Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 31

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 31 28: The Birth Of Vegeta And Broly I

"Come, let me introduce my two children. Little Miya, Little Nao, come say hi to Gine."

In front of the butcher shop, two female Saiyans could be seen facing each other. One appeared to have long black straight hair with a brown tail wrapped around her waist, donned in a white-laced dress with a dark blue bodysuit underneath, not wearing any battle armor. The other female Saiyan stood appeared to have a similar height to Iona, and she appeared to be wearing a sleeveless black bodysuit with dark green battle armor. She had black scraggy hair with a light brown tail drooping down below her waist, which swayed left to right in the wind. Purple armbands could be seen equipped on her wrists and white boots on her feet. Light panting could be heard from this Saiyan as she rushed out to greet the twin's mother. Gine then looked down only to see two small Saiyan children of similar height, with the girl being slightly taller than the boy. However shock soon appeared on her face as next thing she saw was white and red hair. The young boy currently stood behind Iona while the young girl stood behind the young boy with her head peaking out behind the young boy's shoulder. The young boy himself was looking at Gine with pale white eyes full of curiosity.

"Madam Iona, don't tell me these two are your children? The little Missy resembles you a lot besides her color but the boy doesn't. Must take after his father then. Speaking of that, where is he? I only see you three."

Asking about the father of the two children Gina saw down below, she then looked back up to Iona only to see her in a downcast look.

"About that, could see it's been a while since we last met right? Why don't we head inside to chat further?"

For a moment, the current atmosphere turned a bit awkward, but before Gine could speak up again, another sound of ruffling shoes approaching could be heard further back in Gine's house. Before long another figure appeared behind Gine, and this one appeared to be a male Saiyan. He then looked directly at her.

"Hey Gine, who wrung the bell? It's almost closing time."

"Oh, Bardock, you're here! A very old friend of mine decided to come visit. Can't you see? She's from the elite district so watch your manners you hear?"

"Tch, what could those elite bastards have to do with us? All they do is bring trouble."


Nao was currently in a daze as he kept staring at the female Saiyan, Gine, in front of him, who was currently looking at his mother, Iona. As Saiyans don't age past a certain point until they become extremely old, the Gine in front of him was the spitting image of what he remembered. However his thoughts were disrupted by a rough and sounding voice as another figure appeared behind her, and even knowing exactly who it was, Nao was really overcome seeing the real deal, and not through a screen. The first thing Nao saw was his head with black spiky hair, having three large bangs spiking off to the right and two large bangs spiking off to the left. An inverted cross-shaped scar could be seen on his left cheek and his face seemed as if it were chiseled out by the amount of experience in battle he went through. A dark brown tail could currently be seen wrapped around his waist. Compared to Gine he is a quite bit taller and more tan. He was currently wearing a black sleeveless bodysuit with dark blue and green battle armor, and dark blue pants. Dark red armbands could be seen around his wrists, and if now wasn't already the monster he was with his battle power, the Saiyan in front of him would have given Nao and Miya a scare. It appeared Gine was trying to take control of Bardock due to his lack of mannerisms.

"I hear you, Gine. The name's Bardock. Who the hell are you?"

Seizing up the person in front of the couple, Bardock became momentarily dazed after he got a look at the female Saiyan in front of him, even captivated for a few seconds. However he soon cycled his Ki, and calmed his mind. Bardock then saw Iona speak out to him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Bardock. You must've been that Saiyan who had been pestering Gine to bear your children, right? Fufufu. It seems it ended up working out for the two of you. You weren't around at the time but Gine and I got acquainted shortly after you left for your mission and soon became friends after. We've been friends for a few years now. You may call me Iona."

"Haha, that's right Bardock! You were gone for so long this time so Madam Iona and I confided to each other quite a bit while you were gone. You better watch that tongue of yours. You might even be killed before you know it."

"Killing me? Are you joking? Being an elite or not, even I could tell that she is not a warrior! Her Ki is so weak."

After Bardock said this, Gine turned her head to the right only to see him right next to her. Without saying anything she raised her left hand and pointed downwards towards Nao and Miya with her index finger. Only now did Bardock realize that there were two other presences along with the three of them, and his sight soon laid upon Nao and Miya. Bardock was about to scoff at the two children but he was immediately distracted by the boy's snow-white hair and the girl's flaming red-hair. All of a sudden a scene flashed back in Bardock's mind, remembering the white and red colored helix circulating and rising up into the air that happened six years ago. He then looked seriously at the two children who were currently behind Iona.

"Are you the two brats who caused that white and red light to twist around each other before it shot off into the sky six years ago?"

"That's right Bardock. I was just introducing these two to Gine right before you joined in. It will be the first time you two are meeting my two children. Little Nao, Little Miya, come say hi to Gine and Bardock."

A couple moments later, a little girl soon popped up behind Nao and walked towards the two. She had straight red hair like her mother's and it flowed down to her shoulders. Bardock saw that she had a red tail wrapped around her waist and had a pristine black battle armor equipped. Bardock then had a look at the white haired boy and he saw that he was slightly smaller than the little girl but he appeared quite similar to the girl, despite his white spiky hair and the contrast of the two different colors. He then saw the boy speak up first and a pleasant sound came from his voice.

"Hello Gine, Bardock, it's nice to meet you two. I'm called Nao."

"Hmph. At least you know how to be polite. What about you, kid?"

