Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 32

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 32 29: The Birth Of Vegeta And Broly Ii

Year 732 January Gine's Butchery

In a blink of an eye, nine whole months had passed. Year 731 came and gone and it is now the first month of year 732. It passed by pretty uneventfully as the new King Vegeta became situated with his throne, and the procession of the late King Vegeta II. Prince Vegeta III successfully inherited the throne without any troubles and Vegeta Palace went into a lull during this time, despite the events that happened prior. King Vegeta referred to himself to the public as King Vegeta, instead of King Vegeta III and he even introduced his Queen to the public after a private marriage for a short period of time. Nao was not summoned to Palace Vegeta during this time however so he couldn't get a glance as to what she looked like. It was quite the mystery as who the Queen was in the original story as she was never revealed so Nao was slightly disappointed that he couldn't see her. However the one thing he did know was that with the King introducing her, it wouldn't take much longer before the next Prince is born.

It was now the first month of Year 732, so Nao thought he still had a couple months of free time before the events started to pick up again. He remembered that within the last five years before the planet's destruction, there were two years that played major roles, and that was Year 732, and 737. Both Prince Vegeta IV and Broly were born this year, and on top of that Nao would be able to see Frieza for the first time. He knew Frieza was one of the cruelest existences within the universe so Nao had to make sure to stay clear of him until he was strong enough to withstand his power, or at the very least, stay in minimal contact, despite having joined the Cold Force. If he had to choose between Frieza and King Cold, Nao would definitely side with King Cold, as he had more of an upbringing when concerning his troops.

Nao didn't remember when during this year these events took place so he just continued about in his daily life. He recently woke up from a deep sleep that lasted one year and he used this time to get his body readjusted. While he was getting acclimated again, he ended up growing another half of a foot so he was now 3'6". Miya stood alongside him and also grew another half of a foot, becoming 3"8. The twins were born in this month so they officially became seven years old. The rest of their features remained the same and Nao cursed inwardly knowing that the hair he currently had now would remain with him for the the majority of his life. Saiyans had a different constitution than humans had, and it was rather difficult for Saiyans to grow hair after they were born. But it was possible for Saiyans to lose their hair, like how Nappa lost his hair and became bald in the upcoming years. The time now was shortly after noon and Nao, Miya and Iona could be seen at Gine's butcher shop. However this time stood eight figures instead of the five when Gine first introduced the twins to Gine and Bardock.

Among the figures, five of them could be seen facing against three others within the waiting room of the butcher shop. In the middle of the five stood Iona, appearing graceful with her jet black hair that flowed down to her shoulders, and was currently dressed in her favorite white dress with dark blue frills laced around the edges. Nao and Miya could be seen at her legs while the one of Iona's two maids stood to the left of Nao and the other to the right of Miya. Facing the five stood Gine and Bardock. However behind the two stood a smaller figure. This figure was rather lean and had similar shaggy hair like Gine's, but shockingly it extended all the way down to his waist where one could see a light brown tail wrapped around it. One singular bang stretched downwards onto his forehead which appeared rather large. He wore a light blue bodysuit that extended down to his kneecaps and wore a light grey battle armor with yellow plating. He had a rather stern look that was comparable to his father, Bardock. It was none other than Raditz, who recently arrived back on Planet Vegeta after completing his first ever infiltration mission.

Raditz received an infiltration mission from the Saiyan Army, who was currently under the leadership of General Nappa, and his target was rather a primitive planet within the Milky Way, far more primitive than the stage Earth was currently in. Saiyan babies who are sent out on infiltration missions were dubbed 'Infiltration babies', and while the survival rate of these low class Saiyans were low, Raditz managed to struggle through. He himself was born with a battle power of 300, which was quite high for the low class warrior standard, which ranged from 1 to 500 at birth, and low class warriors had rather slim purity in the blood and limited potential. This was shown later down the years where Raditz was in his early twenties and only had a battle power of 1500 when he first met Goku. As for middle class warriors, they were even more scarce. Only a few top percentage were held by the elite, and about 75% of the current Saiyan population were low class warriors. Overall the number of Saiyans was quite small as a race, only consisting of three to four thousand members, but that was the result of the internal discord they went through on their original home world, and only some made it out alive. Back to the middle class Saiyans, they were born with a battle power that ranged from 501 to 2,000. The elite class were born with powers that were 2001 and above, there was no limit for the elite class, and they had the highest purity in their blood out of them all, only being second to the royal lineage of Palace Vegeta.

