Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 39

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 39 36: King Cold's Retirement Final


[Gate] was a rather special skill Nao had been developing ever since he activated his Space Affinity. Ever since Nao became more attuned to Space, he could tell the difference between normal and space particles in the air around him whenever he activated his space aura, which always ended up being a bright golden color, a far contrast from his usual pale white aura that was attuned to his ice element. Every time Nao tried to bend space around him, it took out a lot of stamina, so as he continued his mediation, his stamina also improved alongside his increasing battle power. He still questioned himself whether he was ready or not to create the real thing but Miya ended up giving him the final push that was needed, and he was going to create his first [Gate] today. If he successfully created one, he could develop it even further to access the furthest reaches of space of the universe Nao currently resided in.

"Miya, even though I've been tampering myself these last few months, are you sure I'm ready to open a [Gate]? I still get pretty tired when I try to compress space to the extreme. But with enough compression, I'm sure the portal will reveal itself to the other side right?"

"You're such a worrywart, brother! You've been working hard. It's time for a practical test of it! Besides, Mama is downstairs right now preparing our lunch. The distance is only a few meters away. Surely a few meters won't scare big brother away, will it? Hehe."

"I suppose not...Well, what is never ventured is never gained. Besides we now have a bet with King Kai. This will be the first step to realizing that!"

Miya nodded at Nao's resolve and smiled at him. Nao jumped off his bed and decided to prepare himself. Gathering his Ki within, it soon gushed forth outwards, and soon Nao's body was covered in a pale white aura. He attuned his senses to the space element and soon the nearby space particles started to twinkle, before they converged around Nao and soon his aura changed that to of a golden color. Feeling this, Nao was ready for the next step. The particles around him were in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest being less than 1 millimeter long to as big as Nao's fist. He was able to grab hold of four spherical particles the size of his fist, and Nao started to sweat. Nao was currently 3'6 while Miya was 3'8 so his hands could only reach so far. He then extended his hand out in front of him and direct the four fist-sized particles to go into a separate corner in front of him and before long they were set in place. The overall size of the [Gate] reached about a foot longer than his height, reaching about 5' tall.

At this point in time, only the frame of the gate had been created, and on top of sweating, Nao started to pant a bit. However he then released more of his Ki, causing the four fist size spheres of the frame to shine brightly, before a crack in space started to open up before him. This crack in space slowly started to expand before it completely opened to all four corners of the 5' frame in front of him. Once the crack was fully formed, spacial distortions started to appear around the gate, and Nao quickly felt his energy draining as he tried to stabilize the distortions. He then burst forth more of his aura and an image started to appear within the darkness inside the space crack. A few seconds passed and the image fully formed, showing the kitchen on the first floor. Iona was still unaware of the [Gate] that appeared in Nao's bedroom, as it is currently only a one way [Gate] until the two walked through, before it materialized on the other side. Nao then collapsed on his butt, sweating and panting heavily, but this did not destabilize the gate once so ever. Once Nao stabilized the spacial distortions around the [Gate], the [Gate] itself became stable and once they passed through, he would will it to disappear.

"Hah...Hah...I didn't think it would drain this much out of me when it's only connected to the kitchen below...King Kai's planet is located in another plane in the Realm of the Living...Maybe I should've started with Lesser Teleportation..."

"Hehe, brother it really is not easy what you've been trying to do. You're literally forcing space to collapse on top of itself to the point where two different places in space meet each other. Your battle power has just started to grow rapidly, given more time and strength, you will definitely be able to collapse spaces between planes!"

"I really do need to put in more effort then. Perhaps obtaining a proper breathing and Ki cycling technique from one of those angels might be the best for me. With that I will eventually obtain the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan once my meridians are fully unblocked, and my strength will constantly rise once I'm in that state. It's quite unfortunate there is still two years to go..."

"Guess you got your future road map planned out for you then! Let's not keep Mama waiting any longer. She'll defintely become shocked once she sees a space crack form in front of her. Get your butt moving!"

