Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 55

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 55 52: Meeting An Overly Rambunctious Teen Who Dreams Of Seeing An Alien

Year 733 May Planet Earth West City

West City was known as one of the four major cities on the giant continent. Unlike in Nao's previous life where Earth consisted of multiple continents, the Earth of this universe only had one giant continent with scattered islands to the south, icecaps in the north and very large inland peninsula off to the left. Craggy mountains could be seen surrounding the one giant plain that made up the center of the continent. Scattered forests could also be seen to the far left and to the far right. To the right of the giant peninsula was a single bay, and if one dove straight into it, they would see a huge city that connected its coast. This city was none other than West City.

This was the current destination of Nao and Miya but they still had to stop by Korin's place again to pick up some Sacred Water. Before long Korin's Tower came into to view once again. Korin, who was dozing off as he watched the drifting clouds in the sky suddenly saw two shadows halt in front him outside the observation deck, causing Korin to rub his eyes. The shadows became two figures, Nao and Miya and with his cane in hand, Korin walked toward the two.

"So the two of you came back, eh? Thanks for not trying to sneak up on me this time. Has it already been a day?"

"It sure has been, Korin. Time seems to fly no matter what one does. We were originally planning to go directly to our next destination in mind but I ended up having a breakthrough, so we came to pick up some Sacred Water beforehand."

"A breakthrough? Glad to see you had some luck up there then. There's already plenty of sealed Sacred Water up here, the two of you can pick one up wherever. Do be careful on handling it though, be sure to keep it sealed until it is meant to be used. It will lose its effects soon enough once its seal is broken only to turn into normal tap water again."

Nao nodded after listening to Korin, and soon invited himself and Miya into Korin's observation deck. It was the same bare deck that he remembered, only to have a few wooden jars of sealed Sacred Water scattered here and there. After landing, he looked to the left and found a nearby jar, and lifted it in the air. It's weight surprised Nao, as he felt it to be several kilograms, but he remembered that it was filled to the brim with water. Seeing Nao lift up one of the Sacred Water jars with ease did not shock Korin, as he himself could do so as well. Korin then stepped towards Nao.

"You said you had a breakthrough right? Would it be in regards to how you plan to store this jar?"

"That's part of it. Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to show you. Korin, you may want to stand back."

Hearing this, Korin stroked his fur for a moment and then stepped back a few feet with his wooden cane in hand. Miya just smiled at Nao as she knew what was going to happen next, as she personally witnessed the creation of his pocket dimension. Even though it might not be an exciting thing to Nao and Miya, those who never came into contact with the Space element would definitely receive a fright. Nao began to cycle his Ki, and before long he became wrapped with his golden aura.


Nao let out a yell and then his vision changed, seeing the golden spheres he was ever familiar with. Only he himself could see this as Korin or Miya didn't have affinity with Space. Ever since his Space affinity advanced to its next stage [Advanced], he made a discovery that he could now will the element, instead of having to personally interact with them, which made things quite easier. Even though the others couldn't see Nao interact with the Space element, they could still see the result of him opening up his pocket dimension. Willing a few golden spheres that weren't even the size of his fists, they soon started to spin around in a circular manner, before a space crack started to tear open in front of him. This space crack was about two feet wide and four feet tall, which was just enough to store the Sacred water jar that was only one foot wide and three feet tall.

Nao could make this pocket dimension any size he wished too within the limit of his Ki but he just went with a size slightly larger than the Sacred Water wooden jar. Seeing the atmosphere suddenly change in front of Nao, only to have a space crack form that revealed endless darkness actually scared Korin by quite a bit, and he instinctively retreated back a few steps.

"What in blazes is this thing?"

However before Nao could answer his question, he tossed the jar into the endless darkness and before long the space crack closed once again the the rotating golden spheres stopped, before they dispersed into the air. Nao turned off his aura, which caused the darkness to vanish and the atmosphere returned back to normal, but now there was one less Sacred Water jar, as it just went into Nao's pocket dimension.

