Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 67

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 67 64: The End Of The Training Period Going Back Home Final

"Also that monocle of yours seemed to have made your eyesight even worse. You must be as blind as a bat! The kid may be a warrior but look, do you see a halo anywhere on his body?"

"A halo?"

West Kai finally took this time to inspect the 'warrior' his rival was currently training, of which he actually wasn't. Nao and Miya came here on their own accord, Though in the long run King Kai could probably make Nao and Miya his warriors just to confront West Kai, as the two did technically live under his region.

West Kai got pissed seeing Paikuhan becoming friendly with the figure next to him but after having a good look, he indeed found no halo on his body. Only a look of shock appeared on his face.

"I-Impossible! How could the living reach here!?"

"Heh, I was surprised myself when the kid came here too. He was also planning on returning home after this. Let me go and see if he is interested in the Other World Tournament."

"Wait, what's this kid nonsense you're talking about?"

Before West Kai could retort back any further than this, he saw King Kai place his hands behind his head, and started to whistle nonchalantly. However at this time, King Kai started to walk toward Nao, and his vision suddenly turned white as a big patch of white smoke covered Nao, similar to when one opens a Hoi-Poi capsule. He, along with the West Kai shielded their eyes a bit with their hands so the smoke wouldn't enter.

Paikuhan also became disturbed at the sight of this smoke and the shoulder his arm was resting on suddenly started to shrink down. He almost stumbled forward as a result but managed to catch his footing. He then tilted his head in confusion. It didn't take for the smoke to vanish. What appeared was Nao, only at his regular 4'7 height. Paikuhan now appeared like a giant before Nao. However Nao became occupied with another notification from Rebirth. Nao didn't like to curse much but seeing this happen, actually made him curse.

[*Ding! Rebirth had finished restructuring host's body. Host's temporary muscle mass increase caused an expansion in host's spine, further increasing host's height. This has been fixed, and host should now feel more internal energy than before. Once again, host is free to explore their newfound power!"

"Damn it. That was just temporary? A little notice been nice. I thought the transformation already finished. Well it seems I've still kept my new appearance..."

Seeing a white haired kid with a golden tail only confused Paikuhan even more. 'Where did that other guy go?', Paikuhan wondered. Nao then looked back up, only to see Paikuhan staring down at him.


"Uhh, What's with the stare, Pikkon? You were just talking to me a moment ago weren't you?"

After Nao spoke to Pikkon for a brief moment, his confusion was finally cleared and he smiled at him again.

"So that really was you...? No matter, you are still a great warrior regardless of your height. Is this your true appearance?"

"Hmm, you can say that. We're still children, and we're still growing. If I had to guess, that would be where my height would end up after my growth period is over."

"Now that you mention it, you do look quite young. You must have a lot of potential for you to reach this state! Would you be interested in joining the tournament this time around? You'd defintely make a great sparring partner!"


As Nao tilted his head in confusion, he heard a voice clearing their throat, and he saw King Kai approach him.

"Looks like you're back to normal, kid. I do say your new look is quite nice. But back to the topic at hand. We actually do have a sponsored tournament held by the Grand Kai himself here in the Other World every five to ten years. It just so happens we have one starting next month. I could ask an exception to allow you in."

"A Tournament in the Other World? Besides some sparring here and there I actually haven't partaken in a tournament before. I'd definitely be interested in joining, but are you sure I would be permitted to enter?"

"Ya'll don't need to worry about that, I'll give ya permission to enter myself! Heh, heh."

All of a sudden the four Kais, Paikuhan, Nao and Miya saw space distort in front of them up in the sky above, before hearing the honk of a very old car, and an aged voice. The four Kai immediately recognized this voice and suddenly knelt down on their knees, Out of nowhere a blue 1958 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible popped out of a space portal, and a figure could be seen riding it with the hood popped off.

This figure appeared to be an aged h.i.p.ster, and wore blue jeans and a blue denim jacket with a white t-shirt underneath. He was also wearing red gloves and boots. A classic two speaker boombox could be seen off to the side of the seat beside him which was currently off, but it would often play classic rock music. He had a large white mustache and a long white beard that extended downward about a foot. He also had large white bushy hair that extended all the way down to his knees.

This figure was none other than the Grand Kai himself! Parking his car in the air, Grand Kai hopped off of it and slowly floated down onto the ground. He then approached Nao and gave him a smile.

"That was a mighty interesting technique you used to get here son. Those quakes you caused earlier were also pretty powerful. I was just diggin' some tunes at my palace but even there they felt faint. I just had to come see for myself just what sort of individual could release that much power."

Nao became dazed seeing the Grand Kai arrive in person. The Grand Kai was the highest ranking Kai of the regular Kai, directly beneath that of the Supreme Kai. The Grand Kai's main duties was overseeing the other Kai as they watched over the regions they were assigned to. If any disputes happened, the Grand Kai could be a mediator as well. Nao also knelt down in front of him, causing the Grand Kai to stroke his beard, and then he grinned.

"You can rise, young one. How does it feel turning into a race that had long died out?"

Once he heard the Grand Kai speak this, Nao's eyes turned wide and became shocked.

