Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 53

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 53 Half A Year Spent In The Room Of Spirit And Time

Once Nao read Rebirth's notification, his expression turned serious. After watching the three Higher Elements rotate alongside the Origin Ki source in complete harmony, he turned to his right and saw Miya floating in the air right next to him.

"I wasn't expecting there to be different types of Origin Ki, but I guess that makes sense. If normal Ki is the life energy of living beings, then is Origin Ki the source of all things created?"

"Well that is one way to put it, brother! Origin Ki existed since the beginning, and even the three Higher Elements were slowly brought into existence. The past event when Broly was born, he was an extremely pure existence, causing a sliver of Origin Ki to be produced, and gave you a big rise in power and access to the Space element. However, I can only assume the Origin Ki in front of us has been developing over time to reach this stage, ever since the First Guardian of Earth created The Room of Spirit and Time."

"Yeah, this source of Origin Ki is a lot larger in size than the last one I saw. Miya, you wouldn't happen to think this thing would be the core of this place would it? If I happen to take it, it's not like The Room of Spirit and Time would suddenly collapse, would it?"

"I would say it might be the opposite, brother! Thanks to the existence of this place, this Origin Ki source slowly formed over time as a natural phenomenon. I have no idea how long ago the first Guardian of Earth ruled over this place, but seeing the size of this thing, that person must be pretty ancient. I don't think brother has to worry, if it gets taken, it will probably form itself again over the next countless millennium."

"That eases my worrying then. I wonder what is the best way to go about in absorbing this? My power has risen by a lot since the first time I absorbed Origin Ki, I really don't want to fall asleep again for another year."

"Hehe, you don't need to worry about that, brother! Your body became adjusted after the first time you've absorbed Origin Ki, and don't forget that Rebirth upgraded since then as well! It will be a lot easier this time around, it's probably best to just will it to come to you."

"Willing it, huh? Guess I can give that a shot."

To best prepare himself, Nao descended back onto the endless clouds of pink smoke, which still felt like the same hard platform when he first stepped on it. He then sat cross-legged into a lotus position, and closed his eyes. Cycling his Ki, he activated his golden aura as the Source Ki in front of him was related to the three Higher Elements. Before long Nao's body became surrounded in his golden aura and sparks of lightning streaked across him every now and then. The golden spheres going around the Source Ki was the first to phase into Nao's body, and Nao willed his intentions for the other two elements soon after.

The obsidian and silver spheres of all sorts of sizes resisted for a few moments, trying to stay in their orbit around the Source Ki, but seeing the golden spheres willingly enter Nao's body, the two other elements soon followed suit, and similar to a river flowing, the elements kept flowing into Nao one after another. The Source Ki sphere in front of him visibly shrunk in size at a fast pace, and its original basketball-shaped size soon became that of a small fist, before vanishing in front of them. Nao soon lost track of time again but thankfully Miya was right beside him.

One day, two days, three days...

Before Nao knew it, Nao sat cross-legged for another full 10 days. Plenty of Rebirth notifications kept sounding off in his head, but he still focused on becoming adjusted to the new elements entering his body. Without him realizing, his battle power also started to rapidly increase as well. 535,000 started to rapidly climb up, all the way until it landed on 750,000. Once his power level stopped increasing, Nao's golden aura soon developed with hints of silver and obsidian, as the three tried to clash against each other. Feeling these clashing elements in his body, Nao's eyes shuttered for a bit, before he slowly opened them. He saw his golden aura become more dominant, as streaks of silver and obsidian flashed across in a similar manner to the lightning. Seeing this he smiled, and then one last Rebirth notification sounded in his mind.

[*Ding! Congratulations to Host, Host has successfully integrated the nearby Origin Ki into Host's body. Now filtering Origin Ki into Host's meridians...Host has successfully unlocked Time Affinity [Beginner] and Reality Affinity [Beginner], and Space Affinity [Intermediate] has now advanced into Space Affinity [Advanced].]

