Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 59

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 59 56: Concluding Business Shocking King Kai Iii

Nao and the two slowly started to lift off the ground and they waved their hands at the three. Seeing the two start to fly shocked the three by quite a bit but before Tights could react, they suddenly saw Nao and Miya vanish. They reappeared in the Earth's atmosphere and soon started to head towards their next destination...

Meanwhile, back on the ground at Capsule Corporation.

Only a couple minutes have passed since Nao and Miya vanished from sight. Tights paid close attention as they left and actually saw the two flew up in the air really fast. It took her a moment to react but in the end her eyes started to sparkle again. She then approached her father and tugged the hem of his lab coat with her right hand in an excited manner.

"Pops! Did ya see that!? How the heck can they fly like that?"

"I'm not blind my dear. I didn't expect our guests to be experts in martial arts. To think they achieved such a state so young, I've only heard rumors that only the best of the best can achieve flight. Many people have started to head west too to challenge that ancient tower across the bay, rumors say an immortal lives up there, hoho."

"Martial arts...? Thinkin' back from this mornin', that Nao did have a rather nice body..."

After hearing her father mention martial arts, Tights started to mumble as she recalled the events that just took place earlier in the morning. She did have a good look at Nao's chiseled body that was still developing muscles, and this caused hints of red to appear on her cheeks. Tights then became quiet and her eyes shifted downward. Dr. Brief took notice of this and asked if she was alright.

"Tights my dear, are you feeling alright?"

Hearing another question brought Tights out of her stupor. She then shook those thoughts out of her head and looked back up at her father.

"I-I'm fine, Pops! You don' need to worry about me. Is them martial arts really that amazin'?"

"They sure are. There is even a martial arts tournament held every five years. The tournament even has its own island where it gets hosted, located to the southeast of West City. They use it to determine who is the strongest fighter on Earth. I recall that the next one is actually starting in two years...Could it be you're actually interested in studying martial arts, Tights?"

"I-I don' know, pops...I've been enjoyin' my time tinkerin' with random stuff pops left behind but my dream of chasin' outer space hasn't changed a bit. Pops, do you think it is too late to start thinkin' about martial arts?"

"Hoho, Tights my dear. if you're interested, I could try referring you to someone. My network is quite large. But if you want to take advantage of starting something new, don't keep me waiting alright? You're already 13. Most martial artists start their training a lot younger than you but you still have a good chance to learn if you start now."

"I-I will let you know, pops!"

Hearing that Tights still had an opportunity to start martial arts, all of a sudden she became indecisive. Tights then recalled Nao again and her cheeks became a bit redder. She then hurriedly dismissed herself and rushed back inside Capsule Corporation, causing the automatic doors to move once again. Seeing her daughter leave in a hurry, Panchy placed her right hand on her cheek, looking worried at her. She then approached Dr. Brief.

"My dear, Tights is rather an indecisive girl isn't she?"

"Sigh...I don't know what caused her to think like that, did something happen?"

"Here I thought you would notice a difference in her but it appeared our guests left quite an impression on her. It was a bit hard to notice at first, but our Little Tights may have found her first love. Why else would she think of starting martial arts, dear?"

Dr. Brief soon became silent after hearing his wife mention that his daughter might have found her first potential love interest, and the cigarette he lit not too long ago suddenly dropped from his mouth and landed on the ground. As it hit the ground, smoke still puffed upward from its tip. He stared on in silence as he watched the automatic doors close...

"Well, I'm glad I left our contact information in one of the capsules I gifted that boy, hoho."

Nao and Miya had no idea that this scene happened as they had already lifted up far into the Earth's atmosphere. It was rather sunny this day with and visibility was great with no clouds obstructing their view. They only flew straight up as their destination was still within West City, after scanning the large city for a few moments, Miya immediately spotted a really large tower deep within the bustling city, and saw the golden rings on its large slick purple pillar. The building itself overlooked the whole city and a glass dome could be seen covering it. She immediately recognized that this was Dreamland, their first destination.

Even though this was an amus.e.m.e.nt park in a different universe, Nao himself wasn't that unknown to them. He recalled having his parents take him to one of the more popular ones when he was a teenager and he got to experience a great thrill to his enjoyment. He only went to one though as he decided that one was enough, and returned to his studies. Who would've thought he would have another opportunity to go to another theme park...

Miya couldn't contain her excitement and grabbed Nao by the arm, flying high above and soon arrived to the entrance. They sneaked into the massive crowd going in, as it was currently the weekend, there were people everywhere crowding the place. The admission tickets were rather on the expensive side but Nao could finally splurge after receiving that large sum from selling his metals. It didn't take long before the two entered the place and started to go on every ride they could find. Before long, the sun started to move again, and several hours passed by in a blink of an eye, and the sun was soon on the descent.

Seeing Nao and Miya exit, Nao himself was rather surprised at the variety of the attractions the two saw and Miya seemed to enjoy herself, causing him to sigh in relief. It didn't take long for their stomachs to start growling and for some reason Nao had a strong craving for some ramen, which was actually one of the foods he often ate in his past life, being of Japanese descent no less. Making sure no Earthlings spotted them, they vanished from the shadows and soon arrived on ground, wandering aimlessly. Nao soon picked up a smell he had long forgotten and caused his stomach to growl once again. Miya giggled hearing his stomach growl.

Nao started to track this smell, only to arrive in a medium sized shop that had a Large wool teal cloth draping over the sliding wooden doors that led inside. It appeared rather out of style compared to the high tech buildings placed all around it. It was one of few wooden buildings deep within West City downtown area, and having a clear reading on the cloth hanging over the entrance, Nao read the name of the restaurant to be 'Ichiraku Ramen'.

