Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 25

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 25 22: Prelude To Destruction Ii

Prince Vegeta III stood dumbfounded as two children approached him. Prince Vegeta III was rather tall being about 6'5" and seeing two children who weren't even half his size, blue veins popped out of his forehead. Before he even noticed the unique color Nao and Miya had, he turned around to see his father smiling, and launched another complaint back at him.

"Lord Father, you can't be serious that these two brats are the two I should meet, are you?"

"Hmph, you dare raise your voice to this King again? Of course they are. Do you want to be taught another lesson?"

"But Lord Father, they're just two brats. Why the hell should I associate myself with them? If anything they should be serving us, not the other way around!"

"SHUT IT, you stupid son. If they keep hearing you spout such bullshit, don't blame me if you get injured."

"Hoh, is Lord Father saying that these two in front of me can injure us? Our Vegeta family is supposed to be the strongest out of all Saiyans. My pride won't allow this! Since Lord Father has blessed me with this chance, I won't hold back."

Hearing this, King Vegeta II sighed and shook his head in disdain. He then faced Nao and Miya again.

"Nao, Miya, please teach my stupid son here a lesson. His eyes have yet to see the outside world like mine have so if he can't grow out of his shell, he won't be fit to sit on this King's throne."

"Of course, Your Majesty. But are we to do it here, or should we head out back?"

"This King knows this shouldn't take longer than a minute at most and knowing the power you two have, you two can control your strength enough so where it won't shred this King's throne room to pieces."

Hearing King Vegeta II's consent of being able to battle before him, Nao nodded and then he turned to look at Miya, who saw that she was smiling at him. She then whispered something to where it was quiet enough that it couldn't be heard by King Vegeta II or Prince Vegeta III.

"Brother, now is a good chance to test your new power. While Flux can be extremely dangerous, it should be enough to teach this stuck up Prince a lesson. Besides, you haven't checked Rebirth lately, have you? You may be shocked by your power level now, Hehe."

Nao knew it was not the time to fully check his stats after what he has been through this last year, but he saw two notifications, one saying that his BP increased to 35,000 after using his Full Recovery, and the other saying his BP raised all the way to 75,000, thanks to Rebirth strengthening his body. He was shocked to see that his BP has already reached 75,000 as a six year old child, but knowing that this figure would likely reach millions, billions and beyond in the future, he knew he still had a long way to go. As Nao was lost in his thoughts, he heard screeching sounds not too far away, which caused Nao to disperse his thoughts. In front of him he saw Prince Vegeta III drop back his right leg and extend his right hand. A few seconds later a ball of purple Ki slowly started to swirl around in front of hand, eventually forming a purple sphere.

Seeing an imminent attack, Nao decided to power up his Ki, but he kept it to where it only showed enough power prior to his strengthening. However as he was charging up, his white aura began to have spurts of dark purple aura dance around it. Miya took this opportunity to flare up with her fiery red aura, and it became more fierce during this last year. But instead of taking this opportunity to attack, all she did was place her hands on Nao's back, and Nao felt more energy enter into his body. Feeling Miya's support, Nao wondered what attack he should use, knowing that Flux had the power to freely manipulate Mana. While Mana and Ki were two different types of energy, he decided to create a Ki blast to test it out. He reached out his left hand to form a Ki sphere, but before he could finish, he heard Prince Vegeta III shout at him.

"Execution Beam!"

Prince Vegeta III fired off the purple Ki sphere at Nao, which turned into a small beam of energy. Nao was struck with this energy soon after, and created white smoke upon striking his body. All Nao felt was a slight tingle and a couple scratch marks appeared on his face. The smoke soon vanished, and what Prince Vegeta III next shook him to the core. He couldn't believe that the brat in front of him came out almost unscathed after being hit by his strongest attack.

"Impossible! How the hell are you still standing after taking my best attack!?"

Nao didn't bother answering him, and he formed a ball of white energy in his left hand. He then infused it with his Flux and to his surprise, the Ki actually absorbed the Flux. Once the Flux got absorbed, the white Ki sphere started to emit frost mist and the air around them got colder. The color even turned from white to a darker grey. As Nao could freely manipulate Mana, he could help attune it with his ice affinity thanks to his Ki. Nao shouted and launched the Ki blast at Prince Vegeta III. The hairs on Prince Vegeta III stood on end while feeling a sense of dread as he saw the energy sphere come at him.

"Dark Ice Blast!"

Prince Vegeta III knew that if he got hit by this, he would get injured pretty badly. The sphere was now only a couple meters away from him and before he could maneuver to the side, he saw the sphere distort in front of him, as if the sphere was squashed flat and he found his body slow down, slowly coming to a halt, as if he were stopped by time.

