Kai in the first place. At least you have some capability.", Vegeta spoke up while clicking his tongue.

Hearing Vegeta say that, Goku let out another laugh.

"Hahaha! Typical of you to say that, Vegeta. It's suprisin' you accepted my request to fuse with me. Don't ya hate doin' that?"

"W-we had no other choice, damn it! You know I hate fusing with you!"

After hearing Vegeta yell that out, everyone laughed. Jiren and Hit could also be seen among them, and Jiren spoke out to Goku with a questioning voice.

"Is that the reason you never showed this in the Tournament of Power, Goku?"

"Yeah. But everything is over now. Let's go celebrate 'cause I'm starvin'! You comin' with us, Nao?"

Qs Goku asked that, he tried to place his arm over Nao's shoulder to bring him closer, but he suddenly felt his whole arm pass through air, with no resistance.

"Huh?", Goku questioned. The others also became surprised as they could see Nao blinking in and out of existence, with his body no longer whole.

Nao could only scratch his head and let out a chuckle.

"Haha, I wish I can go with you guys but it looks like my time is up here. Time Travel still seems to have some heavy restrictions in this place."

"Time Travel? Now ya did mention somethin' about that but looks like I ended up forgettin'.", Goku replied with a bit of shame in his tone.

"Yeah. But I need to do one more thing before I go. Also, Piccolo do look after these guys okay? You're always the most level headed figure there is in this group. "

"I'll gladly do so, for receiving such praise from a Supreme Kai. I'll make sure these idiots do nothing rash. But what is it that you still need to do?", Piccolo questioned.

But before Nao could respond, Vegeta yelled out in anger.

"Hey! Who are you calling an idiot!?", Vegeta yelled out in anger.

Having him yell that however only caused everyone to burst out in laughter, causing Vegeta's cheeks to turn red in embarrassment. Nao chuckled as well before he turned his back to the group.

In the far distance he could see several glints of light shining thanks to the rays of the sun, scattered around the endless stretches of craters and dirt. If one looked closely these were rainbow shards, the very same from the Universe Seed Nao and Gogeta had shattered it moments ago!

Seeing thus, Nao raised his arm and gestured his fist. Everyone saw z golden aura wrap around it, similar to how Hearts uses his. All of a sudden everyone saw massive amounts of rainbow shards hover into the air, before slowly reforming in Nao's palm.

Everyone became wide eyed seeing the Universe Seed form once again.

"T-that is!", Trunks yelled out in shock.

Meanwhile, Piccolo nodded before speaking out to Nao.

"I see. So that's what you meant Nao. Are you planning to keep the Universe Seed? Such an existence created that monster. It mustn't fall into the wrong hands.", Piccolo said with a serious voice.

Hearing Piccolo say that, Nao turned around and nodded in confirmation.

"That's right. I will make sure the Universe Seed does fall into the wrong hands. I swear it upon my name and as a Supreme Kai. Besides I'm planning to go hunt down the guy who caused this whole mess in the first place. You guys probably won't experience something like this happenings again."

After Nao said that, some nodded while a few came to a realization. Vegeta had long lost his embarrassment and proceeded to speak out.

"The guy who is behind all this? Don't tell me it's that Fu guy!", Vegeta exclaimed.

Nao immediately nodded his head after hearing Vegeta say that.

"Bingo. That's the guy. I wish I could talk more but looks like my time is up now."

"Aww, ya have to leave already? We'll meet again, won't we?", Goku questioned with a look of sadness.

"I'm sure we will, Goku. If fate allows it.", Nao replied with a smile.

And just like that, everyone saw Nao's remaining figure turn into specks of light, turning into a large pillar of light. He then entered a worm hole with the use of his Time Ring.

Before long he arrived back at his own time period.

That was Year 778!

Year 778, Planet Elosyia, the white Palace.

Planet Elosyia. The planet was now in a very peaceful state as their market thrived with different sorts of magical constructs being sold daily, thanks to the elves' experience in Mana. They did not excel on the use of Ki unlike the Saiyans did.

