Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 51

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 51 Entering The Room Of Spirit And Time Another Origin Ki Encounter? Iii

"So these things caught your eye, eh? Well they aren't anything special. The name it goes by is Sacred Water. The one guy who made it up here thought it was some special water that would grant him immense strength and ended up drinking one. The only strength he received was from climbing my tower and the attempt to take the water from me though, it's actually just tap water, haha. However I did infuse something into these jars, this tap water helps dispel anyone that is being mind-controlled. Want some?"

"Hmm...that sounds tempting but it'd be a pain to lug one of those jars around everywhere we go. According to a certain someone our minds are very hard to penetrate so I highly doubt anyone would have the ability to control our minds, especially on Earth. It never hurts to have extra security, though. Korin, would it be possible to put one aside for us until we're ready to retrieve it later?"

"Sure I can. Just remember to drop by when you're ready to retrieve it. I'll be sure to have a jar ready to go, just don't do any pranks next time. I think i'll go ahead and take another catnap. Say hi to Kami for me."

"Haha, sorry about that, Korin. My sister can be mischievous at times. We'll let you know once we're back. It may not be for a while though, we want to explore the Earth after we finish our business at The Lookout."

Miya stuck out her small tongue after hearing Nao's comment about her, and Korin nodded in response to him. Korin then grasped his cane in his right cat paw, and and started to tap it on the ground, slowly walking toward the staircase leading to the lower floor of Korin's Tower. Seeing Korin disappear from sight and with a large senzu bean brown leather pouch in their hands, Nao and Miya soon took off into the air and they sped up, arriving back at The Lookout in a blink of an eye. They then landed on the marble floor, and didn't see Mr. Popo or Kami. The two didn't know Mr. Popo retreated to his private quarters. Kami felt two presences arrive and he then made his way from inside the building, before slowly walking to Nao and Miya. Kami soon saw a leather pouch in Nao's hand.

"It seems Sir Nao and Lady Miya successfully received some senzu beans from Korin. How is that old cat doing lately? I haven't really bothered to head down from The Lookout in the last few decades as I've mentioned previously."

"Korin seemed rather bored, he ended up giving us more than what we had expected, Kami. We might have enough to cover ourselves even after we spend a year in The Room of Spirit and Time. According to Korin, only one person in the last three hundred years challenged his tower. Is it really that hard to these earthlings?"

" seems my worries were true. These earthlings do contain a lot of potential in terms of growth but most of them haven't exercised it in the proper direction, either just going about their days in peace or using it for the wrong means. There are scattered martial artists and even a few sects have been created but none of them have ventured to Korin's Tower. My two esteemed guests appear to be ready now, if the two of you have nothing else, I will direct you two to The Room of Spirit and Time immediately."

After hearing that Kami will lead the two, Nao nodded his head to confirm that they had nothing else. The three then made their way inside the lone building, and upon entering they saw the hallway on the left leading to what appears a room relaxation room as various tables and chairs were spread around. He looked to the right only to see a marble staircase leading downward in a spiral, which he presumed it lead to the lower floors of The Lookout, where the size of the room started to expand massively. Ahead of them appeared to be closed off by the walls, only to see one wooden door about 7' tall that appeared to have an ancient, exquisite design. Kami then turned the door's knob, before revealing vast empty space that appeared to go on endlessly.

Kami then signaled Nao and Miya to enter, and it appeared Kami would remain in front of the door . Nao nodded again and he grabbed Miya's left hand, and led the two into The Room of Spirit and Time. Upon, entering, Nao saw Kami give him a rare smile.

"My esteemed guests, I hope the year you two will spend The Room of Spirit and Time will yield fruitful results. In case the food supply runs out during your training, Mr. Popo will use the features of The Room of Spirit and Time to make sure it gets refilled. The place will have two beds ready in the center room, and a dining table off to the right and a bath of to the left. The bath is rather simple but it won't take long to draw hot water from it. I look forward to seeing the two of you emerge out of it."

After Kami finished speaking, with his hand still on the knob, he slowly closed the door after Nao and Miya ventured their way through it. Once it locked back into place, Nao and Miya actually saw the door disappear right before their very eyes. They then walked through the center hallway, only to see two large king sized beds hidden within large purple tapestry that covered most of the bed itself, only leaving the end of it visible, on the right side of the room.

Further to the right of the room, past the beds, they saw another hallway, leading to a huge dining room with a few refrigerators placed around it. To the left they saw a wide open white marble bath, almost ten meters in length, which was plenty to fit two large a.d.u.l.ts. It seems first guardian who built this place really had it mind for The Room of Spirit and Time to accompany two people at once. It was known it could accompany more as well, but Kami limited the number of people to two because of their food situation.

