Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 64

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 64 61: The End Of The Training Period Going Back Home I

A giant sixty foot white Great Ape with golden spots all over its fur stood towering over King Kai's planet high up in the sky. Nao's body finally finished expanding, and his Great Ape form was actually a whole ten feet taller, compared to the first time he transformed, where he only reached fifty feet. He could still feel his blood pumping and brief bursts of negative emotions, but his mind felt a lot more clear compared to last time. Nao then proceeded to ask himself the main question, how the hell does one trigger the Wrath State?

The word Wrath literally meant extreme anger, so was Nao supposed to let loose controlling the Great Ape, allowing the anger to overcome him? The answer was most likely no, as he had already gained control of the form during his first transformation and could now freely move around as a Great Ape. This wasn't even something Broly could achieve as he always turned feral whenever he activated the Wrath State, and he could not control it. If he transformed into a Great Ape ever again, the result would be clear.

So the only option that remained was for Nao to condense this sixty foot giant ape back down into a human form. Nao recalled this process was almost akin to achieving the fourth level of the Super Saiyan state, or commonly known as Super Saiyan 4. The basis of achieving this required the Super Saiyan state and the golden ape. However, Nao was just approaching these two, he still had to train a bit more to achieve these states.

To be honest, the Super Saiyan 4 state was one that Nao enjoyed a lot, as it was probably the most visually stunning of the known Super Saiyan states, and he couldn't wait to achieve it. Even though it was the fourth level of the Super Saiyan, it was more like an extension of the original Super Saiyan.

The original show never showed a transformation of a great ape while one was in a Super Saiyan state, and the one show that did turned out to be non-canon during its airing. The result was the golden ape, which was one of the requirements to achieving this state.

Thankfully Nao lived to Year 2035 in his previous life before he died of blood loss from having a large piece of wood pierce his body from the giant earthquake that collapsed his house, he watched this very popular relic that aired before he was born. It officially ended once the Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga finished airing, and the last boss of the story, Moro, ended up perishing. He even had his own movie, just like Broly in D*S! It's airing finished roughly in 2022, a whole three years after D*S finished airing.

Thanks to a spin-off series called D* H*roes he watched during the airing of D*S, Nao became even more ecstatic. This series officially dubbed D* G* as an alternate timeline located in a completely different universe, and became officially part of the story altogether, officially realizing the Super Saiyan 4 state.

Achieving this state became another one of his goals, but he decided to focus back on the task at hand, which was achieving the Wrath State. Once one was in this state, Ki would rush forth inside one's body endlessly, almost akin to a volcano that would not stop erupting. If one's internal body was not tempered enough, it would only end up causing a lot of pain, just like Broly experienced.

Broly also had the Legendary Super Saiyan meridians, so he constantly took in way more Ki he could handle of that of Goku or Vegeta. With only 30% of the Legendary Super Saiyan meridians unlocked, Nao felt that he could withstand the amount of Ki that he would take in during the process of condensing the Great Ape.

If Nao unleashed his full strength, which, along with the multiplier the Great Ape gave, would become an astonishing 28,750,000 million BP! To give a comparison, this strength Nao currently had was a little under 50% of Frieza's final form, before his full power state. He figured he would have to unleash his full power, but internally instead of externally.

Nao theorized that once his internal power kept condensing, so would the size of the Great Ape, before turning back into a human. However, before he decided to test this out, he reached out to Miya, via telepathy, letting her know of the situation at hand.

'Miya, do you read me?'

All of a sudden, Miya heard her brother's in her mind, causing her to smile. King Kai also took notice of this but before he could ask, he saw Miya close her eyes.

'I'm here, brother. How are you feeling?'

'I feel like I've mostly gained control of this form by now. The intense anger that swept over me in the last transformation is almost non-existent this time around. I will remain in the sky for now, as if I try to touch down with my feet on King Kai's planet, it would probably take up at least half of its current space.'

'Hehe, brother, you should've at least warned before you started. I was having such a good nap you know!'

