Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 58

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 58 55: Concluding Business Shocking King Kai Ii

Before long the Earth's moon slowly rose up. As it kept rising, it soon began to fall again, and in a blink of an eye, the sun rose once more, signaling the next day...

Year 733 Late May Planet Earth Capsule Corporation

During the dinner between Nao, Miya, Jaco, Tights, Panchy and Dr. Brief, the family offered the two to stay the night and they happily accepted. Jaco got a bit angry at the fact Nao and Miya were offered but not him, and he forced himself to stay over, even though his spaceship was parked just outside the entrance on one of the building's grassy openings.

Nao quickly found his bed to sleep for night but before Miya could join him, she was dragged off by Tights and had Miya join her in sleeping together, talking about the most random things Tights could think of. Even though Tights was only a couple years older than Miya and they were of different races, they were still two females well within their growth period. Only until well past midnight did Tights' energy reserves run out and she passed out, sleeping like a log. Miya poked her a couple times but Tights only rolled the other way.

Miya knew the Earthlings were a peaceful race so she didn't want to cause any disturbances, otherwise she could end up killing someone. Seeing that Tights continued to ignore her, Miya, she quickly slipped out of her bed and locked onto Nao's Ki. Surprisingly, she found that Nao was only in the room directly across from hers.

Capsule Corp. had rather a large amount of rooms available to where multiple guests could sleep in their own room. Arriving in Nao's room, Miya saw he had already stripped his clothes off, so she followed suit, and once she got into his bed, she cuddled up next to him. Feeling a familiar warmth, Miya saw a smile appear on the sleeping Nao's face, and before she knew it her consciousness faded as well, and fell asleep. It didn't take long for the next day to arrive.

Once the next morning dawned, the sunlight that peered into Tights' window slowly caused her to wake up. She rolled over again, only to feel a soft indent in the bed right beside her, and she rubbed her eyes. Once her vision stabilized, she saw that Miya was no longer with her. 'Is she one of them mornin' people?', Tights thought to herself. She got out of bed and currently had some cute pink pajamas on. Slipping into some white slippers, she exited her room while yawning.

Jaco's room was to the left of Tights' and before she could go check on him, she looked straight ahead into Nao's room. She rubbed her eyes again as she thought she saw something she wouldn't have have seen, but sure enough Tights saw a Nao and Miya n.a.k.e.d and Miya clung onto Nao. Miya's red tail that stuck out of her butt was flowing loosely down the side of the bed. This slightly distracted Tights but she soon covered her face with her right hand. She moved her fingers to where she could still see and then she entered the room. Lightly blushing, Tights' then yelled loudly at the two.

"You two, what do yer think yer doin' first thing in the mornin'!?"


Nao's eyes suddenly moved a bit, before they slowly opened. Seeing that it was bright in the room, he figured the next day had come. Disregarding Tights who yelled at the two, Nao immediately sensed a familiar warmth clinging to him, only to see it was Miya. He then removed the bed covers only to see Miya and him n.a.k.e.d, and their clothes placed on the side of the bed. However Tights' voice was loud enough for Jaco to wake up from his dream of swimming in an endless ocean of food made by Earthlings, and with a loud thud, his head took a tumble, crashing onto the floor. This caused his eyes to open, and he immediately felt a pain wave strike against his head. Rubbing it, he got up, and then slowly headed out from his room, soon to spot Tights in the hallway.

"Yawn...Miss Tights, you shouldn't yell first thing in the morning...I was having such a good dream..."

Tights immediately saw Jaco coming her way and her sight then moved to two extra pillows lying near the entrance in the room Nao was sleeping in. Extra bedding was available in case guests needed it during their sleep, and she immediately grabbed the first of two pillows. Without any warning, she threw it hard at Jaco, and with a bang, it struck against his head. Tights' throw was strong enough causing Jaco to lose his balance, and he fell backwards onto the floor, and his head struck the ground hard. Before long he heard Tights yelling at him again, as his head started to spin.

"Jaco, don't come any closer! Don't you dare peep into this here room, got it!?"


Jaco's conscious started to fade in and out as Tights tried to warn him from entering Nao's room. Thankfully there was a door attached, and with a thud, Tights slammed the door shut. She then grabbed the other spare pillow and threw it straight at Nao. His eyes were open and he watched the event taking place, and caught the pillow before it hit him. Placing the pillow on his body, Nao sat up, and shook Miya. Before long Miya's eyelids started to shudder and they opened. Seeing Nao staring at her, she started to giggle, rubbing her head against his chest.

"Hehe, brother, is it morning already?"

"Miya, go get dressed. We already have some company."


Hearing Nao, Miya turned her head straight, only to see a blushing Tights with one of her hands covering her face. Seeing Nao and Miya act so nonchalantly, Tights nervously walked a bit forward.

"A-are the two of ya always like this?"

"So Tights came to visit us? Hehe."

"I apologize for having you see something like this, Tights. Hopefully you aren't too bothered by it."

"Aww man...Why of all times did I hafta choose to come in here now? It's not like ya can just press the rewind button in my head ya hear me?"

