Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 38

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 38 35: King Cold's Retirement V

"Why is one of the special pods being occupied!? These pods are meant only for the mightiest of our elite Saiyans. I demand an explanation immediately!"

Upon hearing King Vegeta's enraged voice, each of the royal scientists in the room felt cold shivers go down their spines, and quivered, but in order to please the King from not getting any angrier the one who was holding the power level gauge stepped forth. Upon closer look this Saiyan was the tallest of the three that were hovering near the green pod. He had a rather large oval-chiseled face and short brown hair that waved off to the right side. He was currently holding a an advanced model of the power level gauge that was hooked up to the mainframe that was hidden within the Chamber of Pods. Him, along with the other two were wearing pale blue lab coats with white insulin stuffed around the neck area, and each one wore the standardized battle armor, black plating, but he didn't have any shoulder guards. His face appeared to be rather scrunched up, he was called Totor. The middle Saiyan was the smallest of the three, who appeared half the size of Totor. His hair almost appeared to be shaven, with two small bangs protruding over his forehead. He had a thick mustache that converged into a finely cut beard. He was called Ghenji. The last of the three was called Turrin, and his height appeared to be in the middle of Totor and Ghenji. He rather had a serious air on him, also having short hair but two long bangs dr.a.p.ed down both sides of his face with slanted eyes. He also didn't have any shoulder guards on his battle armor and only Ghenji actually had yellow shoulder plating. All three of them were non-combatant Saiyans and they hid their tails underneath their robes. It was Totor who spoke up to King Vegeta in a panic.

"Y-Your Majesty, there is indeed a Saiyan occupying the special green pod. We saw Colonel Paragus come here with a newborn Saiyan and personally placed him inside a couple months ago, right after that strange phenomenon happened. He's called Broly, Y-Your Majesty, the son of Colonel Paragus."

"That Paragus got a kid, huh? But why the hell did he place his son inside one of the special pods!? Even if he belongs to the Palace, they're only meant for the mightiest of our elite warriors! Surely he can't match my pride and joy!"

"Y-Your Majesty, when we first scanned Broly, his power levels fluctuated by quite a bit and it even peaked at 10,000! Without a doubt Broly will grow into one of our finest warriors to date. In fact out of the registered power levels his is the highest that we've ever seen here in the Palace! He even placed higher than the twins that were born seven years ago, it was really surprising."

"A power level of 10,000!? That's preposterous! Prince Vegeta was born with a power level of 5,000 and he is destined to rule this universe! Hand me that power level gauge immediately, I'll test him personally. Also, one more word regarding those two devil spawns and none of you will live to see the light of day!"

"O-Our deepest apologies, Your Majesty. Here is the power level gauge Y-Your Majesty requested."

Totor kept stuttering his words as he spoke his honest opinion to King Vegeta, only to end up enraging him even more, which threatened the lives of the three. King Vegeta then immediately snatched the power level gauge and with a bang, he placed his hand on Broly's Pod. The loud bang caused Broly to wake up from his deep sleep, and started to cry loudly, but King Vegeta ignored his crying. King Vegeta then turned on the device and he slowly started to see the number climb from 0. Once the device climbed all the way to 10,000 sparks started fly off the device, before a loud boom echoed throughout the room, causing the device to explode into small metal chunks. Right Before it exploded into tiny pieces, King Vegeta felt a very powerful jolt streak up his right arm, which he immediately grasped onto with his other hand, and felt a slight pain, causing him to retreat a few steps. Ghenji and Turrin immediately hovered over the broken device, collecting its pieces, as Totor tried to calm down King Vegeta.

"O-Our deepest apologies, Your Majesty. I-It seems the power level gauge has malfunctioned. We will go retrieve a new one immediately."