Before long they approached the end of the main room, only to see a vast space of endless pink smoke that seemed to drift on forever and ever, and it was thick enough to form clouds. Three clear marble platforms could be seen as steps leading to the pink smoke and Nao and Miya decided to descend them, only to kick up some of the smoke as they landed on it. Once they landed on it, it felt like they were stepping on a hard floor. Nao then turned to Miya.

"So this is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, huh? It really has a serene feeling to it. I can feel this will be a perfect place for meditation."

"Hehe, that's right brother. I do feel a thickness in the air as well. I wonder if the further we go, how much thicker the air will become. Brother, since you now have better Ki perception, do you feel anything different besides the calm atmosphere?"

"That's a good idea, Miya. Let me cycle some of my Ki to find out."

Nao then started to cycle his Ki, and instead of releasing his Frost Aura, he released his golden Space aura and before long he surrounded himself with it. Once the golden aura surrounded Nao, Nao's vision changed a bit, and he started to see a bunch of large and small golden spheres in the air that extended infinitely. That wasn't the only thing he saw either, he also saw what appeared to be black obsidian-like spheres and silver spheres as well that joined together with the golden spheres in harmony. Nao decided to walk forward a few steps, and the three types of spheres either phased through Nao or they got out of his way. Seeing this, Nao tilted his head in confusion.

"Miya, this is really strange. I see the Space element all around us that I'm familiar with, but it seems there are two other types of elements as well. One appears to be obsidian while the other is silver, I can presume one of these two is for Time but I have no idea what the other one is related to. Are you more familiar with the elements, Miya?"

"I sure am, brother! Brother should know that I'm most familiar with the fire element. Besides the three you currently see, there is probably the wind element as well, but neither of us have achieved any proficiency in it, so it's currently not visible. Having two other ones probably means brother is close to achieving an affinity with them as well. As I recall, the four basic elements consist of fire, wind, water and earth and these are classified as the Lower Elements. The three elements brother currently see is Space, and what is presumed to be Time, and Reality, or more commonly known as Mirage."

"Time, Space, and Mirage? This isn't the first time I've heard the names of these elements...Just where have I heard about them before?"

"Hehe, just wait for brother to purchase an Eidetic Memory from the Shop! Being spoiled about it beforehand is no fun. You'll be able to recall them soon enough. But to further explain, these three elements are classified as the Higher Elements, and not everyone can have an affinity with them. Beyond that is the power of the Void and Origin. Unless someone who manages to break through the Void or becomes a being high enough to sense either of these two elements, its likely they will not come into contact with these two at all."

"Hmm...I was just expecting to further strengthen my affinity with Space. Just now I saw the golden spheres pass through me while the obsidian and silver spheres either dodge or fly away. Looks like I got my work cut out for me."

"Before that, brother, I'm already starting to sweat! Let's go hop in the bath already."

"Sure thing, Miya."

After receiving an okay from Nao, Miya started stripping off all of her clothes right in front of him, soon leaving her bare n.a.k.e.d body for his eyes to view. Miya started running toward the left hallway which lead into the bath, and he saw her retreating figure and her perky butt. Nao let out a sigh, and followed behind her. Miya managed to pick up her clothes that were tossed aside before she sprinted off, and placed them off to the side. Nao soon arrived at the bath as well, and at the end of it, they saw a white marble-shaped dragon head with a faucet leading into the bath, and a knob off to the left of it.

Miya rushed to the knob and turned it, and soon hot water started to pour out of the faucet. The bath was about ten meters wide and about four feet deep, which allowed Miya and Nao to fully submerge themselves if they wanted to, and a hot steamy mist soon spread out to the hallway. After another hour had passed, Nao and Miya could be seen walking out of the bath with wet hair and only wearing their black bodysuits. Feeling refreshed, Nao decided to spend the time now to navigate to the Shop, and sure enough, Eidetic Memory was available for 30K RP. Nao then turned to look at Miya.

"Miya, once I buy this, I don't know what will happen. If I fall unconscious, please take me to the bed."

"Hehe, sure thing, brother!"

Seeing a total of 27,000 being deducted out of his points thanks to his 10% discount, he was left with a measly 800. All of a sudden, Nao felt his mind clear up and before long, flashing images started to rush into his mind. These flashing images began from his previous life on Earth, just right after he was born as a baby, up to the events leading till now. Nao's eyes started to spin and soon his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and lost his conscious. Miya saw Nao collapse onto the ground but before his body hit it, Miya rushed in and grabbed onto it, before carrying him off to one of the two king sized beds. After giggling for a bit, she then turned away and looked at the endless pink smoke in front of her.

"Sigh...the characters from the original story were too battle crazy, they didn't even mange to fully explore the depths of this place. This will give us something to look forward to, I bet, hehe!"