Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 246

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 246 236: Before The Second Battle

"OofIs that you, Fie?'", Nao asked as he saw a beautiful light blue skinned figure with a long crystalline white mohawk diving right into his arms.

"Ehehe, of course it is. We were able to watch the whole battle from here! You were amazing, Papa!", Fie yelled in excitement.

Nao soon was able to have a good look at those who were present in the room. All of the girls were present. It also included Beerus and Whis. Not only that, even the Grand Minister was currently present!

Whis had reported what he witnessed during Nao's second vision gathering to the Grand Minister. Unbeknownst to Nao a few months had come and gone here while he was in the future.

Which meant Beerus had seen Goku's Super Saiyan God transformation and personally fought with him for a long duel! That duel alone had marked the beginning of the events of Super!

After Nao's plan to fight Fu to the death and rescue Alter Jiren, he had planned to let time roam freely for a while. He would even go and watch the Tournament of Power happen. He even wanted to go to the Zeno Expo for a very specific reason.

And as for the Future Trunks' saga, Nao concluded that was for Goku and Vegeta to handle. He would not interfere. Besides he had enough of one Zamasu for a lifetime. That man was far too hypocritical to deal with a second time, even though they hadn't met for long. It was good he perished in Hearts's battle.

For the specific reason as to why he wanted to go to the Zeno Expo, was none other than for the two Universe 6 Saiyans, Kale and Caulifla! He had met the two in the future for the first time during his first battle.

It wasn't infatuation per se but the moment he met those two, he felt something. Similar to how Goku and Vegeta reacted to Nao's Legendary Super Saiyan veins, he felt something similar come off from Kale. She was equivalent to Universe 7's Broly, except she was a girl!

As fir Caulifla, she had very similar potential to Goku, and was able to achieve up to Super Saiyan 2 with ease. Not to mention she loved to fight and rarely yielded. The only downside was her bad mouth, as she used to be the boss of a gang before being recruited by Champa.

Nao wanted to bring these two over to his side if it was possible. As to whether love would bloom between the three of them, only time would tell. Just from his short interactions with the future Kale and Caulifla, he could notice Kale's loving attitude toward Caulifla. That in itself will pose a challenge..

Besides those two, Nao was also interested in one more girl. Well, was she actually a girl? It was unknown as to whether Angels had genders, but just from their outward appearances, Nao could assume they had one. Who exactly he was interested in was none other than...Vados! Universe 6's Angel!

Thanks to assisting Goku in taking down Hearts, the Grand Minister now owes Nao another favor. He personally let Goku take care of that situation but also let Nao do as he pleased. It ended with Hearts's death and peace restored, so Nao could ask him for a request.

As to what that request was? He would invite Vados to be his personal advisor, and stop working for Champa! Not only that, but he would also let her join the girls in exploring future worlds with him. And if anyone would want to train under her, well, they could!

Vados was one of the more knowledgeable and experienced of the Angels. She constantly tries to correct Champa's bad behavior time and time again. She would not experience as much setback with Nao if she were to join. As to whether she actually would, that completely depends on her.

Angels are assigned to their respective Universes as well, so Nao would have to find a replacement for Champa. Luckily enough there was still Merus, who was still in his reflection period in the Angel Realm. Also letting him rise to an actual Angel rank would let him earn practical experience. Nao hadn't a clue if other Angels still existed in the Angel Realm.

And much like the other two, if Vados accepted the position and if loved bloomed between her and Nao, Nao would not turn her down. At least this time around Nao will bring up these plans he had for the near future to Elsa, as she was the main wife and manager of his harem after all.

Speaking of time, as previously mentioned it was Year 778! It was now approaching the end of the year.

Beerus had already fought Goku in a spar. Gohan and Videl's daughter, Pan, would be born in about six months. The Resurrection of Frieza event would take place not too long after that.

Four months later, the Zeno Expo would be held! Nao only had to wait about ten months before that event kicked off! And between now and then, he had to kill Fu and rescue Alter Jiren!

The last two fights wouldn't take place until after the Zeno Expo and the Tournament of Power ended. Nao now had a firm roadmap to complete and he was already nearing the end of this first world. Everything was pretty much set in stone now.

But with that said, Nao dusted himself off letting go of Fie, and stood back up. He then saw the Grand Minister close by, sporting a smile on his face.

"Welcome back, Nao. I take it your first trip to the future proved quite the fruitful endeavor. Whis told me everything that you witnessed, and can't say I'm not interested in doing a follow up with you on that. But first thing is first, shortly before you returned my future self was able to pass down a message to me."

"That's right. What was that message about? In the future we met for a bit and he said that you'd receive a message."

"Is that so? Well it's a simple one really. In recognition to taking care if that troublesome situation which threatened the entire Universe, you are free to make another request from me. As long as it's something within my capabilities that is."

Hearing the Grand Minister say that the girls became surprised while a smile crept Nao's face. He finally heard the words he wanted to hear. Even Whis raised his eyebrows and decided to approach his father.

"Is that really alright, Father? Favors from you are quite rare for anyone to receive, but Nao here has already received multiple from you, ohohoho.", Whis mentioned while covering his mouth with his hand and let out a laugh.

"I know, but as a Supreme Kai you were able to protect the Universe even if it was for a short while. As such it's only proper I do the same."

Hearing that, Nao nodded and spoke out.

"I actually do have something in mind, but I'd like to talk about it in private with you later. I don't think it'd give you much trouble, since I want to set up a meeting with someone."

"Oh? A meeting? Is it perhaps with Lord Zeno?", the Grand Minister asked nonchalantly.

