Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 6

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 6 3 Nao And Miya

"I will now present you two options. You can either accept these and keep them here, or I will bring the boy and girl back with me so they can develop in the King's chamber for the next two to three years. Your call."

Hearing this sudden question, Oscar was at a loss for words. He then grew excited hearing the possibility of keeping two growing chambers in his house. Newborn Saiyans with great potential from the high-class district were usually limited to being kept within the King's Palace, where they were kept under watch in case anything unexpected happened. He then asked a favor to go back up to his bedroom to bring down Iona as it effected them both, and King Vegeta II nodded, coldly. Immediately after, he rushed upstairs to his bedroom to where Iona sat up, as if waiting for him. He then informed her that His Majesty was downstairs waiting for them and Iona quickly managed to get dressed. Not even five minutes passed as the two talked about the the choice His Majesty gave them, and soon reached reached a decision. They hurriedly went back downstairs, and a smile formed on King Vegeta II's face.

"Haha! Good. It seems you've already made up your mind. Quickly tell this King. Depending on the choice the Palace may need to get involved."

"Yes, Your Majesty! Please grant us these two capsules!"

Oscar and Iona quickly bowed to King Vegeta II. King Vegeta II then formed a grin, as if he already had a plan for this decision. He then informed the scientists to take the pod's setup equipment inside as they were still waiting outside. He then ordered them upstairs to the main bedroom. The scientists arrived at the door to the bedroom and noticed it was still open, so they quickly found a corner that was empty and took a few minutes to install the two pods. After the pods were installed, they couldn't help but wonder about the newly born twins, as they themselves have not seen them. They took a minute to look at the two children in cloths sleeping peacefully on the bed and even though they heard about them, they were still shocked to see their colors. The two scientists didn't get a wink of sleep the night before due to King Vegeta II's orders but this momentary stupor made them wide wake. To not make His Majesty mad, they quickly retreated from the bedroom and made way to the front of the house, where they were originally waiting.

Seeing his scientists return so quickly with empty hands, the grin on King Vegeta II's face grew even wider. He continued to stare at Oscar and Iona.

"It seems the growing pods have been successfully been installed. I'd recommend to place your kids in there immediately. The time limit for these to run out of their supplements is three years. But seeing the potential of these two, they might not even take a full year to receive its full benefits. They will make our Saiyan race proud! Haha!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

King Vegeta II then strode out of their home, feeling exhilarated. Perhaps these two, given the proper growth and training, could help put an end to this damn War. King Vegeta II really did think the war was dragging along for far too long, seeing as those weak Tuffles didn't get completely annihilated two years ago. Veins started to pop out on his head, becoming angry at the thought of this. He then slammed the door shut, without controlling his strength. The force of this slam caused the two scientists who were still inside to stumble onto the ground, becoming dazed for a couple seconds. They soon regained their footing, and turned to face Oscar and Iona, and gave them a bow, as if they apologized on His Majesty's behalf. They then opened the door and left quietly. The door started to show signs of being chipped and cracked, who know if it could survive another one of His Majesty's onslaughts...

A solemn atmosphere soon returned to the first floor after King Vegeta II's departure. Oscar, Iona and the two maids were momentarily left in a stupor, and the maids were so nervous they didn't dare speak a word, lest they receive punishment from their Master, or worse His Majesty. Oscar and Iona soon recovered from their stupor and ordered the two maids to return to their cleaning duties. Not before long they made their way to the marble staircase in hopes to go back to their bedroom. Their children might've been disturbed by the sudden visit His Majesty had today, unlike yesterday where they were fast asleep.

Approaching the main bedroom they could hear soft crying. Iona started to panic and swiftly arrived at the entrance to their bedroom, only to stop in place, looking towards the bed. Wondering why Iona came to a halt, he soon arrived at her side. He tried ask her but soon Iona placed a finger on his lips.

"Shhhhh. Little Nao just woke up. Look, He's staring at Little Miya. He's even pulling her cheek! How cute!"

"Nao is only a day old but his eyes have already opened! Why the hell is he pulling Miya's cheek though?"

"That just shows that they will turn out to be great siblings in the future!"

The two parents then turned to each other and smiled. However, as if Miya got the feeling she was being ignored, her crying suddenly became louder, startling the parents.

"Hehe, she's quite the spunky lass!"

Iona then approached the bed, and climbed on it, grabbing her children back in her arms. Having the warmth of her mother back, Miya's crying softened quite a bit, but still sniffled for the next few minutes. Seeing Miya calm down, she started to cradle her children again. What surprised her at this time was that Nao stopped pulling Miya's cheek and turned his head to stare at her instead, as if he

was full of curiosity. The constant motion from Iona's arms soon caused drowsiness on Nao's face. He struggled to remain awake, and managed to see beyond Iona, in one of the room's corners, two giant cylindrical pods stood in place. As Nao knew what these two machines are from his knowledge, he grew excited from the thought of entering it. He then was overcome by an urge to sleep, seeing as he was only two days old now, and then shut his eyes again. Just as his eyes shut, he heard the same mechanical ding as he heard when he first received the Rebirth system.

