Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 56

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 56 53: Entering Inside Capsule Corporation

""You're not supposed to be here!""

Hearing both Nao and Jaco yell out the same thing caused Miya to giggle. Tights herself was ecstatic having the opportunity to see two more aliens fly down and land in front of her. Nao remained calm and didn't enter a battle stance as he new Jaco posed no threat to him whatsoever. However all of a sudden, the group heard a loud bang, as Jaco shot a ray beam directly at Nao.


Nao chuckled a bit seeing a beam of light suddenly shot at him like a gun, but he immediately reached out his left hand and actually grabbed it before it struck him. Grabbing the ray of light in his hand caused him to feel a slight tingly sensation, before he crushed it, and soon the light dispersed. The light was bright enough to cause a temporary blindness to Jaco, Dr. Brief, Panchy and Tights, and they had to shield their eyes. However once the light faded, they saw the boy in front of them completely unharmed, and saw a bit of smoke surrounding his left hand, wafting up into the air.

Seeing the ray gun in his hand have no effect on Nao, Jaco slowly felt his will to battle drain away. It didn't take long for it to slip out of his hands, and with a thud, his ray gun dropped onto the ground, and created a large echo. However, before Jaco could take any further action, he suddenly felt a large tug on his left ear, and looking to his left, he saw an extremely angry Tights.

"Ya'll best cease yer fightin' immediately! Jaco, you especially, don' go around shootin' things out of nowhere! It's clear as day yer in the fault this time. Go apologize!"

"B-but, Miss Tights, these two are enemies of our Earth Police Force! They must be eliminated immediately!"

"Quit yer yappin', Jaco. The way I see it, these two appear to be guests of our Capsule Corporation! Jaco, yer the one disturbin' the peace 'round here!"

Jaco continued to receive an earful from Tights for the next few minutes. In the end, he had completely lost his will, and not wanting to anger Tights any further, Jaco approached the young white-haired Saiyan, who was only shorter than him by three inches, and bowed at a '45 degree angle.

"I-I apologize for shooting you all of a sudden. I was not expecting to encounter two Saiyans during my free time here. The headquarters did mention to stay clear of two very dangerous individuals among the Saiyans but they didn't provide any further information regarding that...Don't tell me are you one of them?"

"Who knows. Well, my sister and I aren't like the other Saiyans. Don't tell me Earth is already under the Galactic Patrol's protection?"

"Of course it is! Ever since senior Jiya stopped that rogue from conquering this planet, it's been under our protection since...damn it! I wasn't supposed to say that!"

After hearing Jaco spill the beans of one the Patrol's secrets, Miya giggled again and she then stepped up, locking her arms with Nao's left arm.

"Well, Mister Jaco, we weren't expecting to see a member of the Galactic Patrol here either. But as my brother said, we're different than the other Saiyans. There are some of us who refuse to work under that Frieza, hehe."

"Seriously...? But from the looks of it the two of you are just children! How the heck did you even make it here anyway?"

"The less you know, the better. Isn't it at least proper for you to introduce yourself, Mister policeman?"

"Ah! Thank you for reminding me! How could I forget the most important thing? Very well..."

All of a sudden, Jaco shifted his stature around to where he now stood horizontal to Nao. With his right side facing Nao, he slightly lowered his left shoulder and slightly raised his right shoulder. Bending both of his arms upward, he formed his hands into fists, before lifting each of his index fingers up in the air. He then slightly bent his left knee forward a bit, and lifted his right leg off the ground. Realizing that Jaco was about to do his signature pose, Nao sighed inwardly in his heart, and seeing it in person it looked really stupid to his eyes. Jaco then formerly introduced himself.

"You can call me, Jaco!"


Seeing Jaco's ridiculous posing, Miya tried her best to hold in her laughter, placing her small hands over her mouth, but that didn't help and she ended up laughing at him. Hearing Miya's laughter, hints of red appeared on Jaco's face and then he shifted his position, and stomped both of his feet on the ground while waving his arms.

"H-hey! I work on this a lot you know! Every hero needs a pose to introduce themselves with!"

"Hehehe, you call yourself a hero?"

Hearing Miya and Jaco start bickering with each other, Panchy, who remained quiet off to the side this whole time along with her husband, suddenly stepped forward, blocking her daughter Tights, who looked like she was about to lash out at any moment.

"Now now, guests of our Capsule Corporation shouldn't bicker with each other. While I do still find it hard to believe there are actual aliens in our front yard, we were never under the suspicions of being alone in this universe. In a way, I'm glad that Mister Jaco here made his way to us. The two of you haven't introduced yourselves yet, how can we start business without knowing your names?"

"Ah yes, I guess it's only proper to introduce ourselves too. Well unlike Jaco over there, we are indeed part of a different race. I'm Nao, and my little sister here is Miya. We're actually part of a warrior race called Saiyans. An easy way to spot one of us is by our tails."

Hearing that the two children in front of Tights were indeed from another race, her eyes started to sparkle once again. She escaped her mother's grasp and stepped forward.

"So my eyes weren't trickin' me! Those are definitely tails!"

Seeing Tights take a few steps forward, she tried to reach out and grab Nao's tail, but her mother grabbed a hold of her, and kept Tights in check, unable to move forward.

"Tights my dear, you shouldn't invade our guests' personal space like that. Don't try to get on their bad side, okay?"