"Hehe, Tights, it's not like I would do this with just anyone you know. Besides, didn't we talk about this last night?"

"Don' remind me! Miya, didn't ya say the two of ya are twins? How the heck can ya do somethin' like this!"

"Hmm, to be honest, Tights, it might turn out to be a long story. To put it simply, brother and I are part of a minority race, we don't really have too many of us left compared to you guys here on Earth. I already decided to devote myself to brother, hehe!" (AN : A couple thousand compared to millions of lives on Earth)

Hearing this, Nao couldn't respond. He only ended up scratching the back of his head with his spare hand, as the other was currently placed over the pillow that was thrown at him. He squeezed past Miya and got off the bed. Looking around for his clothes, he ended up dropping the pillow onto the ground, revealing his n.a.k.e.d body for Tights' to look at. His white tail also poked out from his butt, and it was dangling loosely toward the ground. Unable to bear it any longer, Tights yelled at the two one more time before she darted toward the door.

"At least put some clothes on, ya idiot!"

With a bang, Tights slammed the door shut. She felt her blood pumping faster and she tried to calm down by breathing in deeply. Only now did she regain her composure and remembered that Jaco was still lying flat on the ground. Already seeing stars start spinning around his head, she approached him and started to pull him by the shoulders. As she made her way to Jaco's room to place him back on the bed, Nao and Miya could now be seen standing, as they put on their casual clothes that they received yesterday. Miya giggled again as she saw how Tights left the room.

"Hehe, you know brother, why don't you try reeling in Tights? She seems a lot more free spirited than Bulma, plus she inherited her mother's looks. I'm sure she will be as beautiful as Bulma is in the future."

Hearing this, Nao could only sigh. After putting on his dark blue buttoned t-shirt and black shorts, he approached Miya, only to flick her in the forehead. The strength he put into this flick was strong enough for a tear to appear in Miya's right eye. Feeling a bit sore from it, Miya rubbed the spot where Nao had just flicked it with his finger.

"Boo, brother, you're no fun."

"Stop joking about these things Miya. If I find someone I'm interested in, you'll be the first to know, okay? Get finished dressing so we can head out and explore a bit. Once this day is over we'll head off to King Kai's Planet."

"Then let's go to that Dreamland first!"

Hearing Miya's request, Nao nodded in response. She quickly put on her blouse and jeans. She was able to secure some panties from Tights as well considering their stature was similar and only had a small difference in age. Miya didn't need a bra yet however as she had only recently developed A-Cup b.r.e.a.s.ts and didn't feel sore from them yet.

They spent about an hour getting ready, and then they headed out the door. Nao immediately sensed two Ki signatures in one room and decided to head there, only to see Tights watching Jaco get ready. Seeing Nao and Miya arrive, Tights stole a quick glance at Nao, only to look back down again at Jaco with hints of red appearing on her cheeks. Once the four got ready, they quickly arrived at the first floor and as they walked Jaco described the amazing dream he had.

Once the four emerged on the first floor, they regrouped with Panchy and Dr. Brief. Panchy noticed some odd behavior coming from Tights as she kept steeling glances at Nao when he wasn't looking. Panchy looked closely and saw she was blushing a bit as well. In the end, Panchy decided it would be best to question her later. It didn't take long for the automatic doors at the entrance to Capsule Corporation to make some noise as the group of 6 headed out the doors. Nao already stored the 400 million Zeni he received from Dr. Brief yesterday into his pocket dimension. They soon gathered in front of Jaco's metal ladybug-like spaceship.

"Thank you for inviting us over, Dr. Brief. It was good meeting you as well, Jaco."

"Heh, it feels weird for me to say this to a Saiyan but I enjoyed the evening as well. I will keep a close eye on you two though. Don't you two dare cause any trouble-making on this planet."

"We aren't like other Saiyans so Jaco doesn't need to worry."

Jaco nodded after hearing Nao, and then he jumped up and hopped into his c.o.c.kpit. After pressing some buttons, The engines in Jaco's spaceship started to rev up creating some noise. He then closed the c.o.c.kpit and waved at the group. Before long Jaco's spaceship lifted off the ground and zoomed out of sight, entering deep into outer space again. Seeing Jaco leave, Dr. Brief took this time to approach Nao now. If one looked closely, he was actually carrying a silver-line briefcase that was about one foot long and a quarter of a foot wide. He then handed it to Nao.

"Nao, it was quite a pleasure having the two of you stay over. I haven't seen my daughter happy like that in quite a while. You can treat this as a gift, inside are various Hoi-Poi capsules, which we are known for making. They should help you two in your daily life here."

"I'll accept this then. We will definitely come back in the future, it might not be for another few years though."

Seeing Nao accept the silver-line briefcase that stored the Hoi-Poi capsules inside, Dr. Brief lit up another cigarette and puffed out some smoke. He then walked back to Panchy's side. Miya then approached Nao and the two slowly started to lift off the ground and they waved their hands at the three. Seeing the two start to fly shocked the three by quite a bit but before Tights could react, they suddenly saw Nao and Miya vanish. They reappeared in the Earth's atmosphere and soon started to head towards their next destination...