Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 63

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 63 60: A Golden White Spotted Great Ape

"T-The two of you are twins!? You two look nothing alike!"

"That won't cause a problem with you, will it, King Kai?"

King Kai paused for a moment, only to shake his head in disagreement.

"No. I was just taken by surprise, but then again the two of you seem rather close for a pair of siblings..."

Once Nao heard King Kai say this, he then proceeded to mumble, 'He really shouldn't find out how special our relationship actually is though...'. And after Nao finished mumbling that, King Kai saw Nao lip a few words but he couldn't hear them, and that caused King Kai to look straight at Nao.

"Did you say something, kid?"

Before Nao could get absorbed into his little world, he heard King Kai speak again, and he immediately shook those thoughts away. He then proceeded to ask if King Kai was ready as Nao was ready to start his transformation.

"No. King Kai. I'm ready to start my technique. Do you want me to fly away a bit or have you step back?"

Once King Kai heard this, he didn't respond, but he actually started to shuffle his feet back and forth at a very fast space, causing them to disappear from sight. He then immediately fled back near his house, where another apple tree stood nearby and partially hid behind it. He then raised his right hand, giving a thumbs up at Nao, and yelled out to him.

"Break a leg out there, Kid!"

Once Nao heard this, he could only let out a short sigh. He then recalled King Kai's personality, and seeing this fit quite well. King Kai often enjoyed flaunting his achievements of the Northern Area to the other Kai, but he was actually quite timid and more of a scaredy cat. Nao then proceeded to look up at the golden clouds in the sky that seemed to drift endlessly, and then he stepped backward with his right leg, entering a unique stance.

Nao then extended his right hand outward and bent it upward at the sky. He then flicked his wrist backward so it remained horizontally. To finish his stance off, he then gripped his right arm with his left hand, locking both into place. Nao then cycled his Ki, and it wasn't the golden aura this time around but a dense crystal white. Before long the atmosphere's temperature started to drop and the grass below started to frost over.

Seeing this shocked King Kai quite a bit, as people who had the ability to control the elements were quite rare. There were those who were naturally born with such affinities, and those who trained themselves to the extreme, and Nao himself was the prior. He felt rather close to the element of ice, and with the latest update Rebirth had which gave him the much more simplified interface, it actually showed he had [Ice Affinity] under his passive skills list. It seems he developed enough to where he obtained basic mastery over ice.

He did a quick mental check and saw it was only at the [Basic] level, however the there was a clear quality change in his aura, alongside the lower temperature and the faster rate his frost spread out. He wondered when it would advance to the next step, possibly where his aura alone could cause water to freeze at its freezing point, but he could only speculate at this time. King Kai started to shiver a bit and even letting out a sneeze, rubbing his nose. Miya rolled over a bit and her eyes started to shudder, as she felt Nao's Ki being released, before they slowly opened. She then proceed to rubber eyes, waking up from her sleep.


Miya didn't hear Nao respond to her as he was currently focused on forming a Power Ball. Cracks of lightning boomed around Nao's right hand, and before long his Ki started to swirl and gather in his palm. After a couple moments a shiny bright blue sphere became visible, as if it were a tiny moon. It was no longer than a foot wide and a foot long, but it would suffice enough to gather enough blutz waves. Seeing the Power Ball ready to be launched, Nao smiled. He then thrust his arm upward, causing the Power Ball to soar high up in the sky, joining the endless golden clouds high above.

"Power Ball!"

Nao yelled this loud enough, causing Miya to snap out of her drowsy state, and she stared at what was happening in front of her a few meters away. She felt her blood start to pump and course through her veins after looking at the Power Ball being formed in Nao's palm, and she immediately turned the other way, as she did not want to transform at this time. She then saw King Kai poking out of another apple tree nearby his dome house, watching the event unfold. Miya immediately scurried off to join him. King Kai also did not want to disturb Nao at this time and only nodded at Miya, who then proceeded to sit down and face the other away.

