Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 26

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 26 23: King Cold Arrives

"It seems their current emperor, King Cold, currently has sights on your planet. Don't try to provoke them, or else you'll only be getting yourself killed."

"Him? I know Frost Demons are always up to no good. Don't tell me he's going to try to reign in the Saiyans under his wing?"

"Oh, so you know of him already? Why does that not surprise me...*Cough*. King Cold has been taking over countless planets in the North Area or destroying them if they don't obey him. You two aren't likely his match for now but if you two survive this ordeal you'll likely get to meet someone who can unlock more of your potential in a couple years. Anyways, I've said my part, so good luck."


However before he could get more information out of King Kai, the feeling of being latched onto suddenly vanished and Nao's mind became more clear. He knew that King Kai's telepathy has ended and now Nao and Miya were on their own again. Still, Nao was pretty shocked that he ended up getting a message from King Kai himself. After thinking of who he would possibly meet in a couple years, he then frowned and faced Miya.

"Miya, I thought King Cold wasn't supposed to make his first appearance until a year later. Why now?"

"Hehehe, brother, did you forget already? It is true he does come a year later, but that's when he introduces his son Frieza who then takes over his father's mantle. This year is very important to the Saiyans. This year is when King Cold himself comes to the Saiyans only to proceed to annex the planet. Hearing the message we just received only further proves that point, brother. What do you think we should do?"

Nao sighed and shook his head. He then closed his eyes, and went into deep thought. King Vegeta II, who was sitting back in his throne, saw Nao and Miya turn quiet for a few moments, with Nao having his eyes closed. King Vegeta II then started tapping the throne with his left finger, and decided to question the two.

"Nao, Miya, quickly tell this King what's wrong. You two usually don't turn quiet for no reason."

Hearing a third voice, Nao's regained his thoughts, almost forgetting that he was still in the throne room. He then laughed bitterly at King Vegeta II, looking dejected.

"Your Majesty, I'm afraid we have some bad news. We just received a message saying a rather fearsome guy is heading to our planet. Your Majesty, you do know our universe is split into four main regions correct?"

"This King has heard of that before from this King's scientists. If I remember, Planet Vegeta is situated in the North Area. What does this have to do with what you said earlier?"

"Well...It appears one of the rulers of the North Area is currently heading our way. I'm afraid they're coming with ill intentions."

"Ill intentions you say? We Saiyans take pride in our strength, we are one of the mightiest warrior races in the galaxy! Even if they are rulers of the North Area, screw them! This King won't allow anyone to rule above him and won't go down without a fight. This King knows his death is soon approaching but if we can take that bastard down with us, this King's death won't be in vain."

However, after King Vegeta II exclaimed that, he saw Nao sigh again.

"Your Majesty, I'm afraid it won't be so simple this time. The guy coming this time is called King Cold, who hails from the Frost Demon race. Frost Demons are known to be very cruel in their endeavors and they can blow up planets with ease. Miya and I have grown stronger quite a bit thanks to Full Recovery but even with our current strength, we probably wouldn't even be able to match 10% of King Cold's strength. Your Majesty, it would be unwise to fight him. It wouldn't be an exaggeration that you could die even from his fingertip."

King Vegeta II slouched back on his throne after hearing this and his skin turned pale, as if he aged another year. His finger started tapping faster, but he suddenly realized what Nao just said.

"Nao, you said you have grown stronger. Exactly how much power did you gain within this last year? Even if you say you don't have at least 10% of that bastard's strength, surely it should not be small by any means."

"Your Majesty, while I can't fill you in all the details, you can rest assured our strength is far stronger than it was a year ago. Your Majesty hasn't really been up to date with our power level since the first training we received either. The natural phenomena you witnessed after Hatchiyack was blasted into oblivion was the start of our massive growth. Miya and my battle power is now at 75,000, Your Majesty."

Nao spoke this loud enough for it to be heard from the Vegeta Family's private chambers and past the giant closed doors behind them, which caused Prince Vegeta III, and the four elite Saiyans to hear it. General Nappa and Colonel Paragus had longed since retired from the room and already returned to their respective duties. Out of everyone who heard this, Prince Vegeta III was the most shocked, and he coughed out more blood due to the stress caused from the battle earlier. He was currently resting in his bed, but he still managed to form a fist, hitting it against the wall, causing a loud bang.

"...Shit! I won't allow those two brats to be stronger than me! I refuse to start training with them even if Lord Father requests of it!"

However at this time, Prince Vegeta III soon saw a figure approach him from the shadows. As he was still quite injured, his sight couldn't make out the details, but he saw a woman approach him who had long brown hair with a slim figure. A brown tail wrapped around her waist but she wasn't wearing battle armor, only a plain white robe.

"Son, hearing this displeases your mother...Can't you be open to change? I wish to see you sit proudly on that throne, but not like this..."

Hearing a faint cry, Prince Vegeta III had his gaze remain on the figure in front of him. He reached out his hand towards the figure but was unable to move his body due to the severe injuries he received moments ago.


Meanwhile back at the throne room, unaware of what just happened further back in the Palace, a weird silence pervaded the room after Nao had his little speech. Even a needle could be heard if it was dropped. This only lasted for a few moments, however, before Miya's hairs stood on end causing her to jump back. Miya and Nao suddenly heard a crazed laughter.


"...Your Majesty?"