After saying this, Totor signaled his assistant who was doing her assigned work further down the room, and she was a female Saiyan. She wore a smaller pale blue robe that had battle armor over the top with no shoulder plating just like Totor and Turrin. She was called Jino, and she also hid her tail beneath her robe, from view. Her hairstyle was rather unique as it appeared to be like an upside down pot with large curved bangs going down the sides of her face, and it was deep blue in color. The air around her seemed to be more of that of a secretary rather than a laboratory assistant. Even though she was further down, the bang from the explosion was loud enough to catch her attention, only to see Totor's power level gauge burst into pieces shortly after. Jino then heard Totor call out to her for a new one and she immediately rushed off to their storage area. It only took a few moments before she came rushing back in, handing a new power level gauge to Totor, before she resumed her duties which included checking the pods' stability and durability, all while holding a tablet that assisted her note taking.

Upon receiving another power level gauge, Totor immediately placed it on Broly's pod, who during this time fell back asleep thanks to the pod's sedative. Baby Broly did not hear the beeping of the power level gauge, and before long Totor saw the number climb from 0 only up until 5,000, which was half than the spike he had seen previously.

"Your Majesty, it seems it only recorded a power of 5,000 this time, which is less than half of what it was previously. When we scanned him a few times before and there were a few anomalous ratings but maybe it was because of the previous malfunction that did that...but there is no doubt that Broly's latent abilities far exceeds that of the Prince's, Y-Your Majesty."

"Also, even if we purge those anomalous readings Broly gave off previously, his latent abilities are still quite exceptional, Your Majesty."

At this time, it was Jino, who was further away than the three scientists, that pitched in. Hearing this still caused blue veins to appear on King Vegeta's forehead.

"The Prince's latent abilities are record-breaking for us Saiyans. Are you saying that Paragus's brat rivals that of my pride and joy!?"

"T-That's correct, Y-Your Majesty. He might even be the L-Legendary Super Saiyan!"

As if the ball was dropped, silence soon pervaded the Chamber of Pods. Anger soon turned to annoyance on King Vegeta's face and he soon couldn't take it anymore.

"Anything related to the Legendary Super Saiyan are just fairy tales! Besides even if those myths were true, my son would definitely be the one to become the Legendary Super Saiyan, not this brat with these abnormal readings. Paragus's son might even be a danger to our race, given the severity of these readings...Proper action definitely needs to be taken."

"Y-Your Majesty, Colonel Paragus is currently away on a mission, wouldn't it be better for him to be here before you relay any news regarding his family?"

"Tch, it's been mission after mission from those Cold Force bastards, making us seize planets for them. We have our pride as a warrior race, we shouldn't submit to those bastards! How long will it take Paragus to return?"

"No more than two weeks from the looks of it, Your Majesty."

"Very well, I will decide the sentence within these two weeks, I will have the royal guards bring Paragus to the Palace once he returns."

"As you wish, Your Majesty!"

King Vegeta soon dragged his weary body back to the throne room. Even though he was still in his early thirties he still had the look of an early aged a.d.u.l.t. The only difference was that from the time Nao and Miya were born, King Vegeta managed to grow a goatee and a mustache that connected to the beard, but otherwise he retained his youthfulness, thanks to the Saiyan's gene makeup. He still had the same slick spiky hair Vegeta had that swerved straight upwards, and his usual attire was a black plated battle armor with black shoulder pads and donned a dark blue cape. A black bodysuit could be seen underneath that spanned all the way to a black pair of boots. Even though he seemed well equipped thanks to his royal blood, his heart grew weary after hearing another Saiyan born with a battle power akin to that of a monster. He deemed that his pride and joy would outclass these three monsters and even though he couldn't touch Nao and Miya now, he currently had control of Broly thanks to Paragus placing him inside the special green pod. However even as he worried of this new monster of a Saiyan, another report would soon make his heart wrench even more, as once he arrived in the throne room, he saw a kneeling Gin.

