Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 27

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 27 24: What Could Be Worse Joining Hands With The Enemy Or Having Your Planet Blow Up?

"The leader of the Cold Force, His Imperial Majesty Great King Cold has arrived!"

After Kikono announced the arrival of King Cold, a cold glint streaked across his eyes. Seeing alien presences were not unknown to the Saiyans. Saiyans were a warrior race that conquered other planets by eliminating all lifeforms that posed a threat to the highest bidders who would buy out the planet. However, it was the first time an alien race stepped foot onto the Saiyan's planet. If one were to speak of the Tuffles, this planet was originally their home world and the Saiyans eliminated the last of them only last year, changing the planet's name from Planet Plant to Planet Vegeta. The Saiyans could have sold this planet as well and moved somewhere else but after the Tuffles took them in out of pity, the King decided to settle on this planet. They were a small group after all since their home planet, Sadala was destroyed due to internal conflict, and the Tuffles didn't think the Saiyans would do much, but boy were they ever so wrong about that.

An arrogant look appeared on King Cold's face. He saw several dozens of Saiyans. A few appeared to be scared just by his presence alone, while some appeared confused, but most of the other elites who've gathered from the high class district were rather angry. Some even started to curse at King Cold.

"How the hell could we let someone invade our city without notice!?"

"Did ya think he would take us for fools? Sure he might be giant but we still got our pride damn it!"

"But he declared himself as an Emperor...Doesn't that rank him higher than our King?"

As anger and confusion spread out through the present Saiyans at the docking bay, blue veins appeared on the right side of King Vegeta II's forehead. He then took a couple steps and raised his voice to calm down the clamor.


After hearing their King raise his voice in anger, cold shivers went down the spines of the present Saiyans. After calming down, the non-combatants that were maintaining the docking bay slowly backed away, while the elite guards took defensive stances forming a circle around King Vegeta II, Nao and Miya. Nao also regained his senses from being in a stupor and he then had a direct look at King Cold. His whole appearance appeared the same from what he could remember and after another second he felt a tug from his back, only to feel Miya gripping onto him. He then heard Miya whisper into his ear.

"Brother, the energy of this guy is so dense...I'm scared..."

"Shhh, Miya. We will need to get used to this type of energy sooner or later. We can only hope he doesn't kill us right here..."

Nao brought Miya closer to him with his right arm and tried to shield her from King Cold's vision, which he probably knew it wouldn't work out but he still decided on doing it anyways. King Cold's stature was imposing to the current Saiyans around him and his eyes then laid on the old Saiyan who raised his voice, only to see two small children behind him surrounded by a group of guards. Seeing this piqued his interest but before he could say anything else, he saw the old Saiyan in front of the two children approach him.

"So you must be that damn Frost Demon that's been terrorizing the planets in our region, huh?"

"Hoh, so you know of me? I thought you Saiyans were all just dirty monkeys. Seems some of you possess enough intelligence. Do you know the reason why I've come here then?"

"Tch, is that how other races see us as? Us Saiyans have our own methods of gathering intelligence, so you don't need to worry about that. From the way you brought your whole army here, even a damn fool could take a guess at what you want from us."

"Well, you Saiyans claim yourself to be the strongest in the galaxy so I've personally come here to test the waters but what I've seen thus far is rather disappointing you see. You seem to be the leader around here. It's rather intriguing you are trying to protect two children. Care to explain?"

"Humph. This King doesn't need to explain it to the likes of you. You only care about the final decision of whether we join you or not right? Why concern yourself with these two brats?"

Hearing that Nao and Miya were being mentioned to King Cold, the two tensed up a bit. However he saw King Cold turn his head toward the small yellow alien besides him.

"Kikono, go fetch a scouter for me. Our database only details that Saiyans are born brown yet here are these two Saiyans with white and red hair. Maybe this planet won't be such a bore after all."

"As you wish, Your Imperial Majesty."

Kikono's eyes turned wide after receiving an unexpected order, but he immediately gave a bow and swiftly entered the ship. At the same time more anger appeared on King Vegeta II's face and his right hand eventually formed a fist. He then turned around only to see a tense Nao and a shivering Miya.

"Nao, Miya, don't tell me you two brats tried to sense that bastard's energy?"

Hearing a sudden question, Nao, who was still staring at King Cold with a blank stare, finally realized the situation at hand. He then turned to look at King Vegeta II only to see his usual angry expression.

"We did...Your Majesty. It's a lot more fearsome than I expected. His power might even be beyond 15 times that of our current strength. That's only in his base form too..."

However just as he finished saying that last part, Nao immediately put his hands over his mouth. Nao only whispered this so King Cold couldn't hear it but it was still clear enough to be heard by King Vegeta II and he became confused for a bit as he heard a word that he was not familiar with.

"Base form? Nao, are you saying that bastard still has hidden strength up his sleeves?"

"I can't say at this point...Your Majesty. The only thing I remember is hearing a rumor that Frost Demons are capable of transforming, just like we Saiyans are..."

"Was it that same person who told you that bastard was coming to this King's planet earlier back at this King's throne room?"

"You can say that your Majesty, but not much information was given to me besides that. Are we really going to join the Cold Force, Your Majesty?"

"Hmph, there is no other choice. If it were like before, this King would have likely launched a full out war with those bastards, but this King doesn't have too much time left. As long as they satisfy this King's condition, we will join them."

