Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 3 3

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 3 Prologue Part 3: A New System Choices

"Master! Wake up!"

Heating a cute voice from the back of his mind, Naoto regained his composure after his deep thinking. Determined to understand how he heard this voice, he thought of his next question.

*Who are you?*

"Silly master, I've always been with you ever since your parents gave me to you last week! Have you already forgotten me? How cruel!"

A sound of crying started to resound in his mind. Wait a minute, let's turn back time for a bit. Last Friday...That' right. I was given a game helmet for Rebirth by my lovely parents and created my avatar only to wait for the countdown for the servers to begin a week later, which is now Today...Trying to recall who this could be, I faintly remember a small n.a.k.e.d figure with translucent red wings, small b.r.e.a.s.ts, and shiny red hair that went down to her neck during the character creation screen. I was too absorbed in the character creation that I soon forgot this figure and they soon vanished after guiding me through the creation process...Don't tell me this voice in my mind is hers?

"Bingo! Hehehe I'm glad Master was able to remember what I look like. Although this is on short notice, the President decided to gift me to you after becoming the winner from our little experiment. Teehee!"

Wait just a minute, little experiment? No, now that things have reached this point its pointless to worry about such things. Regaining his vision, all Naoto could see is endless black darkness, as far the eye could see. He eventually remembered the giant black hand grasping onto him and dragged him into this separate dimension filled with darkness. He thought of who that hand belonged to, wondering if it belonged to the little fairy who has been speaking to him.

"Wrong, Master! How could a little fairy like me do something like that! That was the President!"

So it was the President, the creator of Rebirth, who caused that crack in the sky to appear? Surely that couldn't be done by any mere human, regardless of how science advanced Well, what's done is done. Apparently I was chosen as a winner to fully explore Rebirth's contents. But what the hell can I do when I look like this with nothing around me!? On better thought let's ask another question, otherwise I get the feeling this is going nowhere.

"Can you stop reading my mind and come out of my body?"

"Sure! But it's really warm inside your soul! If I go out can you promise to let be back in? We did become one after all! Hehe!"

Wait a minute, become one!? My heart is still pure! All jokes aside though, I nod my non-existent head to her question. As if I felt something being tugged out of my body, a smaller red orb about half the size of my soul slowly emerged. Without saying anything, it started to bob up and down and then spin around me at a really fast speed. Eventually she came to a halt in front of me, and the figure I remember manifested. She had her same bright red hair, small b.r.e.a.s.ts, red eyes and her small red transparent wings sticking out from her back. She then struck a pose and did a victory sign.


Unintentionally. I karate chopped her small forehead and pinched her cheeks. Tears slowly started to form at the corners of her eyes.

"Owie, Master, that hurts uuuuu....."

"Listen, you-"

"My name is not you! While I was born a week ago poor Master still has yet to give me a name! The President created me but he left the decision to you. How could you let me go for a week already with no name!"

It's not like could change your name when I was creating my character! Although there was a window prompt after the character creation process finished and before it took me to the server countdown, the first word I saw on that was Optional, so i immediately closed it without a second look at it and became one of the many people waiting to start Rebirth. Maybe that was because I was a bit impatient, don't tell that prompt was to give a name to this little fairy who is now floating in front of me?...Well, there is no use crying over spilt milk. Staring at her figure, I eventually decide on a name.

"I got it I got it. Don't start crying again. From now on your name is Miho!"


"Yes. In my native language Mi means beautiful and Ho is for flame. To me you look like a small beautiful fire full of energy after having a good look at you"

"Did Master just say I'm beautiful? Hehehe....The world's first beautiful AI just received her name from Master! Wait a minute, did I just say AI? That's supposed to be a trade secret, uuuuuu....."

As if she became excited but then dejected, Miho looked downwards, avoiding to look at me Wait a minute... so this little fairy is indeed an AI, artificial intelligence. Imagining doing a face-palm, I sighed deep down inside. I shouldn't really trust any secrets with Miho, with that big mouth of hers.

"Could you possibly forgot I said that, Master? Pretty please?"