Seeing that he had unlocked the other two affinities out of the blue, Nao became quite shocked. He then saw the remaining silver and obsidian spheres enter his body, and before long only tiny specks of the three elements remained, as they started their path once again in a circular motion, as if it were trying to form a nucleus. Nao finally decided to shut off his aura, and he then became calm again. Seeing the atmosphere return to normal with endless pink smoke clouds wafting in the air, Nao then turned to look at Miya.

"Didn't it say there was only a chance at obtaining the Higher Elements? I wonder if it's because I already obtained Space that the other two eventually gave up and joined me as well."

"That's very likely, brother. They were in perfect harmony as they encompassed the Origin Ki, seems like you really lucked out this time, hehe! Brother has barely tapped into the laws of Space, but now you need focus on the law of Time and Reality as well. I still think it's best for you focus on one at a time though."

"That's for sure. Trying to focus on multiple laws at once is just silly in my opinion. Besides, my goal into coming into this place was to gain enlightenment to creating a separate dimension, even if it turns out be just a pocket-sized dimension. Rebirth only stores things that personally purchase from it, but not from the outside world. Once I have my own pocket dimension, I'll be able to store a lot of more things. Seeing Space Affinity advance another stage into [Advanced], I feel more confident now."

"That's reassuring! It doesn't seem we have much to do here anymore, brother. I've been keeping track of how we got here, and if we go back with our full power we should return in just a few days. We took our time coming here since the elements were directing us, but now we don't have to hold back."

"Yup, I'm ready when you are, Miya. Let's head back."

Seeing that the two had nothing else to two, they ate another senzu bean each, totaling 21 for the each of them. Nao then stood up and did a quick stretch of his legs. Feeling ready, Nao and Miya cycled their Ki to their max, and before long a pure snow-white and a fiery red aura wrapped around the two. They then lifted up in into the air and like a jet, they vanished from sight in a blink of an eye with their arms stretched forward. They had already spent a total of 207 days, of which 200 came from their travelling, but thankfully after another 13 days of full power flying, the main building of The Room of Spirit and Time became visible in Nao and Miya's eyes.

Seeing the building appear again before his very eyes, Nao became relieved. He wasn't sure what would happen if the two of them had actually gotten lost within that endless stream of pink cloud smoke. Now that they had arrived back, Nao and Miya only had another 145 days of their 365 day limit to spend as much time training as they can...

Meanwhile, turning time back a bit, somewhere outside the Realm of the Living and the Other World.

Outside of these two planes that made up Universe 7, existed yet another plane. This plane was known the Kaioshin Realm. Within this plane stood the massive green and white planet itself, known as the Sacred World of the Kai, and it was coupled with several moons and a total of ten suns. Beyond that was just infinite cosmos. Eerie silence drifted about in this plane as it appeared to be mostly uninhabited at this point in time. All of this went by the name of the Kaioshin Realm, and this Realm orbited a fixed path going around the Realm of the Living and the Other World.

Several tens of millions years ago, an evil being known as Majin Buu rampaged and caused endless destruction, even more so than the God of Destruction Beerus, and the existence of Universe 7 itself was threatened enough to cease to exist. The West, North and East Supreme Kais ended up perishing as Majin Buu continued his rampage. With the help of the Southern Supreme Kai and the Grand Supreme Kai, the two managed to evenly fight Majin Buu to a stand off, and in the end the Grand Supreme Kai sacrificed his Godly Ki in an attempt to seal Majin Buu, only to get absorbed by him in the process. However, in the end, the evil Majin Buu's personality changed after absorbing both Grand Supreme Kai and the Southern Kai, and became sealed in a very, very far off backwater planet in Universe 7.

Thankfully there were other Kai who eventually took up the positions of their Supreme Kai, and one in particular was Shin, who was an apprentice to the old East Supreme Kai at the time before he perished. After several millions of years passed, Shin and his bodyguard, Kibito passed time idly within the Sacred World of the Kai. This planet itself had lush green plains, sky blue lakes, forests, mountains, icecaps in the north and south, deserts, and appeared to be a very beautiful planet that was teeming with life. Ever since Shin became the new East Supreme Kai, he took up his duty to guard the Z Sword that was stuck away in a giant stone pillar in one of the many lush green plains.

