Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 5

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 5 2 The Decision

Planet Vegeta, Year 725, High-class District

Near the end of one of the cliff-side of the main mountain that was situated off to the right of the main staircase, a door could be seen wide open that lead into a three-story house. Perhaps it was due to the quality of the wood, but it survived the impact after King Vegeta II had opened it. After King Vegeta II left the house and returned to his Palace, the couple of maids on the first floor finally regained their senses and immediately shut the door. They soon started returning to their duties with fervor, as they overheard the conversation on the second floor due to how loud King's Vegeta II voice was. Receiving growing chambers for newborns could be seen as an honor within the high-class district, especially after the King himself requested it for them. They think their young lords-to-be will definitely grow into two powerful Saiyans in the future combined with the supplements provided in the growing chambers.

Back on the second floor main bedroom, the husband could be seen standing with his two children in his arms. He finally had a good look at his two children, who were just born several moments ago. He saw the boy who had white hair, he seemed to be a little bundle of life, full of vitality. While the boy quickly fell asleep prior to this, sensing a stare, the boy tried to open his eyes but was unable due, so he just fell back asleep. Seeing his son struggle in his arms for a moment, a smile curved upwards on the husband's face. He then saw his newly born daughter, who already had a few inches of hair. She was slightly smaller than his son but he guessed that was the work of the gender difference. He then looked at her tail and confirmed it was indeed a fiery red, just like her hair. She cried briefly after being born but soon fell into a deep sleep. Feeling confident, the husband passed his children back to his wife who still laid weakly on the bed. After receiving her children, she started to hum and cradle them again.

Realizing this happy moment couldn't last forever, the doctor soon started to clean up the bedroom as it became quite dirty due to the birth of the new children and King Vegeta II's sudden visit. After several minutes of cleaning the room, the doctor then realized that the parents never spoke about the names of the two children after they were born. Seeing that the oppressive atmosphere is gone, he gathered the courage to ask the parents.

"Sir, Madam, it seems you've long decided on the names of these two as the topic hasn't been brought up yet, right?"

Hearing this sudden question, the wife turned to look at the doctor and smiled.

"Yes...We spent quite the time arguing about names for both boys and girls but who would've guessed we were blessed with both of them. Our son will receive the name Nao and our daughter, Miya. They aren't traditional Saiyan names but these names are still short and hopefully these two won't receive too much trouble growing up."

Hearing this being said,, the Doctor looked at her in surprise. He didn't have any further questions and started to pack up his equipment. Before long he excused himself from the room and soon departed the house and disappeared from sight. The husband then looked back to his wife and started to reminisce of the last few years. The husband turned 30 this year and his wife 29. These ages are still relatively young for the Saiyan race, as they have a life expectancy much longer than normal humans that live on Earth.

The current year is 725. The Saiyans weren't alone on the so called Planet Vegeta. The Saiyan's invaded this planet more than a century ago after their original home-world was obliterated. However perhaps it was due to Nao and Miya's emergence that the original story has slightly shifted, as King Vegeta II is still alive and in reign while Vegeta III is still the Prince. Vegeta III had a lot more pride compared to his father but his father exerted far further pressure as the current ruler. King Vegeta II decided to stop living in recluse and expand the territory, which incited the Saiyan-Tuffle war, with the Tuffles being the other lifeforms living on the planet.

Tuffles were known to be relatively peaceful creatures that rarely displayed any infighting within their race, as if they were polar opposites compared to the Saiyans, and were not a race of warriors. One of the main reasons the Tuffles were able to persist on in their lives was the development of their technology, far more advanced to Earth's. Even the scouters the Saiyans eventually scavanged from the war were said to be created by the Tuffles. Despite the war was still ongoing between the Saiyans and the Tuffles, things appeared to be relatively peaceful after that fated night.

Planet Vegeta was not one without a moon, however this moon rarely makes its appearance in Planet Vegeta's orbit. Only about once in 100 years would Planet Vegeta's moon be visible far above the planet. Two years ago, on year 723, the once-every-hundred-years moon hung high over Planet Vegeta. To gain control of the war, every Saiyan who were battling the Tuffles all looked up at the moon. The moon caused every Saiyan's bloodline to surge, eventually growing into massive apes, also know as their Great Ape form. Those who were low and middle class had harder times controlling their giant ape form and eventually lost control of their senses and wrecked havoc on all things friend or foe like. The high-class warriors had stronger control over their bloodline had managed to keep their senses, and forced the other great apes to focus their attacks on the Tuffles. The moon didn't even last a week before it vanished, leaving the Planet's orbit. However during this period of time Saiyans triumphed and caused 80-90% of the Tuffles population to cease to exist.