"Well, what's said is done. It's not like I find it to be a secret worth protecting over though, seeing as Rebirth is the world's first VRMMO, it's makes sense for the game to have a very advanced AI supporting it... "

"That is true! Well, allow me to formally introduce myself. I'm Miho, Rebirth's one and only artificial intelligence!"

"Likewise, I'm Naoto."

I took Miho's small hand and shook it. Now that this whole introduction is finished, it doesn't solve the fact that I'm surrounded by endless darkness. Where the hell are we and what the hell can do I do here? I started to explain to Miho my doubts on our current location.

"Care to explain this situation, Miho?"

"Sure thing, Master! Remember when I said earlier that you are the winner of our little experiment that happened? Well the prize is none other than Rebirth's full content! In other words this place we are in is a part of Rebirth's content! Hehe!"

"That makes sense, but why is it that I see nothing but darkness?"

" put it simply we are in a special dimension that is located in between space & time. I like to call it the Plane Dimension!"

"That still doesn't explain the darkness..."

"That's because Master is still a noob and his level is too low! Here in the Plane Dimension, any impossibility becomes possible. However since the President enjoys the theme of Reincarnation, that's how he designed this place!"

"Why is this leading to reincarnation?.."

"Sigh...Master, for now just try to imagine a status window found in any RPG you've played previously."

Nodding at Miho's request, I try to imagine what I think a status window is. Before long a huge blue 3D window appeared in front of my eyes.


Name: Naoto

Race: Human

Level: 1

HP: 100

MP: 5

STR: 10

DEF: 10

DEX: 10

INT: 10

WIS: 10

LUC: 5

Rebirths: 0

RP (Rebirth Points): 0

Planes (worlds) created: 0

Inventory: Beginner Welcome Package

Title: First Player (gains 30% bonus experience upon killing an enemy )




Rebirth Wheel

Plane Creator/Editor



A massive amount of information entered my head all of a sudden. Feeling pale from this new knowledge, I braced myself and sure enough, it is a status window...Ill definitely have to explore all of these functions little by little but the main question I have for now is what the hell are these Rebirths and Planes options? Don't tell me...

"Master! It looks like you were able to open the status window on your first try! As expected of Master, congratulations!"

Congratulations my ass!

"Miho, care to explain the number of rebirths and planes, and why it's at 0?'

"Sure thing, Master! As you were informed earlier, we are in a special dimension located between the fabric of space & time, which I named it the Plane Dimension. The reason why you see these numbers at 0 is because of the darkness all around us, there is nothing! Poor Master... *sobs*. .."

Wait a minute...seeing that there is nothing but darkness, does Rebirth allow me to create planes out of nothing? But how do I even receive my first plane when I have nothing to spend for!?

"Try opening the package you received, Master! After all, you were chosen as the winner!"

Miho gave me a suggestion this time. Might as well respond to it seemingly as I've nothing to lose. Looking at the status window, I do indeed see Beginner Welcome Package x1. How do I open it though, do I imagine it just like I did with the status? After trying to imagine it, the package counter went from 1 to 0 and slowly opened and revealed its contents.

*Ding* Welcome to Rebirth! You've received:

*10k Rebirth Points

*Plane ticket for the world of Dragonball Z

*Small Fiery brooch

These items have now been placed into my inventory. Interested to see what these things do, I imagined their description and it appeared before me.

*Rebirth Points*

The currency of Rebirth. Can be used in the shop to purchase goods and spent on the Gacha to test your luck.

*Dragonball Z Plane Ticket*

Allows user to consume ticket and create a world based off Dragonball Z. One time use only. Ticket vanishes after use but Plane becomes permanent.

*Small Fiery Brooch*

Gives off small amounts of heat to keep wearer warm. Also raises senses to detect the flow of energy. -Perhaps Miho will like this, try giving it to her!-

...I understand its common to receive currency to help a person out in the beginning. Receiving my first Plane however was an unexpected surprise. Seriously though, it had to start off with Dragonball Z? Sure it was a great anime but it wasn't my favorite. Perhaps there would be more to choose from in the shop. But what the hell system, are you already turning on me!? Or maybe Miho did something behind my back...Either way, I took out the brooch and presented it to Miho.

