Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 43

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 43 40: A Simplified Interface

Thinking that he had just dodged a bullet, cold sweat continued to pour down Beets body as he continued to lie flat on the ground. If one got a closer look at Beets, he appeared to be rather slim and tall. A couple of his defining features were prominent cheekbones as well as two dark black shadows outlining his eyes that connected to his eyebrows. These shadows made Beets seemed that he hasn't rested in weeks, but in actuality it was just part of his face. Beets had some internal muscle but they clearly weren't as developed as Miya's brother. Beets' hair was shorter and had less spikes compared to Nao's hair as well, and there wasn't a pattern to it; Beets' spikes just pointed upwards. One could clearly tell Beets was a non-combatant, and even among Broly's weaker readings that were less than 1000, he still had far less battle power than him. While he was a devote follower to Colonel Paragus, thanks to Paragus's actions just now and through Miya's inquiry, he started to question or not he was following the correct Saiyan.

Every being in the universe who've met the Saiyan race and even the Saiyans themselves had a popular saying, which was 'Who in their bright minds would trust a Saiyan?'. Even though Beets technically followed Paragus, he had to work hard to earn his trust, thanks to being part of a warrior race where a Saiyan could back-stab you at any point in time. As Beets continued to lie down flatly on the ground, his head turned back again to Miya who was still pinning him down onto the ground with her small hands. She had fiery red straight hair that flowed down to her shoulders. A small perky nose with sharp sword-like eyebrows. Various strands of her hair also covered most of her forehead as bangs and her skin was smooth as a pearl, unlike most of the Saiyans who mostly had their bodies built of muscle. He didn't dare to look further down at her body though as he remembered the final battle of the war two years ago, and didn't want to earn her wrath. But all in all, Beets' current situation was rather grim, as he suddenly remembered that he broke the docking bay's protocol.

"M-Miss Miya. While I do thank you for stopping me from boarding the ship Colonel Paragus just stole, I fear I may be severely reprimanded for it. If word of this gets out, I don't even know what they are going to do to me!"

"Hehe, Mister Beets, you don't need to worry about that! I came down here for a reason and what just happened was why I came here. Otherwise I would still be taking taking care of brother during his sleep instead of waiting here at this noisy place."

"Still...I still let someone steal one of our sh.i.p.s. I probably won't be allowed to work here anymore."

"Hehehe. If I said that Mister Beets' doesn't need to worry about it, then you don't need to! Even if that stupid King comes himself, Mister Beets can just say you're now under our protection."

At this time, Beets' ears perked up after Miya mentioned that King Vegeta was a 'stupid King' and a look of dread immediately appeared on his face. He then reached his right hand to cover Miya's mouth in hopes for her to not mention something like that again but before his hand reached all the way, he saw Miya flare her aura up and he started feeling hot all of a sudden. Only to be followed by a fast shadow that he couldn't track, he heard a loud bang and felt something hard strike against his chest, causing him to spiral outwards towards the empty lot the ship used to be on. He spurted out a mouthful blood and felt his body was a wreck as several bones became broken after being hit in the chest by Miya's punch upon falling down onto the ground. Surprisingly he didn't lose consciousness but he was in the midst of struggling trying to have a look at Miya again. Only a few seconds passed before Miya stood up and walked over to Beets. She then squatted down near his face, and lifted her left index ringer, only to wag it to the left and to the right in a joking manner.

"Now, now Mister Beets. Don't get too ahead of yourself. You see, only brother Nao and Mama are the ones who can touch me directly. I only took an interest in stopping you after watching you work your job for most of the day. I feel you have the most potential in the field of engineering out of this bunch. What I did just now will only be a light warning to you, as my brother might start recruiting a few followers within the next three to five years, and it's likely he will take an interest in Mister Beets. My job here is now done and I will head on back. Do take care now, Mister Beets, teehee!"