Gin saw King Vegeta enter the throne room as he dragged himself in and before long he fluttered his cape before sitting down on his throne. After closing his eyes to clear his head, King Vegeta's right hand began tapping the throne's armrest. Gin became more nervous upon hearing his finger tapping but before Gin could make his report on a transmission the royal guards received from the Cold Force earlier today when King Vegeta was occupied in the Chamber of Pods, Gin saw King Vegeta open his eyes all of a sudden and made an announcement.

"Gin, the Prince has been successfully been born and placed inside the royal pod. The royal guard is now permitted to head outside again but the Palace is still restricted from any and all visitors. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

"Excellent. Now tell me why the hell you are in my throne room. I'm feeling rather annoyed at the moment so best you choose your words carefully."

"...This one understands, Your Majesty. This one will get right to the point. We received a transmission that His Imperial Majesty will arrive on our planet in two weeks. The Cold Force mentioned that His Imperial Majesty has an important announcement to make."

Once Gin finished speaking, loud cracks suddenly resounded in the throne room, as King Vegeta crushed the right armrest of the throne. Cold sweat began to drip down Gin's back.

"I already have enough problems on my plate! Why the hell must those bastards come now when I have to decide the sentence for Paragus's son? His anomalous readings poses a threat to our entire race. Lord Father had two deal with those two devil spawns and now I'm stuck with another. Damn it all!"

"...Your Majesty, I beg your forgiveness but this announcement appears to be rather important. Plus they notified us they made another technological breakthrough in this last year and have plans to give us upgraded equipment."

"Tch, the last thing on my mind right now is anything related to those bastards. I don't care if they want to give us better equipment! All I desire right now is to be alone. Gin, go finish your report and hand it over to Nappa and let him take care or it. Leave this room now, or else I'll make it so you will never leave this room again!"

"...This one understands, Your Majesty."

"Good, now leave me the hell alone!"

Not wanting to anger King Vegeta any longer, Gin sped up and immediately left the throne room with a tail between his legs, and once he vanished from sight did he heave a big sigh. Now that King Vegeta permitted the royal guard to head outside again, Gin wondered if he should report this to Nao and Miya. King Vegeta didn't even bring up anything related to these two as he banned the Palace about anything related to them so he did not report on the two's battle power status. In the end Gin decided to meet up with Fynn, Oliver and Parsi and would report to the twins next morning.

Meanwhile, back at Iona's residence.

Nao and Miya at their lunch with Iona before the two made their way back upstairs to Nao's room. It was rather compact as it only had a bed and nothing else but it the room suited its purpose, and it helped Nao' meditation. When the two were on Nao's bed, they felt a large Ki fluctuation coming from the Palace, and it felt very similar to the Ki Broly released but it was about half of Broly's power. Miya determined this Ki belonged to Vegeta and the two felt two more strong Ki fluctuations a day later. Miya determined these two fluctuations belonged to Broly. With how sensitive Miya was to Ki, she was quickly able to determine the situation at the Palace.

"Brother, it looks like Vegeta and Broly are now in their respective pods in the Palace. That stupid King probably saw Broly by now, don't you think brother?"

"You felt those three large Ki outbursts right? I hate to say it but I believe you are right Miya. Time seems to be moving onward relentlessly. It won't be much longer before that bastard sends Broly's pod off to planet Vampa."

"Do you have plans to save Broly, brother?"

"To be honest I'd rather have King Vegeta send him off to that planet. While I will miss out on a couple rewards, I'd rather have Kakarot take care of him. It's enough dealing with you, I don't want to deal with someone who has constant anger issues, haha."

"Hehe, of course you have to deal with me. I'm your little sister! Who cares about that dumb lug for anyways. Besides he eventually ends up making some friends so we can just introduce ourselves to Broly then, right? Hehe."

"That's definitely possible. I also can now feel King Cold's ship fast approaching. I guess its time to meet Frieza in a couple weeks. Let's go back down to Mama, shall we?"

"Of course, brother. Let's surprise Mama and use [Gate]!"