Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 35

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 35 32: King Cold's Retirement Ii

Year 732 March Planet Vegeta

Within the passing of the next two months, Bardock ended up getting his mission that was personally assigned by Frieza himself. However, as King Cold was the only frost demon who introduced himself to the Saiyan public a year ago, most of the low class Saiyans wondered who the Young Lord of King Cold was. Up till now, the planets that were either taken over or obliterated was mainly done by King Cold, with Frieza joining in every now and then, to gain more experience in destruction. Every time Frieza joined in, King Cold allowed Frieza to place that planet under his banner and eventually formed his own domain, but most of the planets still belonged to King Cold, numbering over 450 at this point in time within the Milky Way Galaxy. Frieza himself was born just after the turn of the century and seeing that his frost demon race allowed them to live up to centuries at a time, being just a bit over thirty years old was still young to Frieza. During one of their travels, Frieza's talent happened get noticed by Beerus once he woke up after another century long nap, and Beerus ended up making Frieza into one of his Agents of Destruction. Everywhere Frieza went would turn into terror, and Frieza didn't have to worry about destroying planets, seeing that he had the God of Destruction himself backing him up. This in turn made King Cold more happy and before long the frost demon's domain over the North Area exceeded 60%. It was surprising that Planet Vegeta stayed hidden from them for so long but the Saiyans were now working for him.

This particular mission that was assigned to Bardock's squad was the capture of Planet Kanassa. This would eventually lead to the Kanassan war between the Kanassans and the Saiyans but the mission itself was highly classified. The assigners of this highly classified mission only told Bardock's squad to get prepared for a long journey and be ready for high battle power encounters. What lied in truth for them though was that Frieza was interested in the planet itself, where he discovered that there was a special energy that allowed the Kanassans to cultivate psychic energy and he wanted this psychic energy for himself. However little did Bardock know that he would obtain this psychic power, which would eventually allow him to see glimpses of the future...

Before Bardock left the Mission Outpost in the low class district, he informed Tora, Burgos, Fasha and Shugesh to gather at their space pods at the low class docking bay a month later, and informed Leek and Taro to return to their work on Planet Vegeta, saying that they will not accompany the five this time around. The two argued at first but they were the weakest two of the squad and they would only hinder them, seeing as Leek was a maintenance worker. Bardock became rather busy now stocking up for his long journey and as he spent his time getting ready, things became a bit hectic back at Palace Vegeta.

Before King Vegeta officially announced Palace Vegeta becoming a restricted area,, Colonel Paragus soon made his way to the Chamber of Pods within Palace Vegeta, immediately placing his son inside one of the ten specially designed capsules that were elevated in the chamber. Several more pods could be seen in rows of tens further behind and newborn infant Saiyans could be seen here and there, and about 30% of the current pods in the room were currently occupied. Within the back of the Chamber of Pods, stood a majestic pod that was elevated above all of the other pods, but it was currently unoccupied. This pod was specifically designed for the royal family. The 10 pods that surrounded in further below were designed for the royal guards whose main role was protecting the royal family. Further beyond that stood the elite Saiyan pods, and every time an elite Saiyan was born, would they be placed in one of these pods. The only exception to this was for Nao and Miya, where the late King Vegeta II offered them the choice to be placed inside two elite pods within the Palace or given two elite pods to be placed in their home, of which their parents accepted the latter.

Baby Broly started to cry loudly upon being submerged in the pod's liquid, before being situated into the harness that was attached to the bottom of the pod. This harness came with a respirator which slowly induced Broly into a deep sleep. Before long, the strengthening liquid began to fill up the pod, and ironically enough upon being complete filled, the color of the liquid changed to that of a pure emerald green. Colonel Paragus then placed his hand on the pod, and sensing a familiar energy, a smile appeared on the sleeping Broly.

"Broly, your father won't be around to see you much. The Palace is about to go on lock down and I will need to attend to His Majesty. As long as you don't cry, your power shouldn't spike too much. But to think that it'd even spike to 10,000...And by placing you here, you will be found out by His Majesty eventually but at least for now His Majesty will be busy with the birth of the next Prince..."

Colonel Paragus had one last look at his son who was sleeping peacefully inside the pod's green liquid, and soon he departed the Chamber of Pods, making his way back to the throne room to report that he is back on duty. Just as he arrived at the main corridor leading to the palace doors, he saw Gin rush out in a hurry and soon departed from Palace Vegeta. Upon looking at his departing figure, Colonel Paragus tilted his head and contemplated on what caused Gin to rush out in a hurry. But soon his thoughts shifted to the open Palace doors, and further down his sight, he saw a stone cold King Vegeta sitting on the throne in silence. The atmosphere in the room became a bit eerie but Colonel Paragus still made his way down to King Vegeta and knelt, before giving a report of his return.

