Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 65

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 65 62: The End If The Training Period Going Back Home Ii

All of the golden spots on Nao's fur suddenly started to radiate brightly in the sky, causing him to turn into a miniature sun! More time passed and the radiating light shone bright enough that King Kai and Miya couldn't look at the giant ape in the sky any longer. Both of them turned their heads away and closed their eyes. The two then tried to sense any changes in Nao's Ki and what they sensed surprised them greatly, Nao's Ki started to condense itself as the golden light continued to shine!

Nao's body turned on autopilot mode and he couldn't stop his Ki from condensing. The situation turned for the worse and he started to feel his whole body burn intensely, as if his body was being slowly dipped into a blazing fire. The itchy feeling he had soon turned to that of being bitten by countless fire ants. Countless beads of sweat appeared on Nao's large body, and he tried to endure the massive amount of pain he suddenly started to receive, but he couldn't hold onto it, and let out a giant ear-piercing scream.


Being in the body of a Great Ape, this scream soon became a giant roar. It was so loud that King Kai and Miya had to place both hands over their ears. King Kai wanted to ask Miya what was currently happening to Nao but Miya paid no attention to him, as she was currently in a state of worry, as she shared minds with Nao. She could sense what was going on inside Nao's body and she could only grit her teeth together. If she tried to provide assistance, she knew she would just get in the way.

Before the two could pull their act together, they felt a massive amount of Ki swirl high in the sky. Before long crystal-white Ki started to form in Nao's mouth. Great Apes had the ability to form giant Ki beams in their mouth, which could then be shot out to attack someone. His mouth soon became pure white and he soon shot out a giant white Ki beam, which pierced through the golden clouds. As it shot out, frozen ice crystals started to form around the beam. Thankfully the golden clouds were endless, so even with a fully charged Ki beam, it soon dissipated after travelling for several thousand kilometers.

Nao constantly heard a flurry of Rebirth notifications sound in his mind but he could care less about that, as he tried to focus on what was currently changing inside his body. After launching the giant Ki beam, his complete internal structure start to deform and shrink. The Ki kept condensing as well, and the denser it got, another change started to occur in the atmosphere. His sixty foot figure started to slowly shrink down, however, as if the heavens were angry, the whole area started to shake.

Once Nao's body shrunk about thirty feet, the quakes started to turn more violent. The golden light that shone brightly dimmed a bit, allowing Miya and King Kai to open their eyes again. Once their view landed on Nao, they became shocked, as the once sixty foot figure had shrunk down to half its size. However they couldn't make out his figure as all they saw was a giant golden sphere high up in the sky that encompassed his body. This golden sphere appeared after Nao launched his giant Ki blast, and remnant smoke could be seen coming out the right side of it.

They could only watch on helplessly, and they soon saw the golden sphere start shrinking even more. This caused the quakes to further intensify, and both Miya and King Kai were knocked off balance, stumbling down onto their knees. Miya in particular kept on watching in silence, but she grasped onto her chest, as she could sense how much pain Nao was currently experiencing.

These quakes didn't go unnoticed by the other residences in the Other World either. Despite being separated by a million kilometers thanks to Snake Way, the demon Ogres under King Yemma's control started to panic as they felt the ground suddenly start to shake, and they couldn't pinpoint the source of it.

Year 733 Early November Earth's Check-In-Station.

Earth's Check-In-Station can be described in a literal sense, where departing souls of the deceased lined up, awaiting to be judged by the king of the demon Ogres, King Yemma, as to whether they passed on to Heaven or Hell. Snake Way connected this area all the way to King Kai's planet through it's large snake body carved out of marbled stone. However, it's appearance was vastly different than what King Kai's planet looked like. It's appearance was akin to that of a feudal lord's Palace that came straight out of Edo-period Japan.

Surrounded by towering red and white walls, a sole building stood connected to it, which was the entrance. Green tiled roofing coupled with marble white wall, the entrance had a big WELCOME sign. If one had a close look at the WELCOME sign, one could see a space between the L and C, so it actually spelled out WEL COME. Sticking out of the building entrance had a long green pathway with red lining down each side which seemed to extend out onward infinitely.

