Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 44

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 44 A Bet To Win Onward To King Kai's Planet I

After Nao's vision stabilized from the blinding light of opening his eyes, the first thing that entered his vision was a n.a.k.e.d Miya who was currently snuggled against him in his bed. His eyes shifted downwards a bit, only to see her budding b.r.e.a.s.ts in full view. As the two were still wrapped in the bed covers, Nao couldn't really see any more of Miya's body further down, but he could still feel the warmth Miya's body gave him. He then lifted his head up again, only to see Miya awake, smiling back at him. Miya greeted him cheerfully but in reality it was already afternoon. On impulse, Nao reached out his hand and started to pull on Miya's right cheek and questioned why the hell she was in his bed.

"Exactly what are you doing in my bed, and without any clothes on? What are you trying to imply here, my sister?"

"*Yawn*... I've been sleeping, you dummy!, shouldn't you be getting used to this at some point? We'll be doing a lot of this in the future, so it's best to start now! I already got Mama's approval for marriage once we come of age too."

"...Say what now?"

"Brother, do I need to spell it out to you? It's M-A-R-R...mmmph!?"

Once Miya started to spell out her words that she said previously, Nao immediately moved his hand that was on Miya's right cheek, and placed it directly over her mouth, which caused muffle sounds to escape from it.

"I know what marriage is, you stupid sister! Why should I even consider anything related to marriage at this point in time? We're still kids who haven't even reached puberty yet and even more so we are twins!"

"Hehe, brother, you're forgetting a very important fact. We really lucked out being born as Saiyans. We aren't humans anymore. There is no moral society within the Saiyans. All they care about is producing stronger offspring and improving their strength through battles. Besides, by the time we get married, this planet would be long gone by then for them to even care about us being twins!"

"...You aren't being serious, are you?"

"I am very serious, brother! Don't make me spell it out again. Look, my main role is to help guide your soul in traversing the void during each reincarnation, but besides that, brother still has the freedom on how to live life to the fullest in each world you go to. I'm serious about remaining by your side, brother! We're basically two peas in a pod, bound by fate, hehe."

"Sigh...look, Miya. Marriage in itself is a really heavy topic to talk about, and regardless of us being twins or not, we haven't even entered a relationship yet. Is sneaking into my bed n.a.k.e.d your idea of starting one? Are confessions a thing of a past now with going straight to third base?"

"Brother, do you even know what 'third base' means in this context? You couldn't even confess to the one you liked in your first life before the accident happened, what would you know about relationsh.i.p.s in the first place? At first I just wanted to feel brother's warmth again after having such a boring day, but after talking about the situation to Mama yesterday, she unexpectedly approved of it. We can take it slow if you want but you should at least get around to seeing me a lot more during the night. Cuddling is the best way to go~"

After Miya finished speaking, Nao suddenly remembered that Miya was still clinging on to him. While there was no excitement going on down below, he still quite enjoyed the feeling of being snuggled against his sister like this, and especially the warmth she was releasing. Nao felt so cozy inside that he almost felt like going back to sleep again but he pushed those thoughts aside as he continued to stare at her, without blinking.

"The warmth you're giving off really does feel nice...but that's not the point. Why don't we save the topic of marriage to after the current events finish at least? I won't ban you from entering my room like this during the night, as long as you do it after my meditation sessions end, alright? I get up pretty early as well so if you ever sleep in you may not see me around, is that alright, Miya?"

"Hehe, of course that's fine, brother! I love you!"

Miya's clinging suddenly turned into a hug as she heard Nao's acknowledgment. However at this time, Nao became dazed after hearing the words 'I love you' escape from her mouth. While she was technically his sister, he hadn't heard that phrase for such a long time and it only came from his parents in his previous life. Even Iona rarely mentioned this phrase, but perhaps that was because they were Saiyans. All he could do was rub the bridge of his nose with his right finger, without saying anything. About an hour had passed now since he woke up and the sun was already on the descent. Nao finally realized he was awake and in the end, he escaped out of Miya's embrace and got off the bed.

Luckily this time, there was no black mucous that excreted from his body even though Nao felt he was currently filled to the brim with Ki. Rising in battle power every time Nao went through Full Recovery, or more commonly known as Zenkai, a unique ability that Saiyans are born with, really did wonders. He did not expect to gain 75,000 battle power this time around. But remembering how crazy the battle power number figures became as the original story progressed, he knew it would eventually reach the millions, billions, trillions and beyond. Even then, being at 250,000, Nao could be a force to be reckoned within the North Area, as long as he did not approach the Frost Demons. After all, he only knew of Frieza, his father and his brother, who knew how many more Frost Demons roamed the universe he was currently residing in.