Meanwhile, as Colonel Paragus situated himself in the throne room, Gin rushed out of Palace Vegeta and soon crossed the bridge leading to the elite class district. It didn't take him long to arrive on the foremost cliff on the left side right below the Palace, and soon made his way towards the end of the cliff. The house he approached was none other than Iona's residence. He immediately knocked the door only to be greeted by the two maids. Nao, Miya and Iona were currently sitting at the dining table chatting away when they suddenly heard their front door knock. Iona was the first of the three to get up, followed by Nao and Miya and wondered who was visiting them. The family rarely had any contact with the outside besides visiting Gine's butchery once a week. They haven't even visited Palace Vegeta ever since King Vegeta II passed away. Upon seeing who it was, stood a scruffy tall Saiyan. His hair was dark brown with short spikes, similar to King Vegeta's hairstyle but the hair was much shorter. A large scar could be seen in the center of his eyes and appeared to have a rather fierce look. He was donned in the pristine black battle armor with dark blue plating unique to that of the royal guards. A dark brown tail could be seen wrapped around his waist, and was equipped with black wrist guards and white boots. It was none other than Gin, and like Fynn, he was probably the most battle orientated of the four guards. He had been active in going in and out of the palace this last year so he appeared rather tan, more so than Bardock. Iona became surprised seeing one of the royal guards from the Palace at their doorstep. Upon seeing Iona, Gin immediately bowed.

"Greetings, Madam Iona. Heh, it seems the two brats are here too. Hello, Sir Nao, Lady Miya. Looks like the two of you are growing up just fine."

"Hehe, mister Gin came to visit!"

Seeing a red haired young girl who took after her mother approach him, Gin let out a smile. Once Miya came up to him, the height difference between the two was still great but not as much as it was when Gin last saw the two children two years ago. They weren't even above 3 feet at the time and now Nao stood at 3'6 while Miya at 3'8. Gin was a bit surprised seeing that Miya was slightly taller than Nao, but Gin himself stood at 7 feet tall so he could only laugh inwardly. Iona then approached Miya and patted her on the head while looking at Gin.

"Well, if it isn't Gin. Seeing your appearance, you must have come here in a hurry. Is something going on? Please, come in."

"You're quite clever as always, Madam Iona. I'm fine staying here, it will only be a few minutes anyways. I have a brief report and I also want to confirm a couple things with Sir Nao and Lady Miya. After today, the royal guard will be quite busy and we might be able to see each other for a while."

"I insist Gin. It's been a couple years but you are not a stranger to our home. We were just chatting away at the table to pass the time so you can join in."

"Pardon the intrusion, then..."

The tall Gin soon made his away to the table together with Iona, Nao and Miya. Gin saw the two maids that greeted him return to their duties in the kitchen and started to prepare food for dinner later. As the Saiyans were a warrior race, they didn't have many customs besides proper etiquette so nothing was offered when they sat down in their respective seats, with Nao, Miya and Iona waiting to hear what Gin had to say.

"Well, I'll get right to the point. Sir Nao, Lady Miya, His Majesty has banned you two from entering Palace Vegeta until further notice."

Suddenly dropping a bomb on the trio, Nao raised his eyebrow at Gin while Miya had a scornful look. Iona became a bit nervous hearing this as well but she decided to wait for Gin to continue, but before he could Miya suddenly spoke up.

"Hmph, brother beat his ass once and that's how His Majesty plans to treat us? If it weren't for the old man's last wishes, we wouldn't even step into that rotten area. Isn't that right, brother?"

"Now Miya, cute sisters like you shouldn't curse, especially at royalty. Even if the current King is a scheming bastard, at least we now know he doesn't want to be associated with us. To be honest, I actually feel relieved seeing we don't have to step into the Palace. We could even start to take on missions outside of our planet now. But even if we did, it's not like His Majesty could restrict our actions anyway."

"More importantly, isn't this the first time brother called me cute? Hehehe."

"Now that I think about it, it certainly is the first time Little Nao said that Little Miya is a cute sister. You two can understand each other so perfectly sometimes, must be because you two are twins. Even I get a bit jealous every now and then seeing how deep the bond between the two of you are, fufufu."

"I still love you the most, Mama!"

Miya then got up from her seat and rushed into Iona's embrace, and warm energy soon spread throughout Miya's body. She then turned her head around and looked at Nao, only to stick her small tongue out at him and pulled down her right eye with her finger, making a funny face at him. Seeing this caused Iona to laugh. Gin suddenly felt like his presence was ignored and decided to cough at the trio.

"*Cough* *Cough*. Sir Nao, Lady Miya, there is a reason above all else. Besides banning you two from the Palace, His Majesty restricted the whole Palace itself from any visitors for the time being. The Queen just went into labor and will soon give birth to the next Prince. Her's and the newborn's safety will be prioritized, and His Majesty doesn't want any intrusions during the delivery process. His Majesty kept exclaiming that his son will set records that we have never seen before, even I worry for him at times."

