Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 30

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 30 27: Getting Acquainted

Nao could currently be seen sleeping peacefully, as what could be perhaps one of the longest days he's faced thus far, had finally ended once the sun went down over the magenta mountains far beyond the horizon. It took Nao a while to fall asleep this time, as he still could not get over the the shock of having his battle power reach the six digit figure. He remembered that the all powerful Frieza had a battle power of 530,000 in his first form, and Nao was only second to that of Captain Ginyu now, who boasted a battle power of 120,000. Being a child of six years who already had a power 100,000, he could already be regarded as one of the strongest in the galaxy with an endless amount of potential.

Speaking of potential, once Nao unlocked his Space Affinity, he could feel that his Ki energy was filled to the brim. Nao also remembered that after he woke up from his deep sleep, he felt his internal body was further strengthened thanks to Rebirth's body strengthening. Nao remembered this term from the small amount of Xianxia novels he read in his previous life, but he regretted that he didn't read more of them. He knew that after seeing black sludge get excreted from his body after awakening from his deep sleep, that he became more powerful. The only downside at the moment was that he did not have any technique on hand to see the inside of his body that was not his mind realm, so he couldn't see his meridians. Nao even vaguely remembered that if a Saiyan opens up all his meridians, that Saiyan would gain the same power akin to that of the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly.

There was plenty of things on Nao's platter to think about, but in the end he tossed them aside for now, and he ended up falling asleep. Nao concluded that from the quest he just received, that he should start building relationsh.i.p.s with Saiyans he could trust. Once he started building those relationsh.i.p.s, he thought it would be possible to save the Saiyan race from total destruction after the inevitable fate that lies in waiting for his home world. However who would have thought that the first Saiyan that Nao would meet that didn't have relation to Palace Vegeta would be one that he knew oh so very well...

Meanwhile, back on Planet Beerus

A massive dead tree stood direct in the center of the giant purple inverted pyramid with various grasslands scattered about. Surrounding the tree was a pristine lake with various amount of fish species jumping out of the water that was not known to man. If one went closer to the entrance to the trunk of the dead tree, loud snoring could be heard, followed by rumbling ground every now and then. Off to the side of the main path leading to Lord Beerus's palace, a figure could be seen sitting by the lake. This figure had a large robe and staff dr.a.p.ed across their legs as it continued to drink tea while looking up in the air. Following their gaze, a giant blue 3D panel stood floating above. It was none other than Whis watching this screen, and upon closer look it was currently zoomed in on a young child clad in white spiky hair with a white tail who was currently peacefully sleeping, who didn't appear any larger than three feet tall.

Ever since Whis felt the slight disturbance in the space-time continuum that occurred a year ago, he found that the source of it was the white-haired child who was currently shown on the screen floating above him. Upon returning to their planet after visiting King Kai, his master Lord Beerus decided to take another nap as the two did not have any more plans that would not happen for at least another three years, when they would first meet the young child in person. He didn't want to cause his master any disturbance during this time, and in the past he would often visit planets in search of food to please Lord Beerus. But at this point in time, Whis had found a new pastime, and that was observing this mysterious individual, who Whis found a lot more interesting as time went on.

The latest event Whis witnessed was the arrival of the Cold Force landing on Planet Vegeta, which resulted in the Saiyans joining the Cold Force after King Cold killed King Vegeta II. Whis did not care much for the relationsh.i.p.s between different races and planets as long as it did not threaten to destroy the universe Whis was in charge in. He knew that King cold was wreaking havoc on the North Area as he either destroyed planets who refused to join him or then joined him which further increased his territory. However, that thought soon left him as the blue screen floating above suddenly started to shine a bright golden color, causing Whis to stare at the screen with wide eyes.

Once the bright golden light died down, Whis saw Nao sitting at the dinner table in his home, only to be surrounded by a golden aura. He almost confused this with the aura that a Super Saiyan gave off but he saw Nao a bit more closely only to see that his hair still remained white.

Upon closer look at Nao, Whis saw him looking around the room as if he were seeing things that didn't exist. However this did not escape Whis's vision and it didn't take Whis long enough to start seeing golden particles in the air floating around Nao, and every now and then the particles would cause distortions in the space nearby, which caused Whis to raise his eyebrows.

"Ara, to think this child has already become attuned to seems he is already halfway there to completely awakening his Space-Time powers. The way its progressing, it may not take long for the him to awaken the rest of it. Thankfully this child is only attuned to Space at the moment, and not time, otherwise I'm sure that individual would certainly take interest in this boy, ohohoho."

A few moments soon passed and Whis saw the golden aura covering Nao vanish, and the atmosphere soon returned to normal causing the golden particles to disappear around Nao, as if nothing happened in the first place. Whis then saw Nao retire to his bedroom only to fall asleep for the night. Seeing this, Whis moved his left hand to the right, causing the giant blue screen floating above him to disappear. Before long, Whis stood up and placed his tea cup on the table nearby, and headed towards the entrance of Beerus's Palace. However upon arriving, an idea suddenly came to him.

"It won't take long for that individual to take notice of this child. Perhaps it's time for me to visit her. That person hasn't really been around lately and I haven't personally seen her in the last few millennia. Maybe I can even invite her with Lord Beerus once we meet the child in three years, and she might even bestow a gift upon him, ohohohoho."

