Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 36

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 36 33: King Cold's Retirement Iii

Another day soon passed in the Iona Residence with the fall and rise of Planet Vegeta's sun. Palace Vegeta officially became a restricted zone for all Saiyans alike and rumors started to spread of the birth of the next Prince. Most of the elite Saiyans respected late King Vegeta II due to his hearty nature and open mind. However whenever the Saiyans saw the new King Vegeta ever since he ascended the throne a year ago, a cold glint always appeared in his eyes and something always appeared to be going on in his mind, seemingly cold in appearance. Nao himself called King Vegeta a scheming bastard when Gin was at his house, as he even plotted a rebellion in the coming years against Frieza. Plotting a rebellion against one of the universe's most malevolent tyrants in his opinion was just plain stupid. While King Vegeta now had a battle power of 10,000, Frieza in his final form was known to have a battle power of over 100 million so even with a flick of a finger infused with that amount of Ki would King Vegeta's body instantly disintegrate.

The sands of time began to churn and before long two more weeks have passed by in the blink of an eye, signaling the start of April of Year 732. The trio only met with Bardock's family once in this time period as Bardock himself was busy getting ready for the journey of his life so to say, but Nao was still able to meet him once. In the end, while Nao did not tell him about Planet Meat and the ambush on Bardock's squad which was immediately after the Kanassan War, he still informed Bardock to watch out for any potential ambush and for him to not be too complacent with his squad members, treasuring life above all else. This stay of theirs lasted the full night as this would be the last time Nao would see Bardock before his squad is called back five years later. Nao would also not get a chance to see Raditz anymore after the following couple of years as Raditz would be lucky enough to join Prince Vegeta's squad two years down the line after Prince Vegeta emerges from his royal pod.

As the trio concluded their trip with Gine's family, Nao continued his daily meditation and sparring with his twin sister Miya to further consolidate his strength. Ever since Broly's birth and the sliver of Origin Ki he received, Nao felt his battle power slowly start to rise as he continued to gather Planet Vegeta's energy into his body. It had only been about a month since these two events have occurred and the result happened to forcefully unblock 10% of his meridians. Thanks to this, Nao decided one day to cycle his Ki after pinpointing these meridians within his body and shockingly enough after cycling his Ki through meditation, the first cycle went unhindered, albeit only through the unblocked meridians. The first time Nao cycled his Ki, the only thing he felt was that his meridians absorbed it and just slightly increased his battle power. The increase didn't even reach 100 points, which slightly disappointed him, but once Nao's meditation ended, he felt both refreshed in his mind but exhausted of his energy. These meridians of his were like endless rivers, and only once the rivers completely filled up would they burst open causing them to rush out. And sure enough, after this month of meditation and his cycling of Ki, he felt his meridians burst open and a rush of energy flowed through his body, and found out he opened another 2% of his meridians after going through 100 cycles, totaling 12% unblocked. This in turn increased his battle power by another 20,000, and he now had a total of 150,000.

Things were pretty uneventful for Nao and his family as he was restricted from entering Palace Vegeta for the time being. The four months went by in a blink of an eye for him but during this last week or so Nao would often feel static interference in his mind, similar to what he felt a year ago when King Cold first announced his presence to the Saiyans. Before he could recall what caused this strange interference he felt previously, all of a sudden Nao felt a connection click to another mind, immediately following a panicked voice that seemed a bit more aged this time.

"Hey, kid are you still breathing? Good god your mind is like an endless abyss! It's very taxing on this old man to reach a successful connection. I'm already beat."

"Is that you, King Kai?"

"It's the old man's voice again, hehe! Is something wrong again this time old man?"

"It still baffles me how you two can be here, but there is no time for questions. You better be grateful, I informed you of King Cold's arrival last time and he is making another trip again to your planet. Seeing that you were able to stay alive means you can survive this one, but this time I fear he won't be alone. I sense a far more evil presence next to him. You two kids better be prepared."

"Thank you for the information King Kai. Do you know far away King Cold's ship is?"

"King Cold's ship is travelling at a very fast speed unlike previously. It seems they had an upgrade in their technology in the last year. They will arrive in a month's time. But his arrival isn't the main reason why I'm sending you two messages through my telepathy. Two far more powerful beings than King Cold have plans to meet you two kids in within two years time."

"I don't believe you old man. We've been enjoying our time here on Planet Vegeta without any problems. Why would these guys want to meet us? We haven't even left the planet for the first time yet. You must have a rotten brain by now for being this old!"

"Now listen, I may have lived through several millennium but besides joking around with the other Kai and relaxing on my planet, I haven't taken much interest in the mortal plane. You two happen to be the first. It took so much time to get connected to your mindspace and you probably can't even pinpoint this old man back. Us Kai live in a separate plane after all."

Back at reality, once Miya heard this she grinned. While it was true that by knowing two more powerful beings were planning to approach the two, she figured that their intent would be out of curiosity rather than evil compared to King Cold and the other evil presence, which she already knew it was Frieza. And hearing that King Kai was in a separate realm, it still didn't hide the fact that King Kai was still within the Realm of the Living. He had to be within the Realm of the Living as it was King Kai's job to oversee the North Area, even if he was residing in a different plane. Due to this fact, Miya decided to tempt King Kai with a bet.

"Old man, didn't you say you like to spin jokes? What about taking a bet with brother?"