'Haha, sorry about that, I didn't want to delay this further. Anyways, back topic at hand. I've reached the conclusion that I must unleash my full power in this state and condense it internally. Once that happens, my body should start shrinking back down, but I fear once that happens, King Kai's planet might be at risk.'

'Seems like you've got a plan then, brother. I can inform King Kai to brace himself for the worst. Besides, if his planet does end up collapsing, we can make a trip back on Earth and visit Kami. As I remember, Kami currently has the Dragon Balls in an inactivate state, and he would not use them again until Piccolo Jr. started to wreak havoc on Earth. If we describe the severity of the situation to Kami, I'm sure we could call forth Shenron to restore the planet. If that's out of Shenron's reach, it would definitely be within Porunga's on Planet Namek. Brother doesn't need to worry. I'll repeat King Kai's words, break a leg out there, hehe!"

"I appreciate that, Miya. If there is nothing else, I will start immediately.'

Back down on the ground, Miya shook her head and opened her eyes again smiled once she heard Nao was about to begin. She then faced King Kai, who was staring right at her.

"So what's it like, Missy? I still find it hard to believe there is a giant monkey in the sky above my planet. I can't really take this as a joke anymore, can I? Hahaha..."

"Hehe, everything is going as planned, King Kai. There is just a slight problem brother may face during his next step."

"Oh? What on earth is that brother of yours trying to achieve here?"

"I won't spoil the magic that is about to happen, King Kai. But more importantly, what would happen if something did indeed happen to your planet?"

"M-My planet?"

Once Miya mentioned King Kai's planet to King Kai, he lightly frowned. Before long cold sweat started to pour down his back. He then recalled of the warning he gave Nao and Miya already.

"D-Didn't I already tell you two kids my planet is off limits!? It's already small enough as it is, I don't want anything else happening to it!"

"Hehe, King Kai I'm just talking hypothetically. This would be the worst case scenario if brother happens to lose control. If he can maintain proper control during his next step, we would probably just feel very large quakes at most, I think?"


King Kai couldn't handle the information Miya kept giving him any longer and finally let out a yell. He then lost the strength in his legs and plopped down on the grass with his butt. Seeing King Kai in such a defeated state caused Miya to giggle once more. King Kai then let out a defeated sigh, as he could only watch what fate had in store for his tiny planet. He prayed to the giant monkey high in the sky that nothing bad would happen.

Meanwhile, back up in the depths of the golden clouds stood a sixty foot tall Great Ape. Speaking to Miya gave Nao a sense of closure and he proceeded to shut everything else out of his mind, and then crossed his giant legs, entering a lotus position. He then proceeded to cross his arms in the same manner, closing his eyes, and entered his meditation.

The first thing Nao would need to do before he could condense his Ki was to fully spread it out in his Great Ape body, where each and every meridian he could control would fill to the brim. He immediately started doing so, and before long his crystal-white aura activated and enveloped his body. Nothing special happened so far and Nao slowly allowed his Ki to rise further and further.

It didn't take long for Nao's body to reach 50% Ki capacity. Only until now were there changes in the atmosphere, as large booms of thunder resounded around him. Crackles of white lightning also started to streak around his aura. Nao did not stop here and before long his Ki continued to rise.


Nao was able to cycle his Ki up to 75% capacity as another couple hours passed. It was well in the night time even though there was no darkness on King Kai's planet, and it would soon become the next day. The streaks of white lightning quickened their pace and appeared every thirty or so seconds instead of every couple of minutes. The booms of thunder also echoed louder and louder. Nao's mind was completely awake at this time, feeling Ki surge throughout.

Before long an unknown amount of time passed, and Nao's Ki capacity finally reached 100%. In every nook and corner of his body, he felt intense surges of energy, especially since he had just peaked at slightly over 28 million battle power. However no quakes have started to appear yet, which surprised him quite a bit. But before he could take any action, he felt certain spots of his fur start to tingle all over, and immediately following, a bright golden light suddenly enveloped Nao.

This golden light spread all around the golden clouds in the sky and further down to King Kai's planet, eventually causing Miya and King Kai to turn away. They were no longer able to look at Nao, and the shine that currently radiated off him made him appear as if he were a miniature sun!