Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 46

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 46 Another Year In A Blink Of An Eye Arriving On Earth

Rumble, rumble, rumble.

Loud booming noises kept resounding on the third floor that lasted for about an hour. Even the ground would shake a tiny bit even though Nao and Miya were enclosed in a giant cliff-side mountain that extended upward for several hundred meters. Halfway up to the ceiling, two figures kept vanishing in and out of sight. In one place they would be in the far left corner and in another instant they would reappear on the opposite side of the room. Every time the two figures reappeared, small shock waves were emitted as two pairs of fists kept colliding into each other. Both sweat and blood kept flying, turning the magenta sandstone into a darker shade of purple once it splattered onto the ground. If one looked closely, a flaming red aura could be seen covering Miya. The small embers had now turned into medium sized embers and the same could be said for Nao, his frost aura became a bit thicker causing the temperature to drop even more.

However Nao's appearance was different this time around, as he did not have his frost aura activated as he sparred against Miya. Instead, his aura was the same golden aura that surrounded him whenever Nao became in-tune with his Space element. If one even had a closer look at the two, they were actually three inches taller. That's right, another year passed by in a blink of an eye as Miya and Nao continued their sparring sessions and meditation. Nao wanted to attune himself more to his Space element during the first of the two years before they traveled to King Kai's planet. Even though Rebirth no longer displayed any levels in regards to Nao's skills, he felt like had made a lot of progress. Instead of it displaying skills, Rebirth changed it so it now displayed its mastery, of which it was split into [Beginner], [Intermediate], [Advance], and [Perfect]. After one year of training, he saw his Space element reach the [Intermediate] stage, and he could now effortlessly create a [Gate] without becoming exhausted. It also only took a year to actually develop two more skills after purchasing the two auxiliary skills a year prior to help his stamina consumption and Ki perception.

"Distortion Fist!"

The two figures reemerged into existence again, only for Nao to suddenly cause a spatial distortion around his fist. Miya saw Nao's fist suddenly blur and immediately went into a defensive stance. Nao's fist reappeared and struck Miya's right side, causing her to wince in pain. The force from this punch caused Miya to fly downward all the way she until struck the ground. Upon striking the ground, more blood splattered out of her back, and she struggled to get up. Seeing this, Nao smiled, before he extended out his two hands, and locked them together. Different from starting a Kamehameha wave, his hand remained out in front of him, before they started to shine, and golden Ki suddenly congealed together.

"Mirage blast!"

Ten golden colored Ki blasts suddenly came out one by one after Nao imbued them with his Space element. This caused the Ki blasts to act like a mirage, and it caused Miya's eyes to be briefly blinded. Once she regained her vision, she saw ten Ki blasts rush down at her but she was unable to see them clearly, as they started to become distorted from view. Nao shot them all in a straight line but from Miya's point of view, it acted as if they were coming at her from every angle. Seeing imminent danger, she shot up from the ground. Only a few seconds passed till the first Ki blast caught her off guard as see saw the first one bend off to the right, thinking that it would hit her right side but it actually ended up striking in the center of her chest. Thankfully she wore her battle armor that covered it but she still felt a strong impact strike against her. It didn't take long for the others to arrive and see saw they all changed directions one after another, but Miya only swept out her hands in front of her, causing her to deflect each Ki blast off to the ceiling. Each one struck the ceiling in a different location and several sandstone debris started to fall down onto the ground, knocking up a bunch of dust in the air. Once the dust settled a few moments later, the loud booming ceased, and Miya and Nao could now be seen looking at each other. They then started to smile and Nao then descended onto the ground, and approached Miya. Once he was only a meter away, Nao reached out his hand, and felt a warm touch as Miya accepted it and managed to stand up again.

"Hah...hah...geez, brother, you really don't know how to hold back. Look at how bloody you've made me! Could it actually be brother is a sadist?"

"Stupid Miya, don't joke around like that, especially during our sparring. We've improved by quite a bit during this last year didn't we?"

