Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 49

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 49 Entering The Room Of Spirit And Time Another Origin Ki Encounter? I

Year 733 May Planet Earth The Lookout

Kami stood in place as Miya continued to to describe King Kai to him, donning a serious look. Miya saw Kami turn serious and she let out another giggle.

"Hehe, so it seems Mister Guardian Knows about King Kai then. This makes things even simpler."

"Miss Miya, for you to know about King Kai as well...what are you trying to implore here? Young Miss did mention about a small bet earlier, do you have something going on with King Kai?"

"Yup! King Kai managed to contact us for the first time about two to three years ago. After that he only contacted us once more but you see, Mister Guardian, we had a small bet on whether brother and I can arrive on his planet or not in the Other World. The time limit was two years, and the first year had already passed for us..."

"Is Miss Miya suggesting to use my Lookout as a means of access to the Other World? It is definitely possible but I usually do not permit anyone to go there unless it is an emergency. Being able to grant this is a lot harder than letting Miss Miya and Sir Nao enter the Room of Spirit and Time."

"Hehe, that's where you're wrong, Mister Guardian. We have our own means of getting to King Kai's Planet."

"That's right, Kami. You probably saw how we arrived on Earth right? I call that a [Gate], and I already have the coordinates to King Kai's Planet thanks to my little sister here."


Miya heard her brother praise her, and she started to rub her head against his chest again. Kami heard for the first time that the two small Saiyans in front of him were siblings, and he started to rub his temple with two fingers of his right hand.

"My two esteemed guests actually turned out to be a pair of siblings? It's no wonder the two of you seem really close..."

"That's not all, Mister Guardian. We're twins to be exact! I haven't seen anyone on our planet born as twins yet, so brother and I might be the very first pair, hehe!"

"Twins...? But my esteemed guests, the two of you look nothing alike. I'm having a hard time believing this as it is...But I'm more interested in this [Gate] you mentioned. Sir Nao, it does appear you've dabbed into the laws of Space, correct?"

"It hasn't been that long since I've gained the ability and affinity towards the Space element, but yes, [Gate] is one of my results from practicing it for the last couple years."

"That is simply marvelous. It is difficult to even perceive the elements in our universe, let alone manipulating them like Sir Nao has done so far. Even though I'm a Guardian myself, I've yet to even arrive at that threshold. I feel ashamed I can't live up to my ancestors, seeing as the first one had quite the insight to the Laws of Time, Space and Spirit, ever since they created this Room of Spirit and Time...but if the two of you have the ability to go the Other World, then why bring this up with me?"

"Kami, you know we're on vacation now. Once we had our fill of travelling the Earth, we plan to come back here and I will set up another [Gate]. I would like it if we would be able to set one up here without any troubles. I just don't want any distractions during its setup."

"If that is all you require me to do, Sir Nao, then that won't cause any issues at all. I myself like the peace and quiet The Lookout brings. I've noticed lately that there is evil rising among humans down below and are on a decline, I currently have not much hope in them right now. If they had an upbringing such as Sir Nao's, then perhaps my faith would have been restored eventually but sadly that's not the case. I'd rather pass my time quietly up here."

"Hehe, it is quite cozy and calm up here. Are you sure Mister Guardian will let us enter the Other World without us giving anything back? You know, having my brother owe a favor is quite the reward, don't you think? For example, if Mister Guardian ever feels an impending crisis where the Earth will cease to exist, we could always step in one time for you from this exchange..."

"That is quite alright, Lady Miya. If I can't resolve Earth's matters when a crises arrives then I won't be fit to serve as a Guardian, despite my aging looks. Do my esteemed guests have any other matters to relay to me? I can guarantee you The Lookout will be safe when you two are ready to head to the Other World."

"I think that about covers it. Oh yes, Kami, would you happen to have any of this world's currency? We brought some gold from our personal storage from our house back on our home world. I figured the amount we brought should be enough to cover our expenses."

"I do apologize, Sir Nao, for the lack of material goods up here. I do not have any of the currencies the humans down below have. There are scattered appraisal shops in each of the major four cities, which go by the name of North City, West City, East City and South City. Each of these four cities surround one one giant city, called the Central City, where the current Emperor of Earth resides. Despite what I've mentioned previously, there is some unification of this world at least."

"I guess that's where we will head to first after we emerge from The Room of Spirit And Time then. Miya do you have anything else to add?"

"Nope. I feel quite filthy from our travel here though. I want to take a bath. I miss our spacious bath back at home already!"

"Lady Miya, you can rest assured a bath will be prepared for when you enter. Even though I do not have many material goods here, there will be plenty of food for my two esteemed guests to get their fill each day. Would you two perhaps be interested in visiting Korin's Tower? You two can pick up some senzu beans for any serious injuries my two esteemed guests will receive during training."

"Hmm, that's not a bad idea. Korin is another deity of Earth like Kami is right?"

"That's correct, Sir Nao. He is known as the God of Martial Arts to those earthlings. I wouldn't dare say he would be a match for you two, but one of his better abilities is Ki control. My esteemed guests, the two of you have been constantly releasing a dense aura since you two had arrived, it might be in best interest to learn to control that, otherwise those earthlings will be scared to death if you try to approach any of them."

Hearing from Kami that Nao and Miya had constantly been releasing their aura ever since they arrived on The Lookout, Nao scratched his head with his right index finger. He figured learning Ki control at some point in time would benefit him, and he actually did learn it back during his training sessions in the Palace with Fynn, Gin, Oliver and Parsi. Nao just didn't bother to hide his Ki on Planet Vegeta, considering that was his home. But it seems Kami picked on it quite easily, so Nao started to revolve his Ki within him, before turning his body into a suction cup, and brought the Ki he had been releasing back into him. Seeing her brother control his Ki back into his body, Miya pouted for a bit, before following suit, and it didn't take long for the both of them to retract their aura. No longer sensing hidden pressure, Kami raised his eyes at the two young Saiyans in front of him, and Mr. Popo's expression lightened a bit.

