Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 60

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 60 57: Training Ensues Learning Kaioken And Unlocking Wrath State I

Year 733 Late May, Other World, King Kai's Planet.

With a jaw that was widely open out of shock, two figures came out of the [Gate] that appeared out of nowhere. The first thing King Kai heard was a soft giggle from Miya. It didn't take long for Nao and Miya to arrive in front of King Kai.

"See, brother? That wasn't so bad now was it? It looks like choosing Earth as a midway point was the correct choice after all."

"I hate to say it but it finding this place while on The Lookout turned out fine. I still feel I have a lot of Ki stored, maybe it only took about 30% of my reserves to reach here?"

"Hmm, just 30%? Maybe if we were back on our home world with our current strength it might've taken 50-60% at most."

After concluding on some rough calculations Nao and Miya just made, Nao then had a good look at the figure in front of him, who still had his jaw widely open. Nao then started walking toward King Kai, who finally regained his senses, and after shaking his head a bit, he placed his hands behind his black garb. Once Nao and King Kai were a few feet in distance from each other, Nao clearly saw the black symbol on King Kai's garb. Nao often spoke Japanese in his previous life thanks to being raised by Japanese parents, and he immediately understood what the symbol was. It was none other than the Kanji that meant North, as King Kai ruled over the Northern Area.

A moment of silence soon spread once Miya stopped her giggling. Right before the [Gate] appeared, King Kai was actually in the process of replacing his tea and Bubbles, a monkey that King Kai was raising, ended up dropping a tea set onto the ground, which ended up shattering into pieces. He only kept hooting before Nao and Miya arrived. King Kai was also known for raising another pet, which happened to be a talking cricket name Gregory. To end the momentary silence, Nao bowed at a 45 degree angle, and started their introduction.

"Greetings. Though I wouldn't really call this our first meeting, it is still a pleasure to see you in person for the first time, King Kai."

"Are you two really the two Saiyan kids I talked to a year ago?"

"Hehe, we sure are. King Kai. Didn't you see the portal brother just created, or did you grow old enough to go senile?"

"I'm not that old, missy. I may have been alive for several millennia but us Kai have much longer lifespans that you Saiyans. Couldn't the two of you have gone the normal way to reach here? You know, through Snake Way? How the heck did you even create a portal anyways?"

"Now why would we start spouting out our secrets? We used a legit method to come here. Hopefully you didn't forget that bet, King Kai, hehe."

"B-Bet? Actually, I do feel my back aching more and more lately. Maybe I have gotten old enough to forget what we talked about a year or two ago...? Ha-haha..."

"You know, I could knock some sense into that head of yours so you remember it clearly, old man."

Seeing his sister start bickering with one of the most influential persons in the whole universe, Nao could only let out a sigh. Nao figured something along these lines would happen right after they arrived. Even though the two were still children, Nao started to wonder if he should actually correct this habit of hers. Thankfully the two knew King Kai isn't actually that powerful in terms of battle power, and Miya knew well when to keep her personally in check. While he did enjoy Miya's spirited attitude a lot, it would probably benefit him if Nao could correct this part of her personality in the long run.

Without saying anything, Nao approached Miya and brought her into his embrace, wanting to calm her down. Feeling Nao's warmth spread throughout Miya's body did its magic and soon enough she turned quiet again, not pestering King Kai anymore. She still looked toward his way though, sticking her small tongue out in a joking manner. Nao then rubbed her head, comforting her in the process.

"Now now, Miya, don't pester King Kai like that. I didn't even want to take that bet in the first place. Didn't we come to say our thanks?"

"Haha, that's quite funny, kid. Do you really make me out to be a fool coming all the way here just to thank me? I do like to crack jokes myself but I can clearly see you want something else too. Well I did promise that I'd reward you with something if you made it all the way here, sigh...Come on kid, tell King Kai what you want."

"King Kai, I really do want to thank you though first of all. You see, my memories have been quite poor until recently so the information helped us out a lot more than you think. Besides I'd rather not go against our mother's wishes. We were able to prepare properly for King Cold and Frieza's arrival."

Hearing Nao turn serious has he continued to talk, King Kai raised his eyebrows, which popped out of the Teashade black sunglasses he was currently wearing. He was provided some information through this, and King Kai even heard that he was mentioned to someone else.

"You mentioned about me to your mother?"

"Yes. We kept details vague but she does know about the unique connection my sister and I share. She had her fair share of surprises already so she wasn't as shocked when your mind first connected to us, but it was originally her request to thank you on her behalf. We never did reveal your name to her though."

"Well, until someone passes away, they would not likely know about the existence of the Other World in the first place, let alone anything related to the Kais. I will accept your thanks, kid. Seeing you here does mean you met King Cold and Frieza and lived to tell the tale. How did that turn out?"

"I wasn't really sure how it would go down for either. It was a bit more dramatic when King Cold first arrived, as it resulted in the death of the late Saiyan King. Thankfully the Prince took the throne soon after. As for Frieza, we tried to watch this event from the sidelines, but that turned out to be pointless."

"Pointless? Did Frieza manage to spot you two?"

"That's right. We don't really bother hiding our Ki on our home world as we're part of a warrior race. He was quickly able to find us. In fact he even managed to attack me and I managed to block it. I could see his attack contained only a fraction of his true strength but thankfully he left right after that."

"You...managed to block an attack from Frieza!? He's been gaining a reputation as one of our universe's most evil tyrant! Thankfully that King Cold has his own standards but his son has been wreaking a lot more havoc! I wish I could step in myself but I'm afraid that bastard is much more powerful than I am. Last time I checked this duo had more than 60% of the Northern Area under their rule now...I can't imagine if they start hunting the other three Areas..."

"Why don't we stop talking about that Frieza? Even with our strength right now we would only be able to contend against him before he transforms. It'd be pointless for us. Besides you wanted to know what we came for right? King Kai, do you still teach Kaioken to those who are worthy?"

"I'm surprised you two even know that Frieza is capable of transforming but let's save that talk for later. But seriously kid you are quite funny, my sides are starting to hurt, hahaha!"

Even though Nao was being as serious as he is normally, King Kai still felt the things Nao said were too far-fetched. King Kai did feel Nao and Miya were a lot stronger than the average Saiyan but he still didn't believe these two to have a pure heart. King Kai tried to contain his laughter by covering his mouth with one of his hands, but he kept on laughing and started to bend over a bit. It took a few minutes for King Kai to settle back down, and seeing him regain his composure, Nao continued to talk.

"Well seeing as you didn't decline it out right means that you still can teach it?"

"Haha, that's right. But the two of you are Saiyans, which is another notoriously evil race. Learning Kaioken requires a pure heart and a calm mind. I can easily determine people who do have it but I highly doubt you two do."

"That's great then. However before that King Kai, did you happen to see us get tested by that Kami and Mr. Popo while we were on Earth?"

"Hmm? I've been enjoying my peace and quiet since we last talked. Why bring up those two?"

"Well you see, you can personally figure out who has a pure heart and a calm mind, but those two actually tested us beforehand. Mr. Popo has a rather unique flying carpet which works the same way and we were able to sit on it without any issues. If you don't think this suffices enough to learn Kaioken, King Kai can still test us."

"...It is rather strange that you are pretty calm, even though you're talking to a Kai. I'd still find it hard to believe, and just spouting out nonsense won't help. Come over here kid, let me place my hand on your back. If you truly do have a pure heart and a calm mind, I will gladly teach you the Kaioken technique. I will warn you though, this technique can damage its user severely if it's used excessively and it can even cost them their lives. With that on the line, do you still wish to proceed, kid?"