Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 41

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 41 38: A Race Against Time I

Year 732 Early May Planet Vegeta Iona's Residence

Once docking bay quieted down, machine-like whirring noises began to echo again once everyone departed. Seeing the two main stars, Nao and Miya, suddenly vanish before them could only leave the departing Saiyans dazed. Meanwhile, only a few seconds passed as Nao and Miya passed through the space portal before four smaller golden spheres suddenly popped out of nowhere at their house. Iona was currently chatting with her two maids before she felt a familiar disturbance in the air, and saw a space crack, a bit wider than the first one she had seen, appear before her very eyes. However once she saw the small golden spheres appear, instead of spreading out in front of her vertically like the first one she saw, the four spheres spread out horizontally further up in the air, only to form a 6' frame, wide enough to squeeze two children in. After the space crack split open the frame became endless darkness and before long Iona saw two shadows drop down from up above.


The two shadows fell quickly and struck the ground, which knocked up some dust and obstructed the view. Iona coughed lightly with the dust lingering in the air before two figures could soon be seen, one on top of the other. Nao felt something large and warm placed on his chest and felt something furry streak across his face. The dust still obstructed his view at this time and when Nao tried to open his mouth to call out to Miya, the tip of Miya's tail accidentally slid into Nao's mouth. Miya started to feel a slight moisture cling onto her tail but as the dust was still settling she couldn't see that well. Immediately following that, dust entered into Nao's mouth, causing him to cough. He couldn't get the dust of his mouth and he accidentally ended up biting down on Miya's tail. Similar to when a dog or cat gets their tail squeezed, Nao's bite reached the skin of Miya's tail causing a massive cold shiver to streak up her body, immediately following a large shriek.


Iona became started by Miya's shriek but before she could react, Miya yanked her tail out of Nao's mouth and with a tear in her eye and puffed cheeks, she formed a fist with her right hand. With a reverse uppercut, her fist swooped down, striking at his chest with her full power. Nao suddenly felt a fast impact strike against his chest and since he had his guard down, he couldn't resist it. Together with the dust, this strike took the wind out of his lungs and the force was strong enough that he flew back and skidded across the dining table, and still continued all the way until the spiral staircase leading to the second floor. As the wind was taken out of his lungs from Miya'a reverse uppercut, Nao became dizzy once his back struck against the steps. Before long, his head started to spin and he could faintly see tiny birds twirling above his head before he passed out.

Several seconds passed and Iona only saw a once clean first floor become dirty again. On top of that, Miya was currently flaring her fiery fed aura as a look of anger was currently shown in her eyes. She seemed to be looking at something passed her and once Iona shifted her view towards the staircase, she could now see an unconscious Nao. Seeing her children separated across the room now, she debated which one to go to first, but after seeing her son unconscious, she decided to tend to her daughter first, who was still angry at her tail being bitten. Iona approached Miya, who was only a couple meters away, but as she got closer, she saw small flames dance around her and the temperature started to slowly rise. Droplets of sweat appeared on Iona but she only took a few seconds before she arrived before Miya, only to take Miya into her embrace immediately after. Iona started to rub her head and before long, the temperature surrounding them started to lessen again as Miya's fiery red aura soon dissipated. Miya then burrowed her head deep into Iona's chest, which distracted the pain she just received to her tail. A few seconds passed in silence like this before Iona signed her two maids to make sure her son is not in any danger. The two maids immediately arrived at Nao's side, only to see a slight indent in the shape of a fist in his chest but otherwise, he appeared to be fine and breathing, which the two let out a sigh of relief, and then nodding at Iona. Iona then questioned her daughter on what just happened.

"Little Miya...I know you like to bicker with your brother, but what exactly happened this time for you to punch him like that? The dust was in the way so it was a bit hard to see what happened."

" kind of happened on reflex,, he...he bit my tail! It really hurt!"

"Now, now, Little Miya. I wasn't going to bring this up in hopes for you and Little Nao to understand yourselves, but hopefully by now you two have taken notice as to why most, if not all of our Saiyan warriors keep their tails hidden from grasp. As you've just experienced, we have a couple weak points, one being the full moon, and the other is our tails. Even though I'm not a warrior, I still keep my tail wrapped tightly around my waist, largely because your Papa was one of our strongest warriors...Little Miya, our tail could be said to be our most sensitive part of our bodies, even if this happens again, if you keep a firm grasp of your tail, it won't easily be in reach next time. You two should start keeping your tails around the waist..."

" still stings...I accidentally punched brother out of reflex...Ah! That's right, where's brother!?"

"Fufufu, Little Nao flew straight across the dining table from your little fiasco from earlier. Thankfully the stairs caught him. He's a little beat up but you don't need to worry. Little Miya."

Hearing this caused Miya to inwardly sigh out in relief. She then started started to squirm out of her mother's large C-Cup b.r.e.a.s.ts and she could've sworn she heard a ding from Rebirth during her fit of anger just moments ago. Before she flew off to assist her brother, Miya had one more look at her mother's b.r.e.a.s.ts, which caused a slight hint of red to appear on her cheeks. Just thinking about the size of her current b.r.e.a.s.ts, Miya thought that hers would grow just as big or even bigger in the near future, but at the moment, Miya's had just started developing into two small flower buds, waiting to bloom. She still had several years to go before she reached the start of her puberty. She then shook her head slightly dispelling her thoughts and quickly rose up into the air. It only took her a second before Miya flew over the dining table, before landing down in front of Nao. She immediately started to take off his pristine black battle armor disregarding the worried look of the two maids. With a loud thud, she placed Nao's battle armor off to the right of the stairs.

