Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 54

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 54 51: 365 Days Passed By In A Blink Of An Eye In One Day

In actuality the destination of the two was still somewhere deep within the Sacred World of the Kai. It was said this planet was equivalent to King Kai's planet before it was reduced in size from Beerus's anger from losing in a hide and seek match, however even then the Sacred World of the Kai was several hundreds times more massive in diameter. Whis only took a couple seconds with his travelling speed to arrive at the heart of the planet. Almost instantly, Whis and Chronoa arrived at the center of the planet.

At the heart of the planet stood a massive lush green forest that extended onward endlessly. Unknown races could be heard moving about and every now and then and ancient massive Kaiju Trees could be seen standing tall hundreds of meters in the air. If one looked closely, they would notice a holy white radiance being released off the trees, and perfect red apples could be seen on each tree. If one were lucky and venture deeper into the forest, they would have a chance of seeing a really rare golden apple.

Off in the far distance stood one massive Kaiju Tree that towered over all of the other Kaiju Trees. While this forest had no official name, Chronoa ended up dubbing it, 'The Forest Of The Beginnings'. This one particular Kaiju Tree stood directly above the World Core and existed since time immemorial. Even Chronoa herself was born from a red apple that fell down this massive Kaiju Tree, like all Core Persons, and ever since she was born over 75 million years ago, she worked her way up the ladder and became promoted as a Supreme Kai thanks to a certain event, eventually gaining control over the laws of Time. In the end she separated herself from the Realm of the Living and the Other World, creating her own godly dimension where she watched the flow of time.

As to why she decided to visit the Sacred World of the Kai, well her main mission was to secure a Time Ring as she had accidentally misplaced the one she stored away and couldn't figure out where it was, and it could have possible that it was given to someone else, but ended up forgetting in the process. Her other wish was to visit the birth place she was born into, as she had not ventured into the Forest of the Beginnings ever since being born 75 million years ago, and she had a longing for it. It was only herself and a few other Supreme Kai, including Shin, who still remained after the evil being Majin Buu killed or absorbed off the others.

As over 75 million years had passed since then, it was very possible that the exceedingly rare Rainbow Apple could have been formed again, as the current Grand Supreme Kai position was currently vacant. Even though the old Grand Supreme Kai was still technically alive, he had already lost his Godly Ki and was one with the sealed Majin Buu. Even if the chances were slim to none, Chronoa still wanted to venture to the World Core Kaiju Tree that she had dubbed it herself again, and see if one had started to grow anew.

After Whis and Chronoa came into view again floating above the forest, Whis waved his staff and decided to open up his giant blue panel again. Before long two figures appeared on the screen, and one was seated in a cross-legged lotus position, who was none other than Nao. Unlike previously which caused Chronoa to yell out in anger, she raised one of her eyebrows to what she was seeing. Whis adjusted the panel to show the elements as he currently saw Nao surrounded in a golden aura. On top of golden spheres entering his body, both Whis and Chronoa saw obsidian-like spheres and silver spheres enter his body as well.

"Ohohoho, I didn't think this boy would advance this far already. To think he would unlock the mysteries of Space and Time by himself, but it appears he just barely tapped into the laws. Moreover it seems another law willingly decided to join him as well, how intriguing."

"Whis, just where in the world are these two currently located? I can clearly tell time is flowing at a much faster pace there, it's defintely not the planet he was born on."

"Allow me to pinpoint their current location then for you, Chronoa."

All of a sudden, the screen that was currently locked onto Nao and Miya suddenly shifted around, and before long the Milky Way Galaxy came into view. Moving from planet to planet, several seconds passed before it landed on the very familiar blue and white planet, planet Earth. The panel then automatically zoomed in until they saw vast blue skies and a variety of landscapes, and before long it kept moving until it arrived at The Lookout. The Lookout was situated far above the atmosphere itself and Whis immediately determined who resided there. It didn't take long before the panel to show a view of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

"It seems they're currently residing on Planet Earth. Seeing this area in particular, it appears the local deity welcomed the two, before giving access to the room they're currently in. According to this local deity, they call that building The Room of Spirit and Time. It's very similar to the one located at the Galactic Patrol Headquarters but the time dilation is very different."

"Planet Earth...? Now where have I heard that before..."

"Ohohoho, perhaps Miss Chronoa had watched time flow too much that she forgot about past events?"

Hearing Whis's remark, Chronoa shook her head in disapproval. She then tilted her head and continued to think for a moment.

"No...I still remember what happened several tens of millions years ago very clearly. It's on the tip of my tongue...Ah! Isn't Planet Earth that backwater planet where the old Grand Supreme Kai sealed that bastard off to? How the heck can these two be there, it doesn't make any sense..."

"It surprised me as well seeing Nao and Miya on Planet Earth too, but I've overheard their plans when they spoke to Earth's local deity. It appears they're planning to head off to King Kai's planet once they emerge from The Room of Spirit and Time."

"The heck? Isn't King Kai one of the Kais ruling over the North Area? I have yet to personally meet him myself but what in the world would these two gain from heading there...Well I would've said it would be impossible but it appears these two developed a technique similar to our Kai Kai to instantly travel like we do."

"That does appear to be the case, Chronoa. According to the hourglasses I saw earlier, about 3/4 of the emerald sand had dropped and according to the time dilation, they have about 120 days left in there. Watching them really helps pass the time when Lord Beerus is deep slumber, ohohoho."