"The last time I heard about you two was your power being around 13,000 four years ago. What exactly happened to you two? It's simply marvelous. To have almost reached ten times the power since you two were born..."

"My deepest apologies, Your Majesty. As said previously, we can't really give too much detail. Otherwise it might just not be the Frost Demons who will approach us in the future..."

"Bah, do you shitty brats really have to be so secretive about it? Hell, most of the Saiyans who remained at the end of the battle a year ago saw what happened. Anyways, do you two think you have what it takes to become the legendary Super Saiyan? Our ancestors kept mentioning this in their legends. I would've continued to think that it was a bunch of shit until I saw you two.

Hearing a word that was unfamiliar to her, Miya's ears perked up, and she arrived back at Nao's side, tilting her head in confusion.

"Your Majesty, what's a Super Saiyan?"

"...This King sometimes forget you two are still six year old children. Once we Saiyans have reached a certain amount of power, we have the capability of exceeding our limit, transforming into that of a Super Saiyan. The Super Saiyan state drastically raises our current battle power, unlike the Great Ape form you two underwent a year ago. However, it's unfortunate that this was only mentioned in legends our ancestors left behind and the actual method of achieving it was lost after our original home planet, Sadala, blew up."

After saying this, King Vegeta II shut his eyes, reminiscing about the legend their ancestors left behind for them. Seeing King Vegeta II now lost in thought, Miya turned to look at Nao, and whispered in his ear that was soft enough for King Vegeta II to not hear it.

"Brother, should we tell him?"

Nao shook his head at Miya, and denied it.

"No Miya, the current Saiyans are too bloodthirsty. You know to achieve Super Saiyan one needs to have enough S-Cells in their body after reaching a certain amount of power. Sure there may be some peaceful Saiyans on this planet but most of them won't be able to achieve it, especially since you know of their fate."

"But brother, six years isn't a whole lot of time left. Are you really going to let that happen to this planet?"

"I don't know...but for now, we need to first overcome the ordeal at hand, surviving King Cold. We don't even know how powerful he can get. After all he was killed off too quickly..."

Just as he finished his thoughts, King Vegeta II opened his eyes again and saw Miya whispering at Nao. However, King Vegeta II felt rather tired at this point after discussing with the two for the last couple of hours. Thinking of dismissing Nao and Miya at this time, deep within his heart, a deep sense of fear slowly rose. Sure he thought the two brats in front of him were quite fierce, but he didn't think the two could induce fear that grasped onto his heart, so he wondered what could be causing this.

However at this time, low rumble sounds started to resound in Palace Vegeta. Miya and Nao immediately took note of this. The rumbles slowly grew louder and louder, and the ground beneath them started to quake. At this moment Miya clung onto Nao and he turned serious. A couple seconds later, the three started to hear loud explosions outside the Palace. King Vegeta II couldn't take it and immediately stood up, appearing very angry.

"Who has hell has the guts to attack this King's city!?"

King Vegeta II soon released his blood-thirst, causing Miya to choke for a second. Nao embraced her and tried to calm her down.

"Nao, Miya, follow this King immediately."

Without a care, King Vegeta II punched the palace doors wide open, causing two more loud bangs. The impact against the wall caused the doors to crack but King Vegeta II couldn't care less at this time. He made his way outside the Palace, only to feel a dense power spread out around the Palace docking bay, which almost caused him to choke. He then saw the four elite Saiyans alongside Nappa and and Paragus, who were kneeling, gasping for air. Further down the palace bridge and main stairway, way off in the distance in the middle district he saw a couple watchtowers up in flames as they were cut down by small circular spacesh.i.p.s. Seeing this caused veins to pop out on his forehead but soon a massive shadow appeared over his head causing him to look up, only to be aghast at what he saw.

Nao and Miya remained shocked for a moment after hearing the the loud explosion and quickly hurried outside as their mother remained unprotected and worried for her safety. They heard a big commotion at the Palace's docking bay and upon arriving, they saw King Vegeta II who was very angry, but the weird thing is he was looking upward. He then saw Fynn, Oliver, Gin, Parsi, Nappa and Paragus kneeling down gasping for air with a look of terror on them. A giant shadow hung over the docking bay, causing the two to look upwards as well. What they saw shocked them to the core, as a giant circular disk shaped spaceship slowly descended. Upon touching the ground Nao immediately recognized who the spaceship belonged to. Nao then saw the main door unlatch, and a metal staircase slowly extended to the ground. One it touched down on the ground, 12 figures dressed in white robes wearing unique masks that hid their faces lined up beside the the staircase. Following that 5 more figures flew out and landed off to to the side,and Nao could feel a similar power level to his own coming from the five.

These five figures, one was purple, red, green, blue and yellow and he knew these guys were the famed Ginyu Force. After these five did their signature poses, A massive figure slowly came down as the staircase moved him, followed by Kikono and Berryblue. Nao had a closer look at the massive figure, only to see two large crooked horns protruding from his bone-like head. A giant dark blue gem was set in the middle of it and he dawned pristine battle armor that appeared to be of a higher quality than what the Saiyans currently were dressed in. He saw saw his purple muscles with a dark blue cape worn around his back that hid is pink tail. Nao thought he still had another month before King Cold arrived but it appeared they made record pace and arrived ahead of time. He then saw Kikono come out in front to announce their arrival.

"The leader of the Cold Force, His Imperial Majesty Great King Cold has arrived!"