Immediately upon seeing this name he sensed a familiarity but he couldn't remember how he came across this name. 'Now this is a name I remember seeing before but I can't remember exactly from where', Nao thought to himself. He then sensed Miya poking his arm and his thoughts cleared up again. They then slid the doors open and went on inside, and received a warm welcome from one of the chefs.


Not expecting two children to come in, the active chef on deck was taken by surprise a bit but he greeted the pair nonetheless. Nao saw the chef wearing a white robe-like Yukata coupled with a white chef's hat. He appeared ordinary but he was rather upbeat, even though he was a middle aged man with gray hair. He didn't open his eyes much either but he still saw Nao and Miya find two stools off to the left, avoiding crowded areas. Seeing the chef approach Nao, he tilted his head in confusion, as he finally remembered who this man might be.

"Excuse me, your name wouldn't happen to be Teuchi, would it?"

"Oh, do you know of me, kid?"

"You just look exactly like a person I've seen previously somewhere else..."

"Haha, you've must've seen one of my brothers then. I have quite a few brothers within our family. Each of us went our own ways after growing up but we had the same ideals in mind, and that is serving ramen. What would you like to have, kid?"

"Sorry for troubling you then, Teuchi, but if possible can you bring out one of every dish? My sister and I here eat quite a bit, haha."

"...Are you sure? We have just a bit over of 20 different ramen dishes available. If you and that young missy next to you can handle it, then I'll grant your wish! Do you want them served all at once or in sequence?"

"In sequence please, don't worry about us not paying it, we have enough on hand. Just let us know the cost afterwards."

"Haha, sounds good, one of each ramen, coming up!"

The other chefs in the back became a bit startled after hearing such a large order suddenly being placed, but they soon got to work and non-stop sizzling sounds soon echoed in the restaurant. Miya took this time to rest against Nao's arm as they patiently waited for each dish, which soon came out one by one and sure enough Teuchi was surprised seeing Nao and Miya easily gulping down each one. Teuchi concluded that the two had iron stomachs and before long two more hours passed. Nao and Miya enjoyed 22 bowls of ramen together and feeling stuffed, they paid Teuchi and exited the restaurant. With full bellies Nao and Miya vanished from the shadows again, only to reappear in the Earth's atmosphere.

The two had one last look at the bustling city below. It was well into nighttime and the moon hung high up in the sky but Nao knew better not to directly look at it, as he would definitely cause a transformation. Cycling their Ki, Nao and Miya immediately sped off toward The Lookout and in another blink of an eye, the simple platform came into view. Sensing two enormous Ki signatures woke Kami up as he was getting ready for the night, and grabbing his cane, he walked out, only to see Nao and Miya approach him.

"Sir Nao, Lady Miya, welcome back to The Lookout. Did the two of you enjoy your stay among the Earthlings below?"

"We did, Kami. Besides meeting some new friends, we even found a place I was not expecting to see at all. It was rather an enjoyable experience."

"Hehe, that's right, Mister Guardian. We were even able to leave with full bellies. Us Saiyans really do eat a lot to maintain our stamina."

"Well, as long as you two are fine. Seeing Sir Nao and Lady Miya arrive, does that mean you're going to head to your next destination?"

"That's right, Kami. We just wanted to do it here to not cause any trouble. You might want to step back a bit, I'll show you the creation of a [Gate]."

Hearing Nao, Kami nodded and stepped back a bit. Seeing enough space available now, Nao cycled his Ki and soon a golden aura wrapped around his body. Kami widened his eyes a bit at this sight as he rarely saw someone with such golden aura, and soon he felt disturbances in the air. He just saw Nao stand but after Nao activated his aura, his vision changed. Selecting four decent sized golden spheres, he willed them and before long they locked into place, creating a 5 x 5 meter frame. This frame became visible to Kami and it shocked him quite a bit, but he then saw space tore itself inside the frame, before revealing endless darkness.

Kami could only sigh seeing space tear right in front of him. However he kept staring into the endless pitch-black darkness in front of the three and before long, the darkness changed and an image started to appear. A really small planet surrounded by golden clouds, a golden statue of a dragon that seemed to extend on for miles and miles appeared. Kami confirmed this was King Kai's planet and then he saw Nao look back at him.

"Well Kami, looks like we'll be on our way. Creating one of these doesn't come as a shock to us much anymore, haha."

"Do take care, Sir Nao, Lady Miya. Seeing the two of you are Saiyans, you should be fine arriving on King Kai's planet without worrying about its gravity."

Nao and Miya nodded, confirming Kami's words.

"Hehe, see you next time, Mister Guardian!"

After Miya finished speaking, Nao and Miya immediately walked into the [Gate] that just created.

Meanwhile, back on King Kai's Planet.

King Kai could be seen slouched over his simple brown table, sighing. However, at this time, his antennae started to react to something as they moved back and forth. His drowsy state soon vanished and he became alert. Before long he started sensing some disturbance in the air beside him, causing King Kai to get up from from his table, and he started walking back and forth with his arms placed behind his back, wondering what could be causing this.

"What on earth could causing my antennae to react like this? I feel a rather strange energy, but for some reason I sense no evil from it...wait, could it really be those two?"

Before King Kai could further deepen his thoughts, he saw a large golden frame suddenly pop out of nowhere several meters away. His planet was extremely small so it only took a few steps to reach the frame. Before long he saw space tear before him causing his jaw to drop. Endless darkness soon spread out within. It didn't take long before King Kai to hear giggling laughter and he saw two figures appear before him. One figure had white spiky hair and a white tail while the other had long straight fiery red hair and a red tail. It was none other than Nao and Miya, they had finally arrived on King Kai's planet!