Nao of course watched this unfold as well, and seeing his sister out of reach, she immediately knew what was going on, and he sighed in relief. He also started to feel his blood pump through his veins as he launched the Power Ball into the sky, so it seems his theory of having the golden clouds radiate light similar to that of sunlight onto the Power Ball turned out to be correct and it was enough for him to transform. Nao had one last look at King Kai and Miya who was taking cover near the apple tree at his house, nodding. He additionally saw that Miya currently had her back faced toward him, not looking into the sky.

Nao then proceeded to fly upwards several tens of meters into the sky and the already small planet started to shrink even more as the distance gradually grew. He then proceeded to look up above him, spotting the large bright blue sphere hanging high up in the sky. Almost immediately, he felt a large streak of blutz waves strike against his mind, and his pupils started to dilate, before vanishing. The negative emotions he felt last time when he first transformed were extremely strong but this time he didn't feel much of it, and could think more clearly.


Letting out low-pitched growling, Nao's body started to expand. The clothes he received from Capsule Corporation ended up shredding apart immediately, revealing his n.a.k.e.d figure. Before long white fur covered his body in and out and his jawline started to extend outward. Four large fangs became apparent, and a snout formed from his nose. The color of his eyes turned red, only briefly, before changing into a mix of golden-white. Nao's body continued to expand, and his muscles and tails became enlarged, all the way until Nao was a towering sixty feet.

Becoming a towering sixty foot great ape shocked King Kai greatly. King Kai inspected Nao closely, and actually saw Nao's fur had golden spots all over it. If he were to estimate how much golden spots were located on his fur, it'd probably cover about 70% of his body. Even Nao's tail wasn't left out as it was also golden-white. King Kai was quite knowledgeable in the lore of each planet that resided in the Northern Area he watched over, and he seemed to vaguely recall a long lost story. Once he started to recall the story, his jaw dropped down, unable to speak.

This did not go unseen and seeing King Kai in an extremely shocked state, Miya started to giggle. She did not want to turn around so she did not see the golden spots on Nao's fur. She then proceeded to ask King Kai what was happening.

"Hehe, King Kai, what happened to my brother to make you so shocked? Is it really that surprising?"

Hearing this, King Kai looked downward to his right, only to see Miya stare right back at him, not blinking her eyes. He then ended up sighing and proceeded to recall the story he remembered.

"Little Miss, I seemed to recall of a Saiyan legend where golden apes were said to exist, but they slowly died out as time flowed on. Your brother's transformation is very similar to those golden apes of legend, but his seems more of a hybrid...They were rumored to be the strongest of all Saiyans in existence!"

"Golden ape? King Kai, does brother have large golden spots on his body? I'd look personally but I fear I would end up transforming myself. Even now I feel a disturbance in my blood. I do hope brother would finish soon."

"That's correct, Miya. Don't tell me he's in the process of becoming a golden ape!?"

"Hmm...King Kai, if I were to say, brother is still pretty far off from achieving that state. However, it would undeniably be true that brother and I are currently the strongest Saiyans among the rest of us. How much of the golden spots are covering his body, King Kai?"

"From what I can tell, the golden spots seem to occupy about 70% of your brother's fur. That's approaching completion, isn't it?"

"70%...? Hehe, I didn't think brother would actually be that close...If I had to guess, the next time he transforms into a Great Ape, he would perfect the golden ape transformation. It seems he's on the cusp of achieving 'that' state..."


After King Kai told the situation to Miya, he only ended up deepening his contemplation on what was happening. Miya didn't refer as to what 'state' Nao was close to achieving, but Miya well knew it herself. Hearing 70% golden spots covering her brother's fur, it only meant that Nao was close to achieving Super Saiyan! Only by achieving the legendary Super Saiyan form could the golden ape transformation become complete, allowing him access to gain control of another extremely powerful transformation later on besides the Wrath State Nao was currently trying to accomplish, but that would be a story for another time...