Even if Saiyans grew out of their power range later on in their lives, as such with Bardock who currently had a power level of 6000, they would retain the same social class the moment they were born, so no matter how a Saiyan struggled, Bardock would forever remain a low class warrior. It was known that Bardock was one of the strongest low class warriors who had enough strength that approached King Vegeta's level that was currently at 10,000 just right after his coronation. King Vegeta's current strength was nowhere to close to his father's though who approached 20,000 right before his death, but the current King Vegeta could be seen as the strongest Saiyan on Planet Vegeta, if one ignored Nao and Miya. Seeing his son successfully return upon infiltrating his assigned planet, it made Bardock proud as a Saiyan and as a father. He was even able to gauge Raditz's current power level when he returned two months ago only to find it at 500, which he found rather surprising. Raditz was currently at the threshold to becoming a middle class warrior.

Now that these two months have passed, Raditz took a small break and helped his mother maintain the butcher shop as Bardock lazed around the low class district. Every now and then before Raditz returned, he would find Iona, Nao and Miya in their shop, and every time Bardock saw the trio, he would give them a scornful look, but Gine managed to reprimand him every time she saw this. Gine knew a lot more than Bardock about the trio and even a little bit about the twin's true strength so if Bardock ever got on the twin's bad side, he would definitely be doomed. Bardock's hatred for the elite class was deeply rooted it could be said that having Gine bring the three over, could he be slowly healed of it over time. Gine now took the time to introduce their only son, Raditz to the trio. Even though the difference between Nao, Miya and Raditz's power was like heaven and earth, Gine still hoped that Raditz could get along with the two and finally make some friends, seeing that he had a rather arrogant and introverted personality. What surprised her was that Iona actually had two maids in service, and a hint of jealousy streaked in her eyes for a mere second.

"Madam Iona, you did the introductions a year ago, so it's time we do our part right? Raditz finally came home and managed to survive his mission. Raditz, come greet Nao and Miya. They were born a year earlier than you so treat them like your big brother and sister!"

"Tch, why must I associate myself with these freaks? Mother, you very well know that I would be made into a laughingstock if other Saiyans saw me grouped together with these two!"

Hearing this, Nao smiled at the two as he finally got to meet Raditz in person, albeit only a child now but he was still surprised to see the amount of hair he had on his head. This smile immediately got noticed by Raditz and blue veins started to appear on his forehead.

"What the hell are you laughing at for you bastard! See, Mother this is why I will never associate myself to those elite Saiyan bastards. They always think so full of themselves. Hanging out with them will bring nothing but trouble to our family."

"Now, now Raditz. If you're able to stand with them, you will be able to grow stronger by leaps and bounds. You were immediately sent off to your infiltration planet after you got out of the pod but it is safe to say that Nao and Miya are the strongest Saiyans on our planet, far more than His Majesty!"

"These two are our strongest warriors? They're just about the same age as me. How the hell could they be stronger than our King?"

"They rendered your father unconscious after five seconds. Tell me, do you want to experience that yourself, Raditz?"

Gine then looked down at her son and grinned. Upon hearing this Raditz soon had a look of shock appear on his face.