"Yes, Yes..."

However, just as he started to regain his footing and sat up again, Nao suddenly felt a large impact strike against his butt. He could not sense any deadly intent coming from this strike but it still caused Nao a bit of pain, causing him to curse inwardly as he suddenly flew through the portal. It was none other than Miya who kicked him in the butt, and seeing him curse as he went through the portal, her smile grew wider and she giggled incessantly. However little did Nao not notice the figure within the [Gate]'s image that was directly before him, it was none other than his mother sitting at the table with cooked meat spread on top of various plates...

Year 732 Mid April Iona's Residence

The aroma of roasted meat wafted through the first floor as Iona smiled at the table as she finished setting it together with her two maids. Miya and Nao were quite rowdy upstairs and she could hear loud noises every now and then coming from Nao's room. Iona was going to head on up to tell that their lunch was ready for the day but before she got up from the table, she suddenly heard some noise coming directly behind her a couple meters away and felt a familiar energy spread through her body, just like the one her son released less than half a year ago when she saw him release that peculiar golden aura. Before she could remember more clearly, she turned around only to see four fist-sized golden spheres pop out of nowhere, shocking her greatly. She felt more curious at the sight of this as she did not feel any deadly intent coming from the four fist-sized golden spheres. She then saw the golden spheres shine a bit before locking into place, forming four corners and eventually a 5' frame that was large enough for a child to squeeze through.

Iona then saw the space within the frame forcibly get torn open until she saw pitch darkness spread across the entire frame. It did not show any images like when Nao created the frame on his side, as it only showed pure darkness, which scared Iona a bit. But before she could resume her focus on what was in front of her, a shadow quickly passed through the portal, quickly striking into Iona's bosom. Iona then smiled feeling familiar warmth that was unique to that of her children. Nao finally managed to reach the other end after being kicked in the butt by Miya. As Nao went through the [Gate], his vision blurred. Before he could regain his vision, Nao felt he struck against something extremely soft. Out of curiosity he raised his right hand and stretched it out upwards, before his hand grasped onto something far more soft than what he felt previously. It was large enough to fit his entire hand and even a bit larger. Only upon hearing a light m.o.a.n did Nao regain his vision, only to see himself collided against his mother's lap near the dining table. His right hand was currently fondling one of her mother's b.r.e.a.s.t, causing an awkward silence between the two. Nao looked up at his mother, unable to blink as he couldn't think of an excuse.

"...Little Nao, are you enjoying the feeling of my b.r.e.a.s.ts?"

Upon hearing this, Nao saw a weird smile form from his mother. Nao immediately retracted his hand, and hints of red soon appeared on his cheeks, blushing in embarrassment.

"...I'm sorry, Mama...It's that stupid Miya's fault for kicking me through the [Gate]!"

"Now, now, Little Nao. I've already said this countless times before, you shouldn't complain about your sibling, especially since she's your twin! I'll let this go by this time but if it happens again I'll take away your meals for the day. Is this the [Gate] you two were referring to?"

Nao nodded at her question. Nao then started to explain what happened prior just moments ago, and as he continued his explanation, Miya could see the scene unfold back at Nao's room. Her smile turned into a grin as she saw Nao fondle her mother's b.r.e.a.s.ts and she got into a stance as if she were ready to dash ahead. She then counted down in a playful manner.

"Three, two, one, let's go!"

After Miya finished her countdown, she dashed through the [Gate] in front of her. Her version slightly blurred but after a few seconds passed, another shadow immediately came through the [Gate]. Miya's figure struck against Nao and the force was strong enough to knock Iona and Nao onto the floor, creating a loud thud startling the two maids working in the kitchen. Little did they know this event was being watched by another who had a dumbfounded look on their face standing by at the doorway with it being open. Gin had just arrived only to see Miya pop out of the strange looking frame floating a couple meters away from Iona and Nao. Miya still enjoyed the warmth coming off Iona and Nao for a few moments before turning her head towards the front door.