"Your Majesty, what condition would that be?"

"Listen well, Nao, Miya. Please watch over this King's foolish son. This King is afraid that after today he will start sitting on that throne..This King didn't want him on it until next year but who would've thought death would come knocking so soon, haha!"

"Your Majesty, you can't!"

"Shut it, you stupid brats. This King will enter a battle to the death with that bastard! This King knows there is no chance at winning but be sure be analyze anything that bastard may be keeping from us. This King's pride will remain standing tall as a warrior even after this King falls."

After King Vegeta II finished saying this, Nao felt as if something got lodged into his throat, and he became unable to breath momentarily. He felt Miya's grip tighten on his back, However what happened next surprised the two as he felt a giant hand rub his head, only to see King Vegeta II staring right at him. He then swung his right arm back in front which fluttered his giant cape. Nao then saw that he turned around and started walking towards King Cold. Nao then laid his gaze back in King Cold only to see the small yellow alien carrying what appears to be an advanced scouter. Kikono then presented the scouter to King Cold and he equipped it on his right eye. It was green like the other scouters appeared to be but if one saw closely they could see 6 digits appearing at 0. However at this time he saw King Vegeta II walk towards him and stood only a few feet away.

"I was getting rather bored listening to your insistent whispering, but it seems you've reached a decision. I am known to be quite magnanimous. You Saiyans will bolster the Cold Force by quite a bit so if you decide to join my army we will not mistreat you as long as you do your assigned missions."

"You would blow up this King's planet otherwise if we refused so it's not like we've much of a choice. If you can satisfy this King's one condition we'll welcome your army with open arms and won't resist."

Hearing this, King Cold's gaze turned cold. He then extended his right arm out and raised up his left finger. Soon, wild Ki exploded forth which caused a mass of air that gushed forth, knocking down most of the present Saiyans. The Ki soon condensed at the tip of his finger, and a small circle soon started to expand. After expanding out a couple meters did it stop. Seeing this appear in front of him, Nao realized that he was witnessing the start of a Death Ball right before his very eyes. 'I've only lived six years in this world so far, is it already the end for me?', Nao thought to himself. However at this time he heard a cold voice come out of King Cold which caused Nao to shiver.

"Do you Saiyans really think you're up for negotiations? To think I said you Saiyans have some intelligence, but in the end you guys are still just dirty monkeys. Perhaps it'll do us good to get rid of you all instead."

King Vegeta II grew more angry upon hearing this but to appease the Frost Demon in front of him, he kept it to himself. Without any intentions to delay, King Vegeta II spoke up of what he wanted to request of him.

"This King's request is simple...Your Imperial Majesty. You've had a good look at my current appearance, this King doesn't have much to live longer. This King wants to battle with you to the death!"

Hearing a request for a battle, King Cold chuckled at him. He then used his other hand to touch the scouter on his right eye and it soon started to beep. King Cold saw the numbers on his scouter slowly rise, only to end up at 20,000. He then shifted his gaze to the two children behind him, and the numbers started to beep more rapidly than the previous time, and it eventually landed on 75,000. He then looked between the two children, only to see the number remain the same. Seeing two identical power levels only further piqued his interest, but his gaze remained cold on the old Saiyan in front of him.

"You dare request a battle with me with your measly 20,000 power? The two children behind you interests me a lot more. I will allow them to serve directly under me, considering they both have a battle power of 75,000. That's quite high for you Saiyans you know? They could even contend for the captain position of the Ginyu Force in the future. As long as these two join the ranks under me, I'll even forgive you for that remark earlier."

"This King won't allow that! If you won't start the battle then this King will!"

King Vegeta II couldn't take it any longer and he loosened his cape to let it fall down onto the ground. He then stretched his right arm backwards and started to gather purple Ki in it. He then vanished from his current spot only to reappear directly in front of King Cold, only to see a bored expression. He punched out at King Cold's face with his left hand and did a roundhouse kick onto his head, creating a loud shock wave. He then retreated a step and launched out his Ki from his right hand.

"Orga Blaster!'

The Orga Blaster struck King Cold's body as he was within close proximity, and a bunch of dust was lifted into the air. After the dust settled, King Vegeta II could be seen panting on the ground with a look of shock in his face, as he only saw one scratch mark on King Cold's face. A small streak of purple blood dripped down from it. The Death Ball on King Cold's fingertip soon dispersed and he wiped the dripping blood with it, only to taste it after. He then gave King Vegeta II a smirk.

"Since you're that eager to die then I will grant you that wish. We will not mistreat the Saiyans once they join the Cold Force."

King Cold then extended his same finger outward. It began to shine a dark purple and Nao started to hear screeching noise. Nao immediately knew what King Cold was going to do but it was too late, as this is what King Vegeta II wanted. A small ray of dark purple Ki launched out from King Cold's fingertip, aiming right at King Vegeta II's chest.

"Death Beam."

Almost at the speed of light, the small beam traveled through the air and pierced through King Vegeta II's heart almost immediately. Before King Vegeta II could fully react, he already saw a huge gaping hole on his left chest area and he soon fell down onto the ground. As he fell, he smiled and blood started to seep out of his mouth. A loud bang resounded once his body struck the earth, and blood started pouring out from the gaping hole, spreading out on the ground. His eyes started to turn lifeless, and before long his body stopped squirming, and his breathing ceased. King Vegeta II perished in battle.