Seeing an idea coming together within his mind, Whis let out a smile, and continued to walk into Beerus's Palace. He then flew upward and it didn't take long to see Lord Beerus's pedestal. He then saw Lord Beerus floating up in the air above the magenta bed, and in the next moment he sneezed. Upon sneezing, a large purple Ki sphere formed in front of his nose, only to get blasted off into the distance, causing a large quake. Once the quake dissipated, Whis shook his head left to right and sighed.

"Lord Beerus, you will catch a cold like this you know."

Whis waved his staff in the the air, and an invisible force latched onto Beerus, causing him to descend back down onto his bed. Sensing something fluffy touch his head, Beerus grabbed onto his pillow and started to snore loudly. Seeing this, Whis smiled and waved his staff again, only to disappear into white light particles, and a few seconds later, Whis could no longer be seen on Planet Beerus.


Year 731 March Iona's Residence


The sun orbiting Planet Vegeta soon rose up beyond the mountains beyond the horizon, signaling the start of the next day. February came and gone and it is now March. If there was a countdown, Nao would have less than six years remaining till the destruction of Planet Vegeta so he knew he had to make most of his remaining time. Sun soon crept into Nao's room, causing Nao's eyes to shutter a bit, before they slowly opened up. As Nao woke up, he still felt refreshed from the amount of energy he received yesterday after becoming attuned with his Space element. And after Nao focused his eyes in front of him, a weird sensation struck him which couldn't go away no matter how hard he tried. This weird sensation caused Nao to look around him, only to realize that this what Space felt like to him and couldn't really describe it in words, he just felt space being there twenty-four seven. Before Nao could resume his focus, the smell of his favorite roasted meat soon wafted up towards the second floor, causing Nao's stomach to grumble loudly.

Nao thought he was alone in his bedroom but unbeknownst to him, Miya stood there at the door staring widely at him, only to follow with a giggle after hearing his stomach rumble.

"Hehe, time to get out of the bed, brother! Mama is almost done making lunch. You sure are a deep sleeper."

"It's already lunchtime? I thought I just saw the rising sun coming in a few moments ago..."

"Time flies way too fast sometimes. It's already past noon! We need to eat quickly, Mama said she is going to introduce someone today. The rest will be a surprise for you. Now get out of bed and stop being a lazy cat!"

"I'm not a lazy cat!"

Nao sighed after hearing this and he put on his pristine black battle armor that was gifted by his mother since he was born. Nao and Miya soon arrived on the first floor only to see lunch ready to them and their mother greeted them.

"I would say good morning, but it's already early afternoon. You sure like your sleep, Little Nao."

"I'm sorry for sleeping in, Mama..."

"You deserved it, Little Nao, especially after what happened yesterday. Little Miya already informed me of it, it was quite a tragedy to lose His Majesty...but we need to keep looking ahead. Regarding that point, You two better eat fast as we need to head downwards to meet someone. They just returned from a mission so they're finally back in town."

"Who is it, Mama?"

"Fufufu, aren't you curious where we get all of our meat from? I met a certain individual soon after your Papa and I had gotten married and it appears that person's butcher shop is quite renown in the lower class district. She married another Saiyan shortly after we did and now that the storm has settled it's time for you two to meet her. It's thanks to her shop we get to enjoy this meat. She already had a son as well! It's a shame he isn't around right now though as he is currently off on a mission, it was just the two parents who returned."

Thinking of who this person could be, a few individuals popped into Nao's mind, but he then got distracted by the scent of roasted meat sitting on the table. He couldn't take it any longer and decided to dive right into their lunch and before long empty plates appeared one after another. Lunch came and gone as the trio chatted with each other and seeing that her two children were already ready to depart, Iona, Nao and Miya soon left their house and headed towards the main staircase. Along the way the other elite Saiyans either praised the two children or stayed away out of fear and didn't cause much disturbance. After a couple hours of walking through the city, the trio long passed the middle class district and soon arrived at the shipping docks and the lower class district.

The lower class district looked more shoddy than the elite district and spanned out several times more in all directions and if one weren't careful enough they would get lost in no time. Iona soon ventured off to a certain path on the right side and the pressure exuded from the trio caused the low class warriors nearby to either stand still in shock or flee in terror. Before long a scent of raw meat soon reached Nao's nose, only to see a house in the back and a butcher shop up front. The scent of raw meat was quite pungent compared to cooked meat but as he already had gotten used to the scent of blood during the war last year it didn't bother Nao much. Sounds of chopping meat could be heard further back. Iona then went towards a bell nearby the front of the butcher shop and wrung it, causing a bell ring to resound in the area. Hearing this ring, Nao soon heard footsteps approach, only to hear a sound of a knife falling to the ground. A figure soon rushed towards the entrance and Nao was shocked at who he saw, but before he could say anything, the figure spoke out in a polite manner to his mother and it appeared the two are acquainted with each other.

"Madam Iona! It's really nice to see you again. What brought you here today? And it seems you're not alone either!"

"You can drop the honorifics, Gine. We're friends, aren't we? It's just us two right now. Well to be more specific, it's now the four of us, fufufu. Come, let me introduce my two children. Little Miya, Little Nao, come say hi to Gine."