Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 52

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 52 Origin Ki Spotted Heading Further Inside The Room Of Spirit And Time

An unknown amount of time had passed as Nao was still unconscious. Two giant golden plated hourglasses stood on each side of the main building and the sands of time churned as its emerald-colored sand constantly poured down into its bottom half, and now a small pile of it could be seen on its bottom. Every time a person entered the room, these hourglasses would reset itself, and once it has fully drained to the other side, their time would be up. There was also a giant clock situated on top of the main dome so one wouldn't lose track of the time, if they kept count of when one started.

One day turned into two days, two into three and before long a week had fully passed by before Nao started to squirm around in his bed. Miya could be seen n.a.k.e.d and snuggled up against him, and light snoring could be heard as she continued to sleep by his side. Before long, Nao's eyelids shuttered for a bit, before they slowly opened. Sadness and a look of melancholy appeared in Nao's eyes, and as Miya's mind was connected to Nao's, and the fact that she was his twin, she also sensed something was wrong with him, causing her eyes to slowly open too, and looked at him worriedly.

"Brother, are you alright?"

"Ugh...Damn it. I knew that would happen...How long have I been out for?"

"You've been out cold for the last week, brother. About 2% of the emerald sand has fallen now. Thankfully there's a clock as well so we can keep track of how long we're here. Have all of your past memories been assimilated yet?"

"My memories have successfully been assimilated, but have I really only been knocked out for a week? The time I spent assimilating my memories felt like I went through my last life again, even up to the point where I died, saying goodbye to my previous parents, and the the last eight years we've been living in this world...However, my mind is a lot clearer now, and I remember a lot more things, so it seems everything went fine to say the least. I just need to get adjusted again."

"Well from the looks of things, nothing worse seemed to happen, so I'd call this a success in my books, brother. I did my best not to disturb your resting body too much, but brother forgot to eat one of our senzu beans before purchasing the Eidetic Memory from the Shop. I had to do it the old fashioned way and mouth feed you it so your body wouldn't shrivel. I say brother, your lips tasted quite nice, hehe."

"Now that you mentioned it, I do feel rather full of energy..."

Nao then sat up from the bed and the covers that were over him slid down, revealing his bare chest. His body was now nicely toned and muscles were clearly starting to develop, and even a six-pack. After the covers fell over, he looked over to Miya and saw her n.a.k.e.d as well. Hearing that she fed him through the mouth, Nao raised his right hand and covered his lips with his fingers, but he didn't feel any warmth, as Miya did it shortly after he fell unconscious. His gaze then landed on Miya again, and during this time she also sat up, revealing her budding b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"You know Miya, I originally wanted to take things slow considering we're still in our growth period, but it seems you already jumped the gun on me, eh? Well, two can play it at that!"

"Huh, what do you mean, bro-...mmmph!?"

Before Miya could respond to Nao's statement, Nao lowered his head and tilted it to the left, before arriving right in front of Miya's and he suddenly reached out his left hand, grabbing her chin. Using a bit of force, he squeezed her cheeks, causing her mouth to open slightly. Nao didn't let Miya respond and immediately planted his lips on hers. Once their lips came into contact, Nao reached out his tongue, and started to invade the inside of Miya's mouth.

Miya's eyes almost popped out of their sockets at Nao's sudden attack, but her expression soon softened, and she closed her eyes, letting his tongue swirl around hers. Before long hints of red appeared on Miya's cheeks, and then she opened her eyes again. After a few moments of exploring Miya's mouth, Nao parted ways and released his lips. After gulping in a big breath of air, he looked at Miya in silence. It wasn't long before a smile bloomed on her face, and then she giggled.


"Treat this as something special this time, okay, Miya? I'm not planning to go any further than this, until we reach the appropriate age at least."

"I'm surprised you even did this at all, brother. You know, mouth feeding isn't considered a real kiss right? Well, at least we got to enjoy our first real kiss together, hehe. I still have a child's body though so I probably haven't started developing any pheromones yet to give any further excitement."

"That's good, then. I wasn't expecting to do this either this soon but you can never expect somethings to go as planned. We're well awake now, why don't we get ready? We got the next 358 days to spend in here."

"Sure thing, brother! But before you start your training course in here, why don't we go off and explore the unknown?"

"Exploring the unknown? All there is pink smoke everywhere, seemingly without end. But now that Miya mentions it...I remember when I released my golden aura earlier, it did appear that the three elements closer to me acted without a care, but the ones further beyond did seem to be heading in a certain direction..."