As Miya was squatting down near Beets and said this, Beets started to curse inwardly after hearing that what he just received was only a 'light punishment'. Beets saw Miya stand up again and her fiery red aura dissipated and the air around the two slowly grew colder again. Miya smiled back at him one last time before she lifted herself up into the air and flew back to her cliff-side. With several bones that were now broken, a large wave of pain suddenly spread through Beets' body, and before long he ended up passing out on the cold hard ground and blood started to seep out of his body. He only had one thought course through his mind before he lost consciousness.

'Women are scary.....'

Even though Saiyans were full of pride and feared little, some fears still remained through the lower class and especially those who were non-combatants, such as Beets. After taking a beating from a girl like Miya, it would likely happen that Beets would start to develop an aversion towards women in the future, but only time would tell. After Miya departed from the scene, several security officers from the Saiyan Army arrived at the Palace's docking bay, before carrying out an unconscious Beets, rushing him to the closest infirmary. They wanted to question him on what exactly happened but they could only wait until Beets woke up again.

Once Miya arrived back at her cliff-side house, most of the day had already passed and the sun was now setting beyond the magenta mountains in the horizon. She didn't knock on the door and directly opened it, only to be greeted by a smell of her and Nao's favorite roasted meat, with Iona sitting at the dining table, waiting for Miya's return. A smile bloomed on Iona's face after seeing her daughter return and Miya immediately arrived at the table.

"Welcome back, Little Miya."

"Hehe, I'm back, Mama! Today was quite boring but I still found a potential prospect for brother Nao. This guy is super weak but his knowledge is quite bountiful. I can talk to you about it during dinner!"

Iona nodded at Miya's words and since the table was already set, it didn't take long for the two to start digging in. Nao was still fast asleep and it was now eight-o-clock in the evening. Nao's timer would end at three-o-clock in the afternoon the following day so he had about 19 hours remaining on his timer. Miya took her time during dinner to explain the events that took place today a the docking bay and after describing Beets' situation to Iona, she ended up nodding in approval. However at the end, Miya told Iona Beets tried to cover her mouth, only to be punched hard in the chest in return and ended up losing consiousness. Miya grinned at this but Iona could only take Miya back into her embrace, rubbing her head for a bit.

"You did the right thing, Little Miya. After marrying your Papa, I rarely let someone else touch me now. It seems you have your sight on your brother now, isn't that right? Fufufu."


Two sounds of mischievous laughter echoed in the first floor that came from Miya and Iona. The two maids disregarded this and continued about their work in the kitchen, and they would have more work to do as the food almost seemed cleared at this time. If Nao were awake and heard this, he would of probably hesitate a bit before coming down. Altogether it only took about an hour for Miya and Dinner to finish eating dinner. By now the sun had long set beyond the mountains already and Iona called for the two maids to clear the tables as she herself and Miya made her way back to the second floor.

Once Iona and Miya arrived on the second floor, it didn't take long for them to hear a soft snoring sound coming to the room off to the right, right before the main bedroom that was located at the back of the room. Miya's room herself was off to the left, directly across from Nao's and it only took a few seconds for the two to cross to the other side of the floor. After Miya waved to her mother for the night, she saw Iona close the door to the main bedroom, before settling into her bed. At this time, Miya grinned and instead of walking to her room, she walked toward Nao's room. The peaceful snoring became louder as she entered the room, and she started stripping off her battle armor and undergarments, revealing her fully n.a.k.e.d body. She started to adopt wrapping her red tail around her waist during the day now but she still let it flow down loosely to her legs during the night. Miya still had her budding b.r.e.a.s.ts that were still an A-Cup but to top it off she had a small perky butt and her whole body seemed to be carved out of a pearl found in the deep ocean.

Approaching Nao's crude bed, she just remembered that Nao was also stripped n.a.k.e.d the day before after Miya placed him on it. A hint of red appeared on her cheeks but she still climbed into the bed and allowed her body to cling onto his. Miya immediately felt Nao's warmth and saw a smile appear on Nao's face as he continued to snore. It didn't take long for Miya to fall asleep either. The next day arrived in a blink of an eye.

Year 732 Mid-May Planet Vegeta Iona's Residence.

