Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 42

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 42 39: A Race Against Time Ii

"Your Majesty, please forgive my discourteous behavior. I hear you're planning to send my son Broly to an outer world by Pod?"

"That's right."

"Your Majesty, I beg your forgiveness but that job is only for the low class Saiyans! Why are you sending my Broly to an outer world?"

"If he could develop enough to conquer that world, he will turn into an even better warrior. Sending Saiyans to unknown worlds, eliminating all potential threats, conquering the planet and then selling it off to the highest bidder is the livelihood of our Saiyan warrior race. Your son is of no exclusion to that."

"But Your Majesty, my son's destination, the planetoid Vampa, is an inhospitable planet that houses no people on it. I do not see how this planetoid could sell for very much, Your Majesty."

Upon hearing this, King Vegeta stopped speaking for a moment. His face turned serious and a slight frown appeared.

"Your son's latent abilities have been showing abnormal levels within the last couple weeks. He could even be called a monster compared to the other Saiyans. Someday, if these abnormal levels keep elevating, the mental state of your son will unable to be maintained, and if that happens, he will not only pose a threat to our Saiyan race, but to the universe altogether. You should be grateful that I'm just sending him to an outer world."

Meanwhile, turning time backwards a bit, when the morning first started.

Before Colonel Paragus entered the throne room, Miya and Iona were well into their day as Nao continued to sleep. He fell asleep around three-o-clock in the afternoon the day before, and about 18 hours have now passed, resulting in his timer of being roughly 30 hours left. Miya informed her mother that she would step out and head to the docking bay for a certain reason and Iona complied. Miya flew out of the house and it didn't take long before arriving at a certain launch pad. She saw a couple Saiyans, including Beets, who were doing their work and upon seeing the red-haired Saiyan arrive, they all gulped down their saliva, before resuming their work. Miya just took this time to sight-see and wait at the launch pad Broly was going to be sent off. Her brother did confirm that Broly should be launched and Miya came to make sure that his pod was launched successfully. Perhaps Nao didn't remember minor characters such as Beets, and she thought of whether or not to save him, as if he entered the ship Paragus would force his way into, Beets's death would be all but certain shortly arriving on planet Vampa, only to be shot to death by Paragus himself. Beets would count as a Saiyan her brother could rescue once Planet Vegeta blew up, resulting in another 25K RP, and in the end Miya decided she would interfere so Beets wouldn't get on the ship. Paragus knew how to successfully fly one anyway for being in the Vegeta force for so long as a Colonel, Beets mainly entered because he was worried for Paragus. As the ship Paragus entered originally contained food and supplies for two people, Paragus would still be able to live through Vampa for a while just like he did originally, even if Beets wasn't present. Miya plopped her soft butt down onto the ground and sat cross-legged, which only caused the nearby Saiyans to sweat even more. However seeing as she only looked around out of curiosity and that she didn't move from her spot, the surrounding Saiyans could only curse inwardly. This was the docking bay connected to Palace Vegeta after all, most of the Saiyans present saw that her brother managed to block an attack by Frieza, so they wouldn't dare approach her either.

After Miya sat down at the docking bay, time seemed to move along again and Miya saw a rushed shadowy figure scurry along the Palace bridge, assuming the figure was none other than Colonel Paragus. Moving time back to the present, Paragus became enraged after King Vegeta finished speaking. He took a step back with his right leg and pointed at King Vegeta.

"How could you do this!? Wait...I know now. Your Majesty must be jealous of my Broly's latent abilities is higher than the Prince's to the extent that you would send him off to a planet that is void of all life just to silence him!"

"SILENCE! One more word out of you like that and you will wind up dead right here in my Palace. are already too late. By now, your son is already being launched off into space as we speak."


From when Miya sat down at the docking bay to the time it is now, a couple hours have already passed. As Miya was currently sitting, she saw one of the onsite flight controllers wave their glowing red sticks, signaling that one of their launch pads was about to open out from the ground. Before long, a pod emerged and soon shot out into the sky above, which Miya looked upwards until the pod vanished from view. Seeing that Broly was successfully launched, a smile appeared on her face. However, Paragus couldn't take it any more after hearing that his son was being launched into space without his consent, and he rushed out of the giant doors of the throne room, disregarding the presence of King Vegeta. He then started to fly and immediately broke through one of the windows on the left side of the hallway, which caused a bunch of glass to shatter onto the ground, and then he vanished from sight before the onsite royal guards could calm him down. It only took a few minutes for Paragus flying at top speed to arrive at the docking bay. The Saiyans working there saw Paragus arrived in a distressed manner, before making way to one of the sh.i.p.s that were currently docked. A couple of the Saiyans, including Beets tried to stop him but instead Paragus just yelled again.

"Out of my way! I need to go after my son!"

"Colonel Paragus, please wait! You're not authorized to take that ship!"

"Any authorization can go to hell! My son just got launched into space and I need to go retrieve him!"

