Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 45

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 45 A Bet To Win Onward To King Kai's Planet Ii

"Once we arrived back at the house I ended up falling on top of you since we had no footing. Before we could stand up you ended up biting my tail, brother! It really hurt you know. I punched you into the staircase on reflex, hehe."

"Now that you mention it...I do vaguely remember something furry slip into my mouth, but there was too much dust so I couldn't see that well. If that truly was the case, I do apologize for that, Miya. But I'm surprised the [Gate] managed to open more quickly than the first time. Guess I should practice it even more to develop its efficiency."

"Wow, to think brother would take the initiative and apologize, well apology accepted, hehe. Also now that we have nothing planned for the time being, brother can start training all he wants!"

"That's right, didn't Little Miya and Little Nao carve out a third floor a while back that was designed for training purposes? Our cliff-side mountain still extends upwards several hundred meters so there's still quite a bit untapped potential in it. If you two do end up sparring up there again on a daily basis, just try not to destroy our mountain, okay?"

"Of course, Mama! We also have our next step in mind. Brother and I have mentioned to you about that weird man who gave us information about the tall man's arrival right?"

"Of course I remember, that person's information helped Little Miya and Little Nao out quite a bit, didn't it? I also remember mentioning for you two to thank him next time he talks to you two."

"That's right, Mama. Well with my development of [Gate], Miya and I have plans to go to where he currently resides. The only downside is the planet he lives on is in a rather special location...this trip might take a while."

"Special, Little Nao? How special could it be?"

"Well, I currently plan to invest two years into this trip, but most of that will be training. Don't worry Mama, Miya and I will train here until we're ready to depart. I just need to have my [Gate] reach this person's location. Miya, you've already tracked his Ki signature back to where he lives, right?"

"That's right, brother! The first time King Kai connected to us I didn't care much but once he connected to us again, I managed to locate the planet he currently lives on. Brother, you really ought to train your Ki perception more, that way you will be trace back life signals easier. I can give you King Kai's coordinates when you think your [Gate] is developed enough and ready!"

"There you have it, Mama. I do believe we have a couple hours before dinnertime right? Miya and I will go head onto the third floor and start training for a bit."

"Fufufu, the first thing that's always on your mind is training right after you wake up, Little Nao. It seems you got this trait from your Papa, he did achieve his position through tons of arduous training. Like father like son. I will inform our maids to start preparing so when you two come back down in a couple hours, dinner will be ready. Like I said previously, don't destroy the place, alright?"

"We won't. Let's head on up, Miya."

"Sure thing, brother!"

After conversing with their mother for a bit, Nao and Miya informed of her their goal for the next two years. Nao and Miya didn't want to mention that a bet was taken place between the two and King Kai, as that would cause needless worry for Iona. Iona became more happy now that her two children had another goal in mind and it was to leave the planet no less. Iona guessed this would bound to happen at some point in time. While conquering planets was left to mostly the lower class, Saiyans would inevitably end up leaving Planet Vegeta at some point. Being an elite class, Nao and Miya had a lot more freedom to explore the universe and while they could take on missions, Nao refused to work for Frieza. It's not like King Vegeta could touch him anyway so Nao and Miya were typically left alone so far.

Before long, Nao and Miya made their way up to the third floor. It was a rather tall 3rd floor, being 20 x 50 square meters. The two carved out this room during the last two years, and only smoothed out any rough looking edges in this large magenta sandstone room. Nao even carved several windows on the north end, which faced the rest of the city if one looked out of them. This was to mainly allow the rising sun to shine into the room during Nao's meditation. He also carved one 6 x 6 square meter platform for him to sit during his sessions. It was only elevated a few feet from the ground. Even though they made the room rather simple, it was unfortunate they could only use it for the next 4-5 years at the most, that is unless Nao develops his Space skills enough to where he can start storing physical spaces into his own dimension that he would need to create.

Thankfully the cliff-side their house resided on was all the way furthest from the center staircase that belonged to the elite district so it became calm and serene once the two arrived on the third floor, and didn't hear any bustling activity coming from the city. Even though Nao's meditation yielded the best results early morning and before nighttime, he still could meditate at any point in the day but decided not to. The two soon arrived at the center of the room, and then Miya turned around and faced Nao, only for Nao to start outlining a road map for the next two years.

"Miya, we now have an open schedule for the next two years. I mainly want to continue my training in the Space element but from its usage so far, it has been pretty taxing on my stamina. However the second time I used it didn't take as much out of me as the first time it did. Even then, I'm still thinking of either purchasing or developing a skill to help lessen the consumption. Besides that you said I lack Ki perception right? Would it be possible to help me train in that area since you're really sensitive to Ki?"

"Of course I can, brother! Also don't forget that you have over 50,000 rebirth points to spend. Last time when you spent your points, brother only had 30,000 available. After Rebirth finished its update, I'm sure brother saw a much more simplified interface. Well to make things even more simple, that included the removal of each skill's rarity. As each skill doesn't have a rarity anymore, you can search them more easily by categories now."