Along this infinite green pathway stood small pale blue clouds neatly standing in line, that puffed out smoke every now and then, and a tiny smoke tail could sticking out on each cloud. Once the Earth Check-In-Station started to shake, the clouds started to panic as they waited in line, as they were not expecting this situation to occur at all. If one listened closely, they could start hearing voices of worry, some even tried to flee thanks to the ongoing disturbance.

However, with some sounds of cracking wh.i.p.s, the panicked clouds suddenly stopped, and soon heard the Ogres watching over these souls yell at them.

"Get back in line, or you'll get sent straight to Hell!"

Being threatened, the souls had no choice but to return back into their original positions, and the few that attempted to flee were snagged by the Ogres. They then proceeded to open use a magical technique to open a space within the golden clouds, and dropped them straight into Hell. While the Ogres were stronger than these souls, they too found it hard to keep their work in check as the ground continued to shake. However, maintaining order of the souls was of upmost importance in the Ogres' line of work.

Meanwhile, as the Ogres outside tried to maintain order, further chaos could be seen inside of King Yemma's Palace, which was a three-story tall green-tiled Pagoda. A towering red Ogre with a large build could be seen in the center of an office-like building, sitting at a giant wooden desk that towered over the other smaller red and blue Ogres. This ogre was over one hundred feet tall, and he could be seen wearing a purple suit. A purple cap situated on top of his head, where two white Ogre horns protruded out from the sides of the cap.

Thanks to the Earth's Check-In-Station constantly shaking, his desk rocked back and forth, and so did the chair he was sitting on. The desk was rather plain but it had stacks and stacks of paper piled up, with a large of it collapsed onto the ground. A large coffee mug stood collapsed onto its side on the left side of the table, with leftover coffee spilling out onto several doc.u.ments that were just stamped with King Yemma's logo. Seeing his now ruined doc.u.ments, King Yemma's current red face turned a deeper shade and couldn't contain his anger any longer.

"What is causing all this racket! The line is already backed up as it is, I can't concentrate with my work like this. Mez, go call that old hag over pronto!"

Mez, a red Ogre who was in charge of Hell alongside Goz, a blue Ogre, approached King Yemma's desk, which was two to three times taller than him, and he stood ten feet tall. He almost tripped over himself thanks to the constant quaking but he was able to make it over.

"S-s-sir, are you sure you want to call her over at this time? She can be very stingy!"

"No need, you dumb ogre. I just arrived back here after giving another earful to that perverted brother of mine. I do not know what is causing these earthquakes, I didn't even know this place COULD have them. You better be thankful I took my time in coming here, I could be raking in some more cash back on Earth!"

All of a sudden, a small figure showed up at the entrance leading to King Yemma's office. The souls that were lined up panicked a bit but she moved too quickly and didn't bother with them. She could be seen sitting on a teal colored orb which constantly hovered in place. She was no taller than two to three feet and she wore a large black witches hat that had one red stripe on her head. She appeared very wrinkled and had purple hair going down the sides of her face. This was none other than Fortuneteller Baba.

She herself had lived for over 500 years, and could travel freely between the Other World and Earth, though she spent most of her time on Earth as a fortuneteller. She just happened to be in the Other World when the quakes started to happen and she immediately rushed into King Yemma's office. She took liberty and floated upward on her orb, and arrived at his desk. She then parked herself on top of it, getting off her orb and then looked upward King Yemma.

"Now let's see what is causing all this ruckus. I'll use my crystal ball here to pinpoint where it's coming from."

"Get it started already you old hag. I can't keep this line waiting forever!"

"Call me old hag again and we'll call this deal off!"

King Yemma suddenly calmed a bit after Baba threatened him, and he suddenly got out of his chair and lowered his body onto the floor to get a closer look at Baba. The sizes of the two were akin to that of a human looking down at an ant. He then proceeded to apologize to Baba.

