Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 37

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 37 34 King Cold's Retirement Iv

The day Prince Vegeta the IV, Vegeta for short, was born appeared to be a rather ominous day, as the only sounds that echoed throughout the Palace for its remainder was King Vegeta's crazed laughter and the multitude of shuffling feet coming from the royal guards, making sure no intruders came into being. While King Vegeta was known to be quite cruel and scheming, he still loved his family and permitted his wife to embrace their child for the rest of the day, before placing him in the royal pod the following day. Unlike middle and low class warriors where the Saiyan parents struggled on when to place their newborns into the Incubator Pods, the elite district and royal Saiyans were much more strict, as they were born with much higher Saiyan bloodline purity and talent. In order to not let these go to waste, most, of not all elite and royal Saiyans are immediately placed into the Incubator Pods, which included Nao and Miya right after they were born. These two classes also usually spent all three years to take the most benefits of the pods' nutrients and supplements. But besides having the royal family spend the rest of the day in their personal chamber, the next day arrived in the blink of an eye.

Year 732 April Palace Vegeta, The Next Day

Nao's consciousness drifted in and out of dreamland after he concluded his evening meditation, only to feel a large weight upon his chest once morning dawned. Seeing that it was quite heavy, he opened his eyes, only to see Miya sitting on top of his chest, smiling at him. Miya then placed her small hands followed by her head onto Nao's bare chest, only to embrace his warmth. Nao knew that Miya does this every now and then in the mornings and every time she did this, Nao knew she wanted to talk about something. Seeing Miya rest on top of him, he ruffled through her long straight hair that took after her mothers. Saiyans mostly had spiky hair both long and short, of which Nao had, but some had their oddities and his mother was one of them, where she just had straight black hair that flowed down to her waist. Iona never bothered to cut her hair, which made her beauty stand out even more. Nao currently had a good look at Miya and despite being reincarnated as a Saiyan, she still retained most of her beauty that she had when she was Rebirth's system fairy. Nao knew that given enough Ki control training, Miya would even be able to sprout her translucent red wings just like before. In the end after ruffling through her hair Nao pinched her small nose that no longer had any baby fat, and likewise Miya stroked her hand against Nao's developing muscles. A few seconds passed in silence as the two twins embraced each other's warmth but Nao then spoke up.

"My dear sister, you should know by now I don't like to be disturbed in the mornings. Every time you do this disrupts a session of my meditation. It's most effective once the sun rises and right before it sets. I feel my strength increasing day by day once I was struck by that Origin Ki."

"But brother, you'll end up as an old man at the current rate you're going before you achieve the Legendary Super Saiyan state. Your current pace is that of a snail! Brother should really search for a technique that assists the cycling of your Ki, just doing it randomly won't give much effect. Sure you managed to increase your meridians by 2% so far but before long, without a proper technique you won't see much gain anymore. I'd give it about another 8% before you stop seeing any growth at all."

"Still, opening my meridians by another 10% is 10% closer to my target. But is a technique really necessary? Even if I have roughly 50,000 RP right now I bet those sorts of techniques would cost a lot more than your standard battle moves but even if we are in the world of D*Z, it's still technically a cultivation world with all of those martial artists roaming around."

"That's right brother! We're still in our growing period so finding the right cultivation technique for you should be of upmost importance. If you think you don't have enough points, then maybe you can take the chance when we meet those two people that old man mentioned in two years. He did say that they were extremely powerful existences, hehe!"

"So either the Shop or by luck, huh? Isn't it possible for me to create my own technique too?"

"That's definitely possible brother, but did you forget the lack of knowledge you carried over in regards to this area? It's a shame you didn't read more of those eastern martial arts light novels in your previous life. Those were chock full of techniques you wouldn't even begin to imagine. But with how high our bloodline purity is brother won't find it difficult in learning techniques like those pathetic humans do, hehe!"

Upon hearing this, Nao chopped Miya on the forehead, before letting out a sigh.

"I was human once too you know, stupid Miya. But maybe its better for us in the long run now that we were born into a different race. Humans do have limitless potential but they always take forever. I mean we're seven years old but our power is boundless compared to them already. But enough about that, didn't you have something important?"

"That's right brother! You were lost in thought during meditation yesterday that another event took place. I felt another surge of power coming from the Palace before it died down. It looks like one of the main casts is finally here."

"So that Vegeta is finally with us, huh? It took Kakarot a long time to tone him down a few notches but hopefully he will still be bearable if we ever get the chance to see him. I do know he'll be out on a mission after he emerges from the royal pod but we still have at least a couple years. I wonder if he would emerge before those two experts arrive, what do you think Miya?"


Hearing Miya laugh at him, Nao chopped her forehead again. Nao knew Miya was a walking encyclopedia due to her nature as an AI and even he was forgetful at times. Nao roughly knew of the two experts that are bound to arrive in two years time thanks to a certain scene he remembered where King Vegeta welcomed them with a banquet, only to get stepped on and couldn't do anything about it. But he still wanted Miya to confirm it since she had the ability to read his memories.

"Out with it already, my stupid sister. I already have a rough idea but you should know about it clearly, right? After reincarnating, I can only remember bits and pieces of my previous life, unlike you."

