Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 62

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 62 59: Becoming A Great Ape Once More

Year 733 October King Kai's Planet.

In a blink of an eye, five more months appeared to pass by as Nao continued to receive lessons on the Kaioken technique. The first few lessons went into the actual theory of the technique, which Nao took to heart. After the first week passed, King Kai used Nao's mindspace to pass down the Kaioken technique, and he found it surprising that it actually turned out to be a cycling technique he could further use to improve and excite his Ki.

However the first thing Nao received was an earful from King Kai immediately after he received the technique itself. As in all such cases, there is a great risk when one achieves a higher strength and the Kaioken technique was no different. King Kai warned Nao that if the technique was used too much, it could end up damaging his cells in the long run, which would greatly dampen his growth. The most extreme case could even lead to death, so King Kai only let Nao achieve a multiplier of x2 so his body could get used to it.

It was originally known that the highest state this technique ever achieved was Kaioken x20, but in theory the technique was limitless, depending on the user's internal strength and Ki realm. Each additional multiplier multiplied the user's base battle power. So in reality it could even go x100 and beyond but even the Gods themselves would likely have trouble maintaining such amount of pressure and excited Ki within their bodies at that point.

Thanks to receiving the technique, Nao continued to meditate on it during these five months. King Kai was surprised at the fact that he didn't test it out right away, and concluded that teaching him was the right choice after all. If one ended impatient and tried to use it right off the bat, it could have led to some type of disastrous result, but Nao took the safe way. Also this period was not one without growth either.

In fact, out of Nao's training from where he solidified his foundations in fighting to his meditation, the growth he received in these five months could possibly have been the most he had received out of it all. Thanks to receiving the technique, he found that he could fill another 5%, allowing him to open a total of 30% of his meridians. Seeing that he was almost a third of the way there to having a body similar to Broly shocked him greatly and he felt an energy rush through his body every time his percentage went up by another 1%.

Nao had suspicions every time he was able to further increase his battle power like this and sure enough, each percentage higher than the previous yielded a higher received battle power amount. Starting from 200,000 each percentage yielded a higher result, with the final increment of being 400,000 BP. This resulted from his current battle power being at 1,375,000 to increase all the way to 2,875,000, which more than doubled it!

Seeing his battle power reach this level just at the age of eight, soon to be nine at the start of the next year, he wondered how far off achieving the first Super Saiyan state was. Thanks to having a much better memory now, Nao recalled there were two actually different methods to achieve this state. One was to have enough Ki developed in one's body and experience and extreme burst of some type of negative emotion, most commonly anger. The other one was to concentrate one's Ki to the focal point on their spine, leading up to their neck.

The second method required the user to have their internal body filled to the brim with S-Cells, and the more calm and peaceful at heart one was, the easier it would be to generate them. Rebirth did not currently show how many S-Cells Nao had so he had no clue how many were in his current body. However the fact still remained was that Goku first transformed into a Super Saiyan when his battle power was over three million, and Nao was approaching that threshold.

However, in the end, Nao dispersed these thoughts in his mind, as if he tried to transform right off the bat into a Super Saiyan, King Kai's planet itself might be at risk considering it was only slightly over 31 meters in diameter. After these five months passed, Nao now felt he could safely activate Kaioken, but he also had another thing in mind. Even though he didn't want to transform into a Super Saiyan just yet, he wanted to test the waters in becoming a Great Ape once again. He had only done this once, and that was during his life and death battle against Hatchiyack at the end of the Saiyan-Tuffle war.

Even though there was no sun nor moon on King Kai's planet, Nao still had Power Ball to create an artificial moon. As there were endless golden clouds that radiated enough light similar to that of a sun, it should be able to bounce off the power ball once it gets launched high up in the sky and create enough blutz waves for Nao to transform. It was likely he would need to transform in the air, as to not wreak havoc on King Kai's planet.