Being berated by her mother, Tights then blushed a bit, and looked downward, avoiding eye contact with Nao and Miya. Her excitement from earlier vanished all of a sudden and now became very quiet. She then decided to hide behind Panchy. Seeing this, Nao chuckled and told the two not to worry.

"Mrs. Brief, you don't have to worry about us. I doubt it would be hard for anyone here to contain their excitement seeing a different race for the first time. We're only making a quick stop on Earth before heading to our next destination, but we wanted to stop by one of Earth's largest corporations. We want some metals we brought to be appraised and sold if possible."

"My, you're quite the polite young man unlike a certain someone here. Well, Nao, was it? You came to the right spot. We're one of the largest technology holders on Earth, so anything metal-related will be easily appraised here, isn't that right, Dear?"

At this time, Dr. Brief finally stepped up, and revealed himself. Upon having a closer look, a small pure black Tammy cat named Tama could be seen on his right shoulder hanging over it. He himself appeared rather short and stocky. Similar to the infant's hair currently being held in Panchy's embrace, his was colored bluish-gray. He donned a white lab coat and black pants, and had a rather large grey mustache. He could currently be seen smoking a cigarette.

"Hmm, that's right. What kind of metals did you have in mind, boy?"

"Hehe, before that, Dr. Brief, brother can we try 'that'?"


Nao suddenly heard Miya question him and then he turned his head to the left, looking at her. Miya then whispered something in his left ear, causing Nao to raise his eyebrows. It seemed Miya told Nao of a certain plan. He then looked toward Dr. Brief, Panchy and Tights again.

"You three, you may want to step back a few feet. It might get a bit messy."

Hearing Nao, Dr. Brief and his wife nodded, and stepped back a few steps, with Tights in tow behind Panchy. Jaco saw Nao only inform those three and not him, so he concluded he might be up to something. He nervously leaned back a bit, wondering what Nao was going to do.

"W-what are you planning to do..?"

Nao only smiled after he heard how nervous Jaco became. Nao then controlled his Ki to where his aura only surrounded him, and before long his golden aura suddenly appeared. As he controlled it within the vicinity of his body, the four nearby him didn't feel much, but Jaco still receive some pressure, and his eyes almost popped out of its sockets. Anyone he saw enter battle previously usually had a normal white aura, and not golden like Nao's.

Nao suddenly saw space element spheres all around him, and then he willed them to be locked into a 2 x 3 frame beneath Jaco's feet. He then willed another four spheres in the same manner, but to be placed a few meters above Jaco's head. Before long, spacial cracks appeared on both newly created frames, and Jaco suddenly sensed a disturbance in the air. However, before he could react, the spacial cracks revealed endless darkness, and and his figure suddenly dropped below.

Once Jaco's figure dropped into the bottom frame, his feet then started to reappear on the top frame, before his body became fully visible again. However as there was only a few meters placed between the two frames, his body's inertia soon started to pick up, causing him to feel the sensation of riding a roller coaster. He then started to scream.


Seeing two portals pop out of nowhere most likely surprised Dr. Brief the most, as Earth has yet to develop actual portal technology. The three became dazed as Jaco kept dropping and reappearing in the two portals. Tights specifically became excited once again and she stepped forward, pointing at the contraption Nao created.

"That's so cool!"

"Hehe, isn't it? I suddenly thought of this idea. Mister Jaco here seemed to be a perfect role for it."

Time soon passed again and every time Jaco reappeared, he managed to utter word after word, until he managed to speak a full sentence.


"Boo. Well, brother shall we stop for now? He did ask politely, hehe."

"Sigh...Miya, I really should stop going along with your antics every time you want me to try something."

Nao decided to call it quits on the two [Gates] he created, and he soon willed the bottom frame to disperse, revealing the paved ground again. Jaco then reappeared on the top frame, before a loud thud resounded, and his body crashed onto the ground, receiving light injuries. Seeing Jaco on the ground, Nao then willed the top frame to disperse, and then he dismissed his golden aura, and the atmosphere returned to normal.

After Jaco landed on the ground, he became quite dizzy after experiencing a sudden free fall that lasted several minutes. He almost felt like throwing up but he managed to keep it down, and with his wobbly knees, he struggled to stand again. Before long he somewhat regained his composure and panted a bit. He then stuck out and pointed his left finger at Nao.

"Y-you! Why the heck did you do that to me?"

"Hmm, if I were to say a reason, then I guess it's payback?"

"Payback for what? I apologized for what I did earlier already, didn't I!?"

However before Jaco could yell at Nao any longer, he suddenly felt his left ear being yanked at again by Tights. Seeing two portals excited her a lot as it was one of the most otherworldly things she had ever seen, but as a result of it she saw Jaco starting to yell at Nao again. She couldn't take it any more and started to drag Jaco back inside Capsule Corporation.

"Jaco, yer comin' with me! Nao, Miya, I apologize for Jaco's yappin' again. He's quite the noisy one ain't he?"

"Haha, that's for sure. Tights, we will follow you inside shortly after. I still want to talk with your father for a bit."

Tights smiled, acknowledging the Saiyan in front of her. Following that Tights secured her grip on Jaco's left ear, and forcibly started to pull him along the path to inside the Capsule Corporation building. Jaco struggled but he couldn't escape her grasp and his yelling started to echo as they soon started to disappear from sight.

"Ouch...not my ear! Wait............!"