"It seems my worries were for nothing. As expected of my two esteemed guests, controlling Ki like that should be simple for you two. Even so, you should still drop by Korin's Tower. You two can tell Korin you were sent by Kami, and he'll fetch some senzu beans to help you two during your training."

"Thank you Kami. We will make a quick trip down there then come back. Once we have gotten the senzu beans, we will immediately enter The Room of Spirit and Time."

Kami nodded after hearing what the two's plan was. Nao and Miya then lifted up into the sky before they reached the south end, flying through the two sets of palm trees. They then dove downward and before long they vanished from sight. After Nao and Miya were no longer in sight, Mr. Popo grimaced a bit, before coughing out a small pool of blood, collapsing onto one knee. Seeing his caretaker and mentor injured, Kami immediately approached him.

"Are you alright, Mr. Popo?"

" Kami...I wouldn't say that I'm fine, but that little miss really does pack a punch. I could tell she wasn't using her full strength either...It will take some time to recover from this."

" was my fault to begin with, Mr. Popo, I will not try to look into them again through you, I do apologize for that. Thankfully nothing worse happened."

"You do not need to apologize on my behalf, Kami. Still, even I couldn't follow her attack just then. If she's that strong, then how strong is her twin brother?"

"I don't know Mr. Popo. It would be in our best nature to try and keep a friendly relation with those two. Sigh...those two esteemed guests are such good seedlings. I don't have much time left, I really do hope a successor will appear among those earthlings so I can pass down the Guardian's responsibilities to the next generation. I won't be able to restore the Dragon Balls either until they learn to drive these hidden evils that are rising up..."

After hearing that Kami didn't have much time left to live, Mr. Popo became a bit dejected. However, he knew he was injured quite badly, so he dismissed himself, and slowly entered the room. Mr. Popo's figure soon vanished from Kami's sight. Mr. Popo retreated to his private quarters further down the right pathway that lead to a set of long stairs. On the left hallway were for gatherings, as various tables were spread around. It would definitely take a while for Mr. Popo to recover from his injuries, causing Kami to let out a sigh. He then turned his body away from The Room of Spirit and Time, and faced against the south end, where Nao and Miya departed. He shook his head and a melancholic look appeared on his face.

Meanwhile, further down on The Lookout

Nao and Miya were free falling in the sky and felt cold breezes of air strike against their faces. They were currently looking at The Lookout's Power Pole that connected itself to Korin's Tower. Seeing the pole here proved that Goku was not on Earth yet, as it was this same pole that stuck with him through his adventures during his childhood. It's red exterior could be seen as far as the eyes could see.

"So this is the famous Power Pole, huh? It looks rather plain if you ask me, Miya. Does this thing really have the ability to extend out infinitely?"

"It sure does, brother. Why is brother asking, are you interested in taking the Power Pole for yourself?"

"That's not it, Miya. Even though I don't remember much of my first life anymore, the more I look at this Power Pole, the more nostalgia I feel. This is rather strange."

"Hehe, that's perfectly normal, brother! It still seems your body is still trying to adapt to its second life. Even if brother doesn't have many memories anymore, brother's body appears to remember quite a bit. We still have many years to come so brother will definitely get adjusted!"

"Haha, thank you for that Miya. Look after chatting for a bit during our free-fall, it seems Korin's Tower is now in sight. Even if this person is a deity, a cat is still a cat right? I'm sure you'll be able to give him a good scare."

Hearing that she had another chance to scare someone, she let out another giggle. Korin's tower was fast approaching as they continued to free fall. It appeared way more ancient that The Lookout, and it was plated by dark beige ancient stone. Rumors had it that Korin Tower wasn't actually a tower but in fact a very ancient tree that was plated in stone by an ancient tribe in Earth's early days. The heart of the dome tower itself was shaped like an oreo that had no icing in its center. It only had one observation deck, with one staircase leading to the interior below, presumably where Korin kept his Senzu bean farm. Miya then used her Ki to push herself closer to Nao, only to whisper something in his ear. Upon what he heard, Nao could only let out a sigh.

"Are you sure about this, Miya?"

"Definitely, brother! This cat won't see what's coming, hehe."

"Fine, I'll go along with you this one time. But regardless of what happens, we still need to get those senzu beans."

Miya nodded at Nao's words. The two of them all of a sudden switched their positions so they were falling head down first now. They deliberately made it so their figures started to fall down in the air faster than before, causing the air to boom around them. This booming was heard by Korin himself, and within his tower, he grabbed his cane, which was identical to what Kami had, and was quite larger than his small cat body, and slowly walked to the east side of the tower, to check on what was causing the air to boom. Before long saw two shadows rapidly fall down, and for a brief few seconds,, he caught a glimpse of two small children and their faces, as the three came into eye contact with each other. One had a serious look, almost apathetic even, while the other one stuck her tongue at Korin, and pulled down her right eyelid with her right index finger, making a goofy face.

This caught Korin off guard, and he rubbed his eyes. After he finished rubbing his eyes again, only to see the two figures he thought he saw, were actually no longer there and he no longer heard any booming in the air. He then tilted his head in confusion.

"Meow...was I just having another catnap? What the heck was that anyway?..."

However at this time, as Korin continued to be confused as to what he thought he saw just moments ago, Miya and Nao suddenly halted their free fall descent, only to swerve underneath the tower and appeared on the west side of the tower. They rose high enough to where they could be seen through the main deck, and waited for Korin to recover from his current stupor.