Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 47

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 47 Meeting A Namekian Guardian Of Earth I

Year 733 May Planet Earth, The Lookout

Mr. Popo had received permission from Kami to fly toward the disturbance in the air. This disturbance was releasing massive amounts of space energy that was infused with Ki, but normal martial artists going around the Earth's cities didn't feel a thing. Only the top experts in martial arts at this time were shaken to the core as they sense this foreboding energy and most of them tucked a tail between their legs and remained hidden, not wanting to reveal themselves to the public. The regular humans kept going about their daily lives in ignorance, unaware that a 5 x 5 meter [Gate] was forming within Earth's atmosphere.

Mr. Popo's expression lightened a bit after seeing Kami remain calm, although he was still feeling a heavy pressure from the Ki that was being released by the forming [Gate] thousands of meters away from the Lookout. Mr. Popo was reputed to both a caretaker of the Lookout as well as a trainer of each successful Guardian that took upon the position. Kami himself however, had a rather pitiful past. He was formerly known as the Nameless Namekian who arrived to Earth more than two centuries ago. Planet Namek suffered a a huge climate change, resulting in the death of almost all Namekians. The father of the Nameless Namekian, known as Katas, was able to send is son off in a spaceship to Earth before he also perished with the rest of the Namekians, and this event only left Guru behind. Namekians were able to reproduce as.e.x.u.a.lly by regurgitating an egg, so thankfully with Guru still living, he was slowly able to rebuild the population to where it is now. The Nameless Namekian soon became an apprentice to the previous Guardian of Earth. The Nameless Namekian slowly became influenced by the Earth's inhabitants and its evil lurking within, which slowly gave birth to a separate conscious, who went by the name of King Piccolo. In the end, The Nameless Namekian forcefully split his other conscious out of his body, and became Kami, who is now the current Guardian of Earth, and the evil King Piccolo went off to due his own bidding. However, King Piccolo's story would be saved for another time...

Back to the present at hand, Mr. Popo suddenly reached for something hidden within his maroon vest with his rather large hands. Grabbing onto it, he soon revealed a large red ball of wool. He wrung it out for a brief time before it revealed a rather large red Magic Carpet that was adorned with golden frills, enough to fit two large a.d.u.l.ts on it. The Magic Carpet seemed to have a conscious of its own and it never touched the ground after Mr. Popo. finished wringing it out of any potential residue, and constantly hovered over the ground. Mr. Popo stepped onto the carpet and felt like he stepped on a comfortable rug. Before long he reached the center and sat down on the Magic Carpet. The Magic Carpet slowly rose into the air before it flew over to Kami.

"Kami, I will go tend to our esteemed guests right away, hopefully they haven't arrived them so I can receive them properly. I really do hope these guests won't cause any havoc..."

Hearing that Mr. Popo will fly off to the [Gate], Kami nodded in confirmation. With his large wooden cane in hand, he walked towards Mr. Popo.

"Mr. Popo, I will stay at the Lookout. Please bring our esteemed guests here immediately. Do not try to incur their anger, I do not want any crisis to fall onto this planet now during times of peace. But humanity has been on a downfall lately, I do not see much promise in them at the moment many lurking evils have been on the rise as of late..."

Mr. Popo's Magic Carpet then took flight and departed at a very fast speed. In a blink of an eye, Mr. Popo was no longer visible to Kami, and seeing him depart, a smile appeared on Kami's face.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the atmosphere above Planet Earth.

Four decent sized golden spheres suddenly appeared out of thin air. They shone brightly causing a golden flash to streak in the air around them before they locked into place, forming another 5 by 5 meter frame. Nao was actually able the [Gate] pretty close to the Heavenly Realm. As the spacial crack started to form before splitting into endless darkness, a Magic Carpet soon arrived. Mr. Popo saw a majestic golden gate form before his very eyes and saw the vast pitch black darkness within. Before long two small figures appeared out of it, one being about 4'1 and the other 4'3, Nao and Miya respectively. The two were actually smaller in height than Mr. Popo and even Nao himself was surprised to see him here. 'Is that Namekian here to receive us, I wonder?' is what Nao's thoughts were currently as the [Gate] remained opened behind them.

Mr. Popo just saw endless darkness in front of him, unaware that two figures already appeared beneath his vision. He was expecting a.d.u.l.ts to come out of the [Gate] in front of him, and not two children. Seeing no one in his vision, he still decided to call out, in case they were still trying to arrive.

"Greetings, esteemed guests. Welcome to planet Earth. You're hear by invited to our Lookout....huh?"

As if he was expecting something to come out, but nothing did. Tilting his head in confusion he started to look around. Shifting his vision down did not occur to him at all, until he felt a tug on his white trousers. Mr. Popo finally looked down, only to see one child in front of him while another flying in the air behind the first figure.


