Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 33

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 33 30: The Birth Of Vegeta And Broly Iii

Similar to when Nao and Miya were first born, there was a sudden color change in the atmosphere as well a pressure increase the moment Broly was pushed out of his mother's w.o.m.b. As Paragus decided on Broly's name and conveyed it to his wife, it didn't take long before the room lit up in different shades of green. It also didn't take long before the change in the atmosphere to reach all the way to Palace Vegeta and all the way over to the lower class district, similar to how the double helix that was formed six years ago and rose up into the air, meaning that every Saiyan saw it, including King Vegeta. Besides Nao and Miya, the Saiyans who weren't as powerful as the elites, mainly the low class warriors, started collapsing onto the ground one by one. While they did collapse, they were still able to remain conscious, but they felt something invading their bodies that wasn't normal. Gine was clearly affected by this hidden pressure, as well as Bardock. Nao, Miya and Iona appeared to be fine which shocked Bardock, who was struggling to breathe, however Bardock still managed to exclaim what he was feeling to them.

"How the hell are you three fine? Can't you feel this pressure? It's enormous!"

"Of course, Uncle Bardock. However the pressure that all of us are feeling is quite different than when we release our Ki. Can't you feel it targeting something within your body?"

"What the hell are you trying to get at, kid? It just feels as if my body is starting to burn up!"

"But Uncle Bardock, it's starting to feel rather exhilarating isn't it? This strange pressure is currently permeating throughout my bloodstream. It seems this pressure is trying to affect our bloodline."

"Our bloodline...?"

Just as Nao was conveying what he was currently feeling to Bardock, he suddenly received another ding within his mind. Usually he would ignore messages from Rebirth but this was rather unexpected. Nao knew Broly's strength affected the atmosphere around him quite easily due to his overpowering strength as the Legendary Super Saiyan but he wondered what would happen when Broly was first born. It seems Rebirth managed to pick something out of it so Nao closed his eyes and had a look at what Rebirth was trying to say.

*Ding! Host has been influenced by an unknown substance. Would host like to be integrated with this substance? It appears to be beneficial to host's overall strength! Beware that the unknown substance is rapidly vanishing into the atmosphere. It will completely vanish within the next ten seconds."


Cursing inwardly in his heart knowing he only had the next ten seconds to take advantage of this strange opportunity before the atmosphere returned to normal, Nao immediately answered 'Yes' in his mind. Immediately after, he received another notification that Nao was not prepared for.

*Congratulations, host! The birth of the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly has come into being. This is a special event and the birth of Broly caused a sliver of Origin Ki to be released into the atmosphere. Origin Ki is the purest form of Ki one can obtain in this world, even more pure than Godly Ki and Normal Ki. The sliver of Origin Ki now integrating into host's body...ding! The meridian's in host's body has now been unblocked by 10%. Strength has been increased by 100 and battle power permanently increased by 20%.

All of a sudden, as if a popping sound was heard like opening a locked chest with a key, a sudden surge of energy spread throughout Nao's body, only to feel invigorated. He became excited from this and decided to have a look at his stats only to see a high attack stat compared to his other stats. Overall both his attack and battle power went up by another 30% thanks to the sliver of Origin Energy he received. Shockingly, he saw his battle power reach a figure of 130,000! He also saw another feature added, and that was his meridians, which further excited him. Strengthening one's meridians was part of the path many martial artist's took in the novels he read in the past and now he had the chance to do so himself. If he fully unblocked 100% of his meridians, would he be able to extract the same power Broly was born with? Anyways, Nao rejoiced in his mind as he saw his stat screen.


Name: Nao

Age : 7

Race: Saiyan, Saiyan God (Locked)

Level: 45

HP: 4750

MP: 2950

STR: 331

DEF: 80

DEX: 80

INT: 80

WIS: 80

LUC: 10

Unblocked Meridians : 10%

Battle Power: 130,000

Available Points: 0

RP : 50,300



World of Dragon Ball Z



Instant Transmission Token x1



First Player

Plane Creator




Dark Ice Blast (S)

Frost Fist (B)

Power Ball (B)

Fly (C)

Vanish (C)

Flux (SSS)

Frost Aura (SS)

Space Affinity (SS)

Ki (C)



Rebirth Shop

Rebirth Wheel

Rebirth Summon


Nao's battle power reached the six digit figure only nine months ago. He used these nine months to adapt his body to his newfound strength but thanks to Broly being born, he experienced another sudden surge of strength. Nao only turned seven this year, but with these sudden surges of strength, he wondered if his seven year old Saiyan body could withstand it. However from up till now, he only felt massive flows of energy enter his body and he didn't have to go into deep sleep, unlike the time when his body was reconstructed to suit his Flux ability. Seeing his battle power now at 130,000, Nao knew he now had the strength to compete with Captain Ginyu, as it was rumored he only had a battle power of 120,000. Nao knew he would never join the Ginyu Force though, as he hated their poses and thought they were stupid.

This increase in strength did not go by unnoticed, as Miya only smiled back at him, knowing exactly what happened. Nao did not release his Ki thankfully so it was mainly only Miya who knew about it, and Nao returned to the reality at hand, only to see a collapsed Gine and a kneeling Bardock. During this time however, ten seconds seemed to pass by almost immediately and the changes in the atmosphere soon vanished and the pressure ceased to exist, causing a loud gasp of breath out of Bardock. Bardock immediately attended to Gine and was able to pull her back up off the ground. He then glared daggers again at Nao seeing that not only was he unharmed, he even saw his face was slightly flushed in red. However he suddenly received a question from the kid and was not expecting it.

