Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 48

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 48 Meeting A Namekian Guardian Of Earth Ii

"M-My esteemed guests, the two of you are Saiyans! How could you two possibly have a pure heart and a calm mind!? The Saiyans are said to be an extremely evil race, this makes absolutely zero sense!"

"Is that what everyone sees us Saiyans as, Mister Popo? You see, that's the biggest misinterpretation of our race. While Saiyans appear to be mostly evil, that is largely thanks to our lower class warriors, and there are quite a few of us that are kind and peaceful. On top of that you see, brother and I are elite Saiyans! We had one of the best upbringings among our race, we're completely different than those low class warriors, hehe."

"What my sister said is correct. However, Miya, even then, not every one is evil to the bone, just remember Aunt Gine, she is just as kind as our mother is. Besides, those low class warriors still help sustain our economy, despite their nature. They're the ones who conquer and sell planets for us after all."

"Geez, you're no fun, brother. We're on vacation now, can't you take a break?"

After hearing the two lightly bicker at each other, Mister Popo continued to stare ahead of him toward the vast blue sky in front of him. They would be arriving at The Lookout within the next couple minutes, but he still picked up a key word from their conversation, 'vacation'.

"M-my esteemed guests, I apologize for asking a personal question, but did you two say you're on a vacation? Does that mean you're not here to take over this planet?"

"Pfft, do you think this puny planet is worth taking over? But no, we're here to enjoy some relaxation before going to our next destination. This is the first time brother and I have left our home planet. Besides, we could blow this planet to smithereens a thousand times over if we really wanted to, hehe."

Mr. Popo turned silent again after hearing the two Saiyan children behind him has the potential to destroy Earth countless times over. Feeling the intense Ki from earlier, he could assume they definitely had enough power to do so. He didn't want to take that comment just now as a threat either, otherwise he might make the two angry. The Magic Carpet zipped through the sky at a really fast pace, which caused Nao to raise one of his eyebrows. Before long the outline of The Lookout came into view, and seeing it up front for the first time, it was quite larger than what Nao had originally had expected. Besides the several floors that extended downward in its bowl-shaped structure, the top half appeared to be cut quite cleanly as white marble was scattered on top of it. Even though it appeared to be white marble, if one looked at The Lookout from an angle or from bird's view, it cleanly showed the reflection of the vast blue sky all around it.

After another couple moments have passed the Magic Carpet arrived at the south end of The Lookout. Once it arrived, Mr. Popo signaled the two to step down, and they then jumped off, arriving on the ground. In front of them stood two rows of giant palm trees with four on each side. Further beyond that were fir trees on each corner of the giant platform, and four were planted in each area. Seeing multiples of four all around him, including the giant watch towers next to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Nao wondered if the meaning of four had any special meaning. He tried to remember anything about this number in his past life but most of his memories since then have already vanished, and he only let out a dejected sigh. The Reincarnation title he had equipped only pertained to his second life onward.

Mr. Popo, Nao and Miya passed through the two rows of the giant palm trees in mere seconds. Nao still admired the look of these palm trees, as they stood tall and vibrant, seeming full of life. It appeared Mr. Popo gave these trees plenty of care to reach this state. After arriving in the center of The Lookout, Nao had a good look at the majestic Hyperbolic Time Chamber that stood in the back. The main golden dome stood tall, as two smaller golden-tile roofed domes stood on its left and right. Two closed marble-plated hallways were connected to the main dome as well, which had pink-tile roofing. Gold and Pink were quite the odd combination of colors, but it fit well regardless. Within the shadow of the main doorway leading to what Nao presumed the entrance to the Chamber's interior, a shadow of a figure walked out of it, holding a long wooden cane that was just as tall as the figure. The other hand that didn't hold the cane grasped onto the right side of the wall, revealing his wrinkly hand with large white nails. The cane helped support him as he slowly walked to Nao and Miya.

Nao and Miya stood silent in front of the old Namekian who was currently in front of them, with Mr. Popo in the back. Mr. Popo's expression returned to his usual deadpan look, as the atmosphere's air started to whoosh around the four in silence. Nao and Miya were only 4'1 and 4'3 respectively, with Kami being slightly over 7' so the difference in height was rather apparent. He had to look down at the two young Saiyans. It was Kami who broke the silence, welcoming the two to planet Earth.

"I welcome Sir Nao and Lady Miya to my planet, Earth. I heard who the both of you are through Mr. Popo. I had no expectation at all that two young Saiyan elites would make their appearance on this rather bare planet. I do apologize if either me or Mr. Popo have offended you two in anyway, but as this planet's Guardian, it was only right to receive two outstanding youths such as Sir Nao and Lady Miya."

"So you dare to actually peep on us, eh, Mister Guardian? You know, brother and I rather like our privacy. It's not like we will meet with anyone just because you wanted to see us two. Hmph."