"Alright you party-pooper. According to your memories, If things go accordingly, Vegeta will emerge from the royal pod two years further down and a couple months before the two experts arrive. Before he goes on his first mission issued by the Saiyans' new overlord, he ends up witnessing his father getting berated by the two, and he could only watch on powerlessly. Since you've likely taken a guess by now, the two experts are likely that God of Destruction Beerus, and his attendant Whis, seeing how Beerus was on Planet Vegeta for some reason."

"Beerus and Whis...hmm. They were rather iconic weren't they? I do vaguely remember that Beerus is the cause of Planet Vegeta's destruction, as he instigated Frieza to do it. But I wonder why he wanted to meet with King Vegeta. I guess we will find out in two years time, but for now we can just spend our time together. Besides don't we have another visit by King Cold in a month?"

Nao couldn't remember everything from this scene and such the things he had forgotten was Frieza was actually an Agent of Destruction that was personally assigned by Beerus. After King Vegeta took liberties with Beerus over a certain matter that Beerus requested of King Vegeta, Beerus became enraged. Beerus then deemed that Planet Vegeta was no longer worthy and he instigated his Agent, who was Frieza at the time, to finish the planet off. But little did Nao not remember that the whole argument was over the world's most fluffiest and second fluffiest pillow...

"Did you forget already, brother? King Cold is fast approaching us and will be here before the month is over! Even if they are still far away, I still feel a slightly evil presence coming in from the North. Perhaps that shorty will finally make his appearance, hehe."

Upon hearing the word 'shorty' escape from her lips, Nao's face suddenly became serious. Nao immediately pulled Miya's lips together, closing them with his right hand. Nao then looked directly at her who was currently staring back at him with her large beady eyes, not blinking at all. Nao then raised his left index finger and spoke carefully at her.

"Now Miya, I know you enjoy your pranks, but never mention a word about anything related to height to that bastard Frieza. One of the few things I do remember about Frieza is that besides his cruel nature, nobody should joke about how tall he is. That in itself is considered one of his greatest taboos. I know our power isn't too far off from his base form, but I don't want you to get yourself killed, my dear sister..."

Nao then released his grip on Miya's lips and the next thing he did was elevate himself from the bed and after sitting up, he took the initiative and hugged Miya. Feeling more of his warmth, Miya started to giggle. A few moments later he then separated from her and jumped off the bed, ready to start the day ahead of them.

"Well, we're still banned from entering the Palace so it's not like we got much to do until King Cold arrives. At least when he comes he will put that bastard king in his place. He really should swallow his pride and look at the larger picture..."

"Hehe, you sure took your sweet time talking this morning, brother. Look, I can smell meat coming from downstairs. Mama is waiting for us so get your lazy butt out of bed!"

"I'm already out of the bed, Miya. It's already past my meditation hours so let's just relax this day. I wonder if Mama will take us to Gine. It's been a little over a week since our last visit and it seems Bardock and his squad already left on their mission. Hopefully he'll take my words to heart, otherwise he'll be in for a rude awakening.. "

"Let's go, brother!"

Right after Nao put on his pristine black battle armor, before he could make a head start, Miya jumped the gun and grabbed his hand before sprinting towards the first floor. Nao didn't even get enough time to freshen up so hopefully his mother wouldn't reprimand him for that. But as Nao and Miya started the day ahead of them, the Palace was in another uproar within a certain chamber...

Year 732 April Palace Vegeta, Chamber of Pods

After the night passed within the Palace, King Vegeta slept together with his family, enjoying his newborn son. He viewed his son above everything else with the power level he was born with, and even disregarded Nao and Miya, thinking that his son would be the one to rule the universe. After morning dawned he took his son from his Queen and immediately rushed towards the Chamber of Pods, only to see three of the royal scientists within the chamber. They saluted him, making way for King Vegeta as he went straight to the back of the room, and immediately situated Vegeta into the royal pod's harness. Following that he hooked the respirator to the baby's mouth and then placed his hand on the baby's head, ruffling it for a minute. After this minute, he stepped away, only to press a few buttons on the royal pod. Before long it started to make some whirring noises, before being filled up with a golden liquid and a few moments later, baby Vegeta could now been seen floating within, fast sleep. King Vegeta then grinned upon seeing this.

"Rest well, my son. Seeing you born with a battle power of 5,000, your potential is limitless. You are destined to rule this universe! Hahaha!"

After getting a good look at his sleeping son, King Vegeta soon started to step down from the raised platform belonging to the royal pod. After walking downwards for a few seconds, he then had a look at the twelve special rods that wrapped around the royal pod in a ring and saw most of them empty, nodding. To the left of the raised platform, one pod was colored red, followed by two purple, one lavender and two ocean blue. To the right of the raised platform stood two colored red, one pink, one orange, one yellow and one green special pod. But something then caught his eye when he landed on the front most special green pod in front of him, it appeared to be occupied by a baby Saiyan that was placed in green liquid. Seeing one of his special pods occupied, which was meant for only the strongest of the elite Saiyans, blue veins started to pop out on King Vegeta's forehead and he screamed out of his lungs.

"Why is one of the special pods being occupied!? These pods are meant only for the mightiest of our elite Saiyans. I demand an explanation immediately!"