"Seriously? How simplified did this interface become?"

"Hehe, brother, Rebirth is very flexible to your needs. Your conscious deep down wanted to simplify how Rebirth looked like so brother wouldn't have to worry about needless information Rebirth displayed. With that being said, purchasable skills and techniques are now sorted by [Active] and [Passive]. In this scenario, I'm sure brother would want to have a look through the [Passive] skills to help lessen stamina consumption that's tied to your skills. It will only show what's available with what points you currently have, Rebirth won't display anything beyond that."

"That makes it more convenient then. Having Rebirth display all the available skills would probably cause my mind to burst open at some point."

After hearing Miya's explanation, Nao closed his mind and activated Rebirth's display function. He navigated towards the shop area only to enter the same room he went to before, with one window counter surrounded by a huge white space. Behind this window counter stood Miya, who was currently in her fairy form, hovering above the ground as her translucent red wings fluttered about. She giggled once Nao entered the Shop. Before long a giant blue screen appeared in front of Nao, which currently displayed the Shop's interface.

"So what will it be, brother?"

After hearing Miya's question, Nao navigated the floating blue panel and chose [Passive] skills. Even with only 50,000 points, the list was still quite large but it didn't cause any headaches thankfully. Compared to the active skills he searched through previously, the passive skills appeared to have less cost, which surprised Nao. With the available stamina reduction skills, Nao managed to purchase one for 15,000 of which reduced stamina cost by 30%, the highest reduction he could find. 30% was a rather large decrease and with that equipped, opening a [Gate] will now be less taxing on his stamina. Nao then scrolled through the list to secure a Ki perception skill as well, upon which he found one for 10,000 points. This will help him trace the life energy within one's body easier. Miya was already far more sensitive to sensing and tracing Ki but Nao wasn't, but with this he should be a step closer to Miya. Even though the two shared the same battle power, the skills they currently have and develop in the future were widely different. Once Nao purchased the two skills for 25,000 points, he forgot that he had a title that decreased the point consumption by 10%, so in reality he only spent a total of 22,500, leaving him with 27,800 points remaining. The two skills he bought would further build his foundation so Nao decided to not spend the other points for now. He dismissed the Shop within his mind and his eyes slowly opened again.

"Hehe, brother it looks like you've bought what you wanted to buy. Now that you're able to perceive Ki easier you'll be able to locate enemies far and wide, and also be able to predict their movements if you focus enough. The other skill will allow you to last longer inside and outside of battle as well so your choices weren't bad at all, brother."

"Yeah. Building a good foundation is the best way to go. A high battle power alone will just sit there if it's not utilized correctly. Now I did have one other topic to discus with you as well. As much as I wanted to not go to Earth before Kakarot started his life there, it may be in best interest to drop by before heading to King Kai's planet."

"Earth? That's such a backwater planet in this universe. They really do have the best cooking though. The meat we have is always delicious for sure, but Earth has a much wider variety, hehe!"

"Sigh...Is food always the only thing on your mind? Stupid Miya."

"Geez, of course it isn't, brother! You just want an extra year of training inside that hyper-whatsit thingy right?"

"As I recall, it's known as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Time flows differently there and is separated into its own dimension, so it definitely is related to the Space and Time Laws. I wonder if I could get some sort of enlightenment for my Space Affinity there after entering it for the first time. It wouldn't be bad if I could at least create my own pocket dimension for storing goods..."

"That is definitely a possibility, brother. Even though Kakarot has yet to be born, Gine and Bardock were originally planning to send him to Earth in the first place. We haven't been there yet and originally its a planet that's about 10 months away from our planet travel-wise. However I don't know what its Ki signature is like out of the planets in our galaxy. Maybe we can ask Mama to stop by Gine's place again to see if she has the coordinates, with those I should be able to track the planet down."

"You're seriously able to sense planets that far away?"

"Hehe, don't underestimate my tracking ability, brother! Whether its with Ki signatures or coordinates, my scanning range is quite far. I managed to pinpoint King Kai's planet after all. Even though it was just his mind that connected to us, I still detected his Ki signature and successfully traced it back once his mind returned to his body. I'm curious to see how far the distance is from King Kai's planet to Earth. Hopefully Gine will bring us some good news."

"Well it's already getting late into the day as it is, if nothing else is keeping Mama busy tomorrow we can see if we can drop by Gine's butchery. But let's get warmed up with a spar shall we? We've talked plenty as is, now let our bodies speak the same!"

"Hehe, I've already cuddled with brother for half the day already. I'm getting an itch to fight now! It's been a few days since our last spar. Think you can keep up with my pace, brother?"

"Heh, even if I was asleep for two days, that was nothing. Let's see what a power of 250,000 feels like. Come at me!"