A couple of the engineers, including Beets, tried to keep Paragus at bay from heading into the center ship off to the left but it proved no use as he used his strength to break free of their grasp. He immediately stomped on the ground and forced his way onto the ship. It appeared to be quite advanced thanks to the Cold Force taking over a year ago and despite being an unauthorized personnel, he still kept receiving warnings over the radio that he wasn't allowed to be inside. In the end he started pressing various buttons and switches, and before long the ship started to light up, and was ready to drive. It had an autopilot feature so after inputting in the coordinates to Vampa, Paragus would be able to relax during the flight. However at this time, Beets, who became dazed after Paragus broke free of his grasp, tried to come into the ship behind Paragus, but all of the sudden, he felt something tug on his legs and felt he couldn't move anymore. He turned around only to see nothing behind him, until he looked down and saw Miya staring right back at him out of curiosity. As one of the two monsters was right behind Beets, a cold shiver immediately went down his spine, locking him into place.

"M-Miss Miya, what can I do you for you? You probably saw just now but Colonel Paragus is not authorized to drive the ship he just entered! I need to stop him before he enters the atmosphere!"

Beets then saw Miya shook her head, and refused to let go. He then heard a light fairy-like voice escape from her mouth which dazzled him a bit, seeing as this was the first time he heard Miya's comforting voice.

"Mister Beets, why don't you accompany me for a bit? It looks like Uncle was going to drag you into that ship but he already went on ahead. If Mister Beets values his life, you will let Uncle leave in peace."

"U-Uncle? Is Miss Miya referring to Colonel Paragus as Uncle? But why....that's not the point! I'm an engineer and we have protocols that we follow. Colonel Paragus is breaching it and we have to follow up with our securities! I must go to him before the ship leaves. Let me go!"

"Sigh...It seems Mister Beets here really does not value their life. But...oh! Would you look at that, hehe!"

As Beets was turned around looking at Miya down below who was still a couple feet shorter than him, upon hearing her words, his head immediately turned around again and looked forward towards the edge of the docking bay. Popping air sounds soon echoed as the launcher cables attached to the ship popped off and the entrance latch closed up. It began to whir loudly before it lifted up into the air, and soon the ship vanished from view, leaving behind a dumbfounded Beets. Beets tried to run after the ship but thanks to Miya's grasp on his leg, he only fell down, knocking up some dust as he struck the floor. His head then turned around again and surprisingly, he yelled at Miya.

"Do you realize what you've done!? You just let an unauthorized ship enter space! Oh man, my life is so done for..."

Meanwhile, back in space, a couple Saiyan sh.i.p.s could be seen in orbit floating around in a circular manner around Planet Vegeta. All of a sudden, a loud boom echoed, startling the couple of sh.i.p.s as another one sped outwards from Planet Vegeta before it disappeared from view, twinkling into the void of space. Within the ship, Colonel Paragus could be seen sitting in the c.o.c.kpit as he had his both hands on the throttle with it fully shifted upwards. He appeared to have a serious look on him, borderline crazy as he scrunched his face, shifting his eyebrows downwards. Soon an angry-sounding voice escaped from Paragus's mouth.

"I knew King Vegeta would be jealous of my son's potential. Even if the Prince's potential is record-breaking, my son still far outweighs the Prince's! Just you wait King Vegeta, once I rescue my son from that damnable planet, I WILL have my revenge!"

As Paragus began to laugh maniacally, plotting his revenge for the future against King Vegeta. However, he would not be able to take action against the Saiyans until more than forty years down the line, and as of now another Saiyan started to dread on what just happened, all of because of a certain prankster that stopped Beets in his tracks. Back down at Planet Vegeta, Miya began to giggle at the sight of Beets who was currently cursing inwardly as he continued to lie down on the hard ground. He did really appear to be quite funny to Miya at the moment despite on what just happened a moment ago.

"Hehe, you know Mister Beets, if you joined Uncle in that ship, you would've started a long one-way journey onto the path of hell with no return. You did remember to check the coordinates he set, right~?"

"Coordinates...? That's right! He set his destination to the 94th outer ring that's currently in our solar system...Damn it, that's really far away! What planet was his destination?"

Before Beets could fiddle around with his equipment to determine the Planet Paragus set course to, Miya decided to answer it for him, considering she was a walking encyclopedia. Everything that she saw from Nao's memory, which covered from the beginning of the story all the way to D*S, she was able to perfectly memorize each scene. Even if Nao failed to remember certain parts, Miya would always be there to back him up.

"Mister Beets, you might want to double check your eyesight. It was set course for planet Vampa! This planetoid has almost to no life readings and is quite desolate, altogether being surrounded by a rather large meteor storm. Imagine yourself getting unlucky, and several meteors struck against your ship, causing a crash landing. I saw that Uncle had limited food and supplies. Life here back on our planet seems better all of a sudden, don't you think, Mister Beets? Hehe."

Hearing the scenario coming from Miya, Beets unconsciously played it out in his mind, before realizing that such a probability was highly probable! And in fact it actually happened where the two crash landed onto planet Vampa, and it destroyed the ship's hover core, stranding them to die, but the Beets now did not know about this. However, cold shivers went down his spine as he began to think more and more on how likely that was to occur. He realized that he dodged a bullet!