Even though they've been taking baths together ever since Nao woke up from his deep sleep that last a year two years ago, their bodies slowly started to develop. Miya slightly blushed at the sight of Nao's bare chest. While Saiyans did resemble that of monkeys, a Saiyan's body was rather bare when it compared to a monkey's fur. Most of it either went to their hair or their tail while keeping the rest of a Saiyan's body bare, just like how bare humans were on Earth. Sure enough after looking at Nao's developing muscles that no longer had any baby fat on them, she saw a small fist-like indent in Nao's chest. She then traced her small hand along the injury. While there was no blood, it would likely cause a massive bruise when it starts to heal. Despite being more slender, she managed to pick up Nao quite easily, and she confirmed there was indeed a Rebirth notification right before Nao passed out. Smiling at her brother for a moment, she then turned towards Iona.

"Mama, I will go on ahead and bring and take care of brother upstairs. He may be asleep for the next 24-48 hour, but Mama doesn't need to worry. Brother was quite exhausted after that really tall man arrived at the docking day earlier today. Guess he was too tired and passed out after he received my surprise attack earlier, hehe."

"A really tall man? Guess you must be referring to that King Cold person then. Seeing you two come back safely relieved me very much and once Little Nao recovers, you two will explain to me what happened today, okay Little Miya?"

"Yes, Mama~"

Hearing this caused Iona to smile at her daughter. Iona then saw Miya scurry on up the staircase and then signaled her two maids to straighten the dining room before preparing for dinner which was still a few hours away.

Meanwhile, a few moments earlier after Nao flew into the staircase, a familiar ding resounded after he started to lose his conscious. Nao struggled for a bit before listening to what it was.

"Ugh...what is it now...?"

[*Ding! Rebirth has detected host is about to enter a state of unconsciousness. Due to the encounter with Frieza earlier, Rebirth was unable to correlate Frieza's stats to reflect correctly in host's memory. Would you like to upgrade Rebirth's system view to match the world host currently resides in? Warning, this will remove the game-like statistics and will instead display more accuracy to that of the D*Z World.]

" think Rebirth would offer such an upgrade. Perhaps this would be a downgrade considering it from a different angle. However, it was quite weird for Rebirth to display Gamer-like stats in a world like this where it won't matter much. The only thing that is really in abundance here is Ki...Sure, why not? This way I can focus more on training and not have to worry about putting the points I earn into which stat. This type of view should definitely be saved for the next world I'm planning to reincarnate into..."

[*Ding! Congratulations, host has accepted the system upgrade. Due to host's current injury, host will undergo another Full Recovery boost as well. Remaining time for upgrade to finish : 47 Hours : 60 Minutes : 59 Seconds. Host will now lose consciousness in]

Before Nao could fully process as to why he would go through another Full Recovery boost, he saw the number reach one, and immediately after, he lost consciousness.

Following back to the present, Miya carried a now half n.a.k.e.d, unconscious Nao and arrived at his room a few moments later. Miya took a mental note of the remaining time Nao had which was lightly under 10 minutes under the previous timer now. She hoped that nothing important would happen during her brother's rest. After she laid him across the bed, she removed the rest of his clothing, stripping him n.a.k.e.d. She had a quick look down below and saw that Nao's member was still quite small and cute. She blushed a bit and wondered when the two of them would go through more growth spurts, but she guessed only time would tell. She then dr.a.p.ed the bed covers over him and confirmed that he was now snoring peacefully, waiting for Rebirth to finish upgrading its system. Miya then returned back downstairs and despite Iona saying she would wait to hear about today's event until Nao woke up, Miya started to explain what happened regardless and dinnertime soon arrived. The two talked some more and ate before retiring back to their rooms for the night and before long, the sun set beyond the magenta mountains before rising again, signaling the next day.

The Next Day, Palace Vegeta.

Two days ago Paragus returned back after completing another successful mission assigned by now called Frieza Force. He rested for a day and as he was originally born into the elite class district, he was able to watch Frieza's inauguration at the docking bay. He was quite frightened at Frieza's display in strength but more so at Nao and Miya who the former was actually able to ward off an attack by such a monster that is now the Saiyans' new Lord. King Vegeta didn't give any notice to Paragus after the event ended and only saw him retreat back into the Palace in silence. He figured then wasn't a good time so he spent the rest of the day back in the elite class district. The next day he received a summons directly from King Vegeta and hurried to the Palace first thing in the morning with a worried look. He was practically sprinting once he arrived at the doors leading to the throne room, only to be blocked by Gin and Fynn standing in front of the doors.

"Colonel Paragus!"

"Hey! Get the hell out of my way!"

"Please wait, Colonel Paragus!"

Gin and Fynn tried to resist him but Paragus still forced his way through opening the doors, before kneeling down in front of King Vegeta. Oliver signaled with his left hand, who was standing off to the tight, to Gin and Fynn, telling them it was fine for him to enter. Paragus then spoke out to King Vegeta in concern.

"Your Majesty, please forgive my discourteous behavior. I hear you're planning to send my son Broly to an outer world by Pod?"