Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 29

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 29 26: Main Story Quest Ii Ii

Year 731 February Iona's Residence

Nao, Miya, Iona and the two maids could be seen on the first floor inside their house.

Their kitchen and dining area wasn't anything grand, with only the simple kitchenware to cook enough for the whole family. Their main dining table was carved out of exquisite magenta sandstone that rose from the ground. A number of sandstone stools could be seen around it which could accompany a couple guests on top of the main family. Altogether the kitchen and dining room was about 35 square meters. Iona was currently sitting on the far end of the table with Miya and Nao sitting directly across from her. Miya was currently chatting about the events that transpired earlier today and Nao currently had his mind elsewhere, deep within his conscious. He was currently exploring the many changes he has received in the last couple of years in Rebirth. The first thing he had a look at was the second main quest he received after King Cold killed King Vegeta II. Just as he opened up the quest window in his mind, he heard another ring that he was ever familiar with.

*Ding! Main Story Quest II has been triggered. This quest is split up into multiple parts, Encouraging Host to complete all of them for the most rewards!*

Within the endless darkness of Nao's mind, a blue screen then popped out of nowhere. Upon looking at the blue screen seeing the quest details, Nao could only sigh inwardly in his heart. While he was under suspicion that this world wasn't actually the original world, it appeared that some events were still bound to happen regardless.

Main Story Quest II : Destruction of Planet Vegeta


King Cold managed to obtain information on the Saiyan's existence, only to immediately arrive at the planet a year later after obtaining the news. This caused the death of King Vegeta II. With his death, Prince Vegeta III will take rise to the throne, only to spell disaster in the years to come. Frieza has already started to grow suspicious of the Saiyans after listening into his father's conversation as he was able to tap into it with the scouters the nearby Cold Force members were equipped with. While Frieza had yet to hear of the Saiyan legends, he is already starting to fear that the Saiyans may grow more powerful than him. Within the next two to three years, Frieza will come across the legend of the Legendary Super Saiyan and Saiyan God. With the rumor of two powerful Saiyans and these legends, Frieza will plot to destroy Planet Vegeta...



(I)Ensure the death of King Vegeta II* (Complete)

-Reward : 30,000 RP, Permanent BP Increase by 7,500, 1 Random Space-Related Skill Book

(II)Ensure the death of King Vegeta III before his rebellion against Frieza

-Reward : ???

(III)Find a habitable planet suitable for Saiyans within the North Area

-Reward : ???

(IV)Ensure Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta

-Reward : ???


(I) Rescue Iona

-Reward : 25K BP, Random Power Level Increase

(II) Rescue Bardock, Gine, Fynn, Gin, Oliver, and Parsi.

-Reward : 25K BP, Random Power Level Increase per rescued Saiyan

(III)Ensure the safety of Broly's birth and rescue Broly and Paragus

-Reward: 1 Random Skill (SR or higher)


Endless amounts of words suddenly appeared on the blue 3-D panel in front of Nao's conscious, causing him to suck in a cold breath of air. The main quest was in regards to the destruction of Planet Vegeta, which he wondered what would eventually trigger it but he didn't think that it would be triggered by King Vegeta II's death. He was quite shocked this time seeing that there were a total of seven steps to this story quest, four being mandatory and three being optional. However upon seeing the first optional quest, a burst of anger erupted within Nao. Rebirth dared to list his mother within the system, and for it to be optional at that! Despite his easygoing past life, Nao was rather filial to his parents and in this life was no exception. If he couldn't rescue his mother from certain death in the next five to six years, no doubt would it come back to haunt him. His anger was due to the fact the system listed it as optional and not mandatory, but deep down in his heart would Nao make this mandatory.

If Nao were to choose the most interesting step to this quest, it would probably the mandatory quest's third step. He found this step rather strange, as he recalled, only a handful of Saiyans remained alive that could be counted on one hand. Did Rebirth really want Nao to find another planet for Saiyans to live on? Even if he were able to rescue the Saiyans listed on the panel, it only totaled up to nine, and only three of them were female Saiyans. If he even wanted to consider the idea of repopulating the race, Nao would need to associate himself with more Saiyans in the given amount of time. However Nao knew Frieza was extremely powerful, and at the time Frieza blew up Planet Vegeta, he would definitely be able to sense a sudden loss of Ki signatures. Perhaps overall Nao wouldn't be able to rescue no more than 20 or 30 Saiyans at most. Nao then shook his head at the thought of this and concluded that it would be best for him to associate himself with other Saiyans for now.

Nao then saw what he looked forward to the most, the rewards. He saw the first step had already been completed and even just the first step alone granted him far beyond what he thought he would earn. Any skills related to space-time were extremely rare in this world, and it appeared he received a skill related to Space. One of the more common elements of Space Nao remembered was ability to transpose, and he wondered if he would get something related to that. He then opened the random book and a flash of purple light shone only to hear a Rebirth notification following it.

*Ding! Host has opened a random Space-related skill book. Host has received Space Affinity (SS)! Congratulations!