"Well Korin have you ever seen someone create a portal before? What I created just now was a pocket dimension of sorts...Kami did mention that Korin was the other deity watching over this planet, testing the wills of martial artists who manage to make their way to Korin's Tower. Surely you must've seen other deities create portals before."

"Was what I saw just now really a portal? I haven't seen one form in a really long time...Whenever Kami decides to come down here he just teleports with one of his techniques instead. Well, while I would like like to jump start my old noggin, the two of you can't be just mere mortals. Could it be possible that other deities were among your ancestors?"

Hearing Korin's question, Nao thought about it for a moment. Nao recalled the original Super Saiyan God. Over a thousand years ago, Super Saiyans thrived and one of them, being Yamoshi, who was part of the righteous Saiyans, did succeed unlocking his Godly Ki but his power soon vanished, only to be slain by the evil Saiyans soon after. The power of the Godly Ki overwhelmed his body too much and couldn't contain it. In the end, Nao's thoughts dispersed and he shook his head.

"Most records of our ancestors do detail about a certain God but most of our race now treats them as mere fairy tales. I won't say it's out of the question though."

Korin stroked his fur and tilted his head forward a bit, seemingly to be lost in thought. He did receive quite a shock seeing a portal appear out of nowhere but he soon remembered the two figures in front of them weren't Earthlings. 'I can't seem to recall Saiyans having the power to create portals though', Korin thought to himself. He also shook his head and cleared his thoughts, only to look at Nao and Miya.

"Well, its no use questioning over it. Now that I think about it, didn't the two of you say you had your next destination in mind already?"

"Hehe, we sure do. Once brother and I finish our touring down below we will likely enter space again. We might not be back to this planet until the next several years."

"Touring, eh? Well I don't know what the expectations are of the two of you, but don't be disappointed if what you've been thinking turns out to be different. Several years doesn't really matter to me much, I've still got a lot of life left in me. Nao and Miya, feel free to drop by again once you're back on Earth."

"We definitely will Korin. Do try to keep your senzu beans in stock as well! It's possible you may start seeing more use of them soon."

Before Korin could question Nao as to what he meant from saying that just now, Korin saw Nao and Miya lift up into the air and exit the observation deck, before vanishing out of sight. He sighed as he now became alone again in his tower. With his wooden cane in hand, Korin dismissed himself and retreated to his private quarters in the floors below the observation deck. In the meantime, Nao and Miya resumed their flight path and after a few moments, an ancient forest appeared within view at the bottom of Korin's Tower.

After arriving on top of the ancient forest, Nao and Miya had a look around themselves to catch their bearings. Off to the far distance in the south, Nao saw endless wasteland and a couple of nomad villages, but he also knew this area was also home to the Red Ribbon Army headquarters. He then looked to his left to the forest again and beyond the forest he saw a large bay of water. Beyond the bay he felt millions of life energies, of which he presumed to be West City, which was their target. Seeing his target in sight, Nao nodded at Miya and they soon resumed their flight path, flying over the ancient forest.

Zipping past the bay in a few seconds, tall white buildings soon came into view. These buildings appeared to me more futuristic than buildings Nao grew up in his past life, and most of the buildings in view were round and white. Every now and then Nao saw red colored roofs with green, yellow and even pink mixed in as well. All the way from the bay's coastline, the buildings seem to grow larger in size when one further went in. Windowed monorails could be seen stretching through the city as if it were a giant roller coaster. Even further off into the tall buildings, one giant building towered over all of the others, and it was surrounded by a glass tome with slick purple flooring. Six giant holes could be seen open on its underside, and the large pillar connecting it to the ground had 10 giant golden rings around it. Seeing this in person, Nao confirmed this building to be the famous Dreamland amus.e.m.e.nt park.