Hearing this, Nao became quiet. A certain character suddenly popped into his mind, which soon became a vivid image. 'So it looks like Vegeta is about to enter this world, huh?'. Nao knew Vegeta survived after the planet's destruction so he wasn't worried about stepping in at all. But he wondered for Broly. Broly also survived but he ended up in exile along with Paragus. He kept thinking to himself whether to bond with Broly and if possible, prevent his exile. But what Nao didn't know was that Paragus already placed Broly inside the Chamber of Pods, so it wouldn't be long until their sentence is decided...

Seeing Nao in his little world again, Gin decided to continue his report to the three.

"While the Palace is restricted, us royal guards will remain inside, so we won't be able to leave as well. On top of that we all saw the phenomenon that occurred a while back, which immediately reminded me of Sir Nao and Lady Miya. It was quite different this time around, and instead of it shooting up into the sky, it spread across the whole city, causing Saiyans to collapse one after another. The most afflicted area was the low class district, and every Saiyan felt something effect their internal body and almost seemed to stimulate it. Rapid rises in battle power were record soon after. It really was a strange occurrence. Would you three happen to know what caused it?"

Seeing Nao still in his little world, Miya decided to speak about it in his stead.

"Well mister Gin, you saw the atmosphere change as different shades of green spread across the city, and soon felt a hidden pressure during it which lasted about fifteen seconds, right? Well when brother and I were first born, according to Mama, we caused a red and white helix to wrap around each other before it shot into the sky. You should realize the comparison, right mister Gin? Hehe."

"Are you saying another newborn Saiyan caused this? Then why did something in our bodies become stimulated? It seems the elite class wasn't as affected as the low class warrior district."

"To put it bluntly Mister Gin, that newborn stimulated every Saiyan's bloodline! The lower bloodline purity the Saiyan has, the more affected they became. Mister Gin was born in the elite class district but you still felt a small increase in your power, right?"

"I did see my power increase by a few hundred when it happened, but I didn't collapse like the Saiyans in the report did. Don't tell me there's another monster out there like Sir Nao and Lady Miya now?"

"That's up for you to find out, hehe!"

Hearing this, Gin let out a dejected sigh. But hearing what Miya mentioned, he was able to get a firm grasp at the situation at hand. He only had one thing left to confirm and he decided to continue his conversation.

"Sir Nao, Lady Miya, this one only has one other thing this one wants to confirm. We haven't seen each other for two years now and your battle power since then didn't even reach 20,000. How strong are you two now?"

Hearing a question pertaining to Nao and Miya's battle power, Nao's thoughts soon vanished and his view shifted back at Gin. Nao then saw Miya continue to speak with him.

"Are you sure you want know, mister Gin? If you promise not to tell about our power to that stupid King, we can tell you. You might not want to hear it though, hehe!"

"This one won't divulge this information to His Majesty, I swear it on our Saiyan's pride."

"Seeing that you've sworn yourself, looks like brother and I have no choice now. Over the last two years, our battle has drastically increased to 130,000! The power level gauges you guys have will likely blow up if it reads our power. Mister Gin, are you shocked now?"

"...A battle power...of 130,000?...Surely Sir Nao and Lady Miya must be joking, right? Hahaha..."

"As much as it pains me to tell you Gin, this is the current state of Miya and I's battle power. A lot has happened in the last two years when you guys weren't around. Let's just say more of my latent ability has woken up, and I developed some new skills during these two years as well, despite being in a deep sleep in the first year."

"Are you f*cking serious? Pardon me for saying that but how the hell do I mention this to His Majesty? I swore on my pride but I should still mention a figure at least to His Majesty!"

"Go tell that bastard that our strength has reached 30,000 and if he wants to mess with us, he should be thoroughly reminded of what happened two years ago."

"..As you wish, Sir Nao. That was the last thing on this one's agenda. This one really shouldn't disturb you three any longer. It seems the sun has already set so this one need to make it back to the Palace before the day is over. This one don't want to get yelled at by His Majesty, you know His Majesty is currently in a very stressful position right now, haha."

"Well Gin, we won't keep you here any longer. Thank you for taking this time to talk with Little Nao and Little Miya. We are about to have our dinner for the day so you best hurry on back to the Palace so you don't keep His Majesty waiting."

"This one will do so, Madam Iona. Once the Palace lifted its restriction, this one will surely pay you three a visit again. Until then, this one will dismiss himself."

Miya and Nao waved at Gin who soon departed their home. Iona just smiled at his departing figure and before long it was just the three again. Miya left Iona's embrace and returned to her seat. About an hour later the smell of their favorite roasted meat wafted in the room and stomachs started rumbling. The three then devoured their dinner and retired for the night. Nao had a lot to think about after hearing Gin's report, and inwardly cursed at time seeing how it started to move forward again. He knew he only had five years left on this planet and had to best make use of his remaining time. His eyes soon closed and slept through the night on his bed. Time seem to start moving forward again with the rising and falling of the sun beyond the magenta mountains...