After getting off the bed, he did a full body stretch, and raised his arms in the air, before bending them back behind his head for a few seconds. He then rotated both of his arms in a circular manner, and felt they were still in place. On top of being fully refreshed, none of his muscles felt sore either. Even though he was in bed for a full 48 hours, he thought some of them would be a bit stiff for not moving an inch, but apparently not. Perhaps Miya did something to alleviate them? He should probably ask about that later, but when his arms drooped down again, so did his head and bended all the way down. Only now did he remember he was completely n.a.k.e.d, and he looked back toward Miya, who was now sitting up on the bed with the covers still covering her body. He then looked around for his clothes and battle armor and immediately spotted them placed neatly next to the bed, as if it were already waiting for him.

He went to the corner of the room and picked them up one by one. He started with his full black bodysuit and it snugly fit onto his body. It expanded all the way from his neck down to his legs. Following that was the pristine black plated battle armor that had black plated shoulder guards, similar to that of the royal guard but Nao's was more exquisitely designed. He then equipped his white boots and white arm guards. Coupled with his medium length spiky white hair, which was a bit larger than Beets and went straight up like Vegeta's, and his white tail, he appeared to be a rather dashing young Saiyan with his white and black contrast. He then started to head out of his room and looked back at Miya one last time.

"I'll be heading on ahead, Miya. Don't stay up here too much longer, okay?"

"You go on ahead first brother, I'll come down after I finish getting changed! Don't keep Mama waiting any longer."

Hearing this, Nao nodded and immediately left his bedroom. Once Nao was out of sight, Miya sat up and another smile bloomed on her face.

"Hehe, to think Mama was right all along. Being proactive really did the trick, especially since brother is so timid...Is this how Mama won Papa? Whatever, at least brother isn't against it. Besides, even if he wants one or two more lovers down the road, I won't be particular against it, teehee."

Miya Finally got off the bed and stretched her body, letting her red tail droop down to her legs. Besides a possible spar, Miya, Nao and Iona didn't have any plans for the day and over half of the day had passed already. She put on her clothes, which were the same as Nao's, only to be fitted to her size and not to mention both the bodysuit and battle armor expands as they keep growing. This was one of the unique features the battle armor was known for and you would only see Saiyans with one set typically, unless they got shredded in battle. Unlike Nao's black and white contrast, Miya's was red and black with a hint of white, making her appear more domineering than Nao. It only took her a few minutes to get suited up for the remainder of the day and before long she also exited his bedroom. Nao already arrived downstairs as Miya got herself ready and hearing someone approach Iona, Iona turned around, only to see Nao fully equipped.

"My, if it isn't Little Nao. Did 48 hours pass by already? It still feels like it was just yesterday that you fell asleep."

"Yes Mama, I'm awake now and I even feel full of energy too. Perhaps it was because I fell unconscious too quickly but I don't really remember what induced it. Did you happen to see, Mama?"

"Fufu, did you forget already? Perhaps Little Miya overdid it too much, well you were the one originally at fault this time around, so don't put too much blame on her. Besides that, did Little Miya get her wish yet?"

Hearing Iona question him, he tilted his head to the right in confusion as to what Miya's 'wish' could be. Images of what happened after Nao woke up suddenly flashed through his mind, only to remember Miya's n.a.k.e.d body in full view. Hints of red soon appeared on his cheeks, causing him to blush. Iona noticed her son blushing, and this caused her to chuckle again.

"Well, it seems Little Miya did get her wish after all. You best take care of her from here on, you hear me, Little Nao?"

Iona suddenly turned serious at this time, causing Nao to gulp down. He could only nod his head in response to his mother. It seems she did not care about the two being twins either. 'Seriously, what is wrong in this society...', is what Nao could only think about now. He then questioned his mother on what happened again prior to him falling unconscious.

"My memory really doesn't remember what happened, could you please explain to me, Mama?"

"Fufu, while I could tell you, why don't you ask Little Miya? She's been behind you for a while now, isn't that right?"


Nao then turned around, only to see Miya fully dressed, standing one meter away from him. He was used to Miya's presence being really close by so it didn't startle him, but he was still surprised that she got ready that that quickly.

"You got dressed pretty quickly. Mind explaining what happened before I fell asleep?"

"Hehe, of course brother. You opened up a [Gate] beneath us after that really tall man left with his army at the docking bay two days ago. You managed to expand it by another foot allowing both of us to enter it. Once we arrived back at the house I ended up falling on top of you since we had no footing. Before we could stand up you ended up biting my tail, brother! It really hurt you know. I punched you into the staircase on reflex, hehe."