Bardock then shifted his gaze back to the young girl, awaiting for her to answer. But what he heard next didn't sound like it would come from that of an elite Saiyan and in fact it sounded more crude.

"Hello, Auntie, Uncle. I'm Miya, Nao's little sister. Hehe!"

Immediately upon hearing this, blue veins appeared on the right side of Bardock's forehead. Immediately after, Bardock grabbed Miya by her collar and lifted her up into the air. After seeing this, Gine tried to stop Bardock but she only saw Iona smile at her, as if she wanted Gine to keep watching this play out.

"I dare you to call me Uncle one more time!"

Listening to this, Miya tilted her head to the right, staring at Bardock with beady eyes. Miya knew well that the Saiyan in front of him had the potential to become a Super Saiyan but at the moment the difference in their power was so great it was as if an ant was having a staring contest with a human. While Miya might have a different skillset than Nao, the twin's battle power always remained the same so she also was at 100,000. But being the prankster she is, she decided to release a bit of Ki equal to one fourth of her power, and soon the temperature around them started to rise. Bardock then saw the young girl in his grasp release a fiery red aura. Miya then raised her left hand and grasped onto the hand which was currently latched onto her collar. She then gripped the hand hard and Bardock immediately screamed out in pain, and a small flame soon burst open on his hand. Miya's aura then reached the peak of one-fourth of her power causing Bardock to be hit by a strong force and collapsed onto the ground panting heavily, as if he were hit by gravity far stronger than what he was accustomed to on Planet Vegeta. Fear crept inside him but all he saw was a little girl smiling at him. However for a moment, he was unable to raise his voice again back at her.

"Uncle, don't you know it's bad manners to attack little girls like that?"

"Hah...Hah...I'm...not an Uncle...! I'm not even twenty five years old yet!"

"But you already had a child didn't you? That makes you an old man! And being friends with my Mama makes you an Uncle. So you're an Uncle, hehe!"


"Bardock, let go of Miss Miya! If you don't let go of her in the next five seconds you'll be sleeping on the ground tonight."

Bardock was currently struggling on the ground, unable to get up due to the pressure Miya was currently releasing at him. However upon Gine's voice, as if he was sung a lullaby, Bardock soon lessened his grip, causing Miya to plop back onto the ground on her two feet. Gine smiled upon seeing this but she immediately saw Bardock's eyes fade away only to collapse unconscious on the floor. She immediately went to his side and grabbed him by the shoulders, ready to take him back inside. She then looked back at Iona with a worried look.

"I deeply apologize about Bardock, Madam Iona. Bardock can be quite at times as you can see. He has a rather deep hatred for the elite class as well. I hope you don't take it personally."

"You don't have to apologize, Gine. It's already a feat in itself to last that long against Little Nao and Little Miya. Fufufu."

"But Mama, that was only a fourth of my power! Uncle Bardock is really weak."

"Haha. Little Miya, it isn't that Bardock isn't weak, but rather you too are too strong for other Saiyans to catch up. Wasn't that the same with His Majesty?"

"But His Majesty is no longer with us...Who else can catch up to brother and I now? Brother, stop staring at Auntie, that's rude you know!"

All this while, Nao had been in a daze just staring at Gine and now the unconscious Bardock, while recollecting his memories of what they appeared to be previously. However Miya finally snapped at him bringing him back out of his thoughts, back to the reality at hand. This caused Nao to blush a bit, knowing that he was in the wrong. He then looked at Miya and sighed.

"Stupid Miya, you didn't have to do that. Uncle Bardock is now unconscious thanks to you."

"But Uncle had that coming! It's only right seeing he attacked a cute little girl like me."

"Haha, don't fight you two. Gine, why don't we head inside to catch up? I'm sure you must have a lot to talk about right? I'll tell you about why my dear Husband isn't with us either. The sun is also starting to set so why don't we have dinner here? I'm sure Bardock won't mind, right?"

"Not at all, Madam Iona! It may not be much but you're always welcome here. Let's go!"

Iona then saw Gine drag the unconscious Bardock by his shoulders back into the butcher shop and soon into their home. Iona, Nao and Miya soon followed her, only to see a plain looking one floor house with the bare essentials, unlike their own home back in the elite class district. The one thing that they could see the same was each room was carved out of the same magenta sandstone. Before long, the sun sank down behind the mountains and the aroma of the same roasted meat Nao was used to back at his house spread across the room, causing Nao and Miya's stomach to rumble loudly. Iona chuckled again hearing this, and Bardock soon woke up as well, feeling hungry. He stared daggers at the children during dinner while Iona recollected the past events within the last 5-6 six years, including Oscar's death. Recollecting Oscar's death caused Gine to cry a bit before hugging Iona but then they talked about the more recent events. Before long dinner ended and the trio dismissed themselves, eventually returning home.

After arriving home, Nao immediately fell asleep back at his own bed. The sun peered into his room and the next morning came. Time slowly started to speed up unbeknownst to the trio as they started spending more time together inside their home with the two maids. Every now and then the trio would head back down to Gine's butcher shop to further deepen their bonds with Gine and Bardock and before Nao realized, 9 more months have passed, signaling the start of year 732. This year Nao and Miya would turn seven years old, but Nao remembered that this year played a big role. Two of the main story characters would finally be born, and that is Prince Vegeta IV and Broly!