Miya tried to give Mr. Popo a scare as she appeared right in front of him, but he could only stare at Miya and Nao with a dumbfounded look. Seeing him not respond, a small frown appeared on Miya's face.

"Aww, brother, it seems Mister Popo is too shocked to get scared. I'm rather disappointed...Maybe we shouldn't have come after all?"

"Haha, Miya, I can understand from his point of view, I'd be pretty surprised myself if two children came out of a [Gate] this big."

Upon hearing two childish voices, Mr. Popo finally snapped out of his daze, as he carefully landed his gaze upon the two figures that came out of the [Gate]. He never expected that two children would appear before his eyes. Looking at the one in front of him, he could see long straight red hair that flowed down to her shoulders. He saw pristine black battle armor and a black bodysuit underneath, with white boots and red armbands equipped. His gaze landed on another figure, only to see medium length white spiky hair that shot straight up, coupled with the same battle armor and bodysuit the girl was wearing. The boots were white as well but he wore white armbands instead of red armbands. Mr. Popo could recognize that the attire of two children in front of him was meant for battle, especially with such exquisite design as those two. His gaze then shifted to what was wrapped around their waists, a red and white tail. Seeing two tails shocked Mr. Popo to the core.

"Y-You're Saiyans!", Mr. Popo exclaimed.

His Magic Carpet flinched as well upon hearing the word Saiyans, and shifted backwards a bit, creating a small gap between the two Saiyans.

"Hehe, so Mister Popo knows about our race? Well that makes our introduction more simple then. I'm Miya. Nice to meet you, Mister Popo!"

"Likewise, Mister Popo, you can call me Nao. We just arrived here through the [Gate] I created, could it be you are here to receive us?"

"How could two Saiyans arrive here on Earth? It's located in such a remote location! Also how do you two know who I am?"

Hearing Mr. Popo ignore her brother's question, a flash of anger streaked through Miya's mind.

"Hmph, Mister Popo dares to ignore my brother's question. Brother, can I blast him?"

"Now, now, Miya. I was not expecting to have someone on the receiving end wait for us here. It's only polite to return their kind gesture. We know quite a bit about you, Mister Popo, it's not like we came unprepared before arriving on Earth you know. Do you expect all Saiyans to be treated as fools?"

"I-If I were to speak honestly, then I would answer that as yes, my esteemed guests. I've always viewed the Saiyans as one of the worst races in existence who always hunger for power...I-I do apologize if I angered esteemed guests in any way. Earth's Guardian, Kami, has invited both esteemed guests to our lookout. I do hope that both of you can follow behind me. It won't take long to arrive..."

"Wow, to think that a stinky Namekian would dare pronounce himself as God in such a backwater planet...How arrogant can this guy be?" (AN : Kami's name literally means God for those who don't know.)

Miya scoffed again after saying another snarky remark at Mr. Popo's attempt to try and bring the two to the Lookout. Cold sweat starting to pour down Mr. Popo's back as he heard how backwater of a planet Miya described Earth to be. It was quite unknown to consider where Mr Popo's true power level actually laid, but it was known he had an immortal body that didn't age. Coupled with his immortal body, he guided Earth's guardian generation after generation, and he was even born in the Other World. However, looking at the two small Saiyans in front of him, he was considering himself a frog in a well as he felt the intense Ki the two were constantly releasing. It seemed the two didn't have much control in their Ki, or they just didn't care to control it. But surprisingly, even if the Ki was super intense, he did not feel any evil coming off of it whatsoever, which surprised him a lot. It seemed experiencing it in person, that Kami was telling the truth after all. Still looking at the two Saiyans nervously, he shifted his body toward the top of the Magic Carpet. He then patted the area that was free behind him, signaling for Nao and Miya to sit on. Miya raised her eyebrows after seeing Mr. Popo's gesture to climb on the Magic Carpet, even though all three of them were currently flying in the air.

"Is Mister Popo wanting us to get on this flying carpet? Hehe, this will definitely be a first for us brother! We could open a [Gate] to the Lookout itself but that would be too boring. Riding on a flying carpet sounds like it's a lot more fun! This will definitely be a good start to our vacation. Let's get on!"

"Sure thing, Miya."

However, just before they stepped onto the Magic Carpet, what Nao and Miya didn't know was that it worked the same way as a Flying Nimbus did. One had to be of pure heart with a calm mind in order for the Magic Carpet to accept its rider. Once Nao and Miya stepped onto it, the Magic Carpet did not flinch at all and accepted the two as they made their way and and sat behind Mr. Popo. Seeing the two get on his carpet successfully, he was completely shocked to the core, even more so than the shock he encountered previously. His usual face that had a light smile with his extremely large red lips now opened itself as his jaw dropped downward.

"M-My esteemed guests, the two of you are Saiyans! How could you two possibly have a pure heart and a calm mind!? The Saiyans are said to be an extremely evil race, this makes absolutely zero sense!"