In anticipation of hoping to get something exciting this time, Nao felt as if he was hit by a large brick to the face. However before he became further disappointed, his consciousness started to shiny brightly, causing Nao's consciousness to immediately disperse within his mind, and soon opened up his eyes again. Nao immediately looked downward only to see that his body was covered in a golden aura, which was a far different contrast to his pale white aura. This golden aura appeared to be more domineering, and it caused cracks in the air to appear around him. Within these small cracks, if one were to have a close look at them, one would only be able to see pitch black darkness.

Once the golden aura erupted around Nao, a blast of air swept through the first floor. The two maids who were preparing dinner in the kitchen were quickly swept up in this air blast, and plopped right onto the ground, dropping various utensils onto the ground. They were startled by this sudden blast of air only to see their young master surrounded by a golden aura, shocking them greatly. Iona was also shocked by this sudden burst of aura and she could still feel the density of it, despite being a non-combatant. Iona then saw Miya who stopped chatting with her, only to see a smile on her face. Only then did Iona let out a sigh, as the dense aura caused her to cease breathing for a moment. Miya then took this time to comfort her mother as Nao was still absorbed in unlocking Space Affinity.

"Mama, you don't need to worry. Brother just managed to power himself up again, hehe."

"This is another one of Little Nao's abilities? Why do I get the feeling that the space around us is becoming weirder?"

"That's simple, Mama! To put it simply, brother Nao is now more attuned with the element of Space. You'll probably get confused if I talk about elements any more than this in short Space is one of the more powerful elements!"

"Little Miya, will this effect his current Ki at all? While I am proud of him growing stronger, I can't help but worry at the same time. Seeing Little Nao grow stronger and stronger just like his Papa, I don't want it to happen a second time..."

"You don't need to worry Mama. Don't forget you have me to protect brother! Besides, I can feel that Papa is still watching us from the heavens above."

"You always know how to cheer me up don't you, Little Miya? I'm truly glad...Look, it seems Little Nao is finally becoming aware of us again, haha!"

As if a sound off was played on cue, the fierce golden aura dancing around Nao soon dissipated and the air around the first floor returned to normal. Nao was quite shocked by the sudden change in his aura, as he initially thought Space Affinity didn't seem like it was much to him. Thanks to being attuned to Mana, Nao became more sensitive to the elements, especially with the ones he had an affinity to. As he just unlocked Space Affinity, he felt a weird presence all around him and every now and then he would see golden particles in the air within the corner of his eyes. Once he lifted his face again, he saw both his mother and sister smiling at him. Iona already comforted the two maids while Nao was still in his little world, and once he saw the two looking at him, a sound of rumbling echoed at the dinner table, causing Nao to blush. Iona laughed upon hearing Nao's stomach rumbling.

"Little Nao, it seems your stomach can't wait anymore, can it? Fufufu."

"Today was a long day, long until dinner is ready?"

"It shouldn't be too much longer, Little Nao. You were too absorbed in your little world to not notice it was mostly prepared already. Can't you smell it?"

Indeed, once Nao took this time to notice his surroundings, the scent of roasted meat soon struck his nose. He then had a look towards the kitchen, only to see his two maids frantically preparing the final touches of what could be one of the largest portions of meat he has seen yet, which appeared to be roughly ten pounds of cooked meat laid across the the kitchen area. Nao gulped at the sight of this and to not get distracted, he immediately turned around again. Before long, the trio could hear plates clashing and soon a feast appeared before them. Iona then dismissed the two maids to their room as she wished to spend this time with only her two children, and before long she saw Nao and Miya scarfing down the meat, causing her to chuckle. She herself then started to dig in as well. After dinner was eaten by the three they didn't have much to do for the rest of the night so Iona called her two children back to her bedroom on the second floor.

After getting situated in her bedroom, Iona called for the two to join her taking a bath, and after the trio spent an hour in the bath, Iona saw Nao and Miya start to yawn. She helped the two clean themselves up and headed towards their beds. However before Nao decided to clock out for the night, he went ahead and had a look at his stats screen that he hadn't paid attention to the last couple years, and the amount of information that filled his head shocked him greatly. A while back, Nao learned to set his stat distribution automatically based on his previous preferences, but the thing that s surprised him the greatest this time around was his power level. It has officially broken through six digits!


Name: Nao

Age : 6

Race: Saiyan, Saiyan God (Locked)

Level: 45

HP: 4750

MP: 2950

STR: 221

DEF: 80

DEX: 80

INT: 80

WIS: 80

LUC: 10

Battle Power: 100,000

Available Points: 0

RP : 50,300



World of Dragon Ball Z




X1 Instant Transmission Token




First Player

Plane Creator







Dark Ice Blast (S)

Frost Fist (B)

Power Ball (B)

Fly (C)

Vanish (C)



Flux (SSS)

Frost Aura (SS)

Space Affinity (SS)

Ki (C)




Rebirth Shop

Rebirth Wheel

Rebirth Summon