Nothing has happened until now that is, in year 733, where four figures could be seen next to the Z Sword platform. Of the four figures, two of them be seen kneeling toward the other two. Two of the four appeared to be rather small in stature, and that included one of the two who were kneeling. He had a white Mohawk that extended down to his neck, sharp sword-like eyes that had a black shade around them, pointed ears similar to that of elves, and had light purple skin. He could be seen wearing two yellow Potara earrings, and a posh blue Kai outfit. This figure was none other than Shin, the current East Supreme Kai.

To Shin's right was the other kneeling figure, his bodyguard, Kibito. Kibito was dressed in a similar fashion to Shin but he was wearing a red posh Kai outfit instead of a blue one. His height towered over him as he was about twice as tall, and had a rather large, broad face. Unlike Shin's Mohawk, Kibito had long white hair that flowed down his back. He was wearing teal Potara earrings, unlike Shin's yellow Potara earrings.

The other two figures who were standing in front of the kneeling Shin and Kibito, was none other than Whis and another figure who didn't appear to even be a third of Whis's height. This figure had pinkish-red hair and a mix of pink and purple skin. Two wrists were locked in place at their waist. Coupled with a dark grey with a mixture of blue posh outfit, a sleek purple robe with golden lining was placed over it. Together with her white Potara earrings, she also wore white high-heeled boots to make her seem a bit taller than how tall she actually is. That's right, this figure was none other than the Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa.

A black obsidian-like case about twenty five centimeters long could be seen in one of Chronoa's hands. However it appeared Whis and Chronoa were distracted with a giant blue screen hovering in the air above the four. Even though Shin and Kibito were kneeling, before long hints of red appeared on the cheeks of Shin and Chronoa, while Kibito and Whis stood oblivious to what they were watching on the large blue panel floating in the air. Two figures embracing each other within a giant purple bed could be seen on the panel, and it was none other than Nao who was currently giving his first kiss to Miya. A streak of anger then appeared on Chronoa's face.

"H-How shameless can these two stupid Saiyans be!? Here I am breaking my back to gift these two a Time Ring. Even though it was my fault for accidentally misplacing the one I had previously stored away...I may not even gift them one now, hmph!"

"Ohohoho, now now, Chronoa. I wanted to see what these two's progress was like, but it seems we caught them at a bad time. I do apologize for showing something you didn't want to see, Chronoa, please do not take offense. However, the location they're currently at does intrigue me a bit, it seems they are no longer on their home planet."

"Even still, why the heck are they doing that at such a young age! I may be the second oldest Supreme Kai in existence but even I have a certain degree of modesty. However, even I only let a couple people call me by name, and that includes you, Whis. Remove this panel from my sight, it's disgusting."

"Of course, Chronoa."

Whis then lifted his right hand in the air and moved it to the left, and before the four's eyes, the giant blue panel immediately vanished. Chronoa's gaze then landed on the kneeling Shin again, before a smile formed on her small face.

"Hehe, it was a pleasure doing business with you Shin. I'm glad that you had a spare Time Ring stored away. I'll make sure not to lose this one. Do keep yourself out of harm, okay? All of the others perished a long time ago thanks to that dumb monster. We don't have many Supreme Kai left."

"It was my pleasure for welcoming you here, Supreme Kai of Time. I thank you for your kind words. I'll be sure to remain safe for the times to come."

"Good! Whis, we got what we came here for, let's go already. We only have another year before we get to meet those stupid brats. I hope they shape up their act before then."

After hearing that Chronoa didn't plan to stay any longer, Whis nodded. Walking up to Chronoa, she placed her left hand on the hem of Whis's robe, and then Whis lifted his staff in the air. The two vanished from sight and entered Whis's fast speed travel mode. As to what their next destination was, it was only the two of them who knew.