*Ding!* Congratulations on your First Reincarnation! As user has successful been reincarnated, Receives title: Reincarnator, +5 stat points of user's choosing, and +1 luck.

Reincarnator: Upon successful reincarnation, allows user to remember the memories of past lives, ignoring having to drink the Water of Forgetfulness. Also gives the ability to link user's consciousness to the Rebirth system in any world.

Nao's consciousness was still active even though he seemed to be asleep, from Iona's point of view, as he stopped struggling in her arms. After Nao opened his eyes for the first time today, he confirmed that he was born as a Saiyan, exciting him as this was his first time being born as a race that is not human. However, a lot happened within the last two days since the time he was officially born in this world and he soon started to gather his thoughts. His parents, Oscar and Iona, seemed to live in the High Class District on Planet Vegeta. The Saiyans he were familiar in the original story, Bardock, Gine, Raditz, Nappa, Son Goku, with the exception of Vegeta, all resided in the low-class district. He also overheard that the current year is 725, and knew he was going be older than when the main characters would be born, seven years later. The only exception to this would be Raditz, who was just born a year earlier than him.

Recalling the other characters in the original story, he sighed deeply in his heart. He knew what was going to transpire in the next 12 years on this planet, however for now he was just two days old and would likely be placed in the incubator pod to grow his strength in the next one to two years. King Vegeta II also seemed to hold Nao and Miya in high regards, and he heard the both of them receive an even 1000 battle power. The most surprising thing to him was his new sister, Miya. Nao was an only child growing up with his parents so having a new sibling was quite unknown to him.

Nao recalled the first thing he did to her when his eyes first opened. Pulling her cheek almost felt instinctive to Nao, and wondered why he had an urge to do. Twins were generally known to have special bonds with each other. As soon as Nao shut his eyes, Miya did the same and stopped crying, enjoying the warmth of their mother. Nao was unconscious during the reincarnation process but Miya was the exact opposite, but he still not know Miho resided in Miya's soul. Nao soon remembered the little fairy that emerged from his soul, and remembered hers was smaller and that of fiery red, compared to his pale white. Seeing that souls did exist, he wondered if the so called Rebirth's President (who still does not know that he was Earth's god) managed to give the little AI an actual soul. Just as he was pondering over this, forgetting that his memory is now linked to the Rebirth system in this world, he heard a small giggle.

"Hehe, Master it's so warm in here! Did you miss me? We couldn't see each other for a full day! I was very sad!"

As if he was expecting this, Nao's contemplation was suddenly disrupted. This is now the second this happened to him, but now he was just a two day old baby Saiyan, he couldn't express his anger yet so he just imagined flipping over a table and sighed again.

"Miho, why did you just now show up instead of yesterday? I have my suspicions but did your red orb merge into my sister?"

"That's correct! Master. I now have a real body and I was exploring it yesterday as I slept. The President did give me a soul after he created Rebirth. This is nothing compared to what he can really do. Hehe!

Shit. Is the President a creation god or something?...Naoto will never find out the truth unless Miho spills the beans. Now that he thought about it, Naoto and Miho did receive new names from their new parents. He then decided to look at his status window, to confirm if anything else has changed.


Name: Nao

Race: Saiyan, *hidden*

Level: 1

HP: 100

MP: 5

STR: 10

DEF: 10

DEX: 10

INT: 10

WIS: 10

LUC: 6

Free Points: 5

Rebirths: 1

RP (Rebirth Points): 10,000

Planes (worlds) created: 1

Inventory: N/A

Titles: First Player, Plane Creator, Reincarnator


Naoto saw a few changes compared to the first time he saw his status window. His name and race did indeed change and saw a couple of his stats increase as well. The most interesting thing is that he had a race that was currently hidden. He did remember using the mutated genes of a saiyan god, so perhaps it had some relation to that. The most pressing matter currently was his new name. He wondered if Miho would enjoy keeping her old or start using her new name.

"Miho, since we received new names and new parents, do you think it would be appropriate to start saying them as we address each other?"

"Of course, Master! Part of Rebirth's enjoyment is to enjoy many lives in all kinds of different scenarios. Names are no less than one of them. My new Mama and Papa gave me the name Miya! Please treat me well as both my Master, and your new sister! Hehe!"

"Likewise. I never had siblings before and you didn't seem to have any either so this will be a new experience for both of us!"

Nao felt relief after hearing Miya's words that comforted him. His relief soon swept over him and realizing his eyes were still closed, he started to clear mind. Not before long, Nao finally felt his consciousness drifting away, and soon fell asleep, together with Miya in their new mother's embrace. He greatly looked forward to what tomorrow will bring him.