Miya also knew that this was Dreamland, and her eyes started to sparkle upon seeing the building. Nao sighed as they continued their flight, and placed a hand on her right shoulder.

"Look Miya, the Capsule Corporation is our first destination. If you really want to check out Dreamland it will have to be later."

"Geez, I know, brother! I'm just excited cause I've never seen an amus.e.m.e.nt park before, hehe."

"Well, we're already at the edge of the city now, and there already appears to be quite a lot of traffic in the air. Let's fly higher up so we don't disturb them."

Miya smiled at Nao, acknowledging him. They then shifted their course and raised their elevation a bit. Most of Earth's traffic was now in the air instead of the ground and flying cars zipped by one by one and there was a clear separation of inbound and outbound traffic. Before long the two made their way and sped past Dreamland, only to have West City's residential area come into view. Almost instantly off to the left side they spotted a large dark yellow dome, and on the side of it Nao clearly read its labeling, 'Capsule Corporation'. It only took the two a few minutes of travelling to arrive from Korin's Tower to this place.

Nao and Miya soon halted their flight and hovered several hundreds of meters up in the air. Nao quickly found the entrance to the building and he spotted something that was currently parked in the grassy field nearby, which caused him to raise his eyebrows. As the two kept descending, the large vehicle soon came into view and it was actually a spaceship. It was almost like a metal ladybug. Red plating could be seen on its right and left side, with white plating that ran up the middle. A certain rune-like symbol could be seen on the front side and a hatch could be seen in its open state, which had a glass dome. Nao recognized the rune-like symbol and it happened to be the Galactic Patrol's insignia.

Seeing a Galactic Patrol spaceship parked outside Capsule Corporation did surprise Nao, as he remembered the owner of this ship shouldn't have made an appearance until four years into the future. 'Could it possibly be that the owner of this ship had come to earth prior to those events?', Nao wondered. It didn't take long for Nao and Miya to touch the ground. Arriving at Capsule Corporation, Nao saw four figures. One had a rather unique appearance and he quickly determined the other three to be Earthlings. One of the two taller ones was holding a newborn wrapped in cloth. The three Earthlings were none other than Tights, Dr. Brief and his wife, Panchy.

Tights herself was still a small teenager, and she took after her mother. Long golden hair flowed down to her waist. She was currently wearing a short cut maroon shirt and jeans, leaving a part of her belly exposed. A very colorful hat and a pearl necklace could also be seen. Currently, she was firing her mouth off as she rapidly talked to the figure next to her.

The figure next to her had a rather unique appearance, as he was wearing a full-body purple jumpsuit. He had white boots and gloves equipped as well. Upon having a closer look at the figure's face, his skin was actually sky blue and had pure yellow eyes. That's right, this figure was none other than Jaco, who Nao confirmed his suspicions after seeing him in person. Jaco, Tights, Dr. Brief and Panchy were engrossed with each other outside the building but before long they saw two figures descend from the sky, and landed in front of them. What shocked them even more is that they appeared to be two children who had a similar height to Jaco.

Upon seeing Nao and Miya land, Tights was the first to take notice of their unique battle-ready appearance, and immediately spotted the white and red tails wrapped around the two's waists. One of Tights' biggest dreams was to see an alien in real life and she became extremely happy upon meeting Jaco for the first time. Her eyes became even more dazzling as she saw what appeared to be two more aliens arrive at Capsule Corporation, and this much excitement almost caused her to faint on spot.

However, even though Tights received excitement from seeing Nao and Miya, Jaco himself was probably the most shocked of the four. He saw the two figures wearing battle armor and he instinctively went into a battle position, quickly drawing out his ray gun. The white and red hair distracted Jaco a bit but his gaze then looked downward, only to spot their tails, and soon his jaw became wide open, quickly determining the two in front of him to be Saiyans. Nao took this time to take a few steps forward, and almost immediately both Nao and Jaco yelled,

""You're not supposed to be here!""