After Nao said this, he then separated from Miya and jumped off the bed. Not wanting to delay, he headed down the clear marble steps, before arriving on top the endless pink clouds of smoke. Miya got up as well and went after Nao, only to stop a few feet behind him. All of a sudden, Nao cycled his Ki and activated his golden aura. Various amounts of spheres of varying sizes entered his vision, floating around incessantly. Gold, silver and obsidian phased through his body and some also went the other way. Nao looked further into the distance and sure enough, tons of spheres appeared congregate together, forming a straight line into the endless pink smoke clouds, as if it was guiding him to go further into The Room of Spirit and Time. Seeing this, Nao smiled and then he shut off his aura. The spheres soon vanished from view.

Miya watched this happen in silence, but thanks to Nao's previous action, her current gaze landed on to Nao's lower body. Nao didn't realize that he wasn't wearing any clothes at the moment as he was currently distracted with Ki cycling just now, so his small member dangling below was in full view for Miya to look at. With a light blush on her cheeks, Miya decided to speak up to him.

"Hehe, brother, before you do anything else, I think you've forgotten something."


Nao heard Miya's voice behind him, and then he turned around, only to see Miya standing a few feet behind him. Getting a good look at Miya, he noticed that she was still fully n.a.k.e.d, and then he shifted his gaze downward back onto his body, only to see that he was still n.a.k.e.d as well. Nao scratched his head with is right hand in embarrassment.

"Haha, guess I got too heated up in the moment and actually forgot to put some clothes on. Let's go get freshened up before we go out and adventure."

"Let's go already! Can't wait to see if there's actually something in the depths of this place, it was never fully explored after all. Hehe."

Nao nodded after Miya said this. Miya approached Nao and grabbed him by the hand, pulling him along to the bath. Once the two were their, they found their clothes set aside nearby. Turning on the faucet, the two dipped into a lukewarm bath and freshened up after spending another hour in it, before stepping out again. Feeling refreshed, Nao and Miya suited up in their full gear. Even though it was just the two of them and they knew no one else resided in the area, they still wanted to explore it. It didn't take long for the two to arrive back at the clear marble multi-platform.

With a large brown leather pouch in hand, Nao opened it to see how many senzu beans in total he had. With his improved memory, he remembered that each bean kept one's stomach full for a full ten days, and he had 358 days remaining, so he would only need about 36 for himself and Miya, if they didn't eat anything out of the refrigerators. He easily grabbed 72 beans out of it, and he saw the bag was still over halfway full, so he could estimate he probably had around 200 in there, which surprised him by quite a bit. It seemed Korin really did have too much free time on his hand, and a lot ended up collecting dust in his wares.

Nao then pulled the strings of the leather pouch, closing it back up, and tied it around his waist near his white tail. Nao then cycled his Ki again, releasing his golden aura once more, and soon the spheres became visible again. Signaling Miya, the two soon lifted up into the air, before they ventured further inside, following the straight line the three elements made. More and more time passed on, and the main building of The Room of Spirit and Time soon vanished from sight, and all around them they could only see the pink smoke clouds. The three elements kept pointing the two in a certain direction, and soon they lost track of time on how long they traveled.

The only way they could keep track of time out in this endless smoke was the two's stomachs. Whenever they started to rumble, they knew another ten days had passed, and out of the 72 senzu beans that would keep them sustained for the full year, they had already eaten 20 a piece, They had spent a full 200 days travelling before they knew it, and the straight line made of the three elements finally converged into a single arrowhead, and at the tip of it shocked the two by quite a bit.

A large pale gray sphere about the size of a basketball stood floating several meters up in the air, as varying shapes and sizes of gold, silver and obsidian spheres swirled around it endlessly, almost as if it were a sun in the center of a galaxy. What made it more unique was that this large pale gray sphere didn't block out any of the pink smoke clouds, and the clouds kept drifting through the sphere. The air around them was quite sparse, making breathing hard for Nao and Miya, but they stuck with it and approached the gray sphere. It was at this time a familiar ding resounded in Nao's mind.

[*Ding! Congratulations to Host, Host as discovered another source of Origin Ki. However this Origin Ki is different from Host's previous encounter, and it encompasses the three Higher Elements. Does Host wish to merge with the Origin Ki source? As this Origin Ki source is made of Time, Space, and Reality, Host has a good chance to obtain affinity with these three elements. If Host has already developed an affinity, it will give an improvement to Host's current stage. Does Host wish to proceed?]