Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 40

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 40 37: Frieza

"I'll get right to the point. I will be retiring as of now and my son Frieza here will take over the current Cold Force. It will hereon be named the Frieza Force, but nothing else will change. Everything currently in effect will remain the same."

King Cold had already struck his fatherly hand on Frieza's back as he made his announcement to the kneeling Saiyans in front of him. A small uproar resounded throughout and a mixture of shock and confusion appeared on the Saiyans' faces. A few even shown disapproval as the Frieza in front of them as he appeared to be quite young but King Cold's next statement blew away the remaining disapproval, and even scared them a bit.

"Nothing else will change. The only thing that will be different is my son is far more cruel than I am."

Despite being padded on the back by his father, Frieza actually did not like his touching so Frieza swept King Cold's large palm away with tail. Frieza then stepped forward a few steps as King Vegeta still knelt down on one knee. He then looked back up at him, only to see an evil smirk on Frieza's face, causing a cold shiver to run down his spine. Frieza then spoke out to the Saiyan populace.

"Ohohohoho, calling me 'Young Lord' isn't necessary, 'Lord Frieza' will suit just fine. I have high expectations for all of you Saiyans. Lord Father has done well in acquiring all of you. I do hope that none of you will let me down."

Frieza then lowered his head and leaned forward, approaching closer to King Vegeta. Upon getting a close-up of Frieza, King Vegeta then lowered his head as he felt a hidden pressure encompass him. His cold shivers remained and continued to strike against his spine.

"I-It is a pleasure to s-serve under you, Lord Frieza."

Hearing this, Frieza's evil smirk then turned to a smile. He then continued his inauguration speech.

"Now then, to celebrate my inauguration today, the Frieza Force had come bearing a gift for all of you Saiyans. We have been quite busy in this last year and we successfully upgraded our scouting technology. We have here 500 units of our latest Scouters, which should suit you guys quite well instead of those trash you monkeys call scopes. You will find the meter to gauge battle power quite larger than your previous limit of 10,000."

Frieza then stepped backwards after he declared this. Several of Frieza's minions immediately stepped forth with several large slick silver-line suitcases that contained rows upon rows of the new Scouters, eventually totaling 500 units. These Scouters looked just like the ones Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta wore when they arrived on Planet Earth, allowing them to be equipped on their heads. Most of the scopes the Saiyans had previously were usually hooked up to a mainframe computer and were scavenged from the Tuffles during their decade long war. With the new Scouter being mobile as well, the Saiyans will have an easier time determining which planets will suit them better for conquest. Frieza then turned to his left to see Berryblue right next to him holding one of the briefcases. He then grabbed hold of one of the Scouters and situated it on his right eye. If one were to compare the old to the new, the only thing they retained was the same color scheme the panel had, which was a bright green color.

"Allow me to show you Saiyans the use of these Scouters. On top of being able to gauge an opponent's power level, it also serves as a communication device. It will serve well in group missions. Now lets see.."

Frieza tapped a couple buttons on the Scouter's edge and soon the nearby Saiyans heard some beeping sounds come from it. They then saw Frieza look around, only to raise his head until it landed at the Palace's watchtowers further behind the docking bay. There was one watchtower off to the right and one off to the left, and the scouter picked up a couple signals coming from each of them. King Vegeta then raised his head again only to see Frieza smirking. King Vegeta then saw Frieza raise his right hand, only to feel a deadly energy converge at the tip of his index finger, before it shone a purple light. The light converged into a small beam and it instantly shot at the right tower, accurately striking the Saiyan through the chest who was currently taking aim at him. A loud bang struck the watchtower before part of the building collapsed and rubble started to fall. Frieza then took this opportunity to launch another Death Beam at the other watchtower, only to end in the same result with it crumbling down, striking against the Saiyan who was also taking aim at him. Only a few seconds passed before the scouter's number rose to 2000 and 2500 respectively when he saw the two figures off in the distance. The deadly purple energy that converged at Frieza's fingertip soon vanished, before a calm demeanor resumed on his face. He then looked back down at the Saiyans.

"Well there you have it, Saiyans. Hiding a battle power of 2000 and 2500. As you Saiyans can see the Scouter only took mere seconds to finish the scanning. They are quite convenient, aren't they, hmm?"

Frieza then lowered his head again at King Vegeta and his smirk only grew wider. King Vegeta actually tried to launch a sneak attack against Frieza but now he could only lower his head in shame, seeing that his plan was foiled before he could even launch it. Berryblue then stepped up, only to set down one of their many silver-line suitcases in front of King Vegeta, before passing a scouter into his hand. Berryblue then stepped back and headed back onto the Mothership. King Vegeta did form a fist out of anger earlier but now that he had something to grasp onto, the scouter soon couldn't withstand his pressure and started to crack. Frieza did not care seeing this and soon he turned around and started to head back to where King Cold was. But the two Saiyans who stared at him out of curiosity streaked across his mind again, and Frieza turned his head to the left, only to see that they were still there.

Nao and Miya saw Frieza look at the two again and the display he showed earlier, Nao could only sigh at King Vegeta's incompetency. What the two didn't expect was that Frieza actually started to slowly walk towards the two. Nao tensed up as he was put on the spot, and the other Saiyans saw Frieza walk towards Nao and Miya but remembering that they were two monsters in disguise, none of them spoke up. Once Frieza was in arms length of Nao, only then did he get a good look at Frieza. But all of sudden, he saw Frieza press a couple buttons on his Scouter again, only to hear some more beeping.