"I apologize, Baba. I'm just a bit perturbed right now. I don't like it when my work gets disturbed."

"Hmph, that's more like it. Now if you would King Yemma, please gaze into this crystal ball of mine..."

Moving her hands in a circular motion, the large teal ball suddenly shone for a bit, before an image appeared within. Once the image became clear, they saw King Kai hiding behind a tree, who appeared to be with a red-headed girl. The red-headed girl revealed a pained expression, and King Kai had a look of confusion himself, but King Yemma and Baba saw the two were looking upward at something.

The crystal ball suddenly blurred for a bit and the image changed. What appeared next was a giant golden sphere hanging in the sky and crackles of lightning now streaked across it, which shocked the two greatly. They would constantly hear booms of thunder if they were in person but the crystal ball was inaudible. King Yemma was the first to speak up.

"What in blazes is going on at King Kai's place? I haven't received any news of him from the last few decades. Now something like this is happening over there!"

"How should I know you dolt? Look, King Kai isn't alone. Perhaps his guests are causing these quakes."

"Oh no, not more guests. The last time someone arrived on King Kai's planet, the backlash almost caused my office to collapse! I don't think this place could take another!"

"Stop whining and just watch. There's nothing we could do anyways."

After hearing Baba say this, King Yemma could only let out a sigh. However his breath was strong enough and almost caused Baba to fall off his desk, and an angry look appeared on her face.

"Hey, watch where you're breathing! Sigh...this is why I don't like coming here..."

Baba stood up and approached her crystal ball. They then proceeded to watch the events occur on King Kai's planet. The two became shocked as they saw the golden sphere in the sky start to shrink!

Meanwhile back at King Kai's Planet.

King Kai and Miya watched on as the golden sphere started to shrink again. The time that passed watching this felt like an eternity. Before long the golden sphere shrunk all the way down to ten feet. At this point in time Nao became numb to the pain he was receiving as his internal body restructured itself. He struggled to remain conscious. However at this time, he was at the final push and only a bit more would this transformation be over.

From ten feet down to nine, eight, seven, all the way down to six, the golden sphere in the sky finally stopped shining and the quakes soon ceased. Seeing King Kai's planet remain in tact, only now did he let out a sigh in relief. Miya on the other hand continued to watch and the six foot sphere suddenly start to descend, and eventually landed on an open area a few meters away from King Kai and Miya. It took a few moments for King Kai to react at the sight of the golden sphere in front of him but Miya immediately ran up to it, remaining a couple feet away. She debated on whether to touch it or not but she remained at the side and continued on watching.

All of a sudden, the two saw the golden sphere start to crack. The crack started at the top of the sphere and proceeded to spread out in multiple directions, and it eventually shattered into pieces. One last burst of light shone brightly causing the two to look away again but it soon dissipated, eventually revealing a six foot tall figure.

This figure was none other than Nao! His tail constantly swerved around and if one had a close look, his tail appeared golden. His body contained fully developed muscles with a clear six-pack. Golden fur could be seen on his chest. His figure remained slim just like he was before. His hair remained white but his spikes appeared to be about twice as big now. His eyes had black underlining, similar to that of the SSJ4, but if one looked closely, his irises turned gold as well! Seeing Nao's transformation a success, Miya smiled, but she still remained in place.

Blinking a couple times, Nao finally saw his own figure again, and the pain soon subsided. Almost instantly, his Ki surged forth inside his body and it seemed to surge endlessly. He unconsciously smiled as he had never felt this much energy inside his body before. Before he could check out any more of his body, he suddenly heard another Rebirth notification, and this time he decided to have a look at it. He also made a mental reminder that he would take a look at the previous notifications that sounded off in his mind at a later date.

[*Ding! Host successfully went through their first transformation and has successfully evolved into an Ancient Saiyan! Ancient Saiyans died out countless millennia ago, but one has resurfaced once more! Feel free to explore host's newfound power!]