"Father is one of the strongest warriors in our district! I don't believe that these two bastards can render him uncons-"

Not wanting to listen to any more social class bantering, Nao started to get a bit angry. Before Raditz could finish his sentence, he saw the white haired Saiyan in front of him vanish instantly, which shocked him greatly. A second later, Nao reappeared right in front of Raditz, who felt as if a rock was lodged into his throat, and saw Nao raise his left hand. Raditz then tried to get into a defensive stance but the next moment he saw Nao's left hand blur out of sight, he only felt a large impact strike against his large forehead. With a flick of Nao's finger, Raditz immediately flew backwards and burrowed into the sandstone, skidding all the way back into their home. Raditz immediately felt sharp pain in his back before blood starting spurting out of the cuts that appeared, before falling unconscious. Seeing this, Gine sighed but he ended up exactly like how Bardock ended up.

"Haha, you sure are ruthless just like Lady Miya, Sir Nao. Like father like son, right? Raditz just returned two months ago and it still appears he his a bit wild. Hopefully this will calm him in down a bit. By the way, why do your two maids with you, Madam Iona?'

"It's been a couple weeks since we last met and our stock has run dry again. We usually send these two to pick it up but I decided to drop by again. Hopefully you don't mind, Gine."

"Not at all, Madam Iona! You've been treating me like a sister ever since we first met so your presence is always welcome. Let's go package up the meat. It won't take long."

Hearing this, Iona smiled at Gine before signaling to Nao and Miya it was fine to head inside the butcher shop. Bardock saw the these events take place but remained quiet, fearing that her wife would reprimand him again. He could only curse inwardly in his heart after seeing his son go through the same thing he went through, but he looked down at Nao, and finally spoke up.

"Do not make this your greeting every time you come here, kid."

Hearing a voice call out to Nao, he turned and looked at Bardock. He then nodded at him and confirmed that he will be better at doing this in the future. Nao often flicks Miya on the head and she usually ended up fine, but if he used this on other people, it turned out it would cause quite the misfortune, seeing how Raditz ended up. It was now midday into the afternoon as the group started to head inside the shop, but before they could take a step forward, the group started to feel a hidden pressure, which halted their steps. Wondering where this pressure came from, it soon started to overtake the weaker ones in the group, and the two maids and Gine collapsed onto the ground. Bardock soon couldn't stand the pressure as well and he knelt down onto one knee, starting to sweat. This pressure started to spread out through the atmosphere, spreading throughout the Saiyan City. A moment soon passed and from a certain point within the elite class district, the air around the district converged into a tiny ball, before spreading out in all directions. The pressure started getting heavier and the air changed colors going from light green to dark green in various shades as it blasted out. All of the sudden, the green air converged back into its ball within the elite district, only to sink down into a certain building, and pressure soon ceased. Deep within the magenta cliffs on the left side, three figures could be seen near a bedside. A woman was panting heavily on the bed and a stern man stood next to her, followed by a doctor at the edge of the bed.

The dark forest-like green ball soon appeared above the three, causing shock to appear on them, before sinking down into the woman's protruding belly. A few moments passed and soon a big cry resounded in the room and a small figure appeared in the doctor's in the doctor's hands. A new baby had been born and was crying non-stop. A smile appeared on the man's face, and the doctor immediately congratulated him.

"Congratulations Colonel Paragus, your wife safely delivered you a boy!"

"Hahaha! Excellent. Doctor go wrap the baby quickly and give it to my wife. Go get the power level detector immediately."

"Yes, Colonel Paragus."

Another few seconds passed after delivering the baby to his wife, the doctor returned with a standard power level gauge, and immediately turned in on. Before long, beeping sounds resounded in the room as the meter on the device started to slowly climb up from 0. Paragus saw the number continue to climb and his smile only grew wider and wider. The number finally stopped at 10,000, which shocked Paragus greatly.

"HAHAHA! To think I would have a chance to having a son with a starting battle power of 10,000! Even those twins didn't have this high a power level when they were born. What a monster."

Paragus stopped laughing and soon his eyes became focused. Her wife started to sing a lullaby in hopes to get the crying baby to stop but he still smiled, seeing his newborn son cry so vigorously.

"Dear, from now on our boy will be named Broly. He is now the son of Colonel Paragus, haha!"