"Hehehe, of course we did brother! You managed to meditate every day during the last twelve months and opened up 7% more of your meridians. Our power has more than doubled! How does it feel like to have a battle power that is slightly higher than that Frieza guy now?"

"If I were to be honest, Miya I feel amazing with so much Ki flowing inside me. It's a good thing we spar on an almost daily basis, otherwise I don't know what would happen if I didn't unleash it every now and then."

"That's right. It's no wonder why everyone is so battle crazy in the world we reincarnated into. Even I get urges to battle it out now with a battle power of 535,000 flowing within us. That Frieza would definitely be shocked to the core, hehe."

Once Miya finished saying this, Nao turned to look outside the several windows he had created beyond his raised 6 x 6 square meter platform. Further beyond the city, he saw the same sun about to descend behind the magenta mountains, and it was soon becoming dark out. Every day for the past year passed by in the same manner, and Nao's mind suddenly became distracted, as a sound of rumbling came from his stomach. Miya also heard this and her stomach also started to lightly rumble.

"Haha, why don't we call it a day with this Miya? Besides, it feels like I've reached my first bottleneck in this life. Every time I cycle my Ki through my meridians now, I feel they just get absorbed into a deep dark abyss and I feel nothing afterward. Unless I receive sudden enlightenment, it seems I won't be able to progress any further until I receive a proper cycling technique."

"Yeah, let's call it a day. I feel famished already. Brother, the path to becoming the Legendary Super Saiyan has never been accomplished, just achieving 20% alone could be a feat in itself. There's a reason why only one was born every thousand years. Broly just happened to be that lucky guy who was born with the Legendary Super Saiyan veins in this millennium. I wonder what would happen if there were suddenly two?"

"I guess time would only tell in regards to that. Let's head on downward. Dinner shouldn't be too long away. Besides, you already received the coordinates to Earth before our year long training session started from Gine and I feel comfortable enough to open a [Gate] there now. Let's go inform Mama that we will be starting our trip soon."

"Sure, let's go, brother!"

Despite her current bloody appearance, Miya seemed to be in an upbeat mood after hearing from Nao that they will be travelling to Earth soon, which will most likely be the next day. The plan originally was to spend two years in both training and travelling and from the way Miya looked at Nao, it seemed Nao already reached a good stopping point in his training. A year prior, Miya and Nao were able to meet with Gine and sure enough Gine had the coordinates to the backwater planet, Earth. Gine herself was surprised after the two mentioned the planet to her, as it wasn't really that popular of a planet to send a Saiyan off to to conquer it. After all a normal human on Earth rarely went beyond a power of 5 to 10 and had a very scarce number of varying battle power from 50-100. The only exception to that was the nameless Namekian, another one being Kami, who was also known as the guardian of the Earth and his Lookout, and the hidden martial artists that didn't like to make an appearance in public. At the time they met, it was only Gine however as Bardock and his squad was well underway in the conquest of planet. Moving back to the present, Nao and Miya didn't take long to arrive back onto the second floor, and soon the two started to smell the aroma of raw meat being roasted on a fire. They then rushed downstairs, only to see Iona together with the two maids. Iona heard footsteps coming down the spiral staircase, only to see a bloodied and banged up Nao and Miya, and a worried look appeared on her. Iona stopped her cooking and immediately arrived before the two.

"Are you two alright, Little Nao, Little Miya? I heard some pretty loud crashes up there this time around."

"Of course we are, Mama! Today just happened to be more serious than the previous days. Brother ended up reaching at a good stopping point in his training progress. I didn't think we would reach this point within just the first year. Even then we were restraining our powers by quite a bit, if we really did unleash it all, I doubt even our planet would survive, hehe."

"Yeah. Also with Miya and I sharing the same battle power, each spar we do is akin to real life combat, but we toned it down quite a bit as she had said previously. We would need to find a desolate area for us to go all out. I can't believe a year has passed by already."

