Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 57

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 57 54: Concluding Business Shocking King Kai I

Jaco's yelling started to fade as him and Tights slowly vanished from sight, and entered the automatic sliding doors. The doors then shut behind them and it became quiet, as it was now Nao, Miya and Dr. Brief and his wife, along with her infant wrapped in a plain white cloth. Seeing the atmosphere turn calm again, Panchy decided to introduce her newborn daughter as well.

The infant was sleeping most of the time ever since Nao and Miya arrived but thanks to Jaco's loud yelling from earlier, it caused the infant to wake up. However the infant did not cry and she only stared at Nao and Miya with her large beady turquoise eyes, full of curiosity. With a bit of cooing, she even reached out one of her tiny arms at the two. A single large blue hair was sticking out of her head, and even her hair color was more turquoise, compared to Dr. Brief's blueish-gray. Seeing this caused Panchy to chuckle a bit.

"My, she's quite the curious one, isn't she, Dear?"

"She sure is, Panchy. I can already see it in her eyes she is taking after her old man. Tights might've gotten your genes but I can tell she wants to be a scientist like me in the future."


After hearing Dr. Brief speak proudly of the infant in Panchy's embrace, even Tama, who was currently overlooking Nao and Miya on Dr. Brief's right shoulder, decided to chip in, approving him. Miya then decided to approach Panchy.

"She is quite cute, isn't she? She looks like she had just been born. Does she have a name yet?"

"She does, Miya. My husband and I already decided on naming her Bulma."

"Eh, so this little one is Bulma? Hehe, why is your whole family named after undergarments?"

"That is actually something I've been rather ashamed of...I thought only my family had terrible sense in naming but who knew there was another one out there. I became happy knowing that I wasn't the only one, especially after meeting my husband."

As Miya and Panchy started to have some girls' talk, Dr. Brief just stayed quiet watching the three, continuing to smoke his cigarette. This led to Miya stretching out her right index finger at the infant Bulma, and Bulma responded back by grabbing it,, and started to laugh a bit as she played with her finger. All of a sudden, Miya turned her gaze to the left and looked at Nao, and as Nao watched this in silence he suddenly heard Miya's voice ring in his head, of which he had not heard in a long time.

'Brother, are you interested in obtaining Bulma?'


After hearing Miya's sudden question in mind as to whether Nao was interested in Bulma or not, this caused him to choke a bit and his face turned somewhat pale. Seeing a clear reaction, Miya giggled again, however this did not go unnoticed by Panchy, and she tilted her head in confusion.

"Miya, is something wrong?"

"Ah, Mrs. Panchy you don't need to worry about it. Now, where were we?"

Seeing Miya remain calm and collected, Nao could only sigh as he watched her continue to play with Bulma. He then continued to ask Miya what she meant just now.

'Miya, you're not serious, are you?'

'Hehe, brother, I'm not against you from spreading your wings, you know? Even I know that Saiyans have insane amounts of stamina and vitality, so if brother really wants Little Bulma to join our family, I wouldn't mind it. Besides, it seems she has already taken an interest in you, hehe. As I recall, she is rather quick-witted, so she may be able to remember this once she grows up.'

'Sigh...I really don't want to think about that for now, just introducing ourselves is good enough. Besides, even though we have the body of a nine year old, we're still technically only eight. To add on top of that, even Bulma managed to reign in Vegeta and keep him under wraps, I don't know if that personality would suit me...'

'Well, brother, it's still your choice in the end. If brother isn't in interested Bulma yet, could it be you're actually interested in someone else?'

'My stupid sister of mine, how could I shift my focus on someone else when I haven't given you your fill yet?'

Miya was not expecting for Nao to say this to her, and she shifted her gaze back to Bulma, and before long hints of red appeared on her cheeks, and remained silent. Panchy did not go by unnoticed again and she saw this strange interaction. She cupped her chin with her spare hand, and saw that Nao's attention was completely focused on Miya, instead of her and Dr. Brief. However, before she could ask any further, she saw Dr. Brief throw down his cigarette, and stomped on it, putting out the smoke. He then approached the three.

"Nao, Miya, why don't the two of you come inside? We can see what kinds of metals you brought and I'll appraise them personally. Panchy my dear, why don't you bring Bulma back into her crib?"

In the end, Panchy could only comply with her husband, and Miya soon lifted her finger off of Bulma. Before Bulma could start crying, Panchy immediately inserted her pacifier, and watched its magic do its trick. It didn't take long before Bulma started to fall asleep again. Miya then walked to Nao's side and after Nao nodded at Dr. Brief, the four started walking toward the giant yellow-orange dome in front of them, with a giant logo on its front, 'Capsule Corporation'.

