Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 34

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 34 31: King Cold's Retirement I

The tall majestic magenta sandstone mountains surrounding the Saiyan City soon started to brighten up again as the sun slowly rose over the horizon, signaling the next day. Planet Vegeta, formerly known as Planet Plant, was quite a desolate area now with all the recent destruction that occurred during the Tuffle's annihilation. The Saiyan's only had one main city now while the rest of the Tuffle's underground bases were completely destroyed, and all together the population roughly consisted of three to four thousand Saiyan Warriors. About three thousand of the Saiyans were Low Class Warriors who usually ranged from 50-500 battle power. About 600 were middle class warriors that ranged from 501 to 2000. Over 300 of them were in the elite class and the royal guards who had a power of 2001 and above, like Gin, Oliver, Fynn, and Parsi. Bardock was an oddity in itself but being the father of Goku, it could be said that he also shared the same limitless potential Goku had, which was why his power was currently at 6,000 before Broly was born. But now Broly, the future Legendary Super Saiyan, had officially been brought into being and was concluded that his bloodline was among the highest, even more so than Nao and Miya, but that was just for the realm of mortal Saiyans. As to whether Broly could achieve Godly Ki, that would be up to him to achieve, but he definitely would have far more potential than Goku to reach Godly Ki if he desired. After all, Broly was the first Legendary Super Saiyan that had been born in the last century with all meridians opened. Upon Broly's birth, Colonel Paragus ended up taking some time off from the Saiyan Army and his responsibilities fell on General Nappa in the mean time.

Speaking of the Saiyan Army, there was quite a bit of downtime after the Saiyan-Tuffle war officially ended two years ago, and most of the Infiltration Babies have already been sent out prior to the final battle with Hatchiyack, so they had quite a bit of free time. However that did not last long when King Cold decided to pay a visit to Planet Vegeta a year ago, only to reign in the Saiyans under his wing. After this event happened, every now and then within the last year would King Cold's minions arrive on Planet Vegeta to set up shops and mission areas, which slowly started to increase the Saiyan City's population. The Saiyan City was not housed to only Saiyans anymore. As Colonel Paragus continued to spend time with his newborn son and family, Nao also decided to spend more time with his and adjust once again to his newfound strength. A sudden rise of a battle power of 30,000 was nearly about a third of his previous overall strength, so it definitely took some time to get his skills and Ki readjusted.

Nao would seen spending his time meditating in the early morning and right before he went to bed. He would eat his lunch and dinner with Miya and his mother Iona, and every other day he would spar with Miya, as at this point, it would only be Miya who would be able to keep up with him, seeing that they shared a conscious and battle power. It wasn't just Nao who had a battle power of 130,000 but Miya as well. Besides sparing during the day and meditating early morning and evening, Iona would end up taking the twins to Gine's butchery in hopes for her children get acquainted with other children their age, seeing as they had little to no conversations to anyone that weren't involved in Palace Vegeta or before Iona formally introduced the two to Gine. Iona saw Gine treat her like she was her own sister so she thought if there was a good starting point, that it would be to get familiar with Gine's family.

Before the two families realized, another two months months passed in a blink of an eye, and while at the beginning, Bardock refused to see the two children as he felt too ashamed of their superiority over his, but after the first month of the two family's gathering, he, along with Raditz started to slowly open up to the two, seeing that the twins never have taken action against them since their introduction. It took a while of casual conversations but Bardock was able to see that Miya was a rather cheerful and upbeat young Saiyan while Nao looked as if he didn't have a care in the world. Seeing these two were a far-cry from what Bardock thought of those uptight elite Saiyans who thought nothing but themselves. He knew his own son could be quite full of himself from time to time and was actually a little bit proud seeing his son open up to the two, but not once did Raditz call Nao or Miya his big brother or big sister.

As good times pass even on the desolate Planet Vegeta, Bardock knew that his rest period would soon be over. The two families soon departed after another day of having fun together and once Iona, Nao and Miya arrived back at their residence and informed the two maids to prepare dinner, Bardock informed Gine that he was going to go to the Mission Outpost located in the low class warrior district that was recently set up within the last year. The Cold Force managed to set up one Mission Outpost in the low class district, one in the middle class district, and one in the elite class district. All of the Saiyans could partake in missions that were assigned by the Cold Force at these locations. Bardock has already been resting for about a year now and his son even recently returned within the last few months, it was time for him to accept another mission. Upon arriving Bardock saw several low class Saiyans hovering around the main mission board, which were being forced back bipedal green lizard aliens who were donned in the standardized Cold Force battle armor. While these alien lizards might not seem much, the prerequisite for joining the Cold Force prior to acquiring Planet Vegeta was that each member had to have a battle power of 1,000. However the few lizard aliens that were keeping the low class Saiyans at bay were among of the lowest ranking aliens within the Cold Force, and ended up being assigned here. Every one of them had a look of annoyance on them. Before long, Bardock managed to spot six other Saiyans approach him. It was none other than, Tora, Shugesh, Fasha, Burgos, Leek and Taro. Bardock then beckoned to them.

"You guys! Somethin' going on in this hellhole? It looks like a riot is about to break out with it being so damn noisy!"

