Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 28

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 28 25: Main Story Quest Ii I

A few meters away from Nao, he saw a lifeless body before him, as a stench of blood wafted through the air. The nearby Saiyans could only grief in their hearts at the moment as if they dared to move from their current spot, they feared that King Cold might do something to them as well. However at this time Nao heard a sound in his head that he hadn't heard for a while. He wanted to shake it off to continue staring at at King Cold, but it appeared this time it kept sounding off in his head, and the last time this happened was when his father was still alive, mentioning Hatchiyack four years ago.

*Ding! Main Story Quest II has been triggered. As this quest is separated into multiple parts, host may review it at any point until all parts are completed. Rewards will be given out sequentially.*

Nao knew now was not the time to have a full look at the quest that was given before him because if he distracted himself at all right now, King Cold could possibly make a move on him, considering he currently has interest in him and Miya. What he saw next further shocked him, as he saw King Cold approach King Vegeta II. Nao knew King Vegeta II had already passed away, but King Cold picked up his lifeless body at the head, and he raised his right palm in front of King Vegeta II. Soon, dark purple energy gathered in his palm, which caused Nao to shiver nearby, as he could feel dense energy radiating from King Cold's palm. A few seconds later it blasted out striking King Vegeta II's dead body. As he was already dead there was no resistance, and soon his body started to crumble apart within the energy, before it disappeared altogether. Smoke arose as the energy struck the body and once the smoke vanished, the nearby Saiyans didn't see King Vegeta II's body anymore. Seeing their own King vanish right before their very eyes caused anger to appear within them. Some couldn't handle it anymore and lashed out at King Cold.

"Bastard, our King was already dead! There was nothing else His Majesty could've done to you!"

"How could you destroy his body like that! How else can we report to His Highness now?"

"Screw this, we don't need to join them. Let's attack!"

The elite guards, including Oliver, Gin, Fynn and Parsi, started to get riled up. However at this time King Cold calmly walked to Nao and Miya and addressed the rising clamor.

"Listen well you Saiyans. Your King wanted to die so I gave him a swift death. You could even count that as my blessing. I could have brought him aboard my ship to torture him instead but in the end I decided to give him a swift death. With this you Saiyans are now part of the Cold Force. I will leave in a few moments as we have prior engagements and I will dispatch some troops here so they can station themselves later. You all will be able to report to these troops and obtain missions as well. But before I go, you two still haven't introduced yourselves. It's remarkable to have two young Saiyans already having a battle power of 75,000. Or is it that you two want to die as well?"

Nao noticed that King Cold was right in front of his face now, and the difference between the two was quite big. Nao was still only about three feet tall and King Cold appeared to be a 12 foot giant. He was quite taller than King Vegeta II and he had the power to back him up, unlike King Vegeta II. He was still staring blankly at him despite his overbearing presence but after Nao gnashed his teeth together, he resolved himself and introduced him and Miya to King Cold.

"Your Imperial Majesty...This one is called Nao. My little sister is called Miya. It's our pleasure to meet you, Your Imperial Majesty..."

After hearing this, a grin appeared on King Cold's face after hearing the small child with white hair speak for the first time. It sounded much more intelligent than the other Saiyans around him, which pleased him greatly. To test the waters a bit, he decided to restrict his battle power down to around 200,000 and let out a small wave of his killing intent on the two. All of a sudden, Nao and Miya felt a giant pressure land upon them, causing them to cough violently. Nao even dropped onto one knee and felt as if he were tied in a giant rope, unable to move at all. He and Miya tried to resist the oncoming pressure but unlike King Vegeta II's pressure they felt a few years back, this one was a lot worse. Nao and Miya started to revolve their Ki within their bodies, which soon let out a pale white and fiery red aura. During King Cold's conquest, he had seen all types of auras and the likes that he saw in front of him right now wasn't anything new, but he soon started to feel a bit chilly and hot at the same time. He then saw small embers dance around the girl and frost appear on the ground around the boy, and upon looking more closely he saw small dark purple streaks of lightning intertwined within Nao's white aura. Before long, Nao and Miya managed to unbind their ropes, and stood up again albeit panting heavily.

"The Ki you two have is marvelous. It is even starting to effect the area around your bodies, which proves you two have developed excellent Ki control. You two are welcome to come aboard anytime, and if you do you will receive further battle training with the Ginyu Force."

"We thank you for your generous praise, Your Imperial Majesty...We will keep that in mind. As we are now part of Your Imperial Majesty's army, we will wait for our next orders once your troops have been dispatched."


King Cold's grin remained on his face and he then released his killing intent. He immediately turned around and fluttered his cape, walking back to the ship's staircase. He then stopped walking only to look down at the small yellow alien who was current standing by with a pillow resting above his two palms.

"Kikono, inform Squad Two to gear up and for Squad One to return with me. We have another engagement to settle. The Ginyu Force can decide whether they want to stay, as they will probably be interested in the two Saiyan kids."