The four walked through the entrance and the automatic doors soon shut behind them. Now within the building, what first greeted them was the Reception Hall. It was empty at this time as the Receptionist had already taken off work for the day. After arriving inside the building, Panchy dismissed herself and carried Bulma up to the second floor, where the family's private quarters were placed. Before long, only Nao, Miya and Dr. Brief who remained. The three continued to hear distant yelling that seemed to come from on the floor above, alongside muffled crashes and bangs. Nao could conclude that Tights was on the second floor, still giving an earful to Jaco.

Dr. Brief stopped briefly, but he then started to introduce the first floor to Nao and Miya, and thus their tour of Capsule Corporation started. To begin with the building had a total of three floors, and a bas.e.m.e.nt. Only the first floor was accessible to the general public, and it required a Red Access Key card to open each door. The second floor contained the family's private quarters as mentioned previously, and the third floor contained the East and West Towers that overlooked the building and the neighborhood. These two floors required a Blue Access Key card to open each door. Each of these floors went by a code name, Level 01, Level 02, and Level 03 respectively.

One of the more prominent features of the first floor besides Dr. Brief's laboratory and the Central Computer would the huge biosphere, aptly named The Atrium. Besides being one of the worlds' most renown scientists, Dr. Brief was also a collector of sorts, and besides collecting various metals, he also collected rare creatures, and built a giant indoor habitat for them to roam free. Various rare species of dogs, cats, fishes, and even dinosaurs roamed about in the Atrium, and the only thing that separated the three from them was giant reinforced glass. Most, if not all of these animals were herbivores though, as if Dr. Brief decided to raise any carnivores, the lives of the various species living in there would probably not have a happy ending.

He didn't want to disturb the peace in there so he briefly introduced The Atrium to Nao and Miya, before moving further inside. To the left was The Atrium, and to the right of the main hallway was the Central Computer, which helped regulate the whole building, including the temperature inside The Atrium. Further in the back was a secured elevator, which had a unique access panel, of which was currently locked with a red background. Off to the right of the elevator stood Dr Brief's laboratory, and it was a rather plain one.

After arriving inside the laboratory, Nao and Miya immediately saw a pretty big examination table in the center of the room, with a few robotic extensions hovering over it, which connected to the ceiling. A simple brown wooden desk was seen to the left and a personal work computer hooked up to it. The whole ground was littered with unfinished gadgets and various tools, making the room appear quite messy. Dr. Brief didn't give a care about this at all and he then turned around to face Nao, introducing his laboratory to the two of them. Seeing as they were ready to discuss business, Nao nodded, and time seem to start speeding up again...

Before the three knew it, the sun had already set and soon became night time. Dr. Brief was shocked when Nao opened his pocket dimension in front of him, only to pull out a small mountain of pure gold that stacked up halfway to the ceiling in Dr. Brief's laboratory. It was gold that had yet to be processed, and was excavated back on Planet Vegeta within its mountain depths. Similar to Earth in Nao's past life, gold was a pretty high commodity and was quite useful in this Earth's technology, and out of everything he piled up, Dr. Brief gave him a rough estimate of 400 million Zeni.

And unlike in his past life, this Earth only had one universal currency, and that was Zeni. If one were to do an accurate conversion, one Zeni would equal to one Yen, which would be equivalent to .0092 USD. Nao was thankful that the treasury his family had back on Planet Vegeta turned out to be quite wealthy. He had no idea he would actually become a millionaire in just one day. After concluding business with Dr. Brief, he pocketed the 400 million Zeni, or $3.66 million USD back into his pocket dimension, and Dr. Brief then offered the two to stay the night and eat dinner with them.

The two happily complied and only now did Nao and Miya realize they were still wearing their battle armor. Nao asked Dr. Brief if they had any clothes lying around that would help them blend into the Earthlings society and sure enough he did. Before long, after changing into some casual clothes, of which Nao received a dark blue buttoned collar t-shirt with black button-less shorts. He kept his black armband and boots. Miya on the other hand was pulled by Panchy, who arrived during the business discussion some point down the line after putting Bulma to sleep, after hearing that she needed some casual wear as well.

Several minutes passed as they went through different styles of clothing they had on hand, and Miya came out wearing a plain red blouse that had woven purple frills on its edges, and a pair of dark blue jeans. Nao saw that this suited Miya quite a bit and she giggled hearing his response, becoming happy. Becoming satisfied with the two's choice in clothing, they all met for dinner inside Capsule Corporation, with Tights and Jaco included.

It became rather rowdy during their dinner as Tights would not stop talking but Nao started to zone out, which caused her to get a bit angry. The others laughed at this and Jaco himself slowly discovered Nao and Miya weren't so bad unlike the rumors he heard about the Saiyans, and it didn't take long for him to get associated with the two. Before long the Earth's moon slowly rose up. As it kept rising, it soon began to fall again, and in a blink of an eye, the sun rose once more, signaling the next day...