"Well if it ain't Bardock. Took your sweet ass time coming here. You haven't changed a bit even though it's been a year already. How's that son of yours treating you?"

The first one to speak to Bardock out of the six Saiyans had a rather bulky stature. His height was on the shorter side and was rather round but his whole being was toned with muscle if one had a close look at him. Out of the Saiyans who were facing Bardock right now, it could be said that the one currently speaking had the most amount of muscle. He had black hair that was styled like a puddling bowl. An olive green sleeveless shirt could be seen underneath the dark blue battle armor that had teal plated straps he was currently dressed in. With his beady eyes and a pencil mustache, it was as if he was a giant walking pumpkin. However no one dared to joke about his weight as out of the group as Shugesh was one on the crueler side, despite having a sense of pride towards his squad.

"My son Raditz returned recently and succeeded in his infiltration mission, and left no one alive. He's now been back for about four months now so I've been getting him up to date with the changes here. We also got in contact with another family of sorts during this last year but that's a story for later. Mind telling me what the hell is goin' on right now?"

'Haha, so your son is still alive it seems. You are the strongest out of us, Bardock. It's only right for your son to come back from a simple infiltration mission. It seems the top brass in the Cold Force just posted a high rank mission. They only want the best of the low class Saiyans to sign up for it. Who could be better than Bardock's Elite Force!"

"You know I hate that name for our squad right? Can't we change it to something else?"

"But Bardock, as Tora just said you are the strongest out of all of us! It's only right for our squad to be named after you!"

After Shugesh was the first one to speak, Tora and Fasha soon followed suit, and they appeared rather excited upon seeing Bardock's arrival. After all their Captain as officially come, so now the full Bardock's Elite Force is now together again. Each member went to hell and back throughout several missions before being taken over by the Cold Force, so now Bardock saw the group together in attempt to obtain the high rank mission. Bardock then had a closer look at Fasha, he saw hints of red flush on her cheeks. Whether this was due to her current excitement, or something else, Bardock sighed.

"Fasha, you know that I've been married for a few years already right? Can't you drop that goal of yours at obtaining me? You should know damn well that I pursued Gine. Just give it up already and search for another person to mate with."

Hearing this, the hints of red soon turned into a deep blush, causing Fasha to be embarrassed. But due to her fiery nature, her feelings suddenly swelled within and rebuked him.

"Bardock, seeing that your little tyke made it out alive, if we had a child as well they would definitely be as strong as Raditz! There isn't a better Saiyan our there than you. If we can't be together, then I won't search for another!"

"Sigh...Fasha. Look, my whole world just turned upside down in this last year. Hell, even I see myself as an ant now. Are you sure you won't look for another man? I'm sure if you don't mind waiting another five to ten years, you will defintely find that certain someone far better than me. But enough about this, what the hell is this high rank mission?"

Back at Iona's cliff-side residence, Nao, Miya and Iona could be seen chatting to each other about the day they spent with Gine's family. At this point in time, Nao felt something tickle his nose, before letting out a loud sneeze.


Seeing Nao sneeze all of a sudden, Miya tilted her head in confusion, as the air currently surrounding them was completely fine.

"Hehe, brother, is someone talking bad about you?"

"Sniff...what would compel you to say that, stupid Miya?"

"Well, brother you aren't sick. So someone must be talking bad about you, hehe!"

"If that is true, then who would it be? Someone at the Palace or someone from Gine's family? We haven't been in contact with too many people you know."

"About that brother, as we were leaving, I accidentally overheard Uncle Bardock say he was going to the Mission Outpost, hehe!"

"Mission Outpost? Don't tell me, could it really be that...?"

Seeing Nao question himself, Miya let out a smile. Seeing her children act like this, Iona soon reminded them about the present.

"Little Nao, Little Miya, it's current dinnertime. Why don't you two save this for later?"

"Yes, Mama~"

Hearing Iona mention Nao, Nao recalled his thoughts and nodded at her. Hearing Miya mention that Bardock was going to the Mission Outpost, he could only let out a sigh, as he knew what fate awaited Bardock and his squad...

Meanwhile, back at the low class district Mission Outpost, Bardock's squad soon arrived at the bipedal lizard aliens that were currently issuing the high class mission. Seeing Bardock's squad arrive, the crowding low class warriors around suddenly made way for them, feeling fear from the Ki the squad was currently releasing. Bardock himself now had a battle power of 7000 thanks to Broly's birth and was quite shocked upon first viewing his increase in power. Everyone around the squad didn't even muster up to half of Bardock's strength so there was a large disparity between the squad and the crowd, and instinctively made way for them. Seeing the squad approach, one of the lizard aliens scoffed at them.

"You damn lizards, we're here to take on this so called high class mission. There isn't anyone better than Bardock's Elite Force!"

"Are you now? Well you stinky monkeys seem a lot better than the other pieces of shit around us. At least you guys have the air of a warrior. This mission is highly classified, but you will partake in the capture of Planet Kanassa and we can't say much else. You guys called yourselves Bardock's Elite Force right? Go prepare for a long journey, this one will likely last several years. Once all of you are ready, go to your space pods. The Cold Force will adjust your space pods' coordinates to that of Planet Kanassa. If you perform well, the Young Lord well be very pleased."