"Well Little Nao, time really does fly when you're occupied with something. Seeing as you two have reached a good stopping point, does that mean Little Miya and Little Nao will start travelling to that planet you mentioned?"

"We will. While the iron is still hot, we plan to head out there tomorrow. I've sparred with Miya enough as it is for this last year, and will likely spend this next year in leisure. I've heard that Earth contains a lot of entertainment from the knowledge the databases stored in our Saiyan. We will spend some time there enjoying ourselves before we head off to King Kai's planet."

"Oh, Little Nao and Little Miya will be leaving so soon? At least spend some more time with your Mama tonight then. But before that do go clean yourselves off in the bath. That pungent smell of blood is starting to reek in the kitchen, fufufu."

Once Iona mentioned the stench of blood, Nao unconsciously shifted his head closer to his body, only for his nose to be assaulted by a horrible stench mixed with sweat and blood. This stench caused his head to shoot back upward, and he ended up looking back at his mother again.

"I didn't think I would smell this bad. Come on, Miya. Let's go freshen up in the bath. I'm sure our food will be ready soon."

"This will be our last bath in this house for a while, let's go make the most of it, hehe!"

Nao was thinking of grabbing Miya by the hand at this time but he suddenly felt something latch onto his left harm, only to be dragged by Miya upstairs. Stripping off their battle armor and other clothes, two n.a.k.e.d bodies were revealed before they started rinsing off the sweat and blood. Once everything was washed off several cuts and bruises could be seen scattered on Nao and Miya's bodies. However these were not deep injuries and would most likely be healed with enough time spent, and soon a loud splash of water was heard once they dunked into the large open bath. On the far end of the bath, hot water kept pouring into it from the side of the magenta sandstone and it was cycled at the the other end, forming a continuous loop. It really was a nice bath, just like an inside hot spring. If Nao could form his own dimension before the planet's destruction, he would definitely try to save this room as well.

Another hour soon passed and Miya and Nao came back downstairs in just their black bodysuits, feeling refreshed. They joined their mother and ate another round of roasted meat that came from Gine's butchery. Before they knew it, it was time to head off to bed after chatting late into the night. Nao forwent his meditation session tonight to spend more time with his mother as he would not see her again for a while. The trio then dismissed themselves and hopped onto their beds, with the exception of Miya sneaking into Nao's bed again.

Year 733 Planet Vegeta Iona's Residence, The Next Day

Nao woke up only to have a really warm and snugly sensation run through his body. His eyelids flew upward and his gaze found a sleeping Miya in his bed again, fully n.a.k.e.d. He managed to squeeze out of her cuddle, and got off the bed, only to soon get fully dressed immediately after. The sleeping Miya sensed the warmth she was feeling soon vanished and her eyes slowly opened. She then started to rub them, trying to wake up.

"'s really early...Why are you awake?"

"Now, now, Miya. It's time to get up and get ready. I plan to open a [Gate] within the hour. We will go say goodbye to Mama before that."

Once Miya heard her brother mention the word '[Gate]', her drowsiness immediately vanished and she hopped out of bed. Nao's gaze landed on her body once she stood up and got another good look at her growing flower buds. As this last year passed, she could no longer be seen as flat chested and a tiny bit of volume could now be seen, but she was still an A-Cup. It won't be much longer before her size grew a bit more. Miya headed to where her set of clothes were placed off to the side and also got dressed and ready to go. The two soon headed down to the first floor and managed to catch their mother idling by the dining table as she conversed lightly with the two maids. Iona smiled once she saw her two children, seemingly ready to depart at any time.

"Good morning, Little Nao, Little Miya. It appears you two are ready to set off. Do thank that person for me once you arrive on his planet, you hear?"

"We will, Mama. I would have like to have breakfast here too but you can tell by the looks, Miya is itching to set off. We'll manage somehow once we arrive. It's not like any of those Earthlings could threaten us anyway."

