Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 66

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 66 63: The End Of The Training Period Going Back Home Iii

Seeing Rebirth prompt this message in Nao's mindspace, his expression became serious once his eyes rested on the word, Ancient Saiyan. 'So this transformation evolved me into an Ancient Saiyan, huh? Isn't that the same race that evil Saiyan Cunber is a part of? His strength was enormous...Wait don't tell me I'm stuck like this now?'

However, before he could proceed to think about this further, Nao's mind suddenly snapped back into reality as he felt something soft suddenly strike against the golden fur on his chest. Miya embraced Nao and started to rub her head around happily.

"You're alright, brother!"

Nao had to look down a bit toward Miya as this form increased both his muscle mass and making his height to be six feet tall. Miya was only 4'5 at the moment so there was now a considerable difference in the two's height. All Nao did was grin at the sight of Miya hugging him, and without saying, he swept his arms in a downward motion.

Miya was a bit surprised at Nao's sudden motion of his arms but she let Nao proceed with what he was doing. She then felt Nao's hands reach her butt but before she could blush, his hands then went down a bit, causing her to bend her knees forward slightly. Nao then scooped Miya upward into the air. He then rested his left hand on Miya's side, and placed her on his right shoulder, which was now wide enough for her to sit on top of it.

Miya stood dazed for a moment, before realizing she was now sitting on Nao's shoulder. This caused Miya to smile. She then loosened up a bit and made herself comfortable, unwrapping her red tail, flowing down his shoulder. She then started to move her feet back and forth. Nao wanted to give Miya a surprise by doing this and he saw that expression, only for a brief moment. Seeing what happened next caused Nao to remember a certain pink-colored chibi from another story...

"Mama will definitely be shocked once she sees you like this, brother!"

"Miya, I'm still surprised that even I changed this much. So much Ki is flowing inside me right now. I really want to test this out somehow."

"Hmm...Now not be the best time to spar. I also went through Rebirth's logs while brother was checking his newfound power and it seems it treated this transformation as an evolution, so it looks like brother will be an Ancient Saiyan from now on! I also found out my battle power remains the same to your own, but any external technique that causes it to change won't be copied over, meaning Super Saiyan, Kaioken, and the like. I would need to transform myself to increase it externally."

"So this really was an evolution, huh? Guess that would explain the massive pain I felt earlier, it really was restructuring my internal system."

Hearing and sensing how much pain Nao went through moments ago, Miya became downcast for a couple seconds. Her view then shifted downward. As there is no wind in the Other World, Nao didn't feel like his body was exposed but sure enough, transforming into a Great Ape caused his clothes from Earth to completely shred apart, and Miya reminded Nao by poking him in the side of the head.

"What is it, Miya?"

"Brother, you may want to have a good look at yourself. Doesn't anything feel strange?"


Nao then saw Miya point downward, and his eyes finally looked down, only to see that he was stark n.a.k.e.d, besides the golden fur covering a part of his body. He heard something rip and tear as his body expanded when he turned into a Great Ape, and that turned out to be his clothes. He could only scratch his head, and he activated a bit of his Ki to open his pocket dimension. All he got out was his black bodysuit.

He signaled Miya to jump off his shoulder, which she complied. Nao proceeded to put on his black bodysuit. He was thinking of having King Kai create a Gi similar to that of Goku's orange Gi, and he started walking towards the apple tree near King Kai's home.

Miya followed suit without saying anything more, but as they approached closer they suddenly heard two voices argue back and forth. However, before Nao could figure out these two voices, he suddenly felt a very large Ki signature, very similar to his current power, clash against his, and Nao's expression immediately turned serious.

Speaking of the devil, as if the heavens were wanting to test is power out, someone came out of the blue and already started to clash with him. His vision went past two figures who could be seen arguing with each other, one he saw was which was King Kai, while another was a smaller figure, who had purple skin.

This purple skinned figure was about half in size as compared to King Kai. He wore a similar black garb that King Kai wore but it had a light purple lining around the edges and he wore a light blue long-sleeved shirt underneath it. Coupled with his purple pointy ears, he could be seen wearing a dark blue monocle in his left eye. This figure was none other than West Kai, who was King Kai's one and only rival.

As the two continued to argue about something incoherently, two other figures could be seen watching the show as they sat at the nearby wooden table, enjoying some tea time. These two were none other than the South and East Kai. One other figure could be seen sitting in meditation behind West Kai and King Kai, and this figure suddenly opened his eyes, ending his meditation. West Kai took note of this and turned quiet for a moment, but before he could yell at King Kai some more, the sitting figure stood up, and pushed out his hands, separating the two.

Silently, this figure approached Nao and before long he arrived in front of him, only standing a couple feet away. Sparks of lightning clashed as the two continued to send out their Ki intent to each other, trying to do some probing. Seeing lightning appear out of the blue caused the two Kai's to jump back a bit, but all of a sudden the pressured atmosphere vanished. In the end the figure in front of Nao released his Ki and gave him a smile.

Nao then had a good look at this figure, He was actually taller than him by over a foot, and was around 7'5. He immediately spotted his green skin. He also had no nose, and thick pink lips, coupled together with large red irises. A large black turban-like hat with a golden circle in its center could be seen sitting atop his head.

This figure also wore a blue-sleeved shirt and a white Ki garb fitted over it. A brown belt could be seen wrapped around his waist that also had a golden circle situated in its center. To top it off, he wore black weighted boots. Seeing a green figure in front of him shocked Nao as he remember he looked just like a Namekian, but after getting a closer look, he determined this figure was none than Paikuhan!

Seeing Paikuhan here meant that he had already perished, as he could see a halo above his head. He then saw Paikuhan reach out his right hand, opening his palm. Seeing him request Nao for a handshake surprised him a bit but Nao returned it, and smiled back at him. Paikuhan then introduced himself to Nao.

"I didn't think the North Area was currently training any warriors. You can call me Paikuhan, or Pikkon for short. Moreover it seems you aren't dead yet...? How could you be here?"

"It's nice to meet you Pikkon. I'm Nao and my sister over here is Miya. As you can see I'm still alive and kicking. It's a rather long story actually. You see, we actually had a bet..."

"A bet?"

However before Paikuhan could further inquiry as to why there was such a strong warrior currently in front of him, he suddenly heard West Kai raise his voice again at him.

"Pikkon enough with the pleasantries, either beat up that guy in front of you or get your ass back here so I can teach this old geezer a lesson!"

"Who are you calling an old geezer HUH? What the heck are you evening doing here on my planet, this is private property!"

"Private property? This place looks run down already. Also why the hell do you still have that junk of a car still here? I'd thought it get sent off to the trash heap already."


Before King Kai could yell back at West Kai again, West Kai actually cut him off and waved a finger at him left and right.

"Tsk, tsk, you old coot, are you that clueless as to what just happened? All of us were affected by those quakes you know! We came here to check on what happened. I didn't think you were secretly training a warrior here. Are you prepared to get your ass whooped again in this years' Tournament?"

Hearing this, Paikuhan could only let out a sigh. He then wrapped his right arm around Nao's shoulder and proceeded to walk with him in the opposite direction, as they further talked about the situation at hand. Seeing Paikuhan ignore West Kai's orders caused him to turn red in embarrassment. Seeing him turn red in embarrassment, King Kai did a victory sign with his left hand, and laughed at him.

"Pikkon, get back here this instant!"

"Hahaha, you can't even keep your fighter under wraps. Even if I can't place first this time it seems you won't do much better either!"