Now that two years have passed, the Saiyan's slowly rebuilt their society and moved into the highest mountain on Planet Vegeta. The husband still had very vivid memories of this battle as he himself participated in it. These thought soon vanished and shifted his focus back onto his children. His marriage with his wife was prearranged by their parents but the moment Iona first introduced herself to him, he was shocked by her beauty. Her name seemed rather unique compared to his, which was Oscar, but a deep bond quickly developed and had gotten married at the turn of year 725.It didn't take long for them to have their own children.

Oscar then recalled the order King Vegeta gave to his scientists before he left their home. His Majesty personally gauged the newborn's battle power and to receive a score of 1000 equally proved to them that their bloodline purity was high and had great potential. If one compared these two to low class warriors, the low class would only receive 10-20% of what these two were born with. Seeing such a disparity, Oscar started to grow excited and imagined, perhaps these two have what it takes to become the legendary Super Saiyan, which is no more than just a myth?... Oscar finally turned to his wife as if he were going to say something, and he did.

"Iona, its already late afternoon, why don't you rest with the children until dinner? We should be expecting His Majesty some time tomorrow so we need to be prepared."

"Of course, my dear Oscar..."

As if she felt a sudden burst of drowsiness, perhaps due to her childbirth, Iona quickly managed to fall asleep with the two children kept in her arms. Not wanting to disturb her any longer, Oscar quietly left the room and closed the door. He found his way to the marble staircase and slowly made his way down to the first floor. The two maids who were on the first floor soon saw their Master arrive, and hurried to his location with worried looks.

"Master! You finally made it down! You aren't hurt are you?"

"Hehe...On the contrary, I am quite fine. His Majesty's visit might have been sudden but it only ended with good news. His Majesty also saw the colored helix that shot up into the sky and came to personally investigate it. In the end he personally gauged the battle power of our children, such an honor! With his loud voice you guys also probably heard what he said. He also decreed that we will be receiving two growing chambers. With our children's latent talent, receiving the support of these devices, I can't imagine what will become of them in two or three years!"

"Congratulations, Master! Is there anything we can do?"

"Yes! Receiving such an honor today from His Majesty, only a feast is worthy of it! Prepare the best meats we have in stock. You are also forbidden to upstairs for the time being, as Iona is currently resting with the children. She should be awake in about 3-4 hours. Have the dinner ready by then!"

"Yes, Master!"

The two maids quickly returned to the kitchen and started preparing the food for the grand feast that is happening in the evening. Oscar eventually made his way to one of the chairs at the dining table, which is large enough to hold several people. After he sat down, he started to clear his mind of the events that occurred today. Soon after he reached a tranquil state did he start his meditation. As Saiyan's were a natural born warrior race, they had the senses to develop their inner Ki quite quickly and Oscar managed to do so at a young age, due to his purity of the Saiyan bloodline, being born as a high-class warrior. Meditation allowed the person to calm their mind and direct the flow of Ki in their bodies to the various Acupoints to restore lost energy and stamina. Oscar intended to be fully ready for when tomorrow came by, and now was the best opportunity to be in his best state.

After one starts meditating, they soon start to lose track of time. Before long three hours have passed, and Oscar started to smell various cooked meats. He then ended his meditation and opened his eyes, only to see several large plates of meats on the table. Saiyan's also had very large appetites with how much energy they spend on a daily basis. Seeing the food prepared, he quickly went back upstairs, and found Iona awake again, and his two children wrapped in cloths.

"Iona, today we're having a feast, so don't hold back and enjoy as much as you want!"


The parents soon made their way back downstairs and started to scarf down the dinner prepared for them. While they did enjoy eating a lot of food, they still maintained proper etiquette, unlike Son Goku who always wolves down his food leaving a mess everywhere. Another hour was spent as the family enjoyed the feast and before long the parents had satisfied looks. Seeing how dark it was outside, the parents soon let the maids clear the table and they retreated back to the bedroom and slept for the night.

Year 725, Planet Vegeta, the Next Day.

Oscar and Iona were in their bed watching their children sleep peacefully. Before long, as if they sensed a figure approaching, a loud bang could be heard on the first floor, which almost shook Oscar off the bed. Oscar quickly pulled himself together and quickly got dressed in his standard battle armor. After he got himself straightened up he rushed downstairs, only to see His Majesty King Vegeta II staring him down. This caused Oscar to be momentarily stunned, but he quickly recovered and knelt down before him. As he knelt down, he looked back up at him, only to see him carrying two large oval pods with a grey-like metal on the top and bottom, and glass with strange liquid in the center.

"Y-Your Majesty, welcome! Are these what I think they are?"

"You damn well know it. It took a f.u.c.k.i.n.g whole night for the scientists to prepare two top quality growing chambers. I would have blasted them to death if they were even a tad bit slower. However, that's not the point why I brought them in. I will now present you two options. You can either accept these and keep them here, or I will bring the boy and girl back with me so they can develop in the King's chamber for the next two to three years. Your call."