Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 50

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 50 Entering The Room Of Spirit And Time Another Origin Ki Encounter? Ii

However at this time, as Korin continued to be confused as to what he thought he saw just moments ago, Miya and Nao suddenly halted their free fall descent, only to swerve underneath the tower and appeared on the west side of the tower. They rose high enough to where they could be seen through the main deck, and waited for Korin to recover from his current stupor.

Upon having a closer look at Korin, his stature was small compared to most humans, only standing about two and a half feet tall, but that was because Korin himself was part of the immortal cat species, and as far as deities go, they were quite rare in the Realm of the Gods. Coupled with his white fur, three whiskers could be seen protruding out on each side of his face, and six more on top of his head. He let his white cat tail sway freely behind him, and after he regained from his stupor, he spread out his Ki sense.

Almost immediately, he felt an immense pressure behind him. This caught him off guard once more, and he almost stumbled onto the ground, but thankfully the wooden cane he was holding onto caught his fall. This was the result of Miya releasing her Ki again prior to her controlling it back into her body back at The Lookout. Nao still kept his Ki within his body and he could only sigh, but the plan Miya told him appeared to be rather effective. Korin soon regained his footing, and turned around, only see two children slightly taller than him, hovering in the air outside the deck. He then rubbed his fur beneath his neck, as if he were rubbing a beard.

" my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Who the heck are you two? This is my house, you two clearly don't belong here."

After hearing Korin's question, Nao decided to head into the observation deck with Miya following suit and they then landed on the ground. Nao could see the observation deck was quite bare, but there were various amounts of ancient jars scattered around sealed with wooden lids. Korin had a good look at the two and he could clearly tell that the two figures in front of him weren't native species to Earth. Nao was the first one to speak out to Korin, as Miya stayed silent.

"Greetings, Korin, it's a pleasure to meet you. You can call me Nao, and this one right here is my little sister, Miya. You see, we just arrived on Earth a couple hours ago, and Kami already received us at The Lookout."

"So you're guests of Kami, eh? How is that old fart doing lately? It's been a few decades the last time we met. It's been rather quiet here as of late. You two don't appear to be challengers either. Only one guy had climbed this tower within the last 280 years, and my god he was quite a pervert."

"That's right, Korin. Kami gave us permission to come down here to retrieve some senzu beans. Would you happen to have any in stock?"

"I sure do. The two of you have been approved by Kami, so there is no need for you to go through my challenge. Let me go fetch some."

With his wooden cane in his right hand, Nao saw Korin dismiss himself as he walked toward the staircase leading to floor beneath the observation deck and soon vanished from sight. Once the two longer saw him, Miya retreated the Ki she was currently releasing back into her body, and the surrounding atmosphere no longer felt any hidden pressure. She then turned to look at Nao.

"So what do you think of Korin, brother? It defintely is a first seeing a talking cat move around like that, but you just got straight to the point and he complied just like that. I can tell he's more sociable than that Kami too, hehe."

"He defintely has more of a welcoming feeling than what Kami has, for sure. Perhaps it's because he has been in contact with the earthlings below, even if it was just one. I wonder how high of a position Korin is among the deities in this universe, it probably isn't high considering he is in this backwater planet."

"I'm not sure either, the details of the original story were quite vague in regards to Korin's background according to your memories. Brother, you weren't born with an eidetic memory like I was. Brother should really consider in purchasing one from Rebirth, I don't think it's too expensive either. I just did a quick look, and it's actually available for 30K RP. After the 10% discount, brother barely has enough points to purchase it."

"Sigh...having my memories fade away does seem to be a bit of a pain in the ass. I also don't want to constantly rely on you either. Purchasing an eidetic memory will defintely solve that but, we should wait until we enter The Spirit of Room and Time. I have no idea what would happen once I purchase it. If all of my missing memories coming rushing out at once, my brain may overload."

"Hehe, I don't mind you relying on me, brother. But further down the road it will definitely be nice to have, especially once we start crossing into other worlds. Searching for a technique to improve your mind realm will also help as well."

"Let's just take it one step at a time, my sister. Given that we will have an extra 365 days, we will have plenty of time to spar and train after I make the purchase. But as of now...look, I hear Korin's footsteps coming back up. That was pretty quick."

Miya nodded and a smile bloomed on her face after hearing that her brother will purchase an eidetic memory from Rebirth. Even if his memories have been lost over time, having this will make their images flash for a few moments, allowing Nao to recall whatever he would need to recall. The two then heard tapping noises as Korin's cane struck the ground every step he went up. It didn't take long for him to arrive back at the observatory deck.

"Nao, and Miya, was it? Got a pouch of senzu beans for yer two. This should last the two of ya for quite a while, they were just collecting dust in the storage area anyways. Got any plans after this?"

Korin then pulled out a rather large but simple brown leather pouch that contained several senzu beans inside. He then tossed it in the air toward Nao and Nao successfully caught it. Nao then opened the leather pouch, only to see a massive stack of senzu beans inside, which caused Nao to raise his eyebrows. Just from the appearance alone, he could see dozens within, maybe even a couple hundred or two.

"Are you sure it's fine to give us this much, Korin?"

"You bet. Anyone who has been received by Kami is fine by my books. Besides, I'd rather get some use out of them to free up some storage space."

"I'll thank you in advance then. Miya and I were planning to head on back up to The Lookout after this. Kami has granted us entry into The Room of Spirit and Time."

"Oh, now there's a place that'll treat you two quite nicely. Now that I have a good look at the two of you, you two do appear to be quite the honed warriors. And..are those tails I see? What the heck, are the two of you cats like I am?"

"Hehehe, that's not quite right, Korin. Brother and I are Saiyans! We just wanted to spend some time in relaxation on Earth before we head to our next destination."

"Saiyans?...aren't Saiyans those evil monkeys terrorizing planets everywhere they go? But I don't feel any sort of evil from the two of you...Well you two have been approved by Kami, so it's not like I care. Just don't destroy my place whenever you two decide to show up again."

"Haha, we won't, Korin. I hate to ask though, what's with these wooden jars scattered around this room? Are they sealing something?"

"So these things caught your eye, eh? Well they aren't anything special. The name it goes by is Sacred Water. The one guy who made it up here thought it was some special water that would grant him immense strength and ended up drinking one. The only strength he received was from climbing my tower and the attempt to take the water from me though, it's actually just tap water, haha. However I did infuse something into these jars, this tap water helps dispel anyone that is being mind-controlled. Want some?"