Hearing Whis mention about Beerus, Chronoa let out a sigh in disgust.

" just had to mention that hairless fur ball again. He can't even do his job correctly as a God of Destruction! All he does is likes to sleep on and on and even designated people to do his job for him. Geez, how lazy can that guy be?"

Hearing Chronoa complain about his Lord Beerus, Whis just smiled back at her. Seeing that Nao was currently focused on his training, Whis decided to dismiss the giant blue panel floating in the air in front of the two and then they saw the massive Kaiju Tree far off into the distance again. Chronoa nodded in approval and then they sped off at the speed of light. As the two came closer and closer to the World Core Kaiju Tree, Chronoa started to feel restlessness in her heart, causing her to frown. She then spoke up to Whis one last time.

"Whis, we must hurry! I don't have a good feeling about this..."

Chronoa then flew right beside Whis and decided to speed up their flight...Just as Whis and Chronoa crept closer and closer, time started to speed up again in The Room of Spirit and Time Nao and Miya were currently training again...

Year 733 Planet Earth, The Lookout, The Room of Spirit and Time

Before Nao and Miya realized, another 145 days passed by in a blink of an eye. Every day after Nao absorbed the basketball-sized Origin Ki, he felt that his perception with the three Higher Elements had deepened by quite a bit as he continued to meditate on them. However, in the end, none of them advanced to a higher stage but that wasn't Nao's goal this time around. His main goal was to create a pocket dimension, and he gained enough insight earlier on that he managed to successfully create one. Time did not flow in this pocket dimension and it contained nothing but darkness, but after storing his items in there, he found that they were kept in place and didn't move around until he grabbed them again.

On top of creating his own pocket dimension, of which he had yet to give it a name, after doing a first few meditation sessions in his final 145 day, Nao also discovered that his meridians which acted like an endless river beforehand actually started to show some reactions again, and he received a notification that he managed to unblock another 1%. This surprised Nao greatly and as he continued to spar and meditate with Miya, he managed to unblock a total of 5% more, totaling 25%.

Once he unblocked another 5% of his meridians, his battle power received another meteoric rise, and even though it was just 5%, his battle power almost doubled in size, reaching a total of 1.375 million. That's right, both Nao's and Miya's battle power now exceeded into the millions. While it was rumored that he only needed to be at a minimum of 300,000 to transform into a Super Saiyan, Goku couldn't transform until he was at 3 million himself, all while receiving a huge burst of anger.

Becoming a Super Saiyan at this point in time didn't seem too far off from the current Nao but he still wanted to venture out into Space again before deciding when to transform for the first time. Upon having a closer look at Nao and Miya, they grew by quite a bit in this one year, as Nao grew a full six inches, becoming 4'7 and Miya herself a couple inches, becoming 4'5. Nao finally regained his height advantage over Miya. The two had long finished their last sparring and meditation sensation and were slowly watching the final amount of emerald sand pour down. After another few moments passed, the last specks of sand reached the bottom half of the golden plated hourglass. Seeing this Miya turned to look at Nao and smiled.

"Hehe, brother it seems our time is now up."

Nao nodded at Miya, confirming that their time was indeed up. The two decided to head back into the main building dome. They quickly passed by the two large king sized beds with purple covering them, and made their way to the entrance. All they could see was white marble, but before long, a 7 foot door magically appeared before their very eyes. Seeing the door in front of them, Nao reached out his right hand and turned the door knob, before revealing the other side. The two then ventured out and before long they reached outside on the white marble floor of The Lookout.

Nao and Miya then sensed a presence approach the two, of which was Kami. Mr. Popo was still recuperating from his injuries, as even though Nao and Miya spent a full year in The Room of Spirit and Time, only a day had passed in the real world. Seeing an apparent growth of the two, Kami gave a rare smile.

"It appears that Sir Nao and Lady Miya did have some fine results after all. Well that is the main feature of The Room of Spirit and Time, it would be weird for anyone to not take advantage of it."

"Yes, thank you for letting us use it, Kami. I was able to gain some insights of my elements and even experienced another rise in power. I don't think we have anything else planned up here. If Kami doesn't have anything for us, we will start our travelling immediately."

"I don't, Sir Nao. However, I will give you two a reminder to control your Ki. Ever since you two came out its been acting quite wildly, and even I feel somewhat oppressed by it. Those earthlings would immediately faint if Sir Nao and Lady Miya don't control their Ki properly."

Hearing Kami's gentle reminder, Nao nodded. Nao then cycled his Ki back into his body and Miya followed suit. Thankfully their Ki didn't spread too far off The Lookout, otherwise they would have definitely attracted unwanted attention. Seeing the atmosphere calm down and return to normal, Kami tapped the ground with his wooden cane, and slowly dismissed himself back into the lower floors of The Lookout. Seeing it was just the two of them, Nao and Miya lifted off into the air and felt the cold breeze as they descended downward to Korin's Tower. As they continued to fly down, Miya then looked at her brother again.

"Brother, where do you want to go next?"

"Haha, Miya, I've thought about it for a while. Since I have my own pocket dimension now I can go retrieve some of Korin's Sacred Water. As I recall not too many of the main cast has been born yet, and even Bulma is one of the few who had just been born earlier in the year. I don't have too many places in mind, and in fact it might just be one. After retrieving some Sacred Water, let's go check out what that Capsule Corporation is like in person!"