But even just the mention of Lord Zeno's name caused Beerus to flinch, but he remained quiet and nervous.

"Not exactly. I'll inform you about it later. For right now I want to head out again for the next part of my trial."

"So you are intending to head out even though you just got back?"

Hearing the two continue to speak like that, Fie frowned.

"Papa, you're planning to head back out already? Can't you at least stay the night? We were going to host another banquet for our guests!"

After Fie said that, Nao's stomach began to to rumble loudly as if on que. Hints of red appeared on his cheeks in embarrassment and let out a chuckle while rubbing Fie's head. This also caused everyone in the room to laugh.

Elsa was the one who stepped up and a smile bloomed on her elegant face.

"Looks like we know the answer already, fufufu. We should enjoy the night here together, as family. It's been a while since all of us have been here as a whole.", Elsa said with a smile.

Hearing Elsa say that, the other girls nodded in sync. Even Fie nodded happily. Nao decided to comply, as he too wanted to eat. He turned toward the Grand Minister and spoke out once more.

"Looks like I'll be staying the night here, Grand Minister. Would you like to join us?"

Asking that, the Grand Minister calmly shook his head.

"No, I'll be making my leave. I witnessed your first battle and it was splendid. I will return to watch the others tomorrow. Just take notice to not lose track of time too much. Your missing presence already caused time here to fluctuate a bit. Surely you've noticed how long it's been since you've left."

"Yeah, I have. Thankfully that will be my only trip into the future. I was able to collect the items required to open my path to Fu's hideout. I know where it is but something is blocking me from reaching there. But now I have the means to do so."

"That's good then. I'll take my leave here.", the Grand Minister spoke with a smile. He then returned to Whis. "Whis, please inform me once the next round has started. Also Beerus, you're free to do what you want. You can either stay or leave."

Hearing the Grand Minister speak out to Whis and Beerus, Whis nodded. Beerus also pumped his arm in confirmation.

"Of course I'm going to stay here for dinner. I'm not going to miss out on free food! I'll probably head back to my place after. Those two knuckleheads will probably come knocking on my doorstep sooner than later."

"Two knuckleheads?", Nao questioned Beerus. He probably knew who these two were, but he wanted to let Beerus answer. Beerus grinned hearing that and started to pick his teeth with one of his claws. The Grand Minister also took this time to leave as Beerus began speaking to Nao.

"Yeah. It's that Saiyan you recommended me. I didn't think I would get to meet that Prince Vegeta again either. Both are lucky bastards to survive. I fought with that Goku too. He was a rather splendid Saiyan God but I still came out on top. I even used more power than I showed during our spar, Nao."

" Haha, didn't I tell you you would find Goku exciting? As for Vegeta, do you how he ended up as?"

"Don't even tell me about it. That Prince is as much of a pushover as his Father was. Though I can't remember where he ran off to. Would you happen to know, Whis?"

Questioning Whis, Beerus turned his head at him awaited his reply. Whis responded with a chuckle.

"Ohoho, did you forget already, Lord Beerus? Vegeta is currently training at your planet. The food he offered was quite divine."

"Ah, now I remember! He hates being second so he quickly wants to become a Saiyan God too. Didn't he take over your caretaker duties?"

"Yes. Prince Vegeta is now the one doing most of that so I've more free time on hand now. Speaking of time, we should go enjoy that banquet you guys are talking about before the good goes cold."

Hearing Whis mention food once more, Beerus's eyes lit up again and nodded.

Before everyone realized they all enjoyed quite the feast that night which lasted a couple hours. Nao caught up with the girls while Fie sat in his lap. She would entice him with her butt every so often when others weren't looking, causing Nao to sigh in his heart.

Night soon came and gone. Nao said goodbye to Whis and Beerus and they departed with their rainbow pillar. Nao was able to learn exactly where he was in the original story now. With Vegeta now training on Planet Beerus, he was basically at the end of Year 778. Year 779 was right around the corner.

But now the girls and Nao were alone. All girls were present, they had come home from their current duties to watch Nao's first battle of his trial. Even Chronoa, their newest added member, was here.

Everyone made their way though the Palace before arriving at the main bedroom which still housed the massive circular white bed. After approaching it Nao saw the girls undress their clothes.

Miya, Elsa, Sayuri, Isabella, Chelsea, Tights, Aht, Eir, and Chronoa soon became stark n.a.k.e.d before his very eyes. Chronoa was the most embarrassed even though Nao had seen her n.a.k.e.d body once before. Her light purple skin was still beautiful despite the many sword scars littered around her body.

Once the girls saw her body for the first time, they were really angry. Elsa showed reluctance to her joining the harem but after learning about Chronoa's story, she was the one who cried the most and welcomed her with warm arms. She also swore Nao wouldn't do anything like what Sealas did to her, she had complete trust in him.

Yet besides that there was still one person who didn't strip their clothes yet. It was Fie.

Worry appeared in everyone's eyes seeing Fie still reluctantly standing near the door. Seeing this, Elsa spoke up.

"Is there something wrong, Little Fie? You got all of us you can sleep with tonight. Your Papa is here too, you won't be lonely."

Hearing Elsa start saying that, Nao felt a bit of guilt strike against his heart. With his absence, Fie had grown really attached to him. He wanted to respond to her feelings. Perhaps now was the time?

Yet his answer soon came knocking at the door. Fie remained quiet for a couple moments, before she took in a deep breath. Her cheeks reddened as she spoke out.

"Papa....can we finally do it tonight? I don't want to wait any more!"


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