"Shit, move!"

His body didn't respond to him for the next five seconds and the Ki blast struck his body. The throne room severely shook for a couple seconds upon impact and Prince Vegeta III's body flew backwards, striking against the wall that lead into their private quarters. He spat out a large amount of blood and appeared to be a bloody wreck just after receiving one attack from Nao. He struggled to stand, and eventually stopped at one knee, panting heavily as his arm rested on it. Seeing his son a wreck, King Vegeta II grinned.

"Foolish son, did you forget what I told you already? I've come to learnt that there is always someone stronger out there, so whey can't you open your eyes as well? Besides, Nao and Miya are only six years old! Our warrior race is proud to have these two."

Hearing this, Prince Vegeta III hacked out more blood from his mouth and he stumbled back onto the ground.

"Cough, Cough...s-six years old!? It's impossible for these two brats to have that much power! They should be killed immediately, else they would endanger the throne."

"You're welcome to try that, but they came out unscathed after receiving your strongest attack. Take this as a lesson to open your eyes. Go wash yourself up and take a rest. You'll likely be interacting with these two more often from now on."

"Cough...B-But Lord Father..."


Hearing his father yell again, Prince Vegeta III nodded dejectedly and limped back to his private quarters. King Vegeta II sat back down on his throne and sighed again.

"Nao, Miya, my foolish son is already a grown Saiyan a.d.u.l.t yet he still thinks he's the strongest Saiyan out there. Perhaps he's been cooped up in the Palace for far too long. I mean look, he's already turning 30 and I've already aged past 80 years old! Us Saiyans stay young for most of our life but I do feel my time is soon approaching its end. I won't ask for much but at least try to protect him until the Vegeta line continues, alright?"

"We understand, Your Majesty. Was there anything else planned for us today?"

Nao and Miya looked up and saw King Vegeta II shake his head.

"No. Today was just the first meeting of many to come. Do not worry about the mess you created here either, I will have the guards clean it up later. If you two didn't have any plans moving forward, I'd like you two to spar with him at least once a week, you can spend the rest of the time training with the other elite palace guards."

"Is that fine, Your Majesty? I do have a question though, why haven't we been sent off to a planet yet?"

"Hahaha! Being sent off to a planet to conquer it is only for those weak Saiyans born in the low and middle class district. If one doesn't reach a certain battle power at birth, they won't be fit to survive in our society. Only those who survive by conquering them would they be allowed to return. You two were born with that freakish battle power, and thankfully it was this King who saw it and not my foolish son, otherwise you two may not even be standing here right now."

Although Nao knew about this from the original story, he was still able to confirm it for himself after hearing King Vegeta II. He had to thank Rebirth for having him be born in the elite class district. However, at this time, he felt something latch onto his mind again, and seeing it happen for a third time, he knew something was happening. Before he could think about the source, he heard a strange voice enter his head.

"Cough, cough, testing 1.2.3. Is this thing on? Hey, kid can you hear me?"

Nao heard this strange voice, and for some reason it felt very familiar to him. The voice itself felt a bit aged. As Nao often spoke with Miya with his mind, he knew a bit about telepathy and knew how to handle it. It didn't take Nao long before he sent his thoughts back to this stranger. Even Miya heard the stranger and was also confused, and she tilted her head to the side.

"Who is this?"

"Hoho, it looks like it finally went through. You may call me King Kai. I've tried a couple times but really, your mind is something else. It has a really strong barrier against my telepathy...that's not the point! Listen, I've finally reached out to you to inform you that you are in grave danger."

"King Kai!?"

"Oh, you know of me? Strange, we've never even met before, but for some reason, I get a familiar feeling from your voice..."

"How would I not know who you are, King Kai? You're the Kai who watches over us living in the North Area."

"Brother, who is this person?"

Back on King Kai's planet, King Kai could be seen sitting down on some grass nearby his wooden table, with his two antennae moving back and forth, and his eyes were currently shut. A small monkey could be seen next to him and was looking at King Kai with a worried look. But after King Kai heard a high pitched voice resound in the kid's mind, his body shook for a bit and a cold shiver went down his spine.

"Y-You, how are you able to share a conscious with this kid, who are you?"

"My name is Miya, old man. You're talking to my brother right now so why I can't I be included?"

"O-Old man!? Sure I've might've been alive for several millennia but it's you who shouldn't be in here in the first place! But we're running out of time, Kid, there's a certain someone heading in your direction as we speak. They're a terrible race known as the frost demons, and it seems their current emperor, King Cold, currently has sights on your planet. Don't try to provoke them, or else you'll only be getting yourself killed."