"So, Uncle Bardock. Have you sensed any changes in your body at all?"

"Changes? All I could feel was my body temperature rising and blood boiling. You said something about bloodlines...What the hell are you trying to mention here, kid?"

"You remember when we were first born right, Uncle Bardock? Well, it seems like another powerful Saiyan had just been born. Even I am a bit jealous, as his bloodline his a bit stronger than ours!"

"Are you saying there's another freak like you two kids now!? It also seem to have come from the elite district. Damn it all, this is why we shouldn't associate with those bastards. They look down on us low class warriors just because they have higher purity and talent."

"But Uncle Bardock..."

"No buts! Having the elite district give birth to another freak like you two has ruined my mood today. You aren't welcome here anymore today. Gine, we're closing up shop early, please leave now."

" can't say that to Madam Iona's children!"

"Uncle Bardock, we will take our leave for now. I will leave a parting statement for you, if you want to check on what happened to your body, go check your battle power with a scouter later. Mama, let's go back home."

Gine tried to reprimand Bardock again, but Nao decided to acknowledge it, seeing how Broly's birth took quite a bit out of him. He still wanted to give Bardock a little push so hopefully he will check his battle power later, but that will be up him. Seeing that the three is going to leave, Gine reluctantly waved at the departing trio and she then turned to look at Bardock. Her gaze soon landed onto the brown tail wrapped around his waist, only to forcefully grab it, which caused it to become undone. Feeling his tail suddenly be grabbed, shivers went up Bardock's spine, only to be dragged back into the house. She then found the still unconscious Raditz further within and sighed...

"You're sleeping on the ground tonight, Bardock! Go retrieve our son and put him on the bed to help him recover.""

As Gine's house started to get a bit rowdy, Nao, Miya and Iona soon departed back to the elite class district, with the two maids in tow who were holding several pounds of meat. It didn't take long for the five to arrive back at the residence, and the two maids immediately went to put the meat back into their frozen storage area and started to cook dinner for the three, as the sun already departed behind the mountains by the time they arrived.

Meanwhile, back in Palace Vegeta, one of the elite guards, Gin, could be seen kneeling down on the floor, who gave King Vegeta the report on the sudden phenomenon.

"Your Majesty, we were able to to pinpoint the phenomenon and it seemed it came from Colonel Paragus's house in the elite district. Upon arriving it was reported that there was a cry of a newborn Saiyan..."

"Hmph, so that Paragus finally had a kid? What could have caused the color alteration in the air though? It seemed to ripple outwards as well, unlike the other phenomenon that shot up into sky seven years ago when those two brats were born. Lord Father did mention not to anger the twins before he passed away, don't tell me we have another one now too?..."

Seeing King Vegeta fall into contemplation, Gin decided to continuehis report.

"Your Majesty, once the phenomenon started, we received multiple reports of Saiyans collapsing. Each one of them mentioned that their body started burning up and having their blood boil in excitement. It only lasted about fifteen seconds as Your Majesty witnessed though. Even this one felt the pressure within my body. After it vanished, even I felt a small surge of energy spread throughout my body!"

"A burning sensation within the body followed by boiling blood? Strange, this King only felt a slight burning sensation. What could cause it to be different? This King didn't feel invigorated afterwards. It just suddenly vanished."

"About that, Your Majesty...The reports concluded that the most impacted area was the low class district. Many struggled but still remained conscious.They felt strong surges of energy spread out afterwards."

"Hmm, while this does intrigue this King, We have far more important mstters to attend to. This King's son is soon to be born. Our Queen could go into labor any day now. Gin, go inform the guards to reestrict Palace Vegeta until further notice. Until then no one is allowed inside! This King's son must be born safely no matter the cost!"

"As you command, Your Majesty. If this one may say something, why don't we bring Sir Nao and Lady Miya in before the Palace becomes a restricted area? Perhaps the twins might have some insight on the phenomenon..."

Hearing Gin mention Nao and Miya, blue veins popped out on King Vegeta's forehead.

"Don't you dare mention the names of those two brats in this King's Palace! You are forbidden to bring them here until further notice."

"But Your Majesty, it was His Late Majesty's last wish for Sir Nao and Lady Miya to protect Your Majesty from any potential harm...If those two are here, Palace Vegeta's defenses will be guaranteed once it's under restriction."

"Enough! While this King does respect Lord Father's last wish, this King does not need protection from two brats! This King is the King of the Saiyan race! We do not need protection. Our Vegeta family are the strongest warriors of our race. Our pride would get ruined if this King receives protection from Saiyans who haven't even joined the royal guard yet. Gin, you are dismissed. Go inform the other royal guards of this King's plan."

"As you command, Your Majesty."

Upon receiving his order, Gin immediately left the throne room and closed the giant doors, leaving King Vegeta alone. King Vegeta then sank back down into his throne, and a hint of longing appeared on his face, seemingly solomn.

"My son, you will soon come into this King's world. Only until this King sees you with Our eyes, will this King finally receive some comfort..."

A lonely sigh soon echoed in the throne room in Palace Vegeta. With the sun set, King Vegeta retired to his quarters and time started to speed up again with the rise and fall of the sun beyond the magenta mountains...