Iona and Nao soon followed suit, only to see Gin staring at the three with his mouth wide open, unable to speak. Only then did he notice all three were looking at him, and he finally spoke up.

"Uhh, did I come at a bad time?"

"Fufufu, not at all Gin. It's more surprising to see you here. Feel free to come inside. Did something happen at the Palace again?"

"Yes. Pardon the intrusion then...The restrictions on the Palace have been somewhat lifted but it's still under a heavy lock down. But more importantly, what in blazes is that thing? I've seen lots of technology from various races we've conquered in the past but that looks like a f*cking portal!"

Gin soon approached the three, and started to point at the frame floating in the air with the four golden spheres located at each corner. Miya soon giggled after hearing him, and then answered his question.

"Hehe, it's mister Gin again. It's just as you've said. Brother here created a [Gate]!"

"A [Gate]...? This power doesn't even look like it belongs to us...Did this brat get stronger again? But that's besides the point why I'm here. I can only be here for a few moments, I don't want to anger His Majesty any further after already what has happened this last week. He'll suspect me if I'm gone for a longer period of time."

"Gin, what happened at the Palace?"

"You see, the next Prince was finally born early yesterday and was placed in the royal pod today. However, His Majesty discovered that one of the 12 special pods became occupied before placing the Prince inside the royal pod. This angered him greatly and the report I gave him a day later only further increased his anger. I'm lucky to still be living right now."

"So we finally have a new Prince...what did your report mention Gin?"

"This report is the most worrying thing out of everything that happened so far. His Imperial Majesty Great King Cold will be arriving again on our planet in two weeks time with an important announcement to make. This is all I came here to tell you three. If you don't need me for anything else I'll excuse myself."

"Thank you for this information Gin. I would welcome you to join us for lunch but you appear to be in a big hurry. You can return to the Palace now."

"Thank you for your understanding, Madam Iona. This one will take their leave then."

Gin bowed slightly at Madam Iona who was still on the ground with her two children in her embrace. Nao had long stopped fondling her b.r.e.a.s.ts at this point in time and his look became serious after hearing Gin's report. He then let out a sigh, knowing what was to come in the next two weeks. What the Saiyans had not known yet, would that King Cold announce his retirement, before giving all rights of his Cold Force to his son, Frieza, which he would introduce right after, and at this point would mark the beginning of Planet Vegeta's destruction...

Gin soon left the house, and Iona then looked down at her two children. Smiling, she lifted the both of them up, which was quite surprising considering she didn't fight, but she still had enough muscle to easily lift the both of her children off the ground. She then signaled Nao and Miya to start eating lunch as she didn't want the meat to go cold. Nao's reserves were quite empty now considering how much stamina it took out of him creating his first [Gate], and he couldn't take it any longer and dove right into the food on the table, and the food disappeared faster than any time they had eaten lunch previously. The trio then started talking about the result of Nao's first [Gate] and time started to speed up again as the sun fell beyond the mountain's horizons. Before the three knew it, two weeks have passed in a blink of an eye.

Year 732 Early May Planet Vegeta

Gin's report couldn't stay hidden from the Saiyan populace during these two weeks and while it was mainly known by the Palace and the elite district, the news of King Cold's arrival spread throughout the lower and middle class districts, but none of them could reach the docking bay attached to the Palace. In these two weeks, Nao did not create another [Gate] and decided to reflect on the sensations he felt when he created his first one during his meditations sessions, and surprisingly, at the end of the two week mark, he felt his meridians burst open again, unblocking another 1% and another surge of power spread throughout his body. He now could see his battle power rise by 25,000 this time, which was more than his previous 2%, so it did look like the more he opened them, the stronger he would become. His battle power now reached 175,000 after unblocking 13% of his meridians. In the end Nao and Miya decided to head off to the Palace's docking bay, awaiting the arrival of King Cold. The various maintenance workers and other elite Saiyans were quite surprised seeing two children arrive but once they saw their white and red hair, cold shivers ran down their spines as they remembered the end of the Saiyan-Tuffle War two years ago.