The sun rose up high in the sky when Miya first woke up. She had a very boring day yesterday and because of this, she felt like lazing around during the first half of the day. It now became the middle of May once this day arrived and since Planet Vegeta was rather a desolate planet with nothing but magenta sandstone, there was hardly ever any plant life. Most of the city composed of either high-tech buildings or mountains that were exquisitely carved into. The lower class district had more crude buildings but they were still made up of the same material regardless. Because of this, the planet never saw spring or fall and only had brutal summers and harsh cold winters. Iona woke up early in the day as usual and walked by her children's rooms. She looked towards Miya's first only to see Miya not in her bed sheets, which surprised her a bit, and then she looked towards Nao's bedroom, only to see two small heads popping out of the sheets of the bed further in the back. Iona chuckled at the sight of this, and she some drool collecting at the bottom of Miya's right cheek as she leaned in towards Nao, and drops of it dripped onto his shoulder every now and then. They were children still at the age of 7 and only had little more than half a year before both of them turned 8 years old. She thought this was fine since they were still children so after having a good look at them, she decided to head on downstairs seeing as they won't wake up any time soon.

The one thing she failed to see was the stripped battle armor and other clothes that was placed near the bed that was hidden from view if one looked straight into the room. She did not notice that both Nao and Miya were fully n.a.k.e.d, thanks to being hidden away beneath the covers, as she headed on downstairs. More time passed and Miya woke up late in the morning but decided to fall back asleep until Nao woke up in the afternoon, skipping their lunch. Iona never saw Miya come down so she assumed she was still sleeping, probably tired from what happened yesterday and passed the time quietly on the first floor. Before long, Nao's body started to shudder a bit along with his eyes, and he then heard another Rebirth notification, causing his consiousness to wake up. Wanting to see what it was, Nao navigated his mind to the notifications window.

[*Ding! Rebirth has successfully updated host's user interface. Removal of host's stats has been implemented. Once host undergoes their next reincarnation, the stats host has earned before their removal will be reset and host's level will return to one. Please check host's updated status below!]



[Name] : Nao

[Age] : 7 (+16)

[Race] : Saiyan, Saiyan God (*Locked*)

[Battle Power] : 250,000

[Miya's Battle Power] : 250,000

[Unblocked Meridians] : 13%

[Rebirth Points] 50,300

[Active Quests]

-Main Story Quest II - Planet Vegeta's Destruction

-Optional Quest : Save the Saiyans!




x1 Instant Transmission Tablet


-First Player -> The One And Only (Grants 30% bonus experience per entity slayed) *Inactive for D*Z*

-Plane Creator (Grants 10% discount in [Shop] )

-Reincarnator (Allows host to retain memories from second life onward, skills and stats that are bound by laws of each plane will not be able to be carried over)

[Active Techniques]

Dark Ice Blast, Frost Fist, Power Ball, Fly, Vanish

[Passive Techniques]

Flux, Frost Aura, Space Affinity, Ice Affinity, Ki







Having a good look at the changed interface, sure enough it became more simplified. Nao hadn't even fully explored all of Rebirth's functions yet but seeing it become this simplified, he wouldn't have to worry about anything being useless for the time being. He even saw a couple things that were either changed or added as well, which included Miya's battle power. But most surprisingly, he now saw his power at a shocking 250,000! This number was slightly less than that of Frieza in his first form. He vaguely remembered that Rebirth notified him that he would go through another Full Recovery and it seems he ended up being strengthened by another 75,000 battle power. However at this time, he suddenly felt something warm and an extremely soft sensation invaded his body. This distracted his mind, causing his eyes to shudder once again, and he slowly opened them. He became momentarily blinded from the light of the room but he quickly regained his vision and felt his body was rather light and breezy. He realized he was n.a.k.e.d with no clothes on and after turning his head to the left, he saw a sleeping Miya drooling onto his shoulder and clinging onto him. He became dazed once he saw that she was n.a.k.e.d as well. Her eyes suddenly shuddered and slowly opened them, only to immediately greet the now awakened Nao.

"Hehe, good morning, brother!"