"How do you know that I turned into an Ancient Saiyan?"

"Heh, heh. I'm not the Grand Kai just for looks you know, son. I've lived countless millennia far longer than these guys down here. Having a Saiyan arrive here completely blew my expectations away though. The Ki you currently exhibit is enough to enter the Other World Tournament. Besides, I might even bring in a guest fighter. I can dig that, oh yeah!"

Nao then saw the Grand Kai grab the hem of his jeans around his waist and started to tap the ground with his feet. He then spun around in a full circle, imagining a punk rock beat, and finished it off by raising his right hand, putting up a v-sign. Nao could only watch on in silence as he did not want to anger the Grand Kai, seeing as he allowed him to enter the Other World Tournament.

Seeing his dance finally end, Nao finally proceeded to ask a question and as he picked up the previous words 'guest fighter'.

"Grand Kai, would you be able to say who the guest fighter is? Or is it being kept a secret?"

"Ya'll really want to know who it is? That would ruin the surprise of them being a guest fighter! But son, I'll give you a hint, it's someone closer to you than you may realize."

"Someone close to me that I may realize?"

"Well, son, if you can figure it out from there then you can prepare your fights accordingly! Besides I'm much more interested in you fighting this boy Pikkon here."

Hearing the Grand Kai speak up for Paikuhan, Paikuhan then turned to Nao and nodded at him, smiling.

"Yes, I would personally like to fight you, Nao. Hopefully we'll be in opposite brackets so we can face each other in the finals!"

"The finals, huh?"

Nao then nodded at Paikuhan, acknowledging him. Sparring with Miya for days on end could become boring at times, and having different opponents will further allow Nao to develop his own fighting style. Seeing his intent to join, Grand Kai nodded, and then he proceeded to walk toward the four Kai who were still kneeling on the ground.

"Now as for you four, I treat the four of you as my own grandchildren. But if you continue to bicker among yourselves, I would personally need to take action! Heh, heh, save that bickering for when the Tournament begins. The four of you can lash out all you want then!"


The four of the Kais acknowledged Grand Kai by nodding their heads as well. They then saw the Grand Kai stroke his beard again, before heading back toward Nao. Seeing the Grand Kai head back towards him, he felt a bit confused, and it seemed he had something else to say.

"Ya see son, ya probably know how the Other World works here. If the deceased earn enough merits here in the afterlife, they can earn the opportunity to head back in the Realm of the Living for a certain amount of time, or if the merit is high enough, they can be revived as well! i was wondering if ya can show this old man the technique ya used to reach this place, and see if ya can bring my boy Pikkon to your world."

Hearing this, Nao nodded, as he recalled how the Other World worked himself.

"I can try, but will it be alright?"

"Heh heh, it sure is! I'll give you permission to do it. I want to see if the technique you have bypasses this rule. I don't' think it will though."

He was planning on using the technique to arrive back home, but hearing permission that he was able to bring Pikkon with him excited him a bit. He then walked toward King Kai to say his goodbyes.

"King Kai, I'll be back in time before the Other World Tournament begins. If my [Gate] allows Pikkon through, I'll send him back here once his time is up. I'm not sure how much merit he currently has though."

"Sure thing, kid. If you can beat that Pikkon, it will all be worth it!"

"S-shut up you geezer, my Pikkon will definitely win!"

Nao saw sparks ignite as the West Kai start to stare at King Kai. He shook his head and sighed seeing this, and then he went over to the nearby apple tree, only to see Miya propped up against it, smiling as she watched this whole scene play out in front of her. Seeing Nao finally approach her, Miya got off the tree and ran up to him.

"Hehe, brother, are we ready to go home?"

"Yup. I just need to set up a [Gate]. We might even be able to bring a guest with us, but I highly doubt it."

Miya nodded once Nao finished saying this. Nao then started to walk to an open area with Miya in tow. Seeing he had enough room now, he proceeded to cycle his Ki. Almost immediately, a golden aura wrapped around him. Lightning started to streak across it as well. Nao then proceeded to shift his eyes around, as the golden spheres entered his view once again.

Seeing this golden aura surprised Paikuhan and felt a hidden pressure as Nao continued to release it. The Grand Kai started to rub his beard again, and what he was intrigued about was what Nao was looking at, as the Grand Kai saw nothing strange in his view.

Willing four decent sized golden spheres, he locked them into place in front of him, creating a [Gate] frame about 15 feet tall and 5 feet wide, allowing two people to easily pass through at once. This frame appearing from a spacial distortion caused the Four Kai to become shocked, and the Grand Kai nodded in approval.

Before long endless darkness spread inside the [Gate]. Nao then willed an image to slowly form inside of it. He felt his energy drain a bit but thanks to the overflowing Ki inside his body, the drain didn't hinder Nao at all. The image of Nao's magenta cliff-side residence soon revealed itself to the others.

Paikuhan probably received the most shock out of them all as he was not expecting this type of home to appear for the child in front of him. However, before he could inquire about it, he saw the boy speak at him.

"Pikkon, Miya and I are now ready to return home. Are you ready to test this out?"