Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 4

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 4 1 Dual Anomoly

Year 725, North Area, Deep Space.

The space here is not completely void of life compared to the Plane Dimension. Every few seconds a planet would flash by and disappear back out of sight. Two orbs of light could be seen traveling very quickly, one seemingly a ball of pale white while the other about half the size and bright red. It is none other than Naoto and Miho, however Naoto still was not aware of this travel through space as he was currently in the process of reincarnating and was unconscious, and Miho acted as his guardian so he would not stray from his destination. However this did not stop those who took notice of these anomalies that appeared within Universe 7, and it was taken notice of the Kai watching over the North Area.

North Area, Heaven, King Kai Planet.

A sea of yellow clouds soon appeared within sight. In between the clouds stood a relatively small planet floating in the air, seemingly man-made. A paved path made of stone could be seen going across the center of the planet, with a few amount of trees scattered around. Placed between two of these trees stood a dome shaped one story house, that appeared to be made out of yellow marble stone. Another half-dome sized building stood next to it with what appeared to be metal shutters on it, made out the same material, a garage of sorts. Not far away from this house was a wooden circular table with 2 stools at each end. On top of one of the stools sat a figure with blue skin, large pointed ears, two antennae sticking out of their head, and dressed in a black garb. In the center of the garb had a symbol, which meant World King. This figure is none other than King Kai, who took notice of the two small orbs traveling at very fast speeds.

"How strange...I wonder how these two got here. One of them also doesn't appear to be human?..."

His antennae started twitching, as if he was trying find out where these two anomalies originated. He saw the smaller red orb appear to be guiding the bigger white orb. He saw the two soon stop before a large magenta planet, several times larger than planet Earth. He seemed to recall this planet used to be called the Plant Planet, but was subjugated by the Saiyans several decades ago and is now called Planet Vegeta. The two orbs stopped momentarily, then continued towards a certain spot on the planet, as if they found their destination.

The Saiyan planet, Planet Vegeta, was home to the Saiyan race, a warrior race who found joy in fighting strong enemies and had immense pride. The planet was split up into different social classes, first being the low-class warrior, then middle-class warrior, followed by the high-class and finally the royal lineage. The Saiyans were ruled by a patriarchal system, who took the same name during each generation. As the year is currently 725, the current King is King Vegeta the Second. It would not be until 6 years later would most people be familiar with King Vegeta, or known as King Vegeta III, who would be crowned as the next King, but that is a story for another time. The social class also is separated by the planet's natural elevation, with low class warriors being at the bottom, the closest to the ground, and where most of business occurs. Further up on the mountains with buildings carved into their natural structures stood the high-class warrior society.

Within one of these houses, a couple that just married recently after being pre-arranged by their families stood near their bed. A beautiful woman with black hair, a curvy figure and a tail wrapped around her waist could be seen drenched in sweat, panting, as if she was wracked in pain. A protruding belly could also be seen. Not too far away, two orbs flashed by very quickly and soon entered the house, directly flying into the woman's belly, and got absorbed into the two fetuses, that were about to be born. As if an eternity passed while being stabbed by countless knives, the woman gave her final push, and the local doctor from the high-class society welcomed the two newborns. However just as these two Saiyans were born, two bright flashes of light, one white, and one red, quickly blinded the room. These two lights started to dance around each other, as if they were celebrating the birth of new life, and eventually formed a helix that shot up into the sky.

All of the Saiyans took note of this strange dual-colored helix that shot up in the sky in shock. Those who were in the Palace also saw this occur. King Vegeta II quickly dispatched his elite guard to find out where it happened, as he couldn't look away from the sky, as he was amazed and never saw such a scene before. Before long one of his elite guards returned after finding out where it happened and knelt before the throne.

"Your Majesty! This phenomena just happened in the high-class district! We found the house and it appeared it was caused by the birth of twins."

King Vegeta II immediately stood up.

"Twins? A Pair of twins being born could cause such a scene? I must depart at once and see it with my own eyes!"

"But, Your Majesty..."

Immediately, King Vegeta II vanished from his throne, and reappeared in front of the elite guard and grabbed in by the neck, staring him down.

"Are you questioning my orders!?'


"No buts! Inform the other guards to stand by near the house. Bring the scientists and the gauge as well! We depart at once!"

Struggling, the elite guard managed to reply back with: "Yes, Your Majesty!" and soon fell down to the floor. Not before long, King Vegeta II vanished from the Palace and reappeared outside and started to walk down the Palace bridge. Palace Vegeta was situated at the largest peak of the planet and was hollowed out, and eventually the grand Palace was built. The Palace bridge connected it to the next area, the high-class district that had their houses carved inside the sides of the mountain.