"While I do love a good joke do you think we have time for a stupid bet? Aren't you two taking this too calmly? Why aren't you two scared out of your pants that one of the universe's worst beings is fast approaching?"

"That's for you to find out, old man! Are you interested or not?"

"Sigh...To think a Kai would find himself bickering with a child...My mind is getting tired so fine, what is this little bet of yours Missy?"

"Hehe, I knew you wouldn't back down old man! You see my brother here has recently developed a new skill. Even if you claim yourself to be in a different plane, this plane of yours still resides in the Realm of the Living, right?"

"...That term is not something you should know, Missy. While I would love to find out more, my connection is starting to destabilize. Must be cause of the boy's endless abyss-like mind. Be quick Missy, I do not want my mind to get stuck in here for forever."

"You don't have to worry about your connection, old man. I don't have much else to say. The skill my brother developed has the possibility of reaching your planet. If we can find it, then the bet would have been won by us!"

"To think you can reach my planet, are you kidding this old man? But the way you said that, you sound very serious...Very well, you've passed your previous ordeal and if you two kids can survive this one, I'll permit you two to come here. Let me've...developed...."

As soon as King Kai finished speaking his last words to Nao and Miya, the static connection Nao felt prior had now vanished and felt alone in his mindspace again. Telepathy was truly a mysterious thing, having the ability to connect two different minds regardless of distance between them. Silence then soon invaded the first floor as Nao stared at Miya. Iona saw her children stare at each other before Nao suddenly approached Miya and chopped her on the forehead. He infused a bit of Ki in his hand and a small red bump soon appeared on Miya's forehead, causing her to tear up.

"Oww...Brother was that necessary?"

"You should know very well it was, stupid Miya. Getting a message from King Kai again was rather unexpected but why did you have to mention that stupid bet of yours, stuuuuuuupid."

"But brother, weren't you going practical with your Space element soon? I've seen you multiple times trying to compress space. Aren't you close to opening a [Gate]? That old man will surely piss his pants once he sees a random gate open at his Planet. Besides, I was able to trace his Ki signature this time. Now that we have his coordinates, brother just needs to compress enough Space so the distance is instant! Teehee!"

"Little Nao, who is this person you're referring to? You two have been quiet this whole time. Must be nice having the ability to share thoughts because you two are twins, I'm jealous, fufufu."

"Don't cry, Mama! We're sorry for keeping Mama out of the loop. We met a very interesting person through our Telepathy. We just learned King Cold is planning to visit us Saiyans again."

"That King Cold again? He was rather cruel according to the you two described him previously. Little Nao, Little Miya did this person mention when?"

"Yes, Mama. It seems that bastard is coming next month. Our peaceful days will soon end."

"...Little Nao, Little Miya, while I don't know who this mysterious person is, you must thank him personally on our behalf for obtaining this information. Promise me the next time you guys manage to speak with him."

"Of course, Mama! Besides even you might get to meet him soon. We did place a bet of whether we can meet with him after all! Once brother manages to open a [Gate] to him with brother's Ki, we would have been considered the winners. Hehe!"

Upon hearing this, Iona smiled at her two children. She then got up from the table and approached the two only to bring the two into her embrace. Nao suddenly felt the warmth of his mother spread throughout his body, and he closed his eyes, and enjoyed the feeling...

Meanwhile back at Palace Vegeta.

While Nao continued to enjoy his mother's embrace, a loud ruckus sprung up within the Palace. Various sounds of shuffling feet could be heard throughout. Before long a silence soon spread only to be followed by the sound of a crying newborn Saiyan. Deep within the chambers, King Vegeta soon let out a crazed laughter, after confirming that his son was officially born.

"Hahahahaha! Welcome to the world, my precious son. Dear, you've done well in your service. My son was safely delivered, and listen to his loud crying! This marks the birth of one of our greatest warriors to date, haha!"

Hearing this, the Queen just smiled before turning her focus to the crying newborn and soon lulled him to sleep. A crooked smile then appeared on King Vegeta's face. He then made his next declaration.

"From now on you will be named Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans, and my son! Guards, go fetch the power level meter immediately."

"We came prepared, Your Majesty. Here is the meter as requested."


King Vegeta then snatched the meter out of Fynn's hand who was currently on standby near the entrance to the quarters. Fynn felt rather relieved seeing the safe delivery of the newborn Prince, who King Vegeta aptly named Prince Vegeta, or formally known as Vegeta IV. That's right, this is the same Vegeta everyone all knows and loves, but right now he is just a newborn infant. After some beeping sounds from turning on the meter, King Vegeta saw the number on the meter slowly go up. After several seconds of beeping the number slowly climbed and rested on 5,000, signaling the newborn Vegeta having a starting battle power of 5,000. The only Saiyans on record who had a higher power than Vegeta at birth were Nao, Miya and Broly. The former was only known to those that were present at the time, being Iona, her late husband Oscar, the late King Vegeta II and the royal doctor and scientist at the time of the delivery. The latter was only known to Paragus, his wife and the royal doctor. The royal doctor was sworn secrecy to anything he saw during deliveries of the elites and royals and could only keep record of it in the Saiyan's history. At this point in time, King Vegeta was unaware of how powerful these three were when they were born so he believe that his son in front of him was the most powerful of the newborn Saiyans to date. Seeing the birth of the mightiest warrior to be in front of King Vegeta, he resumed his crazed laughter which was the only sound that remained echoing throughout the Palace that day...