"That's right! Come brother, let's initiate a [Gate]. You remember the location I sent you right? It's about ten months away of light speed travelling from our planet. It's actually directly south too. It shouldn't be too hard to spot once you've compressed enough space."

"I do, Miya. Let's get started."

Once Nao finished saying this, he activated his golden aura. After grabbing four decent sized golden spheres, he locked them into place, forming another frame, this time it is a full 5 by 5 meter frame, which was about 8 feet larger than what Nao had created previously a year ago. This size was definitely enough for the two to pass through at the same time, and it was about half of the size to the roof of the first floor. Nao closed his eyes as he started to randomly cycle his Ki. He could constantly feel his stamina and Ki draining but thanks to his two auxiliary skills, he managed to keep up with it as an image started to form within the darkness of the [Gate]. Several minutes passed and a round planet became visible within it. This round planet appeared to be mostly blue with spots of white moving around and several tiny land masses could be seen. Seeing how beautiful this planet was shocked Iona quite a bit.

"So this planet is Earth? I dare say Little Miya you chose a good planet for your first space travel."

"Shhh, Mama, let brother finish his concentration. This is his first time compressing space this long. I don't want him to get disrupted."

After hearing this, Iona soon nodded and closed her mouth again. A couple more moments passed and Nao's eyes soon opened again, with a smile blooming on his face.

"It looks like it was a success, Mama, Miya. I set it so once we arrive, we will arrive within the Earth's atmosphere. We can then figure out where to fly off to after arriving."

"Hehe, sounds good, brother! With this, we will take our leave, Mama. Another year will pass by in a blink of an eye just like the last one did, so please don't worry too much, okay Mama?"

"I won't, Little Miya. Have a safe trip you two."

Nao nodded at Iona, and then he grabbed Miya and stepped into the [Gate]. After the two stepped into it, Nao's vision became blurry and distorted as he went through a void tunnel that seemed to last for several minutes. These several minutes translated to the gap between the two planets and soon, a golden gate randomly appeared within the clouds on Earth.

Year 733 May Planet Earth, The Lookout

The Lookout was a very special location situated far above the skies of planet Earth. It is formally known as God's Temple, and is an ancient platform that is part of the Heavenly Realm. It's appearance was basically a large dome that was cut in half and inverted. It had multiple floors extending downward to its point at the bottom of the dome, and was largely red, white and blue. A few trees could be planted at each side of the large platform and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was situated at the northern tip of it. At t his time a very old figure, alongside with another pudgy figure, who was currently rushing to the old figure in a panic, could be seen standing on the Lookout. Upon closer look, the skin of the pudgy figure was full on black like obsidian. Along with pointy ears similar to that of an elf, he wore a white turban with a aqua blue jewel that was situated on his forehead. The outfit this figure was wearing was a maroon vest coupled with white trousers that wrapped around their red slippers. Golden armbands could be seen on his arms together with two golden-loop earrings. A red sash could be seen equipped around their waist. This figure was none other than Mr. Popo, who was rushing towards Kami in a panic. Kami appeared to be a very old Namekian as well, who didn't seem to have much life left in him. He supported himself with a long wooden staff that was taller than him.

"Kami, are you currently sensing what I'm sensing? I have never sensed such powerful energy before! What is going on!?"

"You can rest assured, Mr. Popo. While this is the highest energy I've ever felt after taking the position of Earth's guardian, I sense no malice coming from it. In fact, it seems a portal is about to take shape. Mr. Popo, why don't you take the flying carpet and go see our guests?"

"Guests? Is Kami saying that we have unknown people arriving on Earth? These unknown people could spell doom for us all! Just the energy the portal is giving off is chilling me too the bone. Are you sure it's fine for me to head there?"

"Mr. Popo as I've said previously, I do not sense any ill will. You best treat these guests with the utmost importance. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Kami! I will head to the portal at once!"