Before Nao could calm Miya down, Miya suddenly turned her body behind her, only to vanish from sight and re-appear in front of Mr. Popo. Before Mr. Popo could react, Miya covered her fist in a fiery red aura and with small embers dancing around it, she struck out like lightning, creating a loud boom at Mr. Popo's chest. Mr. Popo was unable to see her incoming fist, and only felt a large impact strike against his chest, and before long he felt his body temperature rise. He then couldn't resist it and flew back all the way off The Lookout, and started to fall down. Miya only used a percentage of her full strength but this was enough to catch Mr. Popo off guard. Mr. Popo regained his vision, only to see the long Power Pole that was connected to the bottom of The Lookout and extended all the way down to Korrin's tower as he continued falling down in the sky.

Mr. Popo started to direct his Ki to his feet, constantly releasing his Ki and before long Mr. Popo started to levitate in the air. Unlike Saiyans who could naturally fly around in the sky, Mr. Popo had to release his Ki in a certain direction like other martial artists spread throughout Earth, and if one exerted enough Ki, they could lift their bodies up in the air and fly around. He found a stable foothold in the air and soon directed his body upward, before landing down behind Nao and Miya. A small fist shape was indented into his vest and streaks of red blood dripped down from both sides of his mouth. Mr. Popo used his left thumb to wipe the blood off his face. He cursed inwardly to himself seeing what his Kami had done but it was no use crying over spilled milk and he didn't want to further anger Nao or Miya, so he resumed his deadpan look.

Miya continued to stare at Mr. Popo without saying anything. Mr. Popo could still see a dense fiery red aura surrounding her fist but he didn't feel any evil coming off of it, and Miya herself only felt a bit of an annoyance. Before anything else happened Nao stepped forward, only to grab hold of Miya's head, directing it to his chest, and started rubbing it. Feeling her brother's warmth, she returned the gesture and started to rub her head against his chest, and before long the aura she was releasing soon vanished, and her fist returned to normal, causing the temperature to drop again.


Hearing Miya giggle, Nao could only let out another sigh. He suddenly remembered that he wasn't in his house back on Planet Vegeta, and he looked back at Kami, smiling wryly. Seeing the two suddenly in their own little world, Kami knocked the ground with his cane two times and formed a fist that reached toward his mouth, doing a fake cough.

"I only intended to have a look so I could welcome you two properly. Sir Nao and Lady Miya are my two esteemed guests. I implore for the two of you to feel welcome here. The Lookout may not serve much, but you can definitely rest here before you start the next part of your journey. Is there anything Sir Nao and Lady Miya had in mind?"

After feeling her brother's warmth for a moment, Miya squeezed her head through Nao's left arm, only to see Kami looking at the two of them. She then looked up at Nao again, only to see Nao nodding, saying it was alright to tell them their plans.

"Well you see, Mister Guardian, we did some research prior to coming here, and we know what function that tall building behind you serves. Brother and I would like to spend one of the two limited days inside there. But we know that there are no free meals in this world, especially coming from a race of warriors."

"That's right, Kami. The best thing I could think of as an equivalent exchange is owing a favor to you."

"So the two of you even know about the Room of Spirit and Time...Very well, I shall permit you two to enter it. But my esteemed guests do not need to owe any favors, please treat this as an apology from me for looking into the two of you through Mr. Popo from earlier. Besides, from the way my esteemed guests have been speaking so far, you two seem to have something else in mind too?"

Hearing this question from Kami, even Nao himself became confused for a bit. He looked down at Miya, only to see her smiling back at him. It seemed Miya did have something else in mind, 'but what could it be?', Nao wondered.

"You're quite perceptive, Mister Guardian. Are you familiar with the Other World?"


A serious look appeared on Kami's face after Miya mentioned the Other World. The Other World was a separate plane within the Realm of the Living, containing both Heaven and Hell, and special locations that houses the Kai who watch over each area. This was not normal knowledge one should have, unless one died or were a god themselves, so Kami was quite shocked when this little Saiyan uttered these words to him.

"Young Miss, that is something you shouldn't know...Despite your obvious appearance, the two of you can't be two Saiyans, just who on Earth are you two?"

"Hehe, Mister Guardian, the less you know, the better. However, from the way your expression looks, it does seem you know about the Other World. Well, you see, we have a small bet with one of its inhabitants. Does a fellow that is rather pudgy, has blue skin, small whiskers coming out of their cheeks, two large antennae coming out their head, alongside wearing a black Ki garb ring a bell to you?"

As Miya continued to describe the characteristics of King Kai, cold sweat started to pour down his wrinkly back. Ever since he became a guardian, Earth was one hot spot for departing souls to enter the Other World, either with Heaven or Hell as their destination, and he became rather familiar with those who inhabited the Other World...Meanwhile, as shock continued to appear on Kami's, face...

Other World, King Kai's Planet, North Kai Residence

King Kai was calmly drinking his favorite tea to pass the time as the golden clouds surrounding his planet wafted through the air in peace. All of a sudden, King Kai received an itch on his nose, causing him to rub it with his right index finger, before sneezing loudly.


After sneezing loudly, King Kai sniffled his nose for a bit, before tilting his head in confusion as to what could have caused him to sneeze.

"That's strange, us Kai usually don't sneeze...that is, is someone badmouthing me!? I haven't seen anyone, except...impossible, could it actually be those two? I haven't contacted them for the last year or so, I wonder how those two kids are doing?"