Kikono was prepared this time at receiving His Imperial Majesty's order, and he bowed, giving his consent. After informing the two squads of the order he received, he then made his way over to the Ginyu Force, who were still in their poses all this while. Each member of the Ginyu Force were in a heated discussion after feeling the power of the two children that felt similar to their own. They saw Kikono approach them, and after he received King Cold's order, they went into another heated discussion. In the end, Nao and Miya saw Kikono leave with Captain Ginyu, Guldo and Recoome in tow and Burter and Jeice remained behind. King Cold then headed inside the ship and the twelve beings that donned their mysterious masks vanished from their spots. Kikono followed shortly after them. Nao saw King Cold's ship close its hatch and it then started to glow, before it stretched out and disappeared back into space. The numerous smaller disk-like sh.i.p.s followed suit and vanished from the planet. The only aliens that remained behind were Jeice and Burter.

A moment of silence then spread out the area as most of the Saiyans around Nao and Miya had a stunned look on their faces, watching King Cold's ship leave their planet as if the event that just happened never occurred. However reality was much more cruel as they remembered the death of their current King. Most of the elite guards present knew of Prince Vegeta III's temper and were hesitant on reporting the situation to him but they knew it had to be done. Nao saw the non-combatants return to their work and the rest of the guards returned to Palace Vegeta, while maintaining their vigilance. Miya soon regained her composure and loosened her grasp on Nao's back. Before long it was only Jeice, Burter, Nao, Miya and Paragus who remained at the Palace's docking bay.

Nao then saw Jeice and Burter approach him. Sure enough when the two were only a couple feet away he was able to clearly see them and they looked as much as he imagined them to be. Jeice was a red alien that had long white hair flowing down and wore white battle armor with a black undercoat. He wore standard white gloves and boots and had a Cold Force scouter equipped on his left eye and his build was rather average. Burter on the other hand was taller and had broader shoulders. His skin was dark blue and wore dark blue plated battle armor. Yellow stripes went across the middle of his head and had pure red eyes with any pupils. A scouter could also be seen on his left eye. Besides getting their asses kicked in the original story by Goku, all Nao could really remember was Jeice's Australian accent and Burter's calm demeanor. Jeice was the first to speak up, causing Nao to come back to his senses.

"Hey there, mate. Guess we ought to introduce ourselves right? The name's Jeice. My partner over here is Burter. We stayed behind cause it looks like the two of ya always stick together like we do."

"That's right. You may call me Burter. We ended up in similar situations like you two and ended up getting scouted in into the Ginyu Force a few years ago. Is it true you two have a battle power of 75,000?"

"That's right, Sir Burter. How strong are you and Sir Jeice?"

"Ya can drop the formalities, kid. Hell you two are even stronger than we are. It'd be mighty awkward for ya to address us as such. The power I got is only at 64,000 while my partner over here is at 68,000."

"That's right. Here in the Cold Force, the more power you got the greater respect you'll receive. Even with your current power there is only a few figures who are far above you in terms of power. Jeice and I will settle down here to set up an outpost so feel free to drop by when you are ready for your first mission."

After Nao heard this, he saw Jeice signal Burter about something. Then Burter and Jeice took off their scouters and covered it with their hands. Nao then saw Jeice speak up again.

"There is one individual for ya to look out for and that is Lord Frieza. If you board His Imperial Majesty's ship, ya will likely meet him one day but he didn't show up this time. Hell ya may even give him a run for his money ya here me? Don't try to get yourself killed too early, kid."

"Thank you for the reminder, Jeice. I know what to do if I ever meet Lord Frieza."

Jeice nodded confirming Nao's words. He then signaled Burter that it was time to leave and they soon flew upwards. Jeice covered himself in a red aura while Burter's was blue, and they sped off into the distance, heading towards the middle class district. It seems they were going to set up an outpost there where most business happened, which Nao concluded was logical. Nao saw Paragus remain quiet throughout the whole ordeal but he then spoke up at this time.

"Nao, Miya, I will personally report this to His Highness. You two may go return to your quarters at home. It seems we will become even busier in the future so you two best prepare yourselves."

"We understand, Colonel Paragus. If there is nothing else we will leave now."

Paragus nodded at Nao, and he flew up and headed towards the Palace bridge connecting to Palace Vegeta. He then disappeared from sight, only to leave Nao and Miya alone in the docking bay. Nao saw that Miya was still shivering a bit and he rubbed her head.

"Let's head home for today, shall we Miya?"

"Yes, Brother! All of this made me super hungry. I can't wait anymore."

Miya rubbed her eyes and woke up from her senses, nodding at Nao. The two made their way to the main staircase that lead to the elite class district, only to soon find the cliff-side that belonged to their home. They made their way along the cliff-side and arrived at their house and opened the door. Nao saw their mother drinking at the dinner table and a smile bloomed on her face, knowing her two children returned home safely. After hearing Miya's stomach rumble loudly, her face blushed and Iona let out a laugh. She signaled for two maids to start making dinner and Nao and Miya made their way to the dinner table. Nao then sunk down deep in thought and reflected on what happened earlier today. Besides reflecting on the events from earlier, he also remember that he triggered another quest, and he proceeded to open the quest panel in his mind...