"What is this, Master?"

"I opened the package. I received some RP, my first Plane, and was also given this brooch. According to its description its meant for you to wear it, it also makes you warm and lets you sense energy easier..."

"Really, Master!? Please give it to me!"

I ended up giving the brooch to her and slid it onto her hair, which made her beauty stand out more. Still, at least I'm not alone in this godforsaken place, otherwise who knows when I would turn crazy. Having Miho around really livens things around here. Having given her the brooch, her mood became extremely happily and started to hum while fiddling with it. I then took out the Plane Ticket. What appeared in front of me was a pure golden ticket, labeled Dragonball Z. I then ask Miho how to use it.

"How does creating planes work Miho?"

"Creating planes is super simple, Master! You can either use the shop to buy them then use the plane creator or in this case, use the ticket! It will consume the ticket then watch the magic happen! Hehe!"

After hearing her response, I decided to use the ticket. The ticket flashed a golden hue before it vanished. Before long the whole dimension started to quiver, and a vortex appeared within the darkness. This vortex started spitting out massive amounts of energy, and after several minutes passed, a huge golden sphere about the size of Earth formed several miles away.

*Ding* First Plane has been created. Congratulations! Received title: Plane Creator

*Plane Creator*

User successfully created his first world. Allows user to have 10% discount in Shop.

...If I still had a face, without a doubt it would show shock, as a huge sphere formed before my eyes.

"Wow, Master! Look, its all golden!"

Miho decided to fly towards it excitedly and started to fly around rapidly. Sigh....Now what should I do. Apparently if I enter this world my soul will reincarnate but before i make that decision I should see if i made enough preparations. I'm sure Ill have access to Rebirth once I'm born so I'll leave the Shop for now and keep my points, in case of an emergency. The only other thing i could find to be of relevance is the Rebirth Wheel.

"Miho! Come back here! Care to explain the Rebirth Wheel?"

After hearing my next question, Miho returned to my side.

"The Rebirth Wheel is a handy function, Master! Think of it like the lottery. The Gacha shop relies on pure luck, and same goes for the Rebirth Wheel. But the main difference you see is the Gacha requires RP and the Wheel can only be spun once after a Plane is created! Since you created your first Plane, try spinning it!"

Miho started to spin around me as if she were a wheel. I tried to imagine the Rebirth Wheel and before long a giant lottery wheel appeared before me, causing Miho to stop and we looked at it. It showed that I I had one use available, so I used it. The spinner started to move like crazy and after one minute passed, it eventually landed on a purple panel. I do not know what the colors mean at this time but I guess that's how the rarity is classified.

*Ding* Received Super Rare Item:

-Mutated Saiyan God Genes

...What the hell is this supposed to be? I read the description of what it has to offer.

Mutated Saiyan God Genes

Overrides parts of user's gene pool upon birth after reincarnating into the Dragonball Z world into the blood of a Saiyan God.

This was completely not what I was thinking I would receive. With what has happened recently I personally thought my luck was a piece of shit but apparently not. If i consume this would I have a better chance at being a Saiyan God? I did watch to the end of Dragonball Super and I know what Saiyan Gods are capable of. Is that strength something I could make my own? Feeling of anticipation started to swell within me. I do not want to use Gacha at this time as i think I've received enough already. I consumed the mutated Saiyan god genes and it vanished from my inventory.

"Miho, I think I've done enough preparing. I'm ready to what Rebirth has to offer me."

"Yes, Master! When you think you are ready to begin your next life, inform Rebirth to initiate your request!"

After receiving Miho's answer, Miho soon merged her red orb back into mine, as if waiting for my decision. So all I need to do is to tell Rebirth to initiate to process? This sounds simple enough. I then thought of my request to reincarnate into this world and Rebirth started a countdown. It soon reached the final 3 seconds. The final 3 seconds passed.

My vision blacked out.