This day passed quite slowly as the Saiyans began to murmur among themselves after Nao and Miya arrived at the docking bay. The sun slowly rose and before long everyone started to hear sonic booms in the air. These sonic booms reached the Palace and signaled King Vegeta that King Cold had just entered the atmosphere. He wearily got up from his throne which still had the destroyed armrest and signaled the royal guard to come with him, including Gin, Fynn, Parsi and Oliver. It didn't take long for them to arrive at the docking bay and seeing their King arrive, the Saiyans at present all knelt, barring Nao and Miya. The two were focused on what was happening in the sky. King Vegeta saw the kneeling Saiyans in front of him, pleased at the sight but his sight soon wandered off to the left of the docking bay, spotting a white and red haired boy and girl. Blue veins started to pop out on his forehead but he scoffed after seeing Nao and Miya and turned his head back in front of him, at the kneeling Saiyans again. His presence soon swept the docking bay, making himself known to all. He walked to the middle of the docking bay in silence as the royal guard followed behind.

Hundreds of alien sh.i.p.s soon appeared below the atmosphere, causing shock to appear among t he Saiyans. There was quite a bit more this time than King Cold's first visitation last year. Every now and then a ship or two would collide into watchtowers in the lower and middle class districts, causing the Saiyans to curse back at them, as they cut down the towers in half. Before long King Cold's Mothership appeared and it didn't take long for it to hover over the Palace's docking bay. Loud hissing noises came off the ship as it slowly descended onto the ground. Only silence could be heard until the latch tied to the front frame of the ship popped off, soon revealing a moving metal bridge as it slowly extended to the ground. 12 distinct figures clad in white robes wearing unique masks immediately flew out as they lined up against the moving metal bridge. After the 12 figures aligned themselves, uproars spread across the Saiyans as 4 figures then descended onto the moving platform. King Cold came out first, followed by the young Frieza that floated next to him in his pod, then the scientist Kikono and strategist Berryblue. King Cold had a domineering presence, while Frieza had an evil smirk on his face. Kikono and Berryblue also grinned at the sight of the kneeling Saiyans. The only ones who weren't kneeling were Nao, Miya, King Vegeta and the royal guard.

Nao and Miya tried to stay out of the way, staying far off to the left of the docking bay, only wanting to witness the event taking place. Seeing King Cold and especially Frieza before him still took a toll on his heart. Nao saw the young Frieza step out off his pod and as his pinkish red tail touched the floor, his feet soon followed. Frieza felt two powerful gazes and he found a white and red haired Saiyan looking right at him out of curiosity. He smirked evilly at Nao and Miya and their gazes met briefly.


Frieza murmured to himself before looking back at his father and King Vegeta further away. King Cold got off the moving platform and greeted King Vegeta who still had blue veins popping out his forehead.

"It's been such a long time, King Vegeta!"

"It. .indeed has, Your Imperial Majesty."

King Vegeta then reached his hand out for a handshake, which King Cold ignored with a 'Humph' and immediately struck his son's back with his large palm, signaling him to come forward. He then introduced Frieza to the Saiyans.

"This here is my son, Frieza. You may address him as the 'Young Lord' after my announcement."

"I-It's a very nice pleasure to meet you, L-Lord Frieza."

After saying this, King Vegeta and and the royal guards behind him all knelt down on one knee. Seeing his Frieza's smirk soon turned to a smile.

"Ohohoho, The pleasure is all mine."

After Frieza greeted King Vegeta, King Cold got right to the point and made his announcement.

"I'll get right to the point. I will be retiring as of now and my son Frieza here will take over the current Cold Force. It will hereon be named the Frieza Force, but nothing else will change. Everything currently in effect will remain the same."