Not in body, but in mind! The elves were much more in tune with the elements around them as a result. The Royal Family was most proficient in water. The more common elements among the rest of the common and noble elves were fire and wind. Earth was few and far in-between.

Unlike other societies though, there was no discrimination between the nobles and the commoners. They all willfully followed the will of the Royal Family, of what remained anyway.

There weren't just the Elosyians on this planet anymore. It also housed a total of four Saiyans now apart from Nao's family.

Those four were Bardock, Gine, Rucca and now Raditz! Thanks to Raditz's good deeds during his stay in Hell in the Other World, he was able to fix the errors of his ways and as a result, he earned a second life. The four of them now live happily on Planet Elosyia, living the life of hunters.

They even have an open communication line now thanks to the cooperative work of Capsule Corp. and the elves! Bulma was always busy working on something and had even decided to open up business on this Planet as well after learning how friendly elves are.

That meant they could always stay in touch with Goku and the others now!

As for the Royal recently gained another member! A couple decades ago, the elves came to learn of Queen Elsa, who received the title from Queen Elena, gave birth to a daughter.

The Elosyians were a matriarchal society, which meant women were the ones in power. Big festivities were held that lasted quite a while after learning Queen Elsa gave birth to a daughter.. They also came to learn the new little Princess received the name Ellie von Elosa!

That's right, Ellie was the child between Nao and Elsa!

And after a couple more decades passed, Ellie grew into a breathtaking beauty. Slim figure, b.r.e.a.s.ts on a bit of the smaller side. Exquisite sky blue short hair that didn't even go past her neck. Her pointy ears were as long as her mother's.

And above all else, a light blue tail! She was half Saiyan after all. But neither she nor the other elves were disgusted by it. Ellie personally took pride in her tail, as it was a constant reminder of her Father. A really strong existence in this Universe now.

Ellie herself received the title of Queen not so long ago. Elsa now happily resided in the white Palace, which was still hovering above the wooden Palace of the Royal Family, to help watch over the other children the girls gave birth to when they are not away for work.

Speaking of the other children, Nao and his girls now have a total of four girls, and three boys who all grew up splendidly.

The four girls were :

Kassi - Nao's and Tights' daughter. A beautiful but very slim silver-peach haired girl with a silvery tail. A rather small frame but packs quite a bit of muscle for being a training freak.

Ellie - As described above. Nao's and Elsa's daughter.

Isabelle - Nao's and Isabella's daughter. A pinkish-white haired busty girl with a white spade-tipped Succubus tail. She was just as cheerful as her Mother, Isabella, was. The two now a work as a mother-daughter duo idol unit through their ever so popular agency. They are still the number one idols in all the galaxies to this day.

Aura - Not much was mentioned about her thus far. She is Nao's and Eir's daughter. Eir didn't have to wait long to get pregnant and soon gave birth to Aura. Aura grew up and received the title of Queen for their planet, Planet Aero. She too was a really busty girl with bright light green hair, and crystal white wings. She is able to dominate the skies much like Eir can.

As for the three boys...

Well, they were triplets! Receiving the names Ichika, Nishi and Shasha, they were employed into the Galactic Patrol to follow their Mother's footsteps and now they have their own elite squads who often like to compete with each other. All three retained their bushy orange-auburn fox tails and ears. Praise the fluff god!

But enough about Nao's children. All of them were away at work. As for Nao himself, well crack in space suddenly tore open in the main reception of the white Palace. The main reception wasn't empty either.

The girls could be seen lounging around in the black leather couches while looking at a massive blue screen hovering above them. They weren't alone either, as this blue screen belonged to someone else!

Everyone turned their heads only to see the crack in space enlarge enough to allow a body to drop through it. And it did! Nao's body came crashing down, landing quite hard on his butt onto the white marble flooring beneath him. He ended up rubbing his butt a bit.


"Ouch...A bit rough with the landing there, but looks like I made it back in one piece.", Nao said with a smile.

He then raised his eyebrows, witnessing everyone present. Yet before anyone could do anything, someone made fast dashing noises before Nao felt someone lunge right into his chest.

"Papa! You're finally back!", Fie yelled out in excitement.