"Ohohoho, you two are quite an oddity around here. I didn't think you monkeys came in multiple colors, but to think there would be one white and one red. Let's have a look at your power level shall we?"

As Frieza already turned on the Scouter again, he soon saw the number climb rapidly. Frieza was not dumb seeing that the two in front of him were mere children but his intrigue grew once the number went past 1000 after a couple seconds. It did not stop once it even reached 5000, nor 10,000. Once it started rising past 10,000, a mix of emotions soon surged through Frieza. It did not even stop at 25,000 and the number quickly started rising even more. Once it passed 50,000 his intrigue still remained and according to the report he received a year ago, the two in front of him almost had enough power to rival Captain Ginyu and sure enough the number crossed to 100,000. However even a hint of shock appeared on Frieza's face even though he didn't show it as the number continued to climb, all the way till the Scouter stopped beeping at 175,000. Captain Ginyu could reach a maximum of 120,000 battle power once he released his full power but to think that two monkey children would outclass him, Frieza had never heard of such a thing before. Even a hint of fear soon started to sprout within the depths of his heart. Frieza's smirk was wiped away and King Cold saw him turn serious, which surprised him a bit.

"A battle power of 175,000...are you two really Saiyans?"

Upon seeing the Scouter's final reading, Frieza said this loud enough for it reach everyone's ears who were currently at the docking bay, including King Vegeta. King Vegeta remained silent but he soon felt a large pain in his heart and started to cough out some blood. A couple of the nearby royal guards rushed to his side, and tried to provide some support but King Vegeta remained silent and soon the Scouter in his hand was crushed apart. Nao did not care for King Vegeta at all at this point in time and he looked up back at Frieza, only to nod. Miya, who was currently beside Nao remained silent.

"Very think that the Saiyans had the capability of raising such a monster. Why don't we play a little game, hmm?"

If one had a close look at the three, it almost seemed like three children were about to play a game. Nao's height currently was at 3'6, Miya at 3'8 and Frieza himself was only at 5'0. He was rather short but even now, if there was anyone who mentioned about how tall he was, he would defintely kill them without battling an eye, as this was considered one of Frieza's greatest taboos. Nao saw raise his same right hand as he started to see purple Ki converge at the tip. Seeing this, Nao knew he add to act immediately and soon released all of his aura, and the temperature began to drop and Frieza started to feel somewhat cold. As Frieza focused on creating the Death Beam at his fingertip, he saw frost began to spread out below the boy's feet and also saw him covered in a snow-white aura. The Death Beam finally converged and Frieza shot it at the boy, striking at his chest. Only a second passed before it entered Nao's aura but he was able to react quick enough by gathering his ice Ki on his fist and managed to strike at the Death Beam with Frost Fist.

A blast of cold air soon swept up the surroundings and the nearby Saiyans started to shiver. Even the minions of the Frieza Force were blown back a few feet, also feeling a sudden temperature drop. Seeing that the Saiyan boy in front of him successfully countered his attack with his own, this result was satisfactory and a grin appeared on Frieza's face.

"You appear to be slightly worth more than your average monkey unlike those fools over there. The Frieza Force always welcome strength that can assist me in taking over the rest of the universe. We've already come so far, but it seems there are still hidden powerhouses out there. This planet can only hold you for so long, you are welcome aboard whenever you decide to ditch it."

Nao knew that he would never join Frieza to help him take over the rest of the universe but he decided to remain silent and nodded his head again at Frieza, confirming his words, all while dispersing his fully powered up aura. The air around the docking bay slowly grew warmer again and the frost beneath Nao soon melted. Nao then saw Frieza turn around and suddenly whipped his tail at Nao, striking against his chest and this caused Nao to tumble backwards a bit, falling on his butt. Before he could do anything Nao saw Frieza signal for Kikono to come over, who also was currently holding another silver-lined briefcase. Without saying anything, Kikono opened it up and grabbed two Scouters out of it, and afterwards Frieza took off his and placed it back inside the suitcase. Frieza then started to walk back to King Cold but Kikono remained behind. He handed the two Scouters over to Nao and Miya before he closed the suitcase and retreated back to the Mothership. Seeing Frieza return to his side, King Cold then looked back at the Saiyans, before he decided to conclude today's gathering.

"All of you Saiyans are now part of the Frieza Force. I do hope you all will get along with my son and serve him well. We will come back to this planet periodically just like today for any important announcements to make but besides that, you Saiyans can continue to do the missions assigned to you. We will now take our leave."

Frieza then hovered up in the air before he gracefully landed back inside his floating pod. King Cold then fluttered his cape before heading back onto the moving platform. The 12 mysterious figures that donned strange masks suddenly vanished from view and before long the other minions entered the Mothership and their other sh.i.p.s. It didn't take long before the Mothership started to twist and flatten itself, before it sped off back up into the atmosphere, leaving Planet Vegeta. The only things that remained behind were the silence of the Saiyans and piles of silver-lined suitcases laying around everywhere. Realizing their boss is now gone, the royal guards immediately attended to King Vegeta.

Nao then took this time to release more of his aura, before it changed to a golden color. He grabbed four smaller golden spheres around him and placed it large enough to where it covered himself and Miya, before a space crack suddenly appeared beneath them. An image of their cliff-side soon appeared and once it became clear, Nao and Miya dropped down into the [Gate] and vanished from the docking bay, shocking the Saiyans who were still looking at them. King Vegeta struggled to get up and departed back to the Palace in silence. It didn't take long before the other elites and maintenance workers to start clearing the docking bay and returned to their duties and work. Peace soon came over Nao and Miya again as they arrived back at their home. Nao managed to survive an attack from Frieza!