Becoming a Great Ape once more was so he could try activating the Wrath State the Legendary Saiyan could achieve. With 30% of his meridians unblocked, Nao figured that was enough to attempt this state. Seeing two goals now apparent in his mind, one to activate the Kaioken, and the other to transform into a Great Ape, he slowly opened his eyes, concluding his meditation. He was still under the shade of an apple tree, and a few meters away he saw Miya sleeping peacefully on the grass, along with King Kai drinking tea and sitting at his table, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

Not wanting to disturb Miya, he went around her and approached King Kai. King Kai stopped drinking his tea and stared right back at him.

"So your meditation finally ended, kid? How do you feel now?"

"I feel a lot more comfortable now, King Kai. I should be able to activate Kaioken x2. However, before I do, I have another request. You see, My sister and I are nearing the end of our two year training period, and there is another state I'm interested in achieving. You're quite knowledgeable yourself, King Kai. You do know that we Saiyans can transform, right?"

Once King Kai heard the word 'transform' he suddenly received a fright and ended up spitting out the rest of his tea, directly striking Nao with it. Nao was not expecting this and he suddenly put up his guard, but some of the tea King Kai spat out still managed to strike his face. He suddenly felt a very warm liquid, causing some discomfort. Nao activated a bit of his Ki, and then he saw the warm tea fly off his face, before pouring down onto the grass below. He then looked at at King Kai, who appeared to be quite scared, and tilted his head in confusion.

"K-Kid, you can't be referring to THAT, right?"

"That depends on what you're referring to 'that' as, King Kai."

"As much as I like jokes, kid, this is a vary serious matter! Only destruction awaits whenever a Saiyan transforms into those giant monkeys. I will not let you destroy my planet!"

"Haha, King Kai, if that's what you're worried about, then you have no need to worry. Are you aware there is a small minority of us who is capable of completely controlling this form?"

"I have seen some of them ordering the other apes who couldn't control themselves from observing the Northern Area these last few decades, and that only sped up the destruction they cause everywhere. Don't tell me, is it possible you're able to control it as well?"

"That's right King Kai. In fact we happened to use it once around four years ago during an unforeseen circ.u.mstance. It's not just me either, my sister is capable of controlling it at will too."

King Kai then looked into his eyes, and saw a firm will in them. This caused him to sigh in defeat, and he raised his right hand and formed a small fist, only to cough lightly afterwards, clearing his throat.

"It seems you're dead set on this kid. How will you make it so you don't destroy my planet? It's already small as it is, I don't want it to shrink anymore..."

As King Kai started to recall the memories of what happened over three hundred years ago when Beerus became enraged from losing a hide and seek a match against him, only to shrink his planet to where it is now as a result, Nao became silent. As silence continued to spread out between the two, Nao raised his left hand, only raise it above his head, pointing up toward the sky. King Kai saw Nao pointing upward without saying, and waited for him to respond.

"Us Saiyans have a skill to create an artificial moon. Once I launch it high enough in the clouds, I will then fly upward myself. This way I'll be off the ground, as once we transform our size and height increase massively."

Upon hearing this, King Kai blinked at Nao for a couple seconds, only to slap his face with his own hand, creating a small echo. Too many things have happened in these last five months for King Kai, and it did not come across his thoughts at all to hear such a simple method. During the many wars the Saiyan race have waged against other races in the last few decades, he vaguely recalled that one of them would launch a large bright sky blue sphere into the sky, so perhaps the technique Nao mentioned referred to that. In the end, he placed his tea cup back on its plate and slowly dusted himself off before standing.

"Kid, I've only seen these transformations through my observations of the Northern Area from here. I have yet to actually personally witness it. Don't you want to wake your sister up before you start?"

"Haha, King Kai, she will wake up soon enough. You already know about the special mental connection we share, but it seems I forgot to tell you another thing. Besides that connection, we're actually twins."

Once King Kai heard from Nao that he and his sister were twins, he became shocked once more.

"T-The two of you are twins!? You two look nothing alike!"