The elite guard soon entered the back of the palace and found a couple of the royal scientists fiddling with their equipment. As he was tasked by his His Majesty to inform these people, he immediately did so. Not before long, the elite guard and a couple scientists could be seen rushing out of the Palace hoping to catch up to His Majesty who already departed. Sensing other people approaching, King Vegeta II's mouth soon curved up into an arrogant smile, and started to quicken his pace. He made it to the end of the bridge and started walking down the main steps .

High-class Saiyans could be seen doing about their business on the cliffs but as soon as they saw His Majesty walking down the main staircase, they saluted to him. Close to the final edge of the stairs he took a right and walked along another cliff-side. If one looked down from this cliff-side, hundreds of feet down, they could see various hills that situated more houses and stalls, the middle-class district. He soon reached the end of the cliff, only to see his stationed elite guard awaiting outside a carved door made out of high-quality wood. He could see windows further up, determining it to be a three-story house carved into the mountainside.

The stationed guards soon saw four figures approach, one to be another elite guard and three scientists shortly following. The scientists were wearing white lab-coats and hid their tails as they were non-combatants.

"Your majesty, you finally arrived!"

King Vegeta II nodded with a humph. Without knocking he opened the door and strode inside. The maids who were cleaning the kitchen and dining area were shocked to see the door suddenly swing open but all soon knelt due to the pressure King Vegeta II was giving off, not daring to say a word. Without looking around he found a spiral white marble staircase and started climbing up to the second floor. After arriving, he heard a commotion in the large room in the furthest room and assumed that room was the main bedroom of the household. Hearing a commotion outside the door, the husband looked at his wife and finally let out a sigh of relief after seeing her cradle the newly born twins and let go of her hand. He soon approached the the door and opened it. He then saw a stout tall man wearing battle armor and a cloak, had spiky sharp hair as if it were a mountain, a slanted mustache and a tail drooping down his side. After having a moment of shock, he realized this was none other than the King of Saiyans, King Vegeta II, and quickly knelt down on one knee.

"Y-your Majesty. May I dare ask why Your Majesty has graced us with your presence?"

"Cut the pleasantries. You know damn well why I'm here. Hell all of the planet knows by now. While we are a warrior race Saiyans we aren't that stupid."

"Y-Yes, of course. My apologies. It's just we never had this happen to us before and were wondering why us of all people. Our doctor confirmed the first child born is male, while the second born is female. We are truly blessed to have two children. But see here, the strangest thing here wasn't the the lights that flew into the sky but the hair color they were given."

"What could possibility be strange about the color of one's hair? Saiyans are either born brown or black! I don't give a damn about hair colors!"

"Y-your Majesty please have a look."

The husband soon went to his wife's side and she passed him their children, as she heard the conversation just now. After receiving the children in both arms, he went back to His Majesty and knelt down again, placing the two children down on the floor. King Vegeta II then took hold of the boy by his tail, shocking the parents. He took a few minutes looking at him and then looked at girl. His usual arrogance was replaced with shock.

"Why the hell is the boy's hair white and the girl's hair red!? Even their tails show the same color! Today isn't any different from any other day. Screw it I'll personally gauge these two. Pass me the power level gauge!"

The three scientists who were on standby near the door quickly passed him the device, with shaking hands, not daring to say a word. King Vegeta II quickly snatched it and switched on the device. Not before long rapid beeping sounds could be heard as he placed it over the boy. Beep Beep Beep. A number started to climb from 0, and after a few seconds passed, the beeping stopped at 1000. He then moved it over to the girl after he reset the device. After some beeping sounds the number also climbed and stopped at 1000. More shock was seen on King Vegeta's II face, then he let out a wild laugh, as if he turned crazy.

"Hahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Twins born with the exact same power level and their levels already reached 1000! Two more powerful Saiyans will soon join our ranks, I can already feel it as my blood is starting to surge. Today is an auspicious day. Prepare a suitable growing chamber for these two! I expect this to be done by tomorrow!'

"Yes Your Majesty!'

The scientists standing near the door replied back to King Vegeta II and rushed out of the room without looking back and darted right back towards the Palace, as if their life were on the line. King Vegeta II then tossed the children back to the husband, who hurriedly grabbed them, and after he confirmed the two children were in his arms, he let out a sigh of relief. Not looking back two children, King Vegeta II fluttered his cape, turned around and left the room. Soon after, he left the house and ordered the elite guard to return back